Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Krispy Kreme Doughnuts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

We bought the Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the beginning of the video at Penn Station. Normally, we'd advise you to never ingest anything that has at any point entered or left Penn Station (for your health and safety), but we always make an exception for Krispy Kreme. And this is solely because there is only one Krispy Kreme location in New York City. Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Krispy Kreme Doughnuts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Cassie Lynne

    Cassie Lynne26 minutter siden

    can you do oatmeal cream pies next pleaseeee

  2. Jessica Cruz

    Jessica CruzTime siden

    the pink doughnut looks EXACTLY the the simpson's doughnut

  3. iliketolickbackpacks

    iliketolickbackpacksTime siden

    Rhoda release that skincare video already

  4. Владислава Лещенко

    Владислава ЛещенкоTime siden

    Claire: I'm a failure.The rest of humanity:Wow, these are actually pretty good.

  5. Bill H

    Bill H2 timer siden

    plain glazed and chocolate iced glaze are the best 2. forget the rest.

  6. Adalky Capellan

    Adalky Capellan2 timer siden

    maybe she needs to proof on another side

  7. LoV3 My ShIzZ

    LoV3 My ShIzZ3 timer siden

    Is that whole kitchen for youtube purposes only?

  8. Zach

    Zach3 timer siden

    Was sohla dipping the donut in water?.......

  9. Maddie Peterman

    Maddie Peterman4 timer siden

    do mike and ikes!

  10. Will S

    Will S4 timer siden

    Great content

  11. amirzee93

    amirzee935 timer siden


  12. Alex S

    Alex S6 timer siden

    Good video, only negative remark is that the music audio levels seemed to go wildly loud at times more so than usual and jarringly too high compared to her voice.

  13. live and learn production Corporation

    live and learn production Corporation7 timer siden

    i'm actually learning gorment ?

  14. Graecyn K.

    Graecyn K.7 timer siden


  15. Julia Seel

    Julia Seel7 timer siden

    Claire: "Our dough, she is risen." Me: She is risen, indeed!

  16. Mr.Mumbles

    Mr.Mumbles7 timer siden

    what the heck does gourmet even mean?

  17. Chase Smith

    Chase Smith7 timer siden

    Who else is straight craving Krispy Kreme now!?! Damnit Claire!

  18. Gabriel R.

    Gabriel R.9 timer siden

    claire explains the physical stuff about it and _we pretend to understand_

  19. Mary_ Katie_

    Mary_ Katie_10 timer siden

    Claire needs to make a Little Debby Zebra Cake.

  20. Anonymous DX3

    Anonymous DX310 timer siden

    6:50 molly reminding me of pheobe buffey

  21. Grace S

    Grace S10 timer siden

    what about lofthouse sugar cookies :0

  22. zebrapares

    zebrapares10 timer siden

    Only in America will a donut ever be described as "petite"

  23. Jessica Kethan

    Jessica Kethan10 timer siden

    the sad piano music sends me

  24. Branden Simmons

    Branden Simmons12 timer siden

    11:34 Andy reaction was priceless

  25. Dominic Tng

    Dominic Tng12 timer siden

    is it me or is the camera shakier than usual.

  26. Makeup & Moto

    Makeup & Moto13 timer siden


  27. Zak Fathalla

    Zak Fathalla14 timer siden

    What a rude lady to talk to the main person in the video like that she should get fired

  28. Neha Khanom

    Neha Khanom19 timer siden


  29. REGINA H

    REGINA H20 timer siden


  30. Slytherin G

    Slytherin G22 timer siden

    make gourmet goldfish

  31. Sarah Brewer

    Sarah Brewer23 timer siden

    did you say... pinkest pink?

  32. PigPenguin91

    PigPenguin9123 timer siden

    I came here after the pop rocks episode, thinking it would be nice to watch Claire be a little more chill and do something that's in her wheelhouse, rather than the stress and misery of pop rocks. Sonehow I wasn't expecting the sad piano music.

  33. Skyler Lawrence

    Skyler Lawrence23 timer siden

    honestly i like the way claire’s look way better. i love the “imperfections” so much more than the seemingly perfect krispy kreme’s

  34. Nick Barber

    Nick BarberDag siden

    Krispy Kreme: cease and desist

  35. GudGud

    GudGudDag siden

    Finally, proof the gourmet doesn't mean "better". Krispy Kreme is the end all be all, don't talk to me.

  36. Flame Gaming

    Flame GamingDag siden

    Claire : I think I will get this done quickly Me : checks the how long the video is "Yea that's not gonna happen"

  37. Haylee Huynh

    Haylee HuynhDag siden

    claire should make chex mix next 🤭🤭

  38. Damian DiFlorio

    Damian DiFlorioDag siden

    Probably already written by someone else but I think the reason that doughnuts have holes is because the person who invented them wanted to make cakes for the people who delivered the post (used to be by horse), but it was inconvenient for them to stop and eat - so she put holes in the middle of small cakes so that the riders could carry them around their finger. Someone fact check me here though I could be absolutely wrong.

  39. Danielle Melgar

    Danielle MelgarDag siden

    Gourmet makes veggie straws!!!!

  40. BiggFBS12

    BiggFBS12Dag siden

    Molly baz looks like she dips all day and can throw a mean split finger!