Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs. That's right, Claire's making Girl Scout Cookies. Did you know the Girl Scouts started selling cookies back in 1917? But it wasn't until 1951 that the Thin Mint, the cookie most synonymous with the Girl Scouts, was introduced and swept the country like a tidal wave. And now here we are, in the Test Kitchen, watching Claire make them herself. What a time to be alive.
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Filmed on 1/21
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Girl Scout Cookies | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


  1. Simply_ Bestever

    Simply_ Bestever28 minutter siden

    My daughter sold over 300 boxes one year.... Needless to say that was the last time we sold that many.

  2. Sad Skraps

    Sad Skraps57 minutter siden


  3. Thomas Rico

    Thomas RicoTime siden


  4. Cardinal Nova

    Cardinal Nova2 timer siden

    Gaby is honestly such a sweetheart! She gave Claire her water bottle to use and her coat when Claire was sitting in the freezer. What a saint 😊

  5. Elite anus punch

    Elite anus punch2 timer siden

    Laura is fatty fatty

  6. Olivia Williams

    Olivia Williams2 timer siden

    They didnt even try lemondes... literally the best cookie

  7. Chen & Payton

    Chen & Payton2 timer siden

    Gourmet makes idea: little debbies - zebra cakes, cosmic brownies...

  8. ssh

    ssh2 timer siden

    can we get Jaffa cakes?

  9. The Comment Queen

    The Comment Queen3 timer siden

    Is anyone here after Sohla exploded butter in the microwave right after Claire cleaned it?

  10. emerald eyefi

    emerald eyefi3 timer siden

    I'm reading a really scary comic (in my opinion) and I have Claire in the background to warm my heart and balance the vibes cuz I need her happiness to get through this comic

  11. zestie139

    zestie1393 timer siden

    I know Gourmet Makes will be hard to achieve during this time, but whenever she gets the chance to do it again, Claire should make... Dippin’ Dots 👀🔥

  12. Brent Norem

    Brent Norem4 timer siden

    When you’re out of quarantine can we get gourmet Funyuns?!??

  13. Breadfruit

    Breadfruit4 timer siden

    Please make tic tacs

  14. Jessica thegroomer

    Jessica thegroomer5 timer siden

    The samoas are now called still called samoas not caramel delites also the boxes have been limited and where I live the Blue Boxes by the lemon UPS are not a thing. I was a Girl Scout so I know

  15. Audrey Nye

    Audrey Nye6 timer siden

    Can u do Klondike bars next?? They’re sooo good!

  16. Katie McCarthy

    Katie McCarthy7 timer siden

    Gourmet Makes Peppermint Patties or Teddy Grahams!

  17. Kriselda Gernan

    Kriselda Gernan7 timer siden


  18. caroline abeyta

    caroline abeyta7 timer siden

    this entire video is wording out my love for samoas (caramel delights) and I couldn't be happier

  19. Katie Wilson

    Katie Wilson8 timer siden

    You should make York Mints!

  20. Camila Rosario

    Camila Rosario8 timer siden

    I love how into this Claire got ✨✨✨

  21. Camila Rosario

    Camila Rosario8 timer siden

    Especially that Sash!!

  22. Megan Fischer

    Megan Fischer8 timer siden

    I'd love to see Claire take a crack at Tootsie pops

  23. Amanda Schultz

    Amanda Schultz9 timer siden

    Do drumstick ice creams next!

  24. HeroCrafter1313

    HeroCrafter13139 timer siden

    Gourmet makes bubble gum?

  25. Lauren Barton

    Lauren Barton9 timer siden

    Claire should do the whipped coffee

  26. Pupi Giglio

    Pupi Giglio9 timer siden

    You could make gourmet cereal again, pillows, cookie crisp, peanut butter cup puff

  27. brieri1

    brieri110 timer siden

    This comment has probably already been posted, but girl Scout cookies are actually made by 2 separate companies that use their own recipes and give the cookies their own names, and that's why they have different names for essentially the same cookies.

  28. Cara V Parker

    Cara V Parker10 timer siden

    milano cookies. Milano Cookies. MILANO COOKIES!!!!!

  29. Jazmine Amoako

    Jazmine Amoako11 timer siden

    Claire should make sun chips

  30. hattie sanness

    hattie sanness11 timer siden

    everytime gang comes into frame and talk my day is complete☺️

  31. munkibiznis

    munkibiznis11 timer siden

    Can someone mention the seeding method to temper chocolate to Claire, please? Also, please research varieties of gourmet glazes (glaçage gourmand). This anxiety around tempering chocolate is so unnecessary.

  32. thaleia apalidou

    thaleia apalidou12 timer siden

    Have you ever tried kinder bueno?

  33. Alicia Cabrera

    Alicia Cabrera13 timer siden

    Once the craziness is over, Claire should try making Cosmic Brownies or some little Debbie snack!!!

  34. Rishay Gupta

    Rishay Gupta15 timer siden

    What about gourmet Air Heads?

  35. Taracinablue

    Taracinablue16 timer siden

    I love that Claire got to decorate a sash! An arts and crafts project that wasn't even directly baking, lol :)

  36. Sophia P.

    Sophia P.16 timer siden

    Please Toblerone next!

  37. Becky Light

    Becky Light17 timer siden

    I want them to do Suzy q's

  38. Nick

    Nick19 timer siden

    claire is amazing

  39. Landon Houck

    Landon Houck19 timer siden

    You should try making gourmet brook side chocolates !!

  40. Alex G

    Alex G20 timer siden

    I loved the Savannah Smiles that the lemon-ups replaced >:(

  41. Bobbi Welzel

    Bobbi Welzel22 timer siden

    “Is one of these bootleg?” 🤣🤣 Obviously BA would buy bootleg products and shame those poor Girl Scouts, I knew they were shady. Wait, this isn’t the new season of Ozark?

  42. Bobbi Welzel

    Bobbi Welzel23 timer siden

    M Baz, “One of the great cookies of the world” in reference to Tagalongs makes her my new favorite human. Like Cae Sal and Tuna weren’t enough, come. on. 🙌🏼

  43. Beck Weiser

    Beck WeiserDag siden

    Can u please make cornnuts

  44. Minsuh Cho

    Minsuh ChoDag siden

    Gourmet Corn Nuts?

  45. Emerson O'Connor

    Emerson O'ConnorDag siden

    Would jolly ranchers be possible? Love your videos Claire!

  46. Freya Porter

    Freya PorterDag siden

    Claire: *adds more fat to the chocolate* Chocolate: *fat blooms* Claire: oH nOoOoo

  47. Darian Buckman

    Darian BuckmanDag siden

    Can Claire make Nerds

  48. Kit Smith

    Kit SmithDag siden

    Idea for a show: make Riesens, the chocolate chewy candies.

  49. RogueRenegade

    RogueRenegadeDag siden

    Chef makes gourmet coca cola should be next...preferably with cocaine...or not

  50. Kameelah Williams

    Kameelah WilliamsDag siden

    Maybe I haven’t payed close enough attention before that a ring I spy on Claire’s left hand?

  51. Tim Beers

    Tim BeersDag siden

    Claire, you are the wind beneath my wings.

  52. rey Reynolds

    rey ReynoldsDag siden

    Delaney’s badge would obviously be cocktail making!

  53. Brooklyn Loyd

    Brooklyn LoydDag siden

    Ooo, do fudge rounds

  54. Lo

    LoDag siden

    Having eaten the real deal my entire life it was quite a let down to find that this homemade version didn’t really taste anything like Girl Scouts at all! Tragic😫so I’m going to offload these inferior batches to my neighbors🤫

  55. Liya Gilbert

    Liya GilbertDag siden

    You should do an episode where you made Airheads. I think it would be a god challenge and it could be fun and yummy!

  56. Yo ass getting popped 4L

    Yo ass getting popped 4LDag siden

    jolly ranchers ext please

  57. Casey Cope

    Casey CopeDag siden

    How she reduces the entire Girl Scouts of America to cookies 🤣

  58. Telecaster Bear

    Telecaster BearDag siden

    Can someone fill me in on what they have a huge kitchen for? Like I don’t understand the context of why they’re all in this big kitchen. Love the channel though!

  59. Cynthia Bernier

    Cynthia BernierDag siden

    What about mini cadbury eggs, not the filled creme ones but the sparkled ones!!!!??? Theres NO recipe online for that, the creme one is everywhere

  60. Neil Rischl

    Neil RischlDag siden

    I see you bro. Getting that bite of food on camera and laughing about it. @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>

  61. Shawn Leary

    Shawn LearyDag siden

    Rhoda over here comin in clutch

  62. Shawn Leary

    Shawn LearyDag siden


  63. Emmitt Seabaugh

    Emmitt SeabaughDag siden

    Not really like a pre made product but make a gourmet version of Mac n cheese and hot dogs!

  64. Sophia De Leon-Wilson

    Sophia De Leon-WilsonDag siden

    Pls do gourmet cinnamon toast Eggo waffles at some point! you know, once quarantine is over

  65. Tre lll

    Tre lllDag siden

    Y’all gotta be high 😂 And the big three are: Tagalongs, shortbread and coconut !!

  66. shiny x

    shiny xDag siden

    YES CADBURY EGGS they are demon candy

  67. Kenny

    KennyDag siden

    Whos the guy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1365">22:45</a> asking for a friend

  68. Sage Roncka

    Sage RonckaDag siden

    Gourmet makes cosmic brownies

  69. Olivia Howells

    Olivia HowellsDag siden

    you should do gourmet makes eggos or stroopwafel

  70. Nonye Obichere

    Nonye ObichereDag siden

    Can you try Eggo Waffles!??

  71. Michael Tomaka

    Michael TomakaDag siden

    Not very much social distancing here.

  72. Devante S

    Devante SDag siden

    Frosted mini wheats or bugles chips. The chips that make your fingers into crawls.

  73. Samaghik Samurai

    Samaghik SamuraiDag siden

    *Andy quickly eating* *Realising he's on camera*

  74. R. Goodblood

    R. GoodbloodDag siden

    Get you somebody that looks at you the way claire looks at rhoda.

  75. Hailey Switzer

    Hailey SwitzerDag siden

    You should do a part 2 with some of the other cookies

  76. jtuck35

    jtuck35Dag siden

    Claire cleaning the microwave is like the man in your life, cleaning anything. One time only, for about an hour, and my god will you hear about it.

  77. minghaos laugh is my aesthetic

    minghaos laugh is my aestheticDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> Andy 😂😂

  78. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDag siden

    sold 800 in 18 hours during the one free hour I had during cookie season

  79. Silver Fritz Reah

    Silver Fritz ReahDag siden

    Claire to everyone: I dont need help also Claire: *RHODAAA!!!*

  80. Silver Fritz Reah

    Silver Fritz ReahDag siden

    I DONT THINK WE TALKED ABOUT HOW GOOD CLAIRE IS AT CATCHING STUFF Can someone pls make a compilation of her catching everything Dan throws at her

  81. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuDag siden

    Terrifying fun fact: the top seller in my council this year sold over 3000 or 5000 cookies this year (I can't remember exactly, I think I'm remembering last year's top seller too). I

  82. Silver Fritz Reah

    Silver Fritz ReahDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">0:17</a> Gaby i tell you, Brad used that when he made the master stock

  83. Bryan Reyes

    Bryan ReyesDag siden

    Now I want thin mints and the worst thing is that I have some in my house but they have been expired since November... should I eat them??? 🤔