Petter Northug tar gull på intervallstart! VM 2013 Val Di Fiemme.

Petter Northug tar sitt første gull på intervallstart. Helt utrolig hva den mannen får til. NRK sine "highlights" fra sendingen.


  1. Håkon Anthun

    Håkon AnthunMåned siden

    For ein ski løper

  2. Mikael Gimvall

    Mikael Gimvall2 måneder siden

    kolla hans löp i davos och lathis .. de är ännu mer imponerande

  3. Миха Федоров

    Миха Федоров8 måneder siden

    Типичная поза АСМАТИКА на финише )))

  4. nkvdk nbvnvb

    nkvdk nbvnvbÅr siden

    Efter alla hans alla hans segrar skulle nog jag lägga denna högst upp. Han visar att han även kan vinna i intervall imponerande.

  5. Steffen

    SteffenÅr siden

    His biggest achievement ever!

  6. YngtchieMusic

    YngtchieMusicÅr siden

    I keep going back to this video, from the first championship where I really was aware of Northug and rooting for him. It's rare to see him win an individual race, which makes this one all the more impressive. It's 2018, and I fear we won't see this happening again, so it's wonderful to have this amazing race to look back on.

  7. Christina K

    Christina KÅr siden

    Petter Northug has won many a race! He's been outstanding! This was though a very special one. Everyone said he'd never win an individual race , he proved them wrong! I think it's kinda sad he had to do that in order to prove what a great skiier he was! He was unique and he will always be one of a kind! Yeah, I'm Norwegian, but I would've said that about any skiier! Cause he's been THAT special! We've had a few others. Like Gunde Svan, Juha Mieto, Tobias Angerer, Maurilio De Zolt, Dario Cologna, Alex Harvey ..... just to mention a few. One of my favs is Johan Olsson - not only cause he was a great skiier - but also cause he was and still is such a great person! If I ever was to make my ALL STAR relayrace team against all other nations, I'd want him + Petter Northug on that very team. Not sure about the last two. Maybe they are still active? ;) -

  8. w Sverre

    w SverreÅr siden

    YngtchieMusic u had right about that ):

  9. Christina K

    Christina K2 år siden

    Petter Northug Jr er en ener! Enough said!

  10. 64fairlane359

    64fairlane3599 måneder siden

    Jepp, mer enn enough