Paul George promises that one day he'll tell the story of his departure from Pacers | NBA Sound

Paul George talks about the boos he received when his LA Clippers team took down the Indiana Pacers. He also discusses his advice for Victor Oladipo about coming back from a serious injury.
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  1. Da Uce

    Da UceMåned siden

    They seem to forget he helped them by asking for a trade instead of waiting til free agency and walking out like KD did to OKC. You got good assets in Sabonis and Oladipo. Move tf on

  2. Dymez

    DymezMåned siden

    Oladipo trade to Miami confirmed

  3. SSTG4

    SSTG4Måned siden

    The Lakers are the Villians

  4. T Will

    T WillMåned siden

    Kawhi and PG were definitely meant to be with each other.

  5. Daryl Whittaker

    Daryl WhittakerMåned siden

    We know pg we did you nasty now we can't keep a star

  6. Daniel Tayong

    Daniel TayongMåned siden

    What if i told you that a man demanded a trade, but acted like the team that traded him was the villain. ESPN 30 for 30 presents revisionist history: The Story of Paul George

  7. jdelgado216

    jdelgado216Måned siden

    what story? he left after saying Indiana was his city and then did the same in OKC. Truth is, he always wanted to go to LA

  8. Snoopy✩

    Snoopy✩Måned siden

    Who tf cares if he left,why would he wanna waste his time in Indiana😭🤦🏽‍♂️If you’re a real PG fan u would follow him to any team he goes to

  9. Kougen Ou

    Kougen OuMåned siden

    This guy keeps making excuses that he left the Pacers because Granger is traded, Hibbert is traded...etc. Wonder if he ever thinks about few players can stay in the same team in his career. The Pacers treats him so well that I don't think he reward any kind of standing ovation. Not to mention he wanted to go to the Lakers before lol

  10. Tyrone Tyler

    Tyrone TylerMåned siden

    Paul George saids, he don’t known of any team name the lakers. Only the Clippers. Lol 😂 lol 😝

  11. jreid100

    jreid100Måned siden

    The story is , you couldn’t deliver a championship to the city Paul 🤷🏽‍♂️

  12. Daniel Clements

    Daniel ClementsMåned siden

    Who in the their right mind would want to live in a Mike Pence / Trump GOP cult state anyways ? Only brain dead lames. Not PG ✊🏽

  13. G Fears

    G FearsMåned siden

    I’m a pacers fan born and raised. Also a PG fan. The pacers leadership fucked this up - don’t blame PG blame the execs who keep making stupid draft picks and didn’t get PG more talent.

  14. D-Rose The G.O.A.T

    D-Rose The G.O.A.TMåned siden

    Im from Indiana and Iv also been to a couple of he's games.That being said ever since D Grangers injury PG has been hoopin for us, even going head to head against LeBron. There's absolutely no reason they should be booing this man. He become one of my favorite players ever watching him in indy.

  15. HiPlainsDrifter

    HiPlainsDrifterMåned siden

    Agreed, I don’t see why the resentment toward PG. His trade request was due to the state of the team at the time, which wasn’t terrible but not great. Besides, it all worked out great for the Pacers

  16. Darlens Leveque

    Darlens LevequeMåned siden

    Respect fam

  17. thefranchise2407

    thefranchise2407Måned siden

    This guy. Sheesh PG. you told them to trade you, of course the fans won’t be happy

  18. Юлиан Георгиев

    Юлиан ГеоргиевMåned siden

    The guy hangs out with strippers and pornstars. That's not without repercussions. He's a carrier lol

  19. Mark De Nobile

    Mark De NobileMåned siden

    He was really shocked the way they treated and traded Danny Granger he helped George become the player he is today

  20. DxRAYx91

    DxRAYx91Måned siden

    Spoiler alert LARRY BIRD

  21. Alpha

    AlphaMåned siden

    Triggered Pacer fans in chat lol

  22. Mash Work

    Mash WorkMåned siden

    He was drafted by Indiana. Went from a young role player to a franchise player. Was apart of so many playoff battles in Indiana, had so many highlight moments for Indiana, won Most improved in Indiana. Indiana haven’t had a team or player as memorable as Paul George since the Reggie Miller era. He had a career threatening injury, came back and went back to being a top payer in the nba for Indiana all while they break up that team that was contending in the east. He did so much in those 7 years it makes me sick that they still boo him. Look at what they got in the trade aswell Oladipo and Sabonis, why couldn’t you just thank him and move on instead of booing him like he’s y’all property he gave y’all everything for 7 years. Cold world.

  23. David Rivera

    David RiveraMåned siden

    Who cares?

  24. Daniel Cho

    Daniel ChoMåned siden

    There was a lot of booing but I saw a few Indy fans holding up signs supporting PG and cheering him on. He got 36 pts and made 7 3's this game. PG so smooth

  25. 0

    0Måned siden

    People in those comments are so salty, you know athletes are humans too when they don’t feel good in an environment they have the right to leave + it’s not like he had a bright future in Indiana so calm down and try to understand instead of trying to make a point about a situation you never have and never will be into

  26. ZaibasGamingYT

    ZaibasGamingYTMåned siden

    His promises are worthless!

  27. focused

    focusedMåned siden

    This is like when people say "guess what!?" Then you say what and they say "nevermind"............JUST F*CKIN SAY IT!

  28. focused

    focusedMåned siden

    @Justin Marshall what and who?

  29. Justin Marshall

    Justin MarshallMåned siden


  30. Justin Marshall

    Justin MarshallMåned siden

    Guess what ?

  31. jlxelite

    jlxeliteMåned siden

    He smashed Teanna Trump

  32. Justiceorelse

    JusticeorelseMåned siden

    @BrainXTC When she was 16.... Would you smash a 16 year old?? Chris Hanson is knocking on your door

  33. BrainXTC

    BrainXTCMåned siden


  34. Jon Kim

    Jon KimMåned siden


  35. carrythatweight

    carrythatweightMåned siden

    According to that No Jumper interview he was beatin 15 year old Teanna Trump cheeks

  36. xiNFaMoUz---x

    xiNFaMoUz---xMåned siden

    Who remember those miami vs Indiana playoff 2013

  37. You_owe_me_ent©

    You_owe_me_ent©Måned siden

    Pacers got robbed..

  38. zachary monteiro

    zachary monteiroMåned siden

    It’s the story with him and Teana Trumo or whatever the pornstar he got caught up

  39. Marc Miller

    Marc MillerMåned siden

    PG & Kawhi deserve each other.. They have no loyalty and are all about the drama.. They won't win a chip in LA cuz they aren't right.. Toronto deserved it and San Antonio earned it.. LA trying to buy it.. Ain't happening..

  40. Jesus Beriguete

    Jesus BerigueteMåned siden

    Honestly I don’t know the full story but they stuck with him when he got injured and he forced a trade. Then went to OKC played with Russ and basically promised commitment just to want to leave again. I want him to be in the situation he wants but don’t be bullshitting.

  41. MIGGYME1

    MIGGYME1Måned siden

    Pacers got the better end of the deal (victor oladipo). Dude went to indiana in college so he loves it there. Oladipo has had the best seasons of his career there and i think when he comes back the pacers could be title contenders. With paul george they were limited.

  42. Vitor Hara

    Vitor HaraMåned siden

    I like PG but he just isn’t all that, he’s a great 2nd player and two way player but the pacers didn’t push through cuz he was just too inconsistent

  43. Vitor Hara

    Vitor HaraMåned siden

    Justiceorelse I got the dates mixed up still get the point

  44. Justiceorelse

    JusticeorelseMåned siden

    @Vitor Hara That game 7 was in 2013. In 2012 they lost in the second round

  45. Vitor Hara

    Vitor HaraMåned siden

    M. Douglas nahhhhhh that pacers roster was the best defense just behind the spurs and heat for almost 4 years. 2012 playoffs game 7 he went 2-9 and missed the finals by 1 game. Then the next year they lost in 6 in the East semis, I live in Indy and watched him play, and I never thought he was a number one option. He is aScotttie pippen, a great 2 way superstar, but you can’t run a team around him. Love the way he plays and I don’t have a problem with him leaving, but the pacers did better the year they swapped him for oladipo. He’s a great player but no giannis or LeBron.

  46. M. Douglas

    M. DouglasMåned siden

    Nooo. He is all that let's keep it real. He needed more help. The game began to change and thr pacers rosters weren't reflecting that. So he left so he could win. After coming back from a near career ender I can understand that he didn't want to play meaningless basketball anymore. He wants to win.

  47. James Gill

    James GillMåned siden

    Na PG is all that bro.

  48. Joi ri

    Joi riMåned siden

    Im glad bron got ad instead of this clown

  49. KingSlimMusic

    KingSlimMusicMåned siden

    Indianapolis native and I gotta say pg we miss u

  50. julio rodriguez

    julio rodriguezMåned siden

    The teanna trump story lol

  51. NBA Enthusiast

    NBA EnthusiastMåned siden

    I think it’s clear that he wanted to be a laker before but since Bron came and the issue about the stars do not want to play with him (thank you Kyrie for that BS) that’s why he doesn’t sign with the lakers last summer. Anw it’s all turn out great for the lakers and PG and the pacers

  52. pakman4K

    pakman4KMåned siden

    Didn't this clown cheat on Doc's daughter? Wonder how that's working out

  53. Roc ThaIce

    Roc ThaIceMåned siden

    She got married and everyone moved on

  54. MinotaurBanger69 Bob BBB Barker

    MinotaurBanger69 Bob BBB BarkerMåned siden

    pakman4K Doc gonna tell him to start at PF and guard AD or Bron in Christmas 👀👀

  55. Th3 Ronin

    Th3 RoninMåned siden

    We already know you got chased outta town for getting dudes stripper girlfriend pregnant

  56. M C

    M CMåned siden

    Go Pg

  57. WhatupNate

    WhatupNateMåned siden

    Kept on getting beat by bron simple as that.

  58. David Riddle

    David RiddleMåned siden

    Tell us the story of Teanna

  59. Bald Uzi Vert

    Bald Uzi VertMåned siden

    PG YOU ASKED FOR A TRADE TO THE LAKERS BRO. Edit: Maybe something happened that made him want a trade.

  60. Julio

    JulioMåned siden


  61. Guilherme Cabral

    Guilherme CabralMåned siden

    He’ll probably make something up like he always does

  62. Myself Me

    Myself MeMåned siden

    Include your departure of OKC as well after you said you "were not going anywhere" you are just not loyal.

  63. Killa Kam

    Killa KamMåned siden

    Imagine talking about telling an obvious story of how you left a team 2 years ago that nobody cares to hear. All the while not telling the story of how your an allstar and you dropped 5pts in a game already this year.....smh

  64. Killa Kam

    Killa KamMåned siden

    @21 Freeze But he also has a history of dropping 5pts in the playoffs as well......

  65. 21 Freeze

    21 FreezeMåned siden

    Who cares about one of the 82 regular season games? The main focus and the only true relevant thing is how they perform in the playoffs.

  66. Justin R

    Justin RMåned siden

    What he really need is to tell the story of him and teanna trump, her saying that paul might come out the closet.

  67. We The North

    We The NorthMåned siden

    The story is LARRY BIRD SUCKED AT HIS JOB. The end.

  68. Justiceorelse

    JusticeorelseMåned siden

    @Jay Styles For the 1,000,000th time, they weren't targeting Kawhi Leonard in the first place. There was a direct need for point guard in the 2011 NBA draft since Darren Collison wasn't producing. They agreed to trade their pick to the Spurs for George Hill and then the Spurs told the Pacers to pick Kawhi Leonard.

  69. Mash Work

    Mash WorkMåned siden

    UKSportsFan what in 98? Haha

  70. Jay Styles

    Jay StylesMåned siden

    Fareal could've been PG and kawhi in indy if his dumbass aint trade for george hill

  71. Crosby Hoffman

    Crosby HoffmanMåned siden

    Executive of the Year. Coach of the Year. Most Valuable Player. Only person in NBA history to achieve all three. As executive, Bird twice put together Eastern Conference Finals teams. Back in the JO "brawl" era, and then with PG and their back to back ECF appearances including a game 7 against a great Miami team. Larry Bird sucking at his job is a bit harsh when you factor it all. PG's fluke injury sure didn't help matters. But carry on...

  72. We The North

    We The NorthMåned siden

    UKSportsFan what does all that have to do with him giving PG a terrible supporting cast which led to him resigning

  73. ZOMBiE

    ZOMBiEMåned siden

    Tomorrow ain’t promised

  74. ZOMBiE

    ZOMBiEMåned siden

    Like who are you? Just like no one gon shut up, kid

  75. Like who are you?

    Like who are you?Måned siden

    @ZOMBiE wow because that hurts (it doesn't)

  76. ZOMBiE

    ZOMBiEMåned siden

    Like who are you? Yo momma

  77. Like who are you?

    Like who are you?Måned siden

    Shut up

  78. Checking My pito

    Checking My pitoMåned siden

    Called out because he didn’t want to play in a small market, wanted sneaker money 💰

  79. jazzmen19

    jazzmen19Måned siden

    Nah he was getting endorsements when he was in Indy

  80. LA Clippers

    LA ClippersMåned siden

    I'm actually not in gloat mode. Good win. Move on. Still a long season. My 49ers lost Sherman and Richburg. Now you know why my Clips need to load manage? To avoid stuff like this later in the season.

  81. Mickael Landry Seri

    Mickael Landry SeriMåned siden

    @Somregularguy shut up yourself

  82. Somregularguy

    SomregularguyMåned siden

    213 shut up bandwagon

  83. Andres Jorge Cabezas

    Andres Jorge CabezasMåned siden

    Ive been to a Pacers game. I like the Pacers

  84. Ikari Reese Jr

    Ikari Reese JrMåned siden

    CJ Miles took a bad shot against the Cavs and that extremely upsetted Paul George The end...

  85. HiPlainsDrifter

    HiPlainsDrifterMåned siden

    I’m a Pacers fan but not a PG hater, I still like his game. As for that incident you’re mentioning PG passed up the ball and forced CJ to take that shot, and CJ was open.

  86. M. Douglas

    M. DouglasMåned siden

    I remember that too.

  87. Dman Productions

    Dman ProductionsMåned siden

    Lol I remember that game

  88. Official Pr0digy

    Official Pr0digyMåned siden

    I have a feeling he’s talking about the front office

  89. Wait For Tommorrow

    Wait For TommorrowMåned siden

    He's talking about Larry Bird the former pacer GM

  90. IntelligentMan302

    IntelligentMan302Måned siden

    kp= kevin pritchard= gm pacers

  91. Prentis PHL

    Prentis PHLMåned siden


  92. Fernando Matthews

    Fernando MatthewsMåned siden

    Official Pr0digy yep

  93. Robert Reed

    Robert ReedMåned siden

    As a life long Pacers fan I got love for PG because he was a legit Superstar for us after Granger got hurt....

  94. Robert Reed

    Robert ReedMåned siden

    @METEOR GARDEN 2018 OFFICIAL CHANNEL Danny Granger, he was our star player right after O'Neal



    Robert Reed who’s granger?

  96. luis r

    luis rMåned siden

    The new snake of the league



    luis r dislike

  98. anthony cheesman

    anthony cheesmanMåned siden

    Playoff P got the Tea lol

  99. Hoopers Alley

    Hoopers AlleyMåned siden

    There's 7days in a week, "one day" aint one of 'em. It ain't never coming out. I'd cover this story on my channel, check it out to find out what really happened between PG and the Pacers management.

  100. Marcanthony Garcia

    Marcanthony GarciaMåned siden

    Hoopers Alley imagine promoting your own content then making two other accounts to help you

  101. joseph murry

    joseph murryMåned siden

    WOW!! Awesome channel dude, really great content!

  102. bobby tarantino

    bobby tarantinoMåned siden

    Just subscribed! great channel lad!