Premier League Goals of the Month | November 2019

All the best strikes from the past month of Premier League action. Featuring goals from Kevin De Bruyne, Jonjo Shelvey, Tammy Abraham, Jamie Vardy and more!

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  1. Samuel Ogunfowokan

    Samuel Ogunfowokan29 dager siden


  2. Jimmy Da Bob

    Jimmy Da BobMåned siden

    Son’s Solo Goal from his own half?!

  3. Andrew

    AndrewMåned siden

    These goals are for November.

  4. Sarah Fannen

    Sarah FannenMåned siden

    Jorginho ball was sensational then Abraham goal was class

  5. Mason. johnston

    Mason. johnstonMåned siden

    Ima Newcastle fan and I have to admit de bruynes was better than shelveys

  6. Joshua East

    Joshua EastMåned siden

    Shelveys on fireee 🔥

  7. Sarah Fagan

    Sarah FaganMåned siden


  8. Oblivion Sky

    Oblivion SkyMåned siden

    3:16 that got to be best goal of the season

  9. Sward - Music

    Sward - MusicMåned siden

    Shelvey Vs City

  10. John Cringle

    John CringleMåned siden

    Name of the song at 3:23

  11. Harri Roberts

    Harri RobertsMåned siden

    KDB for me, like the commentator said there’s not many players in the world, capable of that

  12. Asian Crumpet

    Asian CrumpetMåned siden

    Shelveys goal against city👌👌

  13. Third officer of the Soviet Union

    Third officer of the Soviet UnionMåned siden

    Everyone is talking about jorghino’s pass. If you watch Spanish football it happens every game.

  14. Peter Cringle

    Peter CringleMåned siden

    10,000,000 Subs with 1 video? \, this isn’t Spanish football honey


    PURE X DOYLUMMåned siden

    Shelvey wins hands down you would expect players like KDB to finish chances like that but shelvey a bang average midfielder doing stuff like that is something special

  16. Cafa Fifa

    Cafa FifaMåned siden

    Son missed out then.

  17. Cheesoid

    CheesoidMåned siden

    If anyone big scored Jonjo Shelvey's two, they'd be voted for. It's got to be Jonjo

  18. Dimmeyboy7

    Dimmeyboy7Måned siden


  19. Barry Buddon

    Barry BuddonMåned siden

    Moutinho or gtfo

  20. AG Media

    AG MediaMåned siden

    And where’s grealishs goal

  21. Peter Cringle

    Peter CringleMåned siden

    AG Media And was it in December

  22. TheNickmax75

    TheNickmax75Måned siden

    I Love lfc

  23. Greg Wolves

    Greg WolvesMåned siden

    That moutinho free kick was amazing, but de bruyne one was the best

  24. Ben Craddock

    Ben CraddockMåned siden

    I think JM just got how difficult that would have been from that distance and angle

  25. Marly Smith

    Marly SmithMåned siden

    S H E L V E Y

  26. Dean Martin

    Dean MartinMåned siden

    Wheres grealish goal? Or villas free kick against Newcastle I mean you have shown the same type of free kick we scored from the big teams instead Lol clearly sky sports dont like the bottom half of the table

  27. Duncan Zak

    Duncan ZakMåned siden

    Fabinho was the best

  28. XD Dawkins

    XD DawkinsMåned siden

    Where’s the Crystal Palace goals? :(

  29. Mr Bumalalalala

    Mr BumalalalalaMåned siden

    So Lewis dunk doesn't exist?

  30. ReubJM

    ReubJMMåned siden

    3:16 quality and 2:36

  31. Naomboi 69

    Naomboi 69Måned siden

    Fabinho scored the best

  32. Archie BAMFORTH

    Archie BAMFORTHMåned siden

    deli alli vs man u???

  33. KezmAA

    KezmAAMåned siden

    Jorginho pass was too good

  34. rspy

    rspyMåned siden

    de bruyne’s goal gave me a semi.

  35. scott Winter

    scott WinterMåned siden

    Didn't include James Ward-Prowse's free kick that went top bins and the near post. See how it is.

  36. watamellons

    watamellonsMåned siden

    Coming from a Liverpool fan ( a team that hate man City ) I think Kevin De Byrne is the best player in the world- sorry if I spelt his name wrong

  37. B

    BMåned siden

    What’s the song?

  38. Peter Cringle

    Peter CringleMåned siden

    Same I want to know

  39. Owen Jordan

    Owen JordanMåned siden

    Even though I am Newcastle fan, the best goal is definitely de bruyne’s one

  40. Ben Wood

    Ben WoodMåned siden

    Grealish v Man Utd was better then half of the goals in there

  41. Scott Davidson

    Scott DavidsonMåned siden

    I thought Tammy was offside like my comment please if you aggre

  42. John Donovan

    John DonovanMåned siden

    Not a single Rashford goal, really Sky? Football broadcasting outlets are so anti-United it's obvious. I'm not even a United fan but you cannot ignore how well Rashford is playing right now.

  43. Ben Ali Alfakhri

    Ben Ali AlfakhriMåned siden

    Debruyne. Move along...

  44. Archie Ledger

    Archie LedgerMåned siden

    Oh Tammy Tammy

  45. A K

    A KMåned siden

    The Newcastle vs Man City game was so good and that was my first ever City or Newcastle game

  46. Mac Doo

    Mac DooMåned siden

    What a pass from georginiho to abraham👏

  47. Jonty Belmont

    Jonty BelmontMåned siden

    only one winner for me. it has to be KDB against Newcastle

  48. Rombady Tom

    Rombady TomMåned siden

    Who else thinks they should re-name this to best set ups of this month

  49. callum wills

    callum willsMåned siden

    Some of them rockets are absolutely lovely 🚀 the sound the net makes is so satisfying 🥅

  50. Fortnite Games

    Fortnite GamesMåned siden

    Shelveyyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Walter White

    Walter WhiteMåned siden

    Jorginho's pass was pure filth

  52. Ewan Downie

    Ewan DownieMåned siden

    Where’s jack grealish’s goal against ma u

  53. Jamie Humphries

    Jamie HumphriesMåned siden

    where was grealish

  54. Rainzyy

    RainzyyMåned siden

    How is rashfords free kick not in that ??????

  55. Sam Philpott

    Sam PhilpottMåned siden


  56. Gu Quinn

    Gu QuinnMåned siden


  57. D R

    D RMåned siden

    Harry Wilson or Kevin De Bruyne

  58. Luke Greenynexus

    Luke GreenynexusMåned siden


  59. khalil Hussain

    khalil HussainMåned siden

    Jonjo Shelvy against Manchester City

  60. Allman

    AllmanMåned siden

    De bruyne. Chest. Bounce. Volley. Bar & in. Sweet as a nut

  61. HeLLeToR

    HeLLeToRMåned siden

    I think the goal should only be based on the shot not the play

  62. HeLLeToR

    HeLLeToRMåned siden

    Jesus scored a good solo goal against Burnley and that was a great finish not a tap in

  63. HeLLeToR

    HeLLeToRMåned siden

    @Ed oh yeh

  64. Ed

    EdMåned siden

    Not in November though 🤦‍♂️

  65. PxG ViPeRx

    PxG ViPeRxMåned siden

    Tammy abraham only scores tap ins why is that a goal of the month 😂

  66. SuttyOG

    SuttyOGMåned siden

    Abrahams bc that pass was insane Second has to be joao moutinho yes im a wolves fan but that shot on that angle is amazing