NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

Listen to "Walk Em Down":
TikTok: @NLEChoppaMusic
Triller: @NLEChoppa
A Psycho Films Production
Director: Christian Sutton
EP: Sam Canter
Producers: Geenah Krisht & Mary Margaret Merritt
DP: Dannel Escallon
PD: Dre Day Designz
1st AD: Erik Mateo
Editor: Tyler Sobel-Mason
VFX: Warm & Fuzzy, Nuclear Creative, Max Goodrich, & Will Tooke
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Lasers: FutureWeapons Lasers

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    NLE CHOPPA9 dager siden

    I Need To See The Whole World Vibing To This And Hitting The New Walk Em Down Dance #NLE💔

  2. Chloe Warren

    Chloe Warren8 dager siden


  3. Mackofficialrapper

    Mackofficialrapper9 dager siden

    Nle Choppa is very consistent I can't wait to meet and work with him when I get big

  4. Clinton Wilson

    Clinton Wilson9 dager siden

    Yeah nigga

  5. MegaCatBlocks

    MegaCatBlocks9 dager siden

    Vibe chedk

  6. Cathal Lacey

    Cathal Lacey9 dager siden


  7. GQwitanother1

    GQwitanother110 timer siden

    And imma Lay Him Like His Ass In The Ground!!!

  8. Post Malone

    Post Malone10 timer siden

    Check my music out!!

  9. Spec1al

    Spec1al10 timer siden

    Im vibin so fucking hard to this

  10. NFG Guap

    NFG Guap10 timer siden

    Spec1al is my song good let me know

  11. Jaki Calvin

    Jaki Calvin10 timer siden

    I just wanted to meet the people who dis like this

  12. sparkle princess

    sparkle princess10 timer siden

    My thinking: you f. Like a used toilet paper Him: you f. Like a used condom

  13. Amarrin Saunders

    Amarrin Saunders10 timer siden

    Bad kid: *hits other kid Teacher: walk em down

  14. Diamond Clipz

    Diamond Clipz10 timer siden

    With my glock 😎😎💎

  15. yxng Daniel

    yxng Daniel10 timer siden

    NLE looks good in a turtleneck (no homo)

  16. Javin Sanders

    Javin Sanders10 timer siden


  17. Ariya Hernandez

    Ariya Hernandez10 timer siden

    Question: Why is he in front of a grocery store???

  18. Official Dane Detta

    Official Dane Detta10 timer siden

    The part where NLE said uuused condom was lit lol

  19. Edouardson Dihaiti

    Edouardson Dihaiti10 timer siden

    Walk em down yeah yeah

  20. Jazmin Pearls

    Jazmin Pearls10 timer siden

    Light skin version of NBA Youngboy😂😂😂

  21. Lyrical Irvin Mendez 999 Gang Forever

    Lyrical Irvin Mendez 999 Gang Forever10 timer siden


  22. Sofia Neves

    Sofia Neves10 timer siden

    We all love u so much and we hate to lose u I hope your in a better mind state with all love thanks

  23. DaKid

    DaKid11 timer siden

    IT hits hard when u high

  24. Taylor Ja’Nae

    Taylor Ja’Nae11 timer siden

    Everytime I listen to this somg my vanes come out my skin

  25. Lyrical Friend

    Lyrical Friend11 timer siden

    If You Dont Like.. Nothing Will Happen But If You Like You Have A Lucid Dream

  26. Trey Mendenhall

    Trey Mendenhall11 timer siden


  27. Tina Ross

    Tina Ross11 timer siden


  28. weeawhat

    weeawhat11 timer siden

    this a vibe NLE I didn't know you had that talent

  29. Manuel Hill

    Manuel Hill11 timer siden

    *Nle Choppa* 😍👌💪

  30. AceZ Music

    AceZ Music11 timer siden

    When your mom wants you to do the laundry, but a boomer gets in the way. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a>

  31. Scurry

    Scurry11 timer siden

    Whoever is reading this have a good life

  32. FOLO_X

    FOLO_X10 timer siden

    Scurry ok


    HIGOR RINEO FF11 timer siden



    HIGOR RINEO FF11 timer siden

    Y Brasil


    HIGOR RINEO FF11 timer siden

    Like music

  36. De'Jara Terry

    De'Jara Terry11 timer siden


  37. pokepan 2668

    pokepan 266811 timer siden

    So hardd

  38. FURRAX_

    FURRAX_11 timer siden


  39. Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Gonzalez11 timer siden

    we have to admit that this video is so good because the roddy ricch`s influence

  40. Laila Livingstone

    Laila Livingstone11 timer siden


  41. Verdine Verdine

    Verdine Verdine11 timer siden

    Damn this go hard im finna WALK EM DOWN Oof

  42. michael betts,jr.

    michael betts,jr.11 timer siden

    Hv him no b k

  43. Squidward the Starfish

    Squidward the Starfish11 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> is me when my mom comes in my room to check if I sleeping, but I on my phone.

  44. Adam1st

    Adam1st11 timer siden


  45. PRINCE K

    PRINCE K11 timer siden

    NLE CHOPPA 🔥🔥🔥

  46. Infinite Clan

    Infinite Clan11 timer siden

    Like nba youngboy Comment nle choppa

  47. ProGamerYT

    ProGamerYT11 timer siden

    Does anyone else know what he means by “Posted in front of the chop”

  48. kidnumber 41

    kidnumber 4111 timer siden

    Cuppa I don't know you but I love you. I read your tweet and you don't deserve To like go so soon.wishing you joy and Love. Your far away friend kidnumber

  49. Gomes

    Gomes11 timer siden


  50. AK, O brabo da côrte

    AK, O brabo da côrte11 timer siden

    clipe doido do carai

  51. Makecoldo Gamer

    Makecoldo Gamer11 timer siden

    Nobody: NLE choppa- ima dress like caillou, blueface, and a bit like dababy today

  52. MrSlowFloww

    MrSlowFloww12 timer siden

    Mumble rap. Next

  53. classic rognel

    classic rognel12 timer siden

    Straight fax no printer

  54. Freddy Zonou

    Freddy Zonou12 timer siden

    Nle u should keep dreds u look better with them

  55. itsyourgirlcupcake cleavea

    itsyourgirlcupcake cleavea12 timer siden

    Nle I Followed You On Tik Tok It was Nova Heavena

  56. Heather Thomas

    Heather Thomas12 timer siden

    Just kidding

  57. Heather Thomas

    Heather Thomas12 timer siden

    Red bandana

  58. Joehanna Nelson

    Joehanna Nelson12 timer siden

    This Is The Calmest I’ve Ever Seen Choppa 😂😂💯

  59. MemeSproudTV

    MemeSproudTV12 timer siden

    ➤ *Get Memes Apparel here* ➤ *Get Anime Apparel here* ➤ *Get Hiphop Apparel here*

  60. Terence Carthren

    Terence Carthren12 timer siden

    NLE CHOPPA make a song name shoot e'm down

  61. Zulima De Leon

    Zulima De Leon12 timer siden


  62. Temika Hodge

    Temika Hodge12 timer siden

    I live in Atlanta Georgia

  63. Temika Hodge

    Temika Hodge12 timer siden

    Nle choop where do you live

  64. Chris&Canary YouTube Channel

    Chris&Canary YouTube Channel12 timer siden

    This shit hot

  65. Dark Pheonix

    Dark Pheonix12 timer siden

    Any random person that likes and comments on this will become rich beyond rich one day

  66. Myles Lee

    Myles Lee12 timer siden

    Claim your I’m tired of all these comments that beg for fucking likes card here

  67. Alexander Lopez

    Alexander Lopez12 timer siden

    Who ever dislikes the vid is actually mentally retarted and got a bad tastes of music

  68. Jack Jak e

    Jack Jak e12 timer siden

    Nle choppa truelely is a legend

  69. Braden Boutwell

    Braden Boutwell12 timer siden

    Walk em down😬🤑🔫💊💰💵💴💷

  70. Joziah Saolotoga

    Joziah Saolotoga12 timer siden



    5DSTORMY YT12 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> 🥶crazy dance tho🥶😼

  72. LungsFullOfTar

    LungsFullOfTar12 timer siden

    NLE doing tik tok dances

  73. Taco Boi Vlogs

    Taco Boi Vlogs12 timer siden


  74. cory smith

    cory smith12 timer siden

    Notice that he said selling dope till the sun come down how u gonna sell dope in the daytime when u can easily get caught

  75. mixio hili

    mixio hili12 timer siden

    Juice Wrld would fit perfectly in this song

  76. Gamingwith_tre

    Gamingwith_tre12 timer siden

    nle choppa sound diffrent now and look diffrent kinda doe no cap

  77. Juan A Vázquez PR

    Juan A Vázquez PR13 timer siden


  78. mixio hili

    mixio hili12 timer siden

    fuckin banger 🗣

  79. Lamour Glady Gesner

    Lamour Glady Gesner13 timer siden

    Roddy ricch: that’s my year. Lil uzi vert, the weeknd ,Coronavirus :Are we a joke to you

  80. CloutBoy

    CloutBoy13 timer siden

    “WALK EM DOWN”💚🔥

  81. Yan 348

    Yan 34813 timer siden

    Me: Telling my dog to shut up cause I want to listen to the song Nle choppa: Growling after he says "walk em Down🎵"

  82. S-Rock Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    S-Rock Soulja LilRude The Assassins 56113 timer siden


  83. Mr. Bearsniper

    Mr. Bearsniper13 timer siden plz subcribe to my youtube channel plz

  84. w.jr.k.17

    w.jr.k.1713 timer siden

    When you go to detention 2 times in a row with the whole squad

  85. Aminah Chin-Edwards

    Aminah Chin-Edwards13 timer siden

    Guys u heard the man vibe

  86. Real Geo

    Real Geo13 timer siden

    That Jacket is so fire with the dreads

  87. ItsDaViper

    ItsDaViper13 timer siden

    The fact this song was released on my birthday

  88. Ruby Fears

    Ruby Fears13 timer siden

    Xxxtentacion and nle choppa should have made a song together