Pokemon Emerald but every battle my team is random

Before every battle my Pokemon get randomized. This was a custom mod made by a viewer of mine, GoogleBen. As far as I'm aware this type of challenge has never been done before, but it was a ton of fun!
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  1. Smallant1

    Smallant12 måneder siden

    Creator of the patch put the download link in the discord if anyone wants it btw

  2. ballistic Blaziken

    ballistic Blaziken4 timer siden

    @mako 0631 ty

  3. Ahmed Abdulla Al Khalifa

    Ahmed Abdulla Al Khalifa3 dager siden

    I speeded it

  4. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak4 dager siden

    How do i apply a patch to a rom?

  5. eartheater2 reinerzufall

    eartheater2 reinerzufall6 dager siden

    The same challenge with pokemon fusion is amazing

  6. Vortex _yt

    Vortex _yt8 dager siden

    Just That it is 100 recomments

  7. krazy protagonist

    krazy protagonistTime siden

    My favorite pokemon is Agumon

  8. the original giratina

    the original giratina2 timer siden

    Ben is female!😓

  9. Wilmor E E

    Wilmor E E5 timer siden

    Shuppet vs poochyena made me laugh so hard 😆

  10. yowza234

    yowza23410 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1426">23:46</a> because you're basic

  11. Gabriel Darrell Xavier

    Gabriel Darrell Xavier10 timer siden

    welp we ded boysXD

  12. Shashwati Bhattacharjee Paul

    Shashwati Bhattacharjee PaulDag siden


  13. Gabe

    GabeDag siden

    Haven't checked if others have already said but you should have a counter on these vids for how many legenderys you get!

  14. Weet Dezeet

    Weet DezeetDag siden

    Smallant: Poochyena doesn't know tackle. Poochyena: A foolish miscalculation!

  15. Pistol Johnny

    Pistol JohnnyDag siden

    Love the video but PLEASE stop screaming

  16. Mr. Ko0kyKe3g4n

    Mr. Ko0kyKe3g4n2 dager siden

    I’ve gotten so use to the new games, since the colors are kinda weird in the old ones, I think that they are all shinies

  17. Tim Bourrie

    Tim Bourrie2 dager siden

    Haven’t watched the whole video yet, but I hope Sacred is a Entei at least once!

  18. Itachi D. Uchiha

    Itachi D. Uchiha2 dager siden

    could not find the link to your mod, any chance we can download it?

  19. TSS _CAMZ

    TSS _CAMZ2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1078">17:58</a>

  20. John Henderson

    John Henderson2 dager siden

    Battle #3 wasn't rayquaza....way to clickbait 😂 could put the right battle number or don't bother putting them on there.

  21. Gabriel Lockwood

    Gabriel Lockwood2 dager siden

    All of those people calling Double Team scummy/whatever else have never played Pokémon.

  22. Jtszalo

    Jtszalo2 dager siden

    I oils of just caught a bunch of magikarps XD

  23. Illuminate Xhorcist

    Illuminate Xhorcist2 dager siden

    "We have a ghost type but it is dead" isn't?

  24. christina brecio

    christina brecio2 dager siden

    Download Rom: www.mediafire.com/file/74yv04n0cihckny/emerald-party-randomizer-plus-v1.07.zip/file

  25. sans deng

    sans deng2 dager siden

    This game makes me confused when i was 3-5 and i only passed the first battle i havnt got through any battle exept the first one

  26. sans deng

    sans deng2 dager siden

    This game brings my childhood

  27. Slices Santos

    Slices Santos2 dager siden

    its like a team of detos. looks really fun. its amazing how much people have changed the pokemon games

  28. indominus _cool

    indominus _cool2 dager siden

    My IQ is 140

  29. Portal Panda

    Portal Panda3 dager siden

    the way you get all pokemon in the pokebox

  30. tethysss

    tethysss3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2271">37:51</a> shiny machoke

  31. Roge Rodis

    Roge Rodis3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1365">22:45</a> his face here tho

  32. Gabriel Lockwood

    Gabriel Lockwood3 dager siden

    If you just wanted to fill the Poké Dex, this would be the best way lol

  33. kill count

    kill count3 dager siden

    What did he use to play this game?

  34. Phantom fox

    Phantom fox4 dager siden

    Albert Einstein’s iq is 130

  35. jake kemper

    jake kemper4 dager siden

    Very boring

  36. Raven Of Death

    Raven Of Death4 dager siden

    You just have a whole team of Dittos and your showing them pictures of Pokemon lol (That was a joke)

  37. CobalionRider: Squall

    CobalionRider: Squall4 dager siden

    Feel the pain on watson. Just lost a nuzlocke run to him because he kept getting lucky with parafusion (I wasn't allowed to use items). It was especially disappointing cuz I'd caught a lucky abra early on.

  38. ToastedTaco

    ToastedTaco4 dager siden

    Why is he yelling into the microphone my fucking ears hurt

  39. ToxicElectricityCity

    ToxicElectricityCity4 dager siden

    You liek?

  40. Naraya Suiryoku

    Naraya Suiryoku4 dager siden

    The odds if you getting 3 vicegrip in a row were about 0,0000026128248% or 1 in 38 Million for comparaison the odds of getting 2 shiny in a raw are 1 in 16777216 or 0,0000059604645 %

  41. Mateo Shefford

    Mateo Shefford4 dager siden

    Do the random pkmns add to the pkdex?

  42. Xander the Upriser

    Xander the Upriser5 dager siden

    They also randomize gender

  43. M.A.B Mech Attack Brothers

    M.A.B Mech Attack Brothers5 dager siden

    You’re cool

  44. JJ's World

    JJ's World5 dager siden


  45. JJ's World

    JJ's World5 dager siden

    Him: I HAVE A GHOST TYPE BUT ITS DEAD!!! Me: Shouldn't it be dead? I mean *it is a ghost*

  46. April Gosse

    April Gosse5 dager siden

    Ben is my first name... I feel so connected with ant (btw my accounts name is just the month i was born in and then i miss spelt goose)

  47. The Master key

    The Master key5 dager siden

    Screw Roxanne and screw Whitnie

  48. Fernando Guillén Pérez

    Fernando Guillén Pérez5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="710">11:50</a> BONGZILLA!

  49. Raine Copeland

    Raine Copeland6 dager siden

    160 IQ genius commits years to pokemon...

  50. Infnite Life

    Infnite Life6 dager siden


  51. Dogeymcdogeface

    Dogeymcdogeface6 dager siden

    Anyone here from MandJTV

  52. Caleb Benjamin

    Caleb Benjamin6 dager siden

    This video is just his pokemon evolving inn weird ways after every battle

  53. Euan Thompson

    Euan Thompson6 dager siden

    So, fun fact about the misuse of IQ tests. They were originally invented to test if people in kindergarten or pre-school were prepared for school. This is why if you take multiple IQ tests you can get different numbers, even in person. It doesn't actually measure how smart you are, it measures are you prepared to start school so that if you are missing essential skills we can fix that.

  54. Anna Joy Ferrer

    Anna Joy Ferrer6 dager siden

    I like how you named Ben _Ben_ when Ben is a girl :)

  55. MattiasBlom

    MattiasBlom6 dager siden

    I watched Phineas and Ferb a few times when I was younger. Its trash lol

  56. Pejper

    Pejper6 dager siden

    you look just like jericho

  57. ArtMasterJake, Inc.

    ArtMasterJake, Inc.6 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1840">30:40</a> oh, ant. learn from mandjtv that you cannot beat a steel type with a slugma!

  58. Juan Jerez

    Juan Jerez7 dager siden

    this is so weird

  59. SpeedDev

    SpeedDev7 dager siden

    I liked for that shiny machoke

  60. Spoku

    Spoku7 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> 流石に草

  61. Massimo Del Bello

    Massimo Del Bello7 dager siden

    Camerupt uses earthquake and leader uses tackle 😂

  62. Ryan Gallagher

    Ryan Gallagher7 dager siden

    In the future, Pokemon challenges will be randomly generated.

  63. user: 4orks

    user: 4orks7 dager siden

    slugma nuts

  64. HoundoomPlays

    HoundoomPlays8 dager siden

    Does anyone know if the rom for this game would be able to be on a Samsung s7 tablet

  65. Evan Durish

    Evan Durish8 dager siden

    the reason Ben became a shiny machoke was because at the level Ben got randomized into a shiny machoke he had the correct iv's to be shiny. so if ben stayed that level, then every time ben became a machoke. he would be a shiny machoke

  66. Justin Ubele

    Justin Ubele8 dager siden

    Says “you guys are too zoomer for me” but was born in 1996 which is the beginning of Gen Z😂

  67. YEET BOI

    YEET BOI8 dager siden

    Now do a random team nuzlocke

  68. Njdaninja 2

    Njdaninja 28 dager siden

    Does every random Pokemon get added to the Pokedex?

  69. Njdaninja 2

    Njdaninja 28 dager siden

    Oh wait nvm i saw the part where u checked the Pokedex

  70. Stephen Rhoades

    Stephen Rhoades8 dager siden

    "A-G-L-E-T! Aglet! Don't forget it"

  71. Frostleaf Vlogs

    Frostleaf Vlogs8 dager siden

    Are you using an emulator?

  72. Hanh Tran

    Hanh Tran8 dager siden

    Smallant:LETs GO KING!!! Me:Looks at gender Me:oop-

  73. DareDevil

    DareDevil8 dager siden

    Do pokemon soul silver but there isn't a challenge and you play the game normally for once.

  74. John Saunders

    John Saunders9 dager siden

    Shoulda called the Mudkip "Motherfuck"...

  75. Echo Proto

    Echo Proto9 dager siden

    Imagine confusing a pokemon so much that it faints.

  76. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf9 dager siden

    Im part of the discord but I can't see where to download the rom add on

  77. Efchayd17 Efchayd17

    Efchayd17 Efchayd179 dager siden


  78. Donovan Tejada

    Donovan Tejada9 dager siden

    Your second chanel should be call bigbee2

  79. CJ Does Random Things

    CJ Does Random Things9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="978">16:18</a> Look at the live comments

  80. Ren Yuzu

    Ren Yuzu9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1172">19:32</a> Oh you asked for it :v

  81. Barbara Mackowiak

    Barbara Mackowiak10 dager siden


  82. Not Lazy Alpha

    Not Lazy Alpha10 dager siden

    Smallant1: “Oh it’s NiDoRiNo* *Cries in Nidorina*

  83. Demon Intellect

    Demon Intellect10 dager siden

    This dude says the chat is too zoomed for him, but he himself was born the very last year of being a millennial.

  84. Quentin Pestner

    Quentin Pestner10 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1378">22:58</a> a level 19 with bulk up and stab versus a level 13. That better be a one hit kill haha

  85. Wartortle Plays

    Wartortle Plays10 dager siden

    The aqua grunt battle lasted 11 minutes 😂

  86. Ritesh

    Ritesh10 dager siden

    Looooool, I loved Ant’s sassiness when Solrock was fighting Poochyena at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1007">16:47</a> 🤣🤣🤣