Quick & Simple Breakfast Recipes With Gordon Ramsay

Here are a few recipes to help make your time inside a little more enjoyable.
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  1. Baitul Atik

    Baitul Atik6 timer siden

    Panganan gak enak ae ,,,,, oalah cok , enak masakan e ibuk ku

  2. Bunny Bun

    Bunny Bun6 timer siden

    Mexicana aquí! Ese aguacate no estaba listo para comerse 😦

  3. Bob S

    Bob S7 timer siden

    I'd bet you could put whatever Chef Ramsay cooked on a flip flop and it would still taste amazing lol

  4. Jazel Reyes

    Jazel Reyes7 timer siden

    This guys style, I swear is so unique and interesting

  5. Coty Schwabe

    Coty Schwabe8 timer siden

    Didn’t know I wanted glazed apples on French toast until I saw him make it

  6. Cash _17_

    Cash _17_8 timer siden

    Imagine how fucking lucky his kids are to eat this kind of food all the time 😢❤️

  7. Rosa Rojas

    Rosa Rojas8 timer siden

    This is awesome thanks

  8. Nik C

    Nik C9 timer siden

    what's the spice he uses on the hashbrowns? i couldnt understand the word, my english is limited, sorry! and thanks!

  9. Yohan G.K.

    Yohan G.K.9 timer siden


  10. Little_Lexi

    Little_Lexi9 timer siden

    I love America

  11. Ed Farms

    Ed Farms10 timer siden

    Yup !! He is still and always will be ... a big fat douche!

  12. johnny cakes

    johnny cakes10 timer siden

    When his off the video voice recording comes on and it sounds like bear grylls tv show....lol

  13. RickACG

    RickACG10 timer siden

    His kitchen is about the size of my house

  14. Anialator

    Anialator10 timer siden

    Bruh he cooked an apple

  15. Zohar Lazo

    Zohar Lazo10 timer siden

    I feel like I’m watching Man vs. Wild kitchen edition.

  16. American patriot

    American patriot11 timer siden

    Perfection is hard to come by , but when you come across it - embrace it and maybe one day you’ll have a great American breakfast too !

  17. sgt. randomness

    sgt. randomness11 timer siden

    What is km

  18. Eliva Alas

    Eliva Alas11 timer siden

    #Gordon Ramsay#Cooking☕

  19. Minycart

    Minycart11 timer siden

    The way he breathes is like ASMR in itself lmao!!

  20. Dominic Astaroth

    Dominic Astaroth11 timer siden

    I saw this tutorial on TikTok but it didn't have the old, "Gordon Appeal"

  21. nigel diaz

    nigel diaz12 timer siden

    Lol @ eggy bread

  22. kobeanna zhong

    kobeanna zhong12 timer siden

    wish he was my dad

  23. Zem

    Zem12 timer siden

    keyan not cayenne

  24. J Smith

    J Smith12 timer siden

    Therapy session 😂😂😂👌🏾

  25. Blanton Neal

    Blanton Neal14 timer siden

    Nothing to do with this...."communist bandit" (共匪) look it up and spread. Why are they banning and censoring?

  26. JellyAce Official

    JellyAce Official14 timer siden

    "It's very mushy"

  27. Meka V

    Meka V14 timer siden

    I like to squeeze some juice from an orange & add a dash of nutmeg to my eggy bread.

  28. John Brown

    John Brown14 timer siden

    😐 M- man i hate food change my mind

  29. Scarletwolf

    Scarletwolf14 timer siden

    I want some yagurt now

  30. hashir muhammed

    hashir muhammed14 timer siden

    He made me eat at 3 midnight

  31. Samuel Sepulveda

    Samuel Sepulveda14 timer siden

    Is it just me, or he look's like he's always hurry

  32. Aiden Pearce

    Aiden Pearce15 timer siden

    But who has the time or tyme to make these

  33. patricia urbina

    patricia urbina15 timer siden

    Shut up shut up! You had me at avocado! 😍

  34. Taha TTK

    Taha TTK16 timer siden

    first of all, I use just salt and pepper for the eggs in the french toast. secondly, I do let the toasts rest on a paper towels after getting it off the pan, so it can absorb some oil from it before plating the french toast. sweet french toast is not a good breakfast, full of calories.

  35. Sam Lola

    Sam Lola16 timer siden

    French toast n extra sweet apples?? Ohk.

  36. Saitama Geo

    Saitama Geo17 timer siden

    I like how he still gets excited when it comes out like he wanted it. I been a sou-chef for years and a lot can go wrong in the kitchen and it can ruin everything even ones attitude.

  37. aj

    aj17 timer siden

    This is disgusting. Protein and fat on protein and fat on carbs and fat. This would be a good breakfast if you hit the gym regularly. But let’s be real. None of you fat fucks work out. This type of food is why you are fat trash America

  38. Brandon Butz

    Brandon Butz17 timer siden

    Love food

  39. 𝘴𝘪𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘢

    𝘴𝘪𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘢17 timer siden

    why does he speak like a book narrator

  40. Naz Zan

    Naz Zan17 timer siden

    I can spend 50 years of luck down with you GR.... yummy 😋

  41. Sonnet Sajib

    Sonnet Sajib17 timer siden

    Thanks for upload

  42. Lea blue

    Lea blue17 timer siden

    America approves

  43. Selma Jasim

    Selma Jasim18 timer siden

    "Gordon making it look so easy" Me: well this is easy🤔😃 1o mInutTes LatTeR I burnt down my whole house down 👁️👄👁️

  44. prisca muthoni

    prisca muthoni18 timer siden

    Hi wow this is amazing, can I make a request please, maybe we can get the" recipe ingredients "on the screen as he explains please.

  45. jzizzles

    jzizzles18 timer siden

    Dudes British, but all he makes are French, Italian, Spanish, American dishes. lmfao

  46. Jezreel Laruan

    Jezreel Laruan19 timer siden

    I'm hungry

  47. Benzu Karki

    Benzu Karki19 timer siden

    you are inspiration ! love from nepal ❤

  48. santiago ardila

    santiago ardila20 timer siden

    Gordon: eggy bread Me: I think you meant French toast Gordon holding up the British flag: did I fuking stutter?

  49. Tam Shari

    Tam Shari20 timer siden

    Want some of that egg breakfast....yummy

  50. Louiss Gloria

    Louiss Gloria20 timer siden

    That looks delicious not gonna lie, but as an asian im gonna add rice and make that as my side dish.

  51. GN EX

    GN EX20 timer siden

    You call that food?

  52. Michael Carrano

    Michael Carrano21 time siden

    Your cooking sucks

  53. San Diago

    San Diago21 time siden

    That kitchen is awesome. Perfect. Better not let my wife see this video

  54. 1 Of The Undying

    1 Of The Undying21 time siden

    I don't like runny eggs and my stomach needs eggs in general fully cooked, so I usually have to go with scrambled. Would scrambled work for the hash brown bake at the beginning?

  55. Google Account

    Google Account21 time siden

    Looks like sh1t on a plate 😂

  56. Light

    Light21 time siden

    I only have 2 eggs and its attached

  57. dejot66

    dejot6621 time siden

    mi jak stara odjebała śniadanie rano w niedziele to co teraz prezentuje Ramzej to jest słabe, raczej dla Kaczora albo Ryżego z Brukselki. moja stara zasługuje na 4 gwiazdki Miszelę :-P pozdrawiam.

  58. kiranmajji1620

    kiranmajji162021 time siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a>----------RIP ..people hearing with high volume on earphones like me

  59. Brandon Aparicio

    Brandon Aparicio22 timer siden

    Look bad not gonna lie.

  60. Ashir Bansal

    Ashir Bansal22 timer siden

    Gordon Ramsey: has eaten and cooked the best and most expensive of foods Gordon Ramsey: still loves and appreciates the basics

  61. Piotr Kłosowski

    Piotr Kłosowski20 timer siden

    Most of the chefs love easy food, after 15hours of cooking fancy food the last thing you want to do is cook more at home.

  62. Henry Lee

    Henry Lee22 timer siden

    What is that brown powder thing he added before putting on the frying pan? KM?

  63. C O M F Y A E S T H E T I C S

    C O M F Y A E S T H E T I C S22 timer siden

    I’d never be picky if I was his child.

  64. Mint Leaf

    Mint Leaf22 timer siden

    I know it's his accent but, "Yuh-gert"

  65. hydara24

    hydara2422 timer siden

    My local store hashbrowns do not look like that

  66. SoggyToast 351

    SoggyToast 35122 timer siden

    They all look different

  67. Hamoo Blanu

    Hamoo Blanu22 timer siden

    Mmm.. fuck yeah. Drizzle that sause..

  68. Tasha Tooshla

    Tasha Tooshla23 timer siden

    Eggy bread = French toast 😂💀

  69. Moriss

    Moriss23 timer siden

    Круто да,Гордон Рамсай приготовил гигантский драник,омлет с колбаской,хлопья с йогуртом(питьевым кстати,который можно купить в магазине напротив) и ежевикой,которую хрен достанешь,яблочный пирог на минимаоках с french toast(который eggy bread) и лимонный хлеб с авокадо.

  70. Natan T

    Natan T23 timer siden

    7.0 that’s a couple cups of teaspoons mhm

  71. Trixie Michelle

    Trixie Michelle23 timer siden

    HAHAHAHAHAHA bat nasa recommendations ko to bigla? Hahahaha kakapanuod to kay Ivana e. Lakas maka Gordon Ramsay. 😆

  72. miko foin

    miko foin23 timer siden

    In Asian, A great meals are not complete without RICE.

  73. Slimblue 0791

    Slimblue 079123 timer siden

    I made your stewed apple eggy bread today. It was really nice and simple to make. Thanks chef

  74. miko foin

    miko foin23 timer siden

    them they don’t need to be as dry. Not sure 🤔

  75. Noobaaaz V

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    Mmmmmhh Fucking delicious

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> what is the music name plz ;-;

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    Why did I get ad on how to cook burgers before this

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    My mouth started watering during this

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    I'm making this this weekend.

  80. Prinz Zsar

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    American breakfast is so boring

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    They look.... (smells it)..... expensive

  82. Yianni Kothroulas

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  83. Funda Dönmez

    Funda DönmezDag siden

    Potato version of Turkish dessert kunafah

  84. Ethan Meyer

    Ethan MeyerDag siden

    Hey Gordon Eggy Bread is called French toast in America.