Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020

Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of new Pokémon information in a Pokémon Direct presentation.
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  1. J Redd7272

    J Redd72726 timer siden

    The Galarian starters’ Gigantamax forms are cool, yes, but... Dang, I’m also happy that Venusaur and Blastoise are getting Gigantamax forms as well.

  2. DarkRalts

    DarkRalts8 timer siden

    i cant help but laugh every time he says mustard

  3. Black Popeye

    Black Popeye14 timer siden

    Bet they go all put for this 🙄😒

  4. Yes

    Yes19 timer siden

    Bring back Mega Evolutions

  5. Lord Arlo

    Lord Arlo21 time siden


  6. Vansh Chaudhary

    Vansh Chaudhary23 timer siden



    MIKEY VEE23 timer siden

    I was hoping for Pokémon trebuchet

  8. Frozia

    FroziaDag siden

    This is the best thing to come out of the new games (haven't played them yet, bought it, just haven't played yet) so far. Pokemon finally getting DLC instead of a reskin with a different endgame or story path. Still, I feel bad for those at Gamefreak that really love making Pokemon games, must be tough knowing that the criticisms are growing and the company's objective to eventually break away from it.

  9. Bas Rene

    Bas ReneDag siden

    I'm so glad I looked at this out of curiosity

  10. Sayf Adham gaming and vlogs

    Sayf Adham gaming and vlogsDag siden

    diamond and peal Reeeeeeeeeeeeeemakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  11. Sayf Adham gaming and vlogs

    Sayf Adham gaming and vlogsDag siden


  12. Javier832

    Javier832Dag siden


  13. Deep Mahajan

    Deep MahajanDag siden

    The game is dead

  14. Senseei Likoso

    Senseei LikosoDag siden

    Yeah is so dead because they going to add new content ... Yup dead

  15. MegaGaming

    MegaGamingDag siden

    Cool cool cool... when’s the actual direct?

  16. Kalin Irvin

    Kalin IrvinDag siden

    Can u make mimycu less rare I want one

  17. Squirrel Girl

    Squirrel GirlDag siden

    Why does calyrex have the triforce on him and why is his head so fat

  18. Squirrel Girl

    Squirrel GirlDag siden

    *M U S T A R D*

  19. Derek Burden

    Derek BurdenDag siden

    So I have to pay them extra money to fix the game i already bought? GameFreak is a joke

  20. Cyber Soul

    Cyber SoulDag siden

    Sobble: Depressed child Drizzile: Emo teen Inteleon: ...All the other kids with the pumped up kicks...

  21. nickonpc

    nickonpcDag siden

    Maybe let people remake their characters with the dlc or just update so we can

  22. W universe

    W universeDag siden

    #bring back cyndiquill

  23. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden


  24. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    Stupid Nintendo. Release it when it comes.

  25. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    I am not exited. Rude stupid Nintendo freaks. I hate you.

  26. theone one

    theone oneDag siden

    Nintendo is reaching. The games are overpriced and now we gotta pay for the dlc as well... The dlc should be free. Honestly I’m considering jail breaking my switch and download all the games I want for free. I don’t mind paying for the games but u guys are charging way too much for an online system that compered to Sony’s PS plus is laughable plus the game itself and the dlc! What’s next? u gonn charge us for turning on the console...? Sincerely, disappointed.

  27. Foxes

    Foxes14 timer siden

    I don't think they could justify asking for less for the online, it's already pretty cheap

  28. Senseei Likoso

    Senseei LikosoDag siden

    >Switch Game. >60dlls >over priced

  29. ChipCookie11

    ChipCookie11Dag siden

    Me: Bank. I want 200 out of my bank account. Bank: Why? Me:

  30. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden


  31. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    Can Zacian and Zamazenta get Gigantamax forms?

  32. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    I am just saying people- Aw no Nintendo and Pokemon! I hate you! I need them both out the same date- actually release Crown tundra in Nov. 15, So we can release it one the day Pokemon sword and shield released.

  33. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    Don’t ban my from buying.

  34. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden


  35. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden


  36. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    Hold it Nintendo. I am sorry. You MUST release by the time you are done with the isle of armor and the crown turdra.

  37. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    I am not waiting for the Isle of armor and the Crown tundra. Change the release date to March 16, 2020.

  38. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    Nintendo. If you don’t change this, I am going to tell in the comments, to raid you guys.

  39. Cristina Williams

    Cristina WilliamsDag siden

    Um.... you should make the Sword and shield extensions come out before June because... By that time, everyone is gonna forget, ok stupid Nintendo?

  40. Tb

    TbDag siden

    In my opinion, the Mystery Dungeon series has always had a more fun and interesting atmosphere than that with the main games. The story has also been more engaging and impactful, especially in Explorers. I’m glad to see they’re remaking the Rescue Team games, hopefully we’ll see Explorers being remade afterwards!

  41. Senseei Likoso

    Senseei LikosoDag siden

    They going to remake that game too in a future of course

  42. Jeremy Higgins

    Jeremy HigginsDag siden

    Can we get a more accurate English translation of these videos? The third announcer said "Konbawa", not "Konichiwa". That's closer to "good evening", not a generic "hello".

  43. Mark l

    Mark lDag siden

    I saw 2006 and I was so excited to have diamond and pearl remakes but then I was very disappointed.

  44. NumberJ42

    NumberJ42Dag siden

    Pokemon sucks.

  45. Senseei Likoso

    Senseei LikosoDag siden

    Digimon too

  46. Shima Shimanoseki

    Shima ShimanosekiDag siden

    This BS. At very least Isle of armor should have been in main game as end game content. It was only matter of time before milking process began. What is pokemon home? So I have to buy both games and get both expansions to get full experience

  47. Wayne Krumbach

    Wayne KrumbachDag siden

    What happens in the Pokemon World, stays in the Pokemon World.

  48. Alex Allen

    Alex AllenDag siden

    i love of how they showed the Crowned Tundra with the Route 10 music one of the best route music ive heard

  49. Dad come back please

    Dad come back pleaseDag siden

    Etika would be happy I think

  50. Endo Primario

    Endo PrimarioDag siden

    who have a best direct guys this or smash?

  51. Dy-Mike

    Dy-MikeDag siden

    You already know they gonna make Diamond and Pearl remake good asf with this much of a delay

  52. Mei Loraine Dabon

    Mei Loraine DabonDag siden

    NINTENDO please please add philipines to support nintendo eshop i cant get the demos and none in the philipines cant get please i cant get the expansion pack please ill be so happy



    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:54 💖💗 👇💓

  54. F

    FDag siden


  55. Luqrative Entertainment

    Luqrative EntertainmentDag siden

    thumbs down for paid DLC

  56. Rosie The Triceratops Graf

    Rosie The Triceratops GrafDag siden

    Nothing is free in this world

  57. MrRom92DAW

    MrRom92DAWDag siden

    Urshifu? Seriously are they even trying anymore? Are they just smashing the keyboards at this point?

  58. MrRom92DAW

    MrRom92DAWDag siden

    Remember when we joked how they’d make you pay for DLC to unlock the rest of the Pokédex? Seems they took that idea and ran with it, now you have to pay for only a part of the rest of the Pokédex. Thanks for listening to fan feedback!

  59. MrRom92DAW

    MrRom92DAW10 timer siden

    Foxes whoooosh. Talk about missing the point

  60. Foxes

    Foxes14 timer siden

    You don't have to get the DLC for the other pokemon. They'll be available for trade or transfer when the expansions come out, you just won't be able to catch them in that game if you don't get the DLC

  61. TheGreyBlueColor

    TheGreyBlueColorDag siden

    I’m calling it, Regishock and Regidrake

  62. David Borcea

    David BorceaDag siden

    So glad I chose Sword over Shield

  63. Luke Zakaria

    Luke ZakariaDag siden

    Way too many legendaries

  64. Luke Zakaria

    Luke ZakariaDag siden

    @Rosie The Triceratops Graf I mean you're not wrong but, going from one extreme to the other is not exactly the best idea.

  65. Rosie The Triceratops Graf

    Rosie The Triceratops GrafDag siden

    Ryan Faure They will complain about anything they do.

  66. Ryan Faure

    Ryan FaureDag siden

    Players: Not enough legendaries 😭 Game Freak: *fixes it* Players: Too many legendaries 😭😭

  67. ImmaLittlePip

    ImmaLittlePipDag siden

    EA and Bethesda: How come your fans don't get mad at you for releasing an unfinished product and making them pay for dlc that should of been in the main game Game Freak: *shrugs*

  68. Foxes

    Foxes14 timer siden

    Guess you don't read comments

  69. Fat Yoshi

    Fat YoshiDag siden


  70. Kimani E

    Kimani EDag siden

    I just want to transfer my dusk form lycanroc

  71. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuDag siden

    fun fact: blastois will probably won't use his million canon for hydro pump

  72. Ghowoster

    GhowosterDag siden

    does anyone know what the music at 13:23 is?

  73. Pokémon master Gaming

    Pokémon master Gaming2 dager siden

    Will all legendaries be catchable!

  74. Patriota 41

    Patriota 412 dager siden

    Sub to my channel UwU (pokemon and more) My last video was EPIC

  75. A wrenchin' Gear

    A wrenchin' GearDag siden

    I don't even need to visit your channel to realize that your last video was trash.

  76. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuDag siden

    Can you please make a game card version? I can't access Eshop.

  77. Cole

    Cole2 dager siden

    Hey Gamefreak maybe each expansion you can give one z-moves and the another mage evaluation