Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows

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Find out how the parents reacted to their kids reacting to adult
jokes in kids shows.
Content Featured:
Kids React To Adult Jokes In Kid Shows
Flash can't get a date
FULL SCENE - Season 2, Episode 13
The Coin Slot
Spongebob Watching TV *Clip*
Amazing World of Gumball
Smile Dip
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Anjelica, Julia's Mom
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Denise, Bowie's Mom
Don, Don Jr.'s Dad
Jamie, Janelle's Mom
Marco. Lucas' Dad
Sarah, Hadley's Mom
Y, Tida's Mom
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Parents React To Kids React To Funny Adult Jokes In Kids Shows


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  2. ilmi haqim abdul nasir

    ilmi haqim abdul nasir19 timer siden


  3. Cxramelshake

    Cxramelshake23 timer siden

    Don’t mind me I am just you casual 11-year-old understanding these

  4. Rex Durniok

    Rex Durniok2 dager siden

    I think that amazing world of gumball joke is divorce

  5. GroenFan

    GroenFan2 dager siden

    Ahoyhoy There, Fellow NO-gosrinos!

  6. Isabella Antwi

    Isabella Antwi13 timer siden

    Is it weird that I'm 12 and I got all of this... 😂😑

  7. Seyed Amin Jonathan Sheikoleslami

    Seyed Amin Jonathan Sheikoleslami13 timer siden

    Isabella Antwi fbi joned the chat ..

  8. A B

    A B13 timer siden

    0:50 am I the only one seeing this??

  9. D I V I N I T Y

    D I V I N I T Y13 timer siden

    the gravity falls part was DEFINITELY dmt lol

  10. TheLegitz RB

    TheLegitz RB13 timer siden

    Mabel was so high hahaha

  11. Bey Slayer

    Bey Slayer13 timer siden

    4:00 im only 12 and i somehow know this

  12. Tudor Rotaru

    Tudor Rotaru13 timer siden

    I'm 11 and i know this

  13. Theyungcity23

    Theyungcity2313 timer siden

    Do kids even really watch SpongeBob. That's before their time pretty much. They should have had Teen Titans Go

  14. Imperfect Potato

    Imperfect Potato13 timer siden

    Help! Kids are not supposed to understand these! I want my childhood innocence back!!Heeeelp

  15. Sneaker

    Sneaker14 timer siden

    Your life must suck if your 11 and aren’t even allowed to watch SpongeBob

  16. yeetus deletus

    yeetus deletus14 timer siden

    nobody: the 10-year-olds in the comment section: *_oH LOOK AT ME, IM 12 AND I GET THESE JOKES IM COOL NOW_*

  17. Isaiah Leyva

    Isaiah Leyva14 timer siden

    I’m a kid but I understood all of these

  18. ieat Kidneyz

    ieat Kidneyz14 timer siden

    I know1 3 4

  19. Lisa B

    Lisa B15 timer siden

    Well, now I'm trying to erase my childhood memories..........


    SKY LINES15 timer siden

    The amazing world of gumball part When i was a kid i did not get it but now i knew it

  21. Lisa B

    Lisa B15 timer siden


  22. Jack Phill

    Jack Phill15 timer siden

    Spongebob was originally made for +18

  23. Beatris Katsarska

    Beatris Katsarska16 timer siden

    I knew Jordan looked familiar when I watched her on Family Reunion and now I realised she’s from FBE

  24. WalnutDust

    WalnutDust16 timer siden


  25. Lilyplayzgames65 :P.

    Lilyplayzgames65 :P.16 timer siden

    I literally live for how innocent Hadley is.

  26. _tekunekku

    _tekunekku17 timer siden


  27. Mèo

    Mèo17 timer siden

    I didnt get the "prince-fingerprints" one. Can somebody explain it to me?

  28. Super Gamer_girl

    Super Gamer_girl15 timer siden

    Chris Χ That's how I interpreted it, I was like woooooooow😂

  29. hoe for harry styles

    hoe for harry styles15 timer siden

    Chris Χ i thought nobody would ever be able to get it😂

  30. Chris Χ

    Chris Χ16 timer siden

    It was a sexual joke, instead of taking the fingerprints he "fingered prince"😂

  31. GameSlayer Galaxy

    GameSlayer Galaxy18 timer siden


  32. Emilie V

    Emilie V18 timer siden

    Isnt Jordyn from Family Reunion

  33. Emilie V

    Emilie V18 timer siden

    As a kid I would love to be in the video. I just wouldnt want my parents to watch it because I could understand all of them

  34. butti fdft

    butti fdft18 timer siden

    “Goes to fast into the relationship” You were close 😂 were close .

  35. John Doe

    John Doe18 timer siden

    kids must be more innocent nowadays bc I knew all this tuff growing up

  36. MissingTHO

    MissingTHO16 timer siden

    @butti fdft These kids are 7-8, its normal to understand them with 13.

  37. butti fdft

    butti fdft18 timer siden

    I’m 13 and I got all these jokes...

  38. Desiler

    Desiler18 timer siden

    5:46 Did she say "oh I can't find the coin slut."?

  39. hoe for harry styles

    hoe for harry styles15 timer siden

    Desiler yessir but im p sure she meant slot

  40. Jeremy Hicks

    Jeremy Hicks18 timer siden

    Ha wow they really missed some nasty jokes in old cartoons.

  41. Jeremy Hicks

    Jeremy Hicks18 timer siden

    Remember how many Rugrats had?

  42. jester

    jester18 timer siden

    Why are there 10 year olds thinking they cool by commenting "dang I got these jokes"

  43. Jeremy Hicks

    Jeremy Hicks18 timer siden

    Wow now rewatching those few clips of Spongebob I'm glad my nephews are not allowed to watch it. Wow they have allot of adult jokes.

  44. Crispy Lexis

    Crispy Lexis19 timer siden

    I dont get the gravity falls joke

  45. 0v30 Roblox

    0v30 Roblox17 timer siden

    @Crispy Lexis You are way too innocent, I get the joke

  46. Crispy Lexis

    Crispy Lexis17 timer siden

    I still dont get it

  47. Scope X

    Scope X18 timer siden

    Oh shit this is to much lol

  48. jester

    jester18 timer siden

    she put it up and down then sucked it then moaned

  49. Yarn

    Yarn19 timer siden

    I'm 12 and i get these...

  50. CheesyQuokka YT

    CheesyQuokka YT14 timer siden

    ok but those kids are like 8 tho

  51. Lisa B

    Lisa B15 timer siden

    @Stealthy Kiwi okay

  52. Lisa B

    Lisa B15 timer siden


  53. Stealthy Kiwi

    Stealthy Kiwi15 timer siden

    would u guys mind watch my recent video? pretty shitty but still i wanna grow :)

  54. Sofiah Hanami

    Sofiah Hanami16 timer siden

    Hi, fellow 12 year old.

  55. Satwik Singh

    Satwik Singh19 timer siden

    Don't you think the kids will watch this video?

  56. Banni4 AJ

    Banni4 AJ19 timer siden

    I'm 11 and I got the 2nd Spongbob joke ( The fish put the coin in tge seahorse's- oh, you know it. FBE Plz pin this

  57. • Natalia •

    • Natalia •13 timer siden

    Lmao why would they pin ur comment? All the comment are like *I'm 10 AnD I UnDeRstAnD tHis jOke*

  58. Banni4 AJ

    Banni4 AJ14 timer siden

    @CheesyQuokka YT well, not being boastful but im not idiot actually

  59. Banni4 AJ

    Banni4 AJ14 timer siden

    @CheesyQuokka YT I can put whatever I want to. And you don't have to remind me that I'm idiot

  60. CheesyQuokka YT

    CheesyQuokka YT14 timer siden

    bruh what's with the 'pin this' crap

  61. Jake

    Jake19 timer siden

    im 16 and i didn’t instantly get these jokes🤨

  62. MouseScroller

    MouseScroller16 timer siden

    Uhh im 13 and i instantly get it

  63. Haruka Nakashima

    Haruka Nakashima17 timer siden

    I'm 23 and only catch 2 of those jokes....

  64. Cayson J

    Cayson J18 timer siden

    @jester lel

  65. jester

    jester18 timer siden

    @Darrell Shropshire fuck off

  66. Darrell Shropshire

    Darrell Shropshire19 timer siden

    Tell your parents to stop sheltering you.

  67. Null YT

    Null YT20 timer siden

    6:28 hahahahahahhahha the music than garyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  68. ¡ łypıcəlAira !

    ¡ łypıcəlAira !20 timer siden

    Oh damn- i got all of that- and im only 11 turning 12-

  69. Amy Pham

    Amy Pham20 timer siden

    I’m twelve and it’s really bad I know all of these jokes...

  70. Hi6ou

    Hi6ou20 timer siden

    I’m 18 and I didn’t get half of these jokes ._.

  71. Mystery Name

    Mystery Name13 timer siden

    I'm 10. I got it. ALL.

  72. Hi6ou

    Hi6ou18 timer siden

    Cayson J i guess😁

  73. Cayson J

    Cayson J18 timer siden

    @Hi6ou It is something to be proud of.

  74. Cayson J

    Cayson J18 timer siden

    @Darrell Shropshire Why?

  75. Hi6ou

    Hi6ou18 timer siden

    Darrell Shropshire why not? 😥

  76. Zaphkiell X

    Zaphkiell X20 timer siden

    They won't even know that Their kids are gonna watch this Video Lmao

  77. Jeff Daniel Fortuno

    Jeff Daniel Fortuno20 timer siden

    I’m 13 and I got all these jokes...

  78. CheesyQuokka YT

    CheesyQuokka YT14 timer siden

    wow here's a medal

  79. yeetus deletus

    yeetus deletus16 timer siden

    good for you

  80. A.G TGS

    A.G TGS20 timer siden

    Jeff Daniel Fortuno 😂

  81. Crazy Spirit

    Crazy Spirit21 time siden

    If someone made me react to that stuff as a kid and my parents saw it, it wouldn't be a good spectacle to witness.

  82. Enersia

    Enersia21 time siden

    Not even a teen and i got all of them before the parents!!!! Sign me UP @FBE!!!!

  83. bxbybear

    bxbybear20 timer siden

    @ImPlainEpic It's a comment section, get used to it.

  84. ImPlainEpic

    ImPlainEpic21 time siden

    Who cares

  85. Nolan Dolan

    Nolan Dolan21 time siden

    HOW I’m not even a teen and only got 1

  86. Dunebuggie Jones

    Dunebuggie Jones21 time siden

    Well, Spongebob was originally suppose to be an adult tv show sooooo. Parents watch it, you’ll get it more than these young feetus kids. 😂😂


    THOM RBLX21 time siden

    I got da soaps in the bag Baby im so wet Baby if u understand just give me a big Like


    THOM RBLX14 timer siden

    @are the r A e bro i didnt ask for you opinion and fyi i could be older them you

  89. are the r A e

    are the r A e14 timer siden

    Ur probably a 9 year old and searched up adult jokes on google and post it so u can get liked

  90. bxbybear

    bxbybear20 timer siden

    Did you have to say such obvious sexual stuff i

  91. Shan Nicole

    Shan Nicole21 time siden

    One example.. SHREK 😂

  92. jojoplays onyt

    jojoplays onyt22 timer siden

    Oh my gosh the older parents said maybe I should start watching SpongeBob because all the dirty jokes that are in there🙄

  93. no idea

    no idea22 timer siden

    *I swear to god, if I was in this, my mum would whoop the shit out of my 12 year old dirty minded ass for understanding all of these.*

  94. Battle Droid

    Battle Droid22 timer siden

    Nobody: 14 year olds or younger: OmG i GeT tHiS. Is It oK tHaT iM tHiS aGe AnD i GoT iT. I kNeW eVeRyOnE oF tHeSe

  95. Ania Ugarte

    Ania Ugarte22 timer siden

    Not noticing as a kid is different, cartoons have always had inuendos especially when they were older since alcohol and cigarettes were portrayed in cartoons too. Cross dressing bugs bunny c'mon.

  96. ThaGataNegrra

    ThaGataNegrra20 timer siden

    EXACTLY! I was like, have these people (parents) not seen any of those Tom and Jerry spots? Looney Tunes? Tex Avery? Innuendo all over that stuff.

  97. August Nielsen

    August Nielsen22 timer siden

    I'm a fetus and I get these

  98. kesha moon 2.0

    kesha moon 2.019 timer siden

    @ImPlainEpic you guys shouldn't be on the Internet

  99. ImPlainEpic

    ImPlainEpic21 time siden

    Im not born and i get them

  100. Shrug Drummer

    Shrug Drummer22 timer siden

    I got every single one of the jokes

  101. kesha moon 2.0

    kesha moon 2.019 timer siden

    Explain the soap joke PLEASE I understand all of them except that one

  102. Under The Bunk

    Under The Bunk20 timer siden

    Shrug Drummer your prolly 13 years old anyway

  103. Under The Bunk

    Under The Bunk20 timer siden

    Shrug Drummer I didn’t ask

  104. Izzy M

    Izzy M22 timer siden

    fam i understood that when i was 9

  105. Peace& Hope

    Peace& Hope20 timer siden

    Damn XD

  106. ImPlainEpic

    ImPlainEpic21 time siden

    Who cares

  107. pugatron 9000

    pugatron 900022 timer siden

    Why does the boomer with glasses not like spongebob

  108. no idea

    no idea22 timer siden

    And the guy that said she’s not allowed to watch spongebob.. the fuck?

  109. Duarl Jackson

    Duarl Jackson22 timer siden

    Is it bad that I'm 14 and I got everyone

  110. Battle Droid

    Battle Droid22 timer siden

    No, your at the stage where you should know what this stuff is

  111. Leland Fowers

    Leland Fowers22 timer siden

    Same boat

  112. Peppermint Tea

    Peppermint Tea22 timer siden

    *Laughs in dirty mind*

  113. Xxits kai12xX

    Xxits kai12xX22 timer siden

    I’m 13 and I get this..

  114. Xxits kai12xX

    Xxits kai12xX21 time siden

    Gwen Mannarino. Yeah true

  115. Gwen Mannarino

    Gwen Mannarino22 timer siden

    Xxits kai12xX your legit in middle school you should know this these kids are in 4th grade and younger

  116. Kirt Tracey

    Kirt Tracey23 timer siden

    O druzz

  117. Kirt Tracey

    Kirt Tracey23 timer siden

    Oo the hub

  118. Zaya Moone

    Zaya Moone23 timer siden

    It took me a while but I *think* I got most of them. But only because my mind likes to assume the worst.

  119. Peace& Hope

    Peace& Hope20 timer siden

    @Eggy Person im pretty sure its because he has more 1 night stands and just moves on the next day

  120. Duarl Jackson

    Duarl Jackson22 timer siden

    I just kind of now too much

  121. Duarl Jackson

    Duarl Jackson22 timer siden

    Yeah it's like sex but when you jerk off too much or something like that you'll come and let him sayings that he comes too fast like like that that's why he can't get no date or nothing and is it bad that I'm know all this and I'm 14

  122. Mjmg3506

    Mjmg350622 timer siden

    Duarl Jackson kind of... It’s more about what Zaya Moone said

  123. Zaya Moone

    Zaya Moone22 timer siden

    @Duarl Jackson That doesn't make any sense in my brain. Can you try explaining it better- Edit: That sounded rude sorry lol