Our server room ACTUALLY Caught Fire Explained

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  1. Colin Grant

    Colin Grant7 timer siden

    More Brian and Linus working together for maximum LOL's.

  2. Clapped Days

    Clapped Days7 timer siden

    Why does he need a server room

  3. OpposedMoney534 :D

    OpposedMoney534 :D7 timer siden

    I am looking for a gaming pc under 2000 and I dont know what is a good one can you tell me?

  4. Jonathan de Villiers

    Jonathan de Villiers8 timer siden

    working with sandals and socks (sexy), injury on duty, no sympathy from me !! I hope you wife kicks your ass when cut your toes off

  5. Asif Arshad

    Asif Arshad9 timer siden

    Why you not use APC smart online ups . it's legendary reliable.


    AERoVALKYRiE9 timer siden

    lmao <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="522">8:42</a>

  7. Flo Studios

    Flo Studios9 timer siden

    Might as well just say it how it is, it's a colossally stupid design and you don't actually see it both ways.

  8. Jonathan Silva

    Jonathan Silva10 timer siden

    Linus, "Some of these look really big" Brian the electrician, "not necessarily" Linus, "Dammmm look at that one"!

  9. Tylor Pater

    Tylor Pater10 timer siden

    Yeahh UPSs are expensive, at my last job they decided to just run the servers without them because "I'm not paying 10 grand for such a small amount of runtime!!!11" Meanwhile we were at a location where the power would drop frequently and it required about 30 minutes to get everything running again. And then I quit and they outsourced their IT.

  10. RealestRealist

    RealestRealist10 timer siden

    What in the world happened here

  11. Derek Whitaker

    Derek Whitaker11 timer siden

    NO-gos: A network something caught fire. Me: Sounds like Linus. NO-gos: Duh.

  12. Legendary Greg

    Legendary Greg11 timer siden

    can you guys teach riot games how to install actual server systems?

  13. Daboss7173

    Daboss717311 timer siden

    Bruh u grow a beard in less than a day!? 😂

  14. Sean Wilson

    Sean Wilson12 timer siden

    wow awesome video but social distancing is important

  15. Spartan Elite43

    Spartan Elite4312 timer siden

    I haven't watched a LTT video in so long I missed Linus hitting Puberty! Congrats buddy!

  16. Nathan Auvil

    Nathan Auvil12 timer siden

    Brian is great, their chemistry is freaking awesome!

  17. Adam Lesandrini

    Adam Lesandrini13 timer siden

    linus burns up a very expensive UPS, makes the additional clearance they require, then piles it with stuff. yeah, I'd make him buy the warranty and service plan, too.

  18. Chance Neel

    Chance Neel14 timer siden

    Pretty sure the strap on sandals are plenty emasculating

  19. Pixel Dude

    Pixel Dude14 timer siden

    Yes it was just because I was going out and I didn’t work so I’ll have a little time with him I’ll be home in a bit I will see if I have time for a while I will be home by the way I’ll swing back and vacuum the house and vacuum the truck I’ll be there

  20. David J Hoyda

    David J Hoyda15 timer siden

    Is this supposed to power the server for an extended amount of time while waiting for the mains power to be restored? If that is the case, why not go for a much smaller unit that only needs to supply power to the server for ~2 minutes while the generator kicks on? I can't imagine (even that many batteries) will run a server for very long. At my house, when the power goes out (rural Midwest, so more often than one would expect) the generator automatically starts and begins full power transfer within 30 seconds. The lights will go out and then about 15 seconds later everything comes back on and is fully powered by a natural gas powered generator. I am just curious why you didn't go with a much smaller UPS to last only a few minutes and then have a generator that can supply power for much longer (weeks or longer, as long as you can get natural gas delivered) at a fraction of the initial investment. Last summer there were bad storms around here that knocked out most people's power for 10 days. I don't know how long mine was out because it happened in the middle of the night. I woke up and heard the generator when I came downstairs.

  21. Luis Campoverde

    Luis Campoverde15 timer siden

    did you backup your data???

  22. Szymon Michalak

    Szymon Michalak15 timer siden

    Linus, I only wanted to tell you, that you've looked much better shaved.

  23. TheFakeOats

    TheFakeOats16 timer siden

    Why does only half the title have capitalized words

  24. Kers Pertt

    Kers Pertt16 timer siden

    The 654th time Linus servers catch on fire.

  25. DoinkzPVP

    DoinkzPVP16 timer siden

    Doctor: don't worry Linus with a beard doesn't exist he can't hurt you Linus with a beard:

  26. Michael Wolff

    Michael Wolff16 timer siden

    I run the same model UPSs in a lot of my projects. They cost way less than the numbers you quoted. I worked in AUD which is pretty similar to CAD. They are great devices but if you don't service them properly they become boat anchors over time.

  27. Bobby Hill

    Bobby Hill16 timer siden

    A building inspector may harass you about bolting the UPS to those wood blocks if they are picky about seismic codes in your area. Just FYI


    THE NOOB IS YOU16 timer siden


  29. ian mcafee

    ian mcafee16 timer siden

    the shithead is going to use the airspace required to not cause a fire and store plastic bins and cause a fire.

  30. OddJaguar15

    OddJaguar1516 timer siden

    I just came back to this channel and i didn't know this was Linus. His voice changed, and his hair.

  31. Web Cityx

    Web Cityx17 timer siden

    The old unit is poorly designed. How could you have an exposed electrical wiring. Junk

  32. Wolf Pack

    Wolf Pack17 timer siden

    when ever i see american cabeling i just wonder why the whole country just burns down because of shitty installations.

  33. ToasterHead

    ToasterHead17 timer siden

    Linus' bread is FLOWING!

  34. Lucian Alliance stargate

    Lucian Alliance stargate17 timer siden

    Do it right Linus lol

  35. MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020

    MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 202017 timer siden

    I hope nothing like this happened to you...

  36. Tom P

    Tom P18 timer siden

    The loose connection could have been "arching" but that arching did not cause the combustion. A loose connection results in high resistance (a bottle neck in current flow) in the power flow, which causes heat. The heat further increases resistance, which creates more heat until combustion temperature is reached. That's what I think happened.

  37. Quos

    Quos18 timer siden

    Don't worry guys, the 35,000$ CAD rounds down to just a buck 82 USD. Barely more expensive than a cheeseburger. :^)

  38. Rocky Balboa

    Rocky Balboa18 timer siden

    That reminded me the guy who has found his lego creation destroyed and stolen, so be careful for security man I dont want the same thing to heapen to you.

  39. Jez Bellenie

    Jez Bellenie19 timer siden

    Slap "enterprise" on the name and you gotta pay up.

  40. Tina Hagan

    Tina Hagan19 timer siden

    wow you look way better with the beard

  41. MrZocker92

    MrZocker9220 timer siden

    Im a simple man, i see brian i upvote

  42. taeng maycorn

    taeng maycorn20 timer siden

    Is brian the electrician chris pratts brother?

  43. Lonely Wolf

    Lonely Wolf20 timer siden

    Linus needs neck hair maintenance!

  44. Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy20 timer siden

    Yep they make lock nut wrenches. I've sold them before.

  45. Alejandro Delgado

    Alejandro Delgado20 timer siden

    So... since the last time I watched a LTT video Linus went through puberty? He sounds different and the beard is a nice change lol

  46. TheKopakah

    TheKopakah20 timer siden

    What's the point of all this?

  47. ISOHaven

    ISOHaven20 timer siden

    All that to go an hour. We have two 6U units for double the amount of hardware. If power is out for 5 minutes about 80% of the machines go into shutdown mode. After 15 more minutes everything else going into shutdown mode. They have about 8 minutes to shut down at that point which is more than enough. All the VMs shutdown in less than a minute. If the host hangs up for whatever reason, don't care.

  48. ISOHaven

    ISOHaven20 timer siden

    Wait...someone blamed someone else for something going wrong? Nah, never happens.

  49. Júnio Paschoal

    Júnio Paschoal20 timer siden

    FUCK! For a minute a thought that I was stuck in a “so many cookies” universe

  50. DJ ArcForce

    DJ ArcForce20 timer siden

    I love that subtle FU to Eaton at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> lol. I'm no expert on these things but the investigation details we're given in this video lead me to believe this was 100% Eaton's fault.

  51. gpgtp920

    gpgtp92021 time siden

    Does Linus' voice get deeper with beard length?

  52. Shaul Eisenberg

    Shaul Eisenberg21 time siden

    Eaton: it's all your fault also Eaton: we have better fasteners and twice the fans now

  53. Bitman

    Bitman21 time siden

    this is hilarious. ad with linus for remote monitoring and servers catching a fire... You're a joke, dude

  54. Shaul Eisenberg

    Shaul Eisenberg21 time siden

    we made extra clearance behind the unit! now let's fill it with bins...

  55. WORLD

    WORLD21 time siden


  56. Alex G

    Alex G22 timer siden

    Linus need to start wearing steeltoes while working on heavy parts like batteries and server

  57. jurgen bussche

    jurgen bussche22 timer siden

    URGENT send Linus some testosterone so that he looks male . the beard looks a lame attempt

  58. XZII

    XZII22 timer siden

    Why did I get a ad about Linus and his office ahahaha

  59. Max

    Max22 timer siden

    "That's you with a tool, Linus." "Well yeah i didn't want to host the video myself." What a sick burn

  60. JPSH

    JPSH22 timer siden

    $30,000 and you could pay off my entire student loans of 8 years of community college! It would really mean a lot to me to be free from debt. I have mental health provable on request. I take PayPal please! 🤔💵

  61. Robert Rizzo

    Robert Rizzo22 timer siden

    Linus looks great with a beard! 😍

  62. Trooper ThatsAll

    Trooper ThatsAll22 timer siden

    Your issue is in the termination of the lugs to busbar --As someone who worked on huge systems we always use shakeproof washers with spring and flat washers and fastened with locking nuts - as mentioned the buzz bars can vibrate under load and can loosen nuts. It's often argued "you don't need shake proof with locking nuts" redundancy is the reply. If you skimp on them you can invite failure, I've seen electrical fires and with UPS fails such as these, I can tell you that compaq units failed like these due to installation issues identical too this {this was back in late 90's} and this was down to termination. ~trooper

  63. Fignasty

    Fignasty23 timer siden

    why does he haave a server room? whats he running?

  64. Motomo

    Motomo23 timer siden

    Servers for what tho?

  65. Josh Bosley

    Josh Bosley23 timer siden

    The Canadian accent is THICK on that electrician and I love it

  66. Aceoyame

    Aceoyame23 timer siden

    I love Linus but some of the server room stuff makes me cringe with my being a sysadmin and running our datacenter. It'd be nice to see some more best practices applied in that area

  67. ExWEIMan

    ExWEIMan23 timer siden

    Let me get this straight. Your livelihood depends on your NO-gos channel which depends on the reliable operation of your server installation and you did nothing to protect it?! At a minimum you should conduct annual infrared surveys and equip the room with fire detectors (smoke sensing type) connected to a central station. This looks like a come to Jesus moment.

  68. Brayden Smith

    Brayden Smith23 timer siden

    I didn't see the word "room" in the title. Thought there was going to be a screaming waitress lmao

  69. oxnan

    oxnan23 timer siden

    I got a pulseway add before the video :D Linus is in it xD

  70. Robust Gaming

    Robust Gaming23 timer siden

    Yo! He's grown that quarantine daddy hair! Looking good! LOL

  71. AUGE

    AUGE18 timer siden

    Dude what's with his voice??? :O

  72. sweaty sweat pants

    sweaty sweat pantsDag siden

    A solar inverter with generator/charger input and batteries would have cost less than a quarter of that thing for the same capacity.

  73. YNG1

    YNG1Dag siden

    Just curious and to understand. but why would you spend that much on a ups when you could get a generator, and just tie the generator to the server room?

  74. Marco R.

    Marco R.Dag siden

    And yet, you bought Eaton again. I bet it's gonna burn again.

  75. Vax

    VaxDag siden

    Secure locked server room with magnetic doors anyone can open

  76. roboidiot

    roboidiotDag siden

    I'm looking at the tiny space for the UPS and random insulation batting, and SMH.

  77. Mike Dancy

    Mike DancyDag siden

    Or.. you can goto Vancouver Island where I have a warehouse filled with Canadas largest stocking supply of used / new networking components.. just saying.

  78. Syed Ali Shan

    Syed Ali ShanDag siden

    why not solar?

  79. GK_2012

    GK_2012Dag siden

    I use the top of the UPOW

  80. vivstherockstar

    vivstherockstarDag siden

    I was stupid to think there would be one video without a sponsor 😂

  81. Pixel Dude

    Pixel DudeDag siden