Pretending to be Your Boyfriend (with Danny Gonzalez)

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In this episode of "uhhh can you stop doing that?", I take Danny with me down a rabbit hole of boyfriend roleplay videos. It is weird, it is uncomfortable, and it is exactly what you'd expect from a Danny and Drew collab.
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  1. MadSniper Gaming

    MadSniper Gaming2 timer siden

    22 year old man: you want me to give you some kisses 15 year old girl: Cops: weewooweewooweewoo POLICE OPEN UP! 22 year old man: oh crap the cops

  2. nick clizzie

    nick clizzie2 timer siden

    Why are they all white? Haha

  3. Tina Anderson

    Tina Anderson6 timer siden

    3:58 and Tina is the fastest-replying person after seeing that segment XD

  4. Merakiem

    Merakiem17 timer siden

    the only thing asmr in that first video is how WELL i can hear him chomp that gum

  5. i dont like poptarts

    i dont like poptarts18 timer siden

    Fun tip: skip to the end of a video and hit replay, all the midrolls disappear

  6. Alexis Kelley

    Alexis Kelley20 timer siden

    This video makes me laugh every time I watch it

  7. Courtney Bridgit

    Courtney BridgitDag siden

    I'm so uncomfortable.

  8. Rainbow Rocks

    Rainbow RocksDag siden


  9. Little Raven

    Little RavenDag siden

    "It's us from the previous video being rushed to the hospital!"

  10. Comet Atmosphere

    Comet AtmosphereDag siden

    Honestly I want them to do another one of these but with the anime asmr’s lol

  11. Demi Karvouni

    Demi KarvouniDag siden

    Sooo if you've been doing chest compressions on someone for 20 minutes IF they do actually come back they'll probably have serious brain damage because the brain wouldn't have been oxygenated for a long time. Chances are that the person wouldn't just open their eyes and listen to what you had to say and everything would be fine. I know this isn't really important to the role playing but he picked such a long time for someone beeing out and its pissing me off that he didn't think to check out if what he was saying could stand.

  12. zebscy

    zebscyDag siden

    Are you guys the same person?

  13. zebscy

    zebscyDag siden

    Wrote this comment before the announcement at the end. Sorry

  14. haset

    hasetDag siden

    i literally was laughing out loud this entire video and i almost never do that 💀

  15. K Q

    K QDag siden

    this makes me so uncomfortable oh mt god

  16. Maja

    MajaDag siden

    Oh god I hate this, the whispering and loudly chewing gum, I can’t do it

  17. Bang Channielix

    Bang ChannielixDag siden

    Who's also hiding in the comments because the cringe is too much?

  18. L N

    L N2 dager siden

    Lol are they making these asmr vids cuz they can't get a real Gf? Well guess what, ya just cut your chances in half😂

  19. _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._

    _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._2 dager siden

    alright, y’all know what to do: create your script!

  20. who8myfish

    who8myfish2 dager siden

    the cringe is beyond comprehension

  21. Stefan Mostert

    Stefan Mostert2 dager siden

    Why do i want to listen to them when im sleeping

  22. Kate Street Denis

    Kate Street Denis2 dager siden


  23. pretty Princess

    pretty Princess2 dager siden


  24. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    the cup RM throws in the Run MV2 dager siden

    asmr boyfriend comforts you at your grandpas funeral

  25. Peyton Hendricks

    Peyton Hendricks2 dager siden

    What’s the name for if you’re a little stinker and a Greg? A little stinky Greg?

  26. Miriam !

    Miriam !2 dager siden

    Danny’s lips are weird.

  27. Doughnut Master

    Doughnut Master2 dager siden

    If this what a boyfriend is like I’m glad I’m gay

  28. Sadie’s Asmr

    Sadie’s Asmr2 dager siden

    I totally agree I do ASMR but this kind of ASMR is ridiculous. Roleplay is dumb.

  29. tobias wood

    tobias wood3 dager siden

    I actually watch Dennis, and he's pretty cool

  30. carly barker

    carly barker3 dager siden

    me: “i’m gay” him: “shhhhh shhh shh”

  31. Bryden Blan

    Bryden Blan3 dager siden

    Drew:Hey guy Fan: But I’m a girl Drew: *DID I STUTTER*

  32. //jacky//

    //jacky//3 dager siden

    If someone is saying „good girl“ outside of bdsm roleplay, I’m assuming the gf is a dog

  33. ii. lucid. dreams. ii

    ii. lucid. dreams. ii3 dager siden


  34. ii. lucid. dreams. ii

    ii. lucid. dreams. ii3 dager siden


  35. Kate Chen

    Kate Chen3 dager siden

    Danny actually convinced me that my parents were dicorced

  36. Jedwardo : The Wall

    Jedwardo : The Wall3 dager siden

    The fucking gum..

  37. Jette Jones

    Jette Jones3 dager siden

    Idk what this boi is doin, like bruh... why r u comfortable filmin and uploadin it

  38. Clarissa Smith

    Clarissa Smith3 dager siden

    This makes me so uncomfortable

  39. Kendrick Stunz

    Kendrick Stunz3 dager siden

    The sirens were because his girlfriend was a minor lol

  40. puddy_in_the_hall

    puddy_in_the_hall3 dager siden

    ah yes, Toronto, British Colombia

  41. _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._

    _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._3 dager siden

    puddy_in_the_hall 😂 Oh my god 🤣

  42. Fancy Introvert

    Fancy Introvert4 dager siden

    “Good girl” Me: “Uh bark bark?”

  43. _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._

    _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._3 dager siden

    Fancy Introvert Why is this the best thing I’ve heard today 😂🤣

  44. bina bek

    bina bek4 dager siden

    I like how Drew and Danny are joking about Dennis make a reference to his "jealous boyfriend" video when he actually did it in his other boyfriend roleplay lol

  45. KoteoNokan

    KoteoNokan4 dager siden

    I’ve tried to watch this video 5 times and I can never make it through the whole thing.

  46. katie _k21

    katie _k214 dager siden

    if you play all the boyfriend roleplay videos reversed at the same time you get a message from the illuminati

  47. rhea Shinde

    rhea Shinde4 dager siden

    "you hear me?" drew: yea

  48. Sara Rene

    Sara Rene4 dager siden

    Anyone else loving Danny’s arms at 6:42?

  49. Laura Calabresi

    Laura Calabresi4 dager siden

    *Concentrates intensely on not laughing to not wake anybody else up in the middle of the night*

  50. Elin Kiwi

    Elin Kiwi4 dager siden

    Only me who cringed the whole video

  51. Malaika Tariq

    Malaika Tariq4 dager siden

    i just have one question... how does this dude go to school after making this stuff 💀

  52. LaughingSadness YT

    LaughingSadness YT4 dager siden

    oh my god I had to mute the video that wasn’t Danny and Drew and it’s scary

  53. Mimi Smith

    Mimi Smith4 dager siden

    Drew sounds EXACTLY like Andrew from Big mouth... like it's scary.

  54. katherine is uwu

    katherine is uwu5 dager siden

    Ngl danny looked like he lowkey wanted to watch porn with drew

  55. Rebecca Brandmaier

    Rebecca Brandmaier5 dager siden

    you didn't even watch good stuff yet......your vagina finds your a lesbian,nun takes care of you when you have the plague and so on (a friend was so kind to send me the weirdest)

  56. _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._

    _._AlexIsAWeirdoz_._3 dager siden

    Rebecca Brandmaier that nun was amazing 😂 the best ASMR I’ve ever watched!

  57. emma nguyen

    emma nguyen5 dager siden

    Fuckinh Jesse

  58. MissDelanee

    MissDelanee5 dager siden

    Okay but I could watch Danny do that all day 😂

  59. cutebunny drawing's

    cutebunny drawing's5 dager siden

    why did i cry when danny said everyone hates me

  60. Lieke Marijnissen

    Lieke Marijnissen5 dager siden


  61. Baby Squirrel

    Baby Squirrel5 dager siden

    So where just going to ignore where Danny was

  62. bleh

    bleh6 dager siden

    **silence** **silence** **silence** I'M NOT JEALOUS- I'M NOT-

  63. SydAusi c:

    SydAusi c:6 dager siden

    The thumbnail makes them seem so disinterested and it's the best

  64. psychoDon525

    psychoDon5256 dager siden

    I just have one question Where the hell is Toronto, BC?????