Please Stop Making Life Hacks

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just stop ok.
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  1. Bee A Meme

    Bee A Meme3 timer siden

    We never got the reaction to the orange popsicle video...

  2. ChristiIna Jolie

    ChristiIna Jolie7 timer siden

    Who's gonna leave warm milk out for 2 days to fix a plate? Just buy a new plate

  3. ChristiIna Jolie

    ChristiIna Jolie7 timer siden

    Hey guy welcome back to *NO!* 🙂

  4. Gronkle Vlonkle

    Gronkle Vlonkle15 timer siden

    Wedding rings and jewlery for marriages come from a way for humans to showtheir mates that they can provide for them, so that just became tradition

  5. Joe Alvarez

    Joe AlvarezDag siden

    The milk really does fix the broken china. The protein in the milk fuses it together again.

  6. Michayla Lawrence

    Michayla LawrenceDag siden

    Think of all the food wasted in these life hacks. Muh protein!

  7. Annika TØP Johnson

    Annika TØP JohnsonDag siden

    I love his shirt

  8. Amelia Phillips

    Amelia PhillipsDag siden

    How to basic wants to know your location

  9. Antonia Chiroiu

    Antonia ChiroiuDag siden

    Please Drew make the plate hack

  10. Josh Peters

    Josh Peters2 dager siden

    "That's not a life hack... that's just science" is where I lost it

  11. Addisen Jackson

    Addisen Jackson2 dager siden

    You dont even look like drew gooden oh ya and my notifications are on in truly greg

  12. Marcus Hooper

    Marcus Hooper2 dager siden

    We should be friends on Runescape! 😂

  13. natasha lim

    natasha lim2 dager siden


  14. snif snif

    snif snif2 dager siden

    Danny you don’t look like drew

  15. Hysterical Saloma

    Hysterical Saloma2 dager siden

    How did your hair just get shorter at the end

  16. Cheese Gorl

    Cheese Gorl3 dager siden

    I got a fking Kurtis ad😂😂

  17. octo pie

    octo pie3 dager siden

    Nobody for asked this

  18. Theodore Bradshaw

    Theodore Bradshaw3 dager siden

    The runescape bit made me love this channel even more HAHAHA

  19. Charlotte's Web

    Charlotte's Web3 dager siden

    I’m laughing so hard at that key

  20. Pia González

    Pia González4 dager siden

    8:37 what kind of project is this

  21. MJ Bridges

    MJ Bridges4 dager siden

    Look Drew when you have kids and they leave their shit in every room of the house, you're gonna wish you had a snow shovel

  22. Keira Britt

    Keira Britt4 dager siden

    Life hack : allergic to something? Just eat it🙂 u will die But at least u art allergic anymore 🙃

  23. Amber Ashley

    Amber Ashley4 dager siden

    Sometimes I wonder if Drew is really just that dumb

  24. Eddie Lo

    Eddie Lo4 dager siden

    R u playing runescape? Lol

  25. Thomas Bohlen

    Thomas Bohlen5 dager siden

    important question from a red/green colorblind person: what color is his computer screen? is it actually green or is it red and just says green?

  26. Thomas Bohlen

    Thomas Bohlen4 dager siden

    Mecha t h a n k y o u

  27. Mecha

    Mecha5 dager siden

    Thomas Bohlen the text is red and the background pink

  28. Maxima 4

    Maxima 45 dager siden

    Drew: but first this video is sponsored by Everyone: not raid not raid shadow legend Drew: seatgeek Everyone: YES!!!!!!!

  29. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men Productions6 dager siden

    That egg cracking thing looks awesome to me actually

  30. Aneyah

    Aneyah6 dager siden

    While the one with the diaper might not be the best one like he said 🤣🤣🤣Most ppl would just walk by it but what if someone walks by and throws it away bc they think it’s poopie diaper

  31. Nubby scrubby Boy

    Nubby scrubby Boy7 dager siden

    What the hell was that intro!?!?!?!?!?

  32. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey7 dager siden

    removing the seeds of a strawberry is a useful lifehack, it's not like you can grow them by say, pitting the whole berry into the ground XD

  33. aesvetiic

    aesvetiic7 dager siden

    8:36 light yagami did it first but ok

  34. LizardlyPursuits

    LizardlyPursuits8 dager siden

    I want that shirt ;;

  35. Nagito Komaeda

    Nagito Komaeda9 dager siden


  36. Mo

    Mo9 dager siden

    Ok, this might be stupid, but I'm wondering if the people who are red green colorblind think the computer background actually is green...

  37. Bolensgoldrush

    Bolensgoldrush11 dager siden

    The squeeze bottle, diaper, and egg planting life hack were smart.

  38. 2X French Horn

    2X French Horn11 dager siden

    Lmao “hey all. Welcome to... NO.”

  39. Stone S

    Stone S11 dager siden

    "It is an app..." Are you sure you aren't talking about Jeremy Renner?

  40. Ashley Landsberg

    Ashley Landsberg12 dager siden

    I just noticed that somehow my account was unsubscribed to this channel

  41. Jagger Paton

    Jagger Paton13 dager siden

    I love Danny’s videos

  42. kherise

    kherise14 dager siden

    I just hate how those stupid videos go so fast 🙄 I mean you just can’t ever learn anything from them

  43. Tristan Chaplin

    Tristan Chaplin15 dager siden

    I feel like Laura, Danny's wife, is very supportive of Danny's job, but Amanda, Drew's wife, is starting to hate him bc of his job

  44. Ryan Tucker

    Ryan Tucker15 dager siden

    But that's red

  45. Lima Romeo

    Lima Romeo16 dager siden

    Honestly I like life hack videos. They’re ridiculous and unnecessary but so is literally everything so I’m just gonna have fun

  46. EhCEz Games

    EhCEz Games16 dager siden

    The planting thing would of been helpful like 5500-6000 yrs ago, people new how to plant in 1000 A.D. oh btw love the vids

  47. dinosaurPolitician

    dinosaurPolitician16 dager siden

    I think the idea behind the eggshell plants was that eggshells are really good for compost. So you can just shove the plant into the pot with the eggshell after starting it inside, and it’ll get some good compost too! They don’t explain this though, so it looks really dumb. And it probably wouldn’t work anyway.

  48. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood16 dager siden

    At the end of the video what game was he playing?

  49. IIResonancEII

    IIResonancEII16 dager siden

    Perfect circle? ....It looks like SHIT! 😂

  50. Jasper Elzes

    Jasper Elzes17 dager siden

    Why did i thought his microphone was a waffle 😂😂

  51. PineappleBoi

    PineappleBoi17 dager siden

    Can we just go back to 2013 when Grant Thompson was in his prime and life hacks were actually life hacks

  52. Elijah Brackeen

    Elijah Brackeen17 dager siden

    "Hey guy, welcome back to: NO!..." Has been stuck in my head for months.

  53. Elijah Brackeen

    Elijah Brackeen17 dager siden

    @Axolotlotl is your username a Gravity Falls reference?

  54. Axolotlotl

    Axolotlotl17 dager siden

    Elijah Brackeen i just ran it back to hear that two extra times and was surprised nobody else in the comments seems to be mentioning it

  55. Akshat Mardikar

    Akshat Mardikar17 dager siden

    800 years ago🤦‍♂️

  56. Gracie Martin

    Gracie Martin18 dager siden

    The beginning killed me😂😂😂

  57. Alyssa Chandler

    Alyssa Chandler18 dager siden

    8:35 hide a death note (any other fans out there?)

  58. Nina Valentine

    Nina Valentine18 dager siden

    Omg I laughed so hard at your last skit in this. 😂😂😂😭😭😭 thank you for that. Omg! 🙏🏻

  59. dwinosam

    dwinosam18 dager siden

    Who are you trying to be in this podcast? A comedian?

  60. Angel the Merman

    Angel the Merman19 dager siden

    I'm curious as to what the game is, that you hid at the end? :0

  61. Happytexans7

    Happytexans719 dager siden

    5:08 but what if somebody who is responsible for cleaning up the beach, or a fine upstanding citizen sees that and throws it away...?

  62. Cormorant Colors

    Cormorant Colors19 dager siden

    The plate thing works with bone china!

  63. - BigBobbyBranch -

    - BigBobbyBranch -19 dager siden

    haha he's so stupid he wroet green on his compunterf but it's blue!!

  64. Katelyn Donley

    Katelyn Donley19 dager siden

    Just watched 4 minutes off ads to make up for the suffering you have gone through for this.