Overwhelmed by Choice

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There are too many shows.
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  1. Jake Burns

    Jake Burns8 timer siden

    hey guy; we should do our family meetings in my orlando based retail store. I would call it a "smoke" or "vape" shop, but I've recently come to the conclusion that it's probably better to just call it an "retail lounge" that specializes in selling dabbing peripherals, and all the dumb vaping stuff people like shoving up their asses (presumably) ISMOKE OUTLET 6220 SOUTH ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL unit608 also yes; orange blossom trail is, in fact, our local whore road Not to mention I'd really enjoy doing a sardonic/satirical interview that makes fun of our local news stations. such as wesh 2 and their incessant crusade for vacuous "results"

  2. Grace idek

    Grace idek15 timer siden

    libra energy

  3. siren

    siren15 timer siden

    i never scroll anymore, i just go on website about movies/tv shows, see ratings and comments, maybe watch something everyone's talking about, recommendations from friends... it's always way more successful

  4. Luna

    Luna15 timer siden

    Succession fucking rules

  5. Pretty Peepers

    Pretty PeepersDag siden

    yeah, i do kinda like how everythings already playing on cable. like i sit and scroll to find something to watch on youtube and on netflix and i end up just scrolling reddit because im bored. but on cable, at least theres always something cool on animal planet

  6. Donut

    DonutDag siden

    I never start eating untill I'm about a good 5 minutes into the movie or show. I don't know why, I just have this rule for myself.

  7. Emily Grasel

    Emily GraselDag siden

    It's the paradox of choice!! Studies have shown that people are actually less satisfied with more options. There's a certain slope to it (I don't remember the exact numbers), but satisfactions climbs until, say five or six options, and then begins to decrease very dramatically. YOu'll always wonder if you could've made a better choice.

  8. OhMaiChai

    OhMaiChaiDag siden

    THERE WAS A NAME FOR IT?!!?!??!?!

  9. Isabel

    IsabelDag siden

    yo I think I know why it's so hard for me to actually pick new things to like. There's so many new shows, songs, movies being released every day and it overwhelms me to the point where I just stick with what I've known. Every new interest I've gain over the years has been by pure accident, or someone asked me to take a look at.

  10. MajorasMatt

    MajorasMatt2 dager siden

    2:05 lies :/ come on Nintendo that could be me just give me Netflix already :(


    NO THANK YOU2 dager siden

    Sometimes I want to play Nintendo Switch and I can’t decide between Fire Emblem Three Houses and Pokémon Sword so I just sit there staring at the boxes for an hour and then watch the first video in my sea of recommended NO-gos videos

  12. Casey P

    Casey P2 dager siden

    I've wanted to cancel Netflix so many times, but then I remember I'm not paying for it and I am on someone else's account.

  13. JoeBobThe3rd

    JoeBobThe3rd2 dager siden

    i just watch every taratino film on netflix for a day

  14. JoeBobThe3rd

    JoeBobThe3rd2 dager siden

    Microsoft paint? for like microsoft taint

  15. Emi M

    Emi M2 dager siden

    Yes me

  16. 4_ever_a_dreamer *

    4_ever_a_dreamer *2 dager siden

    Your Netflix experience is the most relatable thing ever.

  17. Brandon Hallinon

    Brandon Hallinon3 dager siden

    8:16 truest shit tho

  18. CS F

    CS F3 dager siden

    Ok, Father Brown isn't that bad.🤷‍♀️

  19. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey3 dager siden

    I have this issue here on NO-gos too, but I did make a choice. To watch Drew Gooden yay :)

  20. atara

    atara3 dager siden

    hi. *im 100 years old.* ok so anyway

  21. Brandon loves u

    Brandon loves u3 dager siden

    Did anyone else go search for McDonald's in the app store after u saw it on that list.

  22. stripedstuddedsocks

    stripedstuddedsocks3 dager siden

    Drew, Father Brown fuckin slaps

  23. WookieWarrior

    WookieWarrior3 dager siden

    Hey Haunting of Hill hosue fucking slaps. You should be glad of that reccomendation at least. BTW I prefer pirating now, I watch NO-gos videos of people reccomending shows then I pirate it. Still pay for Netflix and barely use it, don't even bother searching because they never have what I want and Esepcially because I'm in the UK their seasons are years behind.

  24. Luke A

    Luke A4 dager siden

    father brown is a funny show

  25. Strong Cat 04

    Strong Cat 044 dager siden

    i rewatch the same three shows n movies

  26. taite wyld

    taite wyld4 dager siden

    One day I was high off my ass and realized that we make our own commercials by scrolling endlessly through these streaming sites... I was never the same

  27. DLeCo

    DLeCo4 dager siden

    This is EXACTLY what I do.....I go back to youtube after 20 minutes

  28. Cali Machado

    Cali Machado5 dager siden

    Why don’t u just ask people for good shows🤔

  29. naota3k

    naota3k5 dager siden

    The Succession theme is fucking dope.

  30. #izicorn Thom

    #izicorn Thom5 dager siden

    me when i saw that clip of Chidi getting hit by the a/c from the good place: :o

  31. Ashley D

    Ashley D6 dager siden

    I also get overwhelmed by the options and end up rewatching Parks and Rec for the 30th time

  32. Rampaging Fat Man

    Rampaging Fat Man6 dager siden

    Hi, I'm 100 years old

  33. Sophie Rose

    Sophie Rose7 dager siden

    I feel like this too! I’m glad it’s not just me

  34. Kay

    Kay7 dager siden

    I rent dvds from family video for this very reason.

  35. Alice Karina

    Alice Karina8 dager siden

    Lol i totally agree, this is why i like cable so much 😂 im just gonna have cable forever lol

  36. Oh No You Can’t Make A Name This Long

    Oh No You Can’t Make A Name This Long9 dager siden

    The sum of this video is that Drew is pretty indecisive

  37. Vampress

    Vampress9 dager siden

    I'm even worse with Netflix, I open something, watch two minutes of it and then open something else, watch two minutes and now I just have a whole bunch of stuff I have half watched.

  38. Flora R

    Flora R9 dager siden

    for what it's worth i can highly recommend anne with an e. i'm someone who gets overwhelmed with too many choices all the time and i end up starting 20 shows and finishing none of them, but anne with an e was one of the very few shows in the last year that i actually ended up binging in less than a week and i loved every minute of it

  39. Reyana Kaji

    Reyana Kaji10 dager siden

    The landlord clips are the best 😂😂

  40. KT Glitter Time

    KT Glitter Time10 dager siden

    Haaaa did anyone else get a Netflix ad during Drew’s video?!

  41. The Mighty Gooch

    The Mighty Gooch10 dager siden

    God damn, that subtle little joke of you scrolling through Netflix with a Nintendo switch was brilliant.

  42. Jonathan C

    Jonathan C11 dager siden

    I found Waldo

  43. Emily

    Emily11 dager siden

    i get overwhelmed and cant choose anything so i always end up watching the office again.

  44. max

    max12 dager siden

    good netflix shows: (quality shows that i like that you might like) - end of the f****ing world (a british deadpan comedy/drama, lots of plot twists and interesting conflicts and character development, by far my favorite show ever.) *for admirers of interesting plots and characters* - kakegurui (a mature anime about a gambling school, one of the best animes on netflix) *for anime fans* - the office / the good place / parks and rec. ( all similar shows-good quality and hilarious. liking one will likely mean you'll like the other two.) *for fans of comedies* - stranger things ( it's unlikely you haven't heard about this show. though it may be overrated, if you haven't watched it, it's a great show. ) *for fans of the paranormal* - a series of unfortunate events ( a drama based on a book series focusing on 3 newly orphaned children ) *for fans of dramas*

  45. acaciaren

    acaciaren12 dager siden

    Bruh same

  46. Mister Lakhi

    Mister Lakhi12 dager siden

    The only Netflix originals I've ever loved: HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE Stranger Things season 1 And I kinda like Witcher

  47. Gwen

    Gwen13 dager siden

    Ok but don’t hate in Father Brown

  48. ShaddowSabbath

    ShaddowSabbath13 dager siden

    Netflix is basically only used to watch the Office. Which they've been trying to yeet for like a year.

  49. Lieutenant Luxury

    Lieutenant Luxury13 dager siden

    Do i want chicken karaage sushi? Sushi with breaded poultry? OR... Special crumbed chicken sushi?

  50. Brandon

    Brandon13 dager siden

    I'm constantly overwhelmed by choice, which is why I only use the Jeremy Renner app.

  51. Bailey Mingus

    Bailey Mingus13 dager siden

    Why is this EXACTLY me

  52. ok computer

    ok computer13 dager siden

    I dont like streaming services. Because usually they dont have what I want. I'm a dvd guy

  53. iconoclad

    iconoclad14 dager siden

    Overwhelmed? Try to watch Friends or Seinfeld in Australia!

  54. Richard Leon

    Richard Leon14 dager siden

    This is me! I even called it analysis paralysis before watching this and knowing that it’s actually called that and that’s so cool to me. Thanks drew for a great video for me

  55. DevyanshBahri

    DevyanshBahri14 dager siden

    This was super relatable

  56. B Luz

    B Luz15 dager siden

    I know the feeling Drew. I hate having too many options. Also, I'm from a 3rd world country and I'll tell you we worry about these things too.

  57. Selena Casper

    Selena Casper15 dager siden

    2:53 😂😂😂😂😂 this guy is hilarious!!!

  58. Roooia

    Roooia15 dager siden

    Netflix is the epitome of quantity not quality.

  59. Imaproshaman

    Imaproshaman15 dager siden

    This was so perfect. I feel so related to. It was also quite hilarious, as per usual. Nice, nice!

  60. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph Vernon15 dager siden

    The good place is a great show in my opinion so i would just choose that every time