PS5 isn't as powerful as Xbox Series X

The PS5 is official and...can't QUITE hang with the Xbox Series X. 😅
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Can the PS5 beat the Xbox Series X? 🤔
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  1. Raza Maan

    Raza Maan4 minutter siden

    The rich people that just buy both consoles probably dont care about which is better Lmao

  2. Psquare

    Psquare9 minutter siden

    Bit of an Xbox fan Austin?

  3. Aiden Sadler

    Aiden Sadler38 minutter siden

    Wow Microsoft just turned Xbox into a PC, I’m fine with that

  4. Michelin Man

    Michelin Man42 minutter siden

    "PS5 is better BUUUUT" - Austin Evans

  5. Michelin Man

    Michelin Man42 minutter siden

    "PS5 is better BUUUUT" - Austin Evans

  6. Carbon No6

    Carbon No62 timer siden

    Anyone that argues about which console is better in your opinion is inconsequential! If you like what you like all that matters is you’re happy with what you own. END OF STORY! Both consoles are TRASH! SOLITAIRE FOR LIFE, YO!

  7. narsi6

    narsi63 timer siden

    I dont get why people focus on Tf....the xbox one x was more powefull than ps4 or ps4 pro and actualy no one give a F about it ...because the difference is so will be the same here.....the ps5 will be like 400$ and xsx 500$ so you will get the same kind of graphics for a better price and a lot of exclusives+vr games..why choose a xsx ?...if sony wanted to make a most powerful ps5 they have done it.....(i dont even talk about ps5 pro) the price will make the difference not the slightly difference of graphics

  8. bradley holtman

    bradley holtman3 timer siden

    Dude the toaster series x is finally better lol

  9. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy4 timer siden

    Honestly, depending on the price, consoles might actually be worth getting over a pc

  10. zombiebanana

    zombiebanana5 timer siden

    The winner will be the cheaper console, normally always is.

  11. TheChosenOne HD

    TheChosenOne HD6 timer siden

    Wonder what all the ps fans will say this gen now xbox is more powerful. Probably start saying graphics dont matter 🤣🤣

  12. ImNeverExposed

    ImNeverExposed7 timer siden

    I can imagine how will u be able to clean your gaybox😂 bc of the looks of it ps5 will have more sells than Xbox in my opinion bc Xbox ALWAYS OVERPRICE the fuck out it,

  13. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy4 timer siden

    months pass and they say "throw that junk out and get the xbone x". Just like the ps4 thing, I have learned you dont HAVE to have the shiniest toy.

  14. Derin Basdan

    Derin Basdan7 timer siden

    Xbox one < Ps4 Xbox series x > Ps5 Xbox won this generation ....

  15. AngryBomby

    AngryBomby7 timer siden

    I'm going to take the ps5 cause I don't really care about the power, I mainly want the speed

  16. Derin Basdan

    Derin Basdan7 timer siden

    AngryBomby series x is faster?

  17. Masterffc

    Masterffc7 timer siden

    PS5 will win easily on exclusives alone. Buying a PC and a PS5 is the logic thing to do

  18. Darkcoreplaya

    Darkcoreplaya8 timer siden

    To Be honest,Xbox one and ps5 has inaccurate specs, Plus, You dont work for playstation or xbox.I will go to the source like the official xbox and playstaion channel

  19. SlamBolts

    SlamBolts8 timer siden

    The one with the games wins. End of story.

  20. Derin Basdan

    Derin Basdan7 timer siden

    SlamBolts exactly Xbox with halo lol

  21. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki8 timer siden

    Btw the boost is because of some games cannot support ps5 speed

  22. Theyungcity23

    Theyungcity238 timer siden

    If there is any possibility that you could be interested in a Japanese video game the ps5 is only choice between the two.

  23. Lil Turtle

    Lil Turtle8 timer siden

    Nobody: Xbox: lets make a trashcan

  24. AaronPlays

    AaronPlays6 timer siden

    Apple: first time?

  25. AaronPlays

    AaronPlays6 timer siden

    @Derin Basdan so

  26. Derin Basdan

    Derin Basdan7 timer siden

    Lil Turtle nobody: Ps:let’s make a shit budget console that’s weaker then the series x

  27. Juan Avila

    Juan Avila9 timer siden

    But do either of them have blast processing?

  28. Psykodoughboy

    Psykodoughboy9 timer siden

    Getting that Ms check

  29. mr tech

    mr tech9 timer siden

    Which one should i buy Coz m buying a console for the first time .....

  30. mr tech

    mr tech8 timer siden

    @Real Gamer i just like God of war coz I have seen its gameplay,uncharted and idk much about last of us and m not interested in Spiderman .....

  31. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer8 timer siden

    Do you want god of war last of us spiderman then ps5 Anything else xbox is just better

  32. mr tech

    mr tech9 timer siden

    Even if Xbox series x is the most powerful console, I it didn't had good exclusives , will it be worth it ? Afterall we buy consoles to play games .......

  33. mr tech

    mr tech8 timer siden

    @Riplikatln Loki yeh , but yk I respect Xbox for its design like the console itself and controllers ...... I still get confused which one to buy coz m buying a new console after so many years ( my last one was a psp) .... I get ended up with ps , just becoz of their exclusives..... And well afterall games matters the most ... Still any suggestions??

  34. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki8 timer siden

    mr tech the clock speed will help ps5 be faster than the Xbox cu so it's very close in power

  35. Jack of Blades

    Jack of Blades9 timer siden

    Don’t matter PS5 will outsell Xbox.

  36. David WhatsThatAbout

    David WhatsThatAbout10 timer siden

    Alright Microsoft you had 7 years to recover from the E3 2013 unveil that Don Mattrick single handily ruined for this console generation. DO NOT FUCK THIS UP.

  37. James Young

    James Young10 timer siden

    After this current generation's midcycle refresh, I'm completely turned off about getting either. I bought the ps4 day one and felt like a sucker for 2 reasons. 1) it wasnt till between year 1 & 2 that their was much to play. So I mainly just kept playing my ps3. 2) By the time they had a good library they said," now you NEED to buy our 1/2 step upgrade or ur a loser". I opted to be a loser. I LOVE my ps4, why should I dump it, spend more money on an upgrade and get burned 2 or 3 years later when the ps5 comes out. Since I waited this long, now I dont care about any of it. I have enough ps4 and older games to keep me busy for eternity. 2015 Dec. My dad bought me an Xbone Elite. Then less than a few months pass and they say "throw that junk out and get the xbone x". Just like the ps4 thing, I have learned you dont HAVE to have the shiniest toy.

  38. FxG Spartan

    FxG Spartan10 timer siden

    It’s not a surprise to anyone that the Xbox Series X is more powerful

  39. Big Injun

    Big Injun11 timer siden

    Ps5 is going to take the cake at launch not to say a later xbox variants wont kick ass later. Both good consoles so everybody shut the hell up.

  40. Jeremias Mendoza

    Jeremias Mendoza11 timer siden

    Everyone is arguing about the PS5 and Xbox series x And I’m just here with my Nintendo Switch and fine with how it is.

  41. EJ Pgz

    EJ Pgz12 timer siden

    Dude. You are cute. But you are a completely imbecile.

  42. Ballin 3xz

    Ballin 3xz12 timer siden

    Ps4-> series X

  43. ArmyRecruit

    ArmyRecruit12 timer siden

    Just to fix a misunderstanding here: when talking about GPUs, not everything is Teraflops. The faster clock speeds of the PS5 WILL run some games better than the high CU count on the Xbox. It all depends on how parallelizable are the tasks. I'd say it like this: the PS5 could run games with simpler effects at higher FPS, where the Xbox could make them a bit prettier or 8K, but can't spit out frames as fast. The PS4 sends a race car with frames where the Xbox sends a bus of pretty pixels.

  44. Real Gamer

    Real Gamer8 timer siden

    No it wont

  45. LonelyChickenMC

    LonelyChickenMC13 timer siden

    PlayStation players just seem so casual, that's personally what I experience, I'm more of a competitive player so I go for Xbox due to the comfortability of the controller and smoothness, but I will say that ps has really customizable controllers to fit to anyone's liking

  46. Cyten Hunter

    Cyten Hunter13 timer siden

    I ain’t here to compare consoles I’m here to compare games that’s where the consoles are at.

  47. Vaden

    Vaden14 timer siden

    I have no bias, I lean towards playstation bc of the games but I might get the x if its actually that much better. We shall see

  48. Vaden

    Vaden4 timer siden

    @Riplikatln Loki I'll check them out thanks

  49. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki8 timer siden

    I suggest watching digital foundry

  50. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki8 timer siden

    According to many people he makes multiple claims without any evidence. Microsoft even offered him early because they knew he was pro Xbox

  51. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki8 timer siden

    The clock speed Of ps5 is higher than Xbox which will make ps4 faster than Xbox cu

  52. Fusion

    Fusion14 timer siden

    I think the main thing that will effect sales of these consoles will be price. But ps5 will probs sell more as they already have more people on PS4 than Xbox one so why would people want to switch platforms when the Xbox series x is better but not by a massive amount

  53. Ethan Smith

    Ethan Smith15 timer siden

    What will FPS be on ps5 and Xbox

  54. EST rome

    EST rome16 timer siden

    Did he just say ps5 20% slower or more than Xbox. Wow that is like a lot

  55. expertbrody

    expertbrody16 timer siden

    Screw you

  56. Darren Dackly

    Darren Dackly17 timer siden

    I'll lead in by saying that i enjoy your channel. Now, I can see that you have been working out, but dude, please stop flexing at every opportunity. You look like a 14 year old boy, trying to impress a 14 year old girl. It's not just you, it seems to be a bit of trend. So to all of you you tube presenters, it doesn't make you make you look cool, just f***'n stop it.

  57. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui17 timer siden

    opinion, without offence I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say

  58. Sean Boyle

    Sean Boyle18 timer siden

    Xbox all the way bored of the playstation system as it hasn't changed much since psone lols 🤘👽

  59. Dem4eg \o/

    Dem4eg \o/18 timer siden

    Anyway, in the future, improved versions of each and consoles (like the PRO and X versions) will be released, where each of the companies will consider what to improve in each. I hope at the start of each console will work without bugs and there will be no technical problems.

  60. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui17 timer siden

    The true hurts fanboys!

  61. Peter Oravec

    Peter Oravec18 timer siden

    I don't understnd this console wars... it's just stupid... look at how games could look like on current generation of consoles (Uncharted, Last of Us). And new console will be almost 10x more powerfull so, this comparing is stupid... At the end of the day noone will care about specs but about fun and games.

  62. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki19 timer siden

    Everyone talking about ps5 and Xbox series x while I'm waiting for ps5 pro

  63. LMISB

    LMISB19 timer siden

    anybody that knows what they are talking about will tell you that the ps5 is the superior console.

  64. June Ortiz

    June Ortiz19 timer siden

    So basically everything you said xbox is better

  65. karl schmid

    karl schmid19 timer siden

    This guy obviously hasn't seen the 30TF SSD in the PS5

  66. TheDirewolf 1234

    TheDirewolf 123420 timer siden

    It doesn’t matter, PS actually makes good games.

  67. Table Top

    Table Top21 time siden

    bousss ou liki

  68. Jeremy Castro

    Jeremy Castro21 time siden

    I've been an Xbox fan for most of my life but even tho the X series looks enticing its time to move over to PC.

  69. AaronPlays

    AaronPlays6 timer siden

    Just get AMD lol

  70. Jeremiah Aguilar

    Jeremiah Aguilar21 time siden

    We all know ps4 players are better just look at mwr 😂

  71. Sonu

    Sonu23 timer siden

    The number one selling point of ps5 will be last of us part 2.

  72. Edoga8

    Edoga821 time siden

    Is that a walking dead ripoffv

  73. flairxd

    flairxd23 timer siden

    who cares, everyone knows ps5 will have better exclusives

  74. A B

    A B17 timer siden

    xbox fans always compare specs 😂

  75. O,on Caprio

    O,on CaprioDag siden

    Should we prefer PC game 😑😑

  76. htx_Kale

    htx_KaleDag siden

    I didn't understand one word, I just waited for the words; better, worse, faster, or slower

  77. Abnormal Mezzer

    Abnormal Mezzer17 timer siden

    Why are you here?

  78. Chaotic Gamer

    Chaotic GamerDag siden

    That means no more long respawns in GTA5 I can hurry back into the game

  79. darryleljunior

    darryleljuniorDag siden

    I think this new generation of console is very interesting because both companies have a very different approach compared to the couple past gen the way i see it MS is going for the big raw power build and Sony is more for the little speed machine build from what I've seen so far Xbox have done a really good job with their new machine now we'll see what Sony can bring us with their almost no loading time ssd 🤷‍♂️

  80. A. S.

    A. S.Dag siden

    The true hurts fanboys!

  81. Hated Hatred

    Hated HatredDag siden

    I think some houses will burn when these consoles come out lol

  82. N V

    N VDag siden

    So we'll expect you won't get a PS5? It doesn't really matter with the power - they're more or less on par with each other. It's a matter of optimization and game exclusivity.

  83. Sparix

    SparixDag siden

    Shut up i like playstation

  84. Sparix

    SparixDag siden

    Shut up i like playstation

  85. Desron Sebro

    Desron SebroDag siden

    Idek y they argue about witch one is better JUS PLAY THE GODDAM GAME I own a ps4 btw

  86. EmanTheMan TV

    EmanTheMan TVDag siden

    Can you make "Building the ultimate PS4 Slim"?

  87. EmanTheMan TV

    EmanTheMan TV8 timer siden

    Riplikatln Loki what do you mean biased?

  88. Riplikatln Loki

    Riplikatln Loki9 timer siden

    EmanTheMan TV he's biased

  89. Sn1per

    Sn1perDag siden

    Maybe ,but it has more exclusive games

  90. Jonathan Janah

    Jonathan JanahDag siden

    Sony fanboys 7 years ago, “its all about the power” stronger means better.

  91. mr tech

    mr tech9 timer siden

    @AaronPlays it was becoz if exclusives bud . GTA sa was an exclusive on ps2 back in time ......

  92. AaronPlays

    AaronPlays19 timer siden

    well you see no because the ps2 which was the console 7 years ago was the weakest of the generation and look at that it is still the most sold console ever

  93. iWonaMathDebate

    iWonaMathDebateDag siden

    Wanting to play the splinter cell series on series x

  94. Assassin baller

    Assassin ballerDag siden

    What the fuck is Sony doing. PlayStation has always been more powerful and better then xbox. So why the fuck are the making the PS5 less power then the Xbox. Fucking idiots

  95. T

    TDag siden

    You mad bet you have a base ps4 not even a pro lol

  96. AmbSwizag

    AmbSwizagDag siden

    Most people like the console that renders frames smoother (this is actual performance). Microsoft likes to sell their consoles based off of nothing but meaningless numbers. 12tf don't mean sht if the console can't render a consistent framerate. Sonys boost mode really exposed how terrible the xbox one frametimes really are.

  97. T

    TDag siden

    Idiot you have no idea what your talking about you really dont

  98. Leonardo Torres

    Leonardo TorresDag siden

    I can smell PC guys trying to build a PC on a console price and failing again 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️

  99. Brock Pilchowski

    Brock PilchowskiDag siden


  100. Narf Durtotem

    Narf DurtotemDag siden

    I think he is in Xbox

  101. William Dodd

    William DoddDag siden

    I’ll say this, I still have an Xbox One and it took 8 hours to download 96 GB, compared to the 1 hour 30 minutes time it took the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro to download. So yea, I’m super excited to get the new Xbox Series X.

  102. Atamaticz

    AtamaticzDag siden

    PS Kids:We got better graphics we don't even have to pay to play online..... Xbox KIds:Holy Shitt it's 10 dollars Dont even talk about graphics you 720p low life. Pc:Well Well Thats my line.

  103. BigShock Music

    BigShock MusicDag siden

    I’m personally a ps guy but the Xbox sounds a bit better L

  104. Jesus Navarrete

    Jesus NavarreteDag siden

    With exception of Halo what other exclusives is Xbox bringing. Sea of thieves 2 lmao.

  105. KingDiamondBones

    KingDiamondBonesDag siden

    Not suprising

  106. Dikshant Sharma

    Dikshant SharmaDag siden

    you are biased towards Xbox.