r/Choosingbeggars "I WIll Buy Your New Mac Book Pro for $0"

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r/Choosingbeggars Ever wonder how choosing beggars try to buy new computers? Well, its pretty simple, really. Basically they just demand a ridiculously low price and then cuss the seller out when they inevitably refuse. Capitalism in action! If you like this video, subscribe for more funny Reddit content!
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Dane Baker

    Dane Baker12 timer siden

    I know that tattoo artists do a lot of hard work for a lot of hours on a tattoo but $220 per hour? holy CRAP

  2. EmpireTV(Dragon)

    EmpireTV(Dragon)13 timer siden

    They really like to say hello

  3. RetroRespect

    RetroRespect14 timer siden

    Disappointment in humanity is at a it’s peek rn

  4. Dylan's Drawings

    Dylan's Drawings19 timer siden

    Thanks for using different voices for EP and OP I am studying while listening lolol.

  5. JeffTheWinner

    JeffTheWinner19 timer siden

    Why are their kids always a factor!?!?!

  6. Me Flea

    Me Flea20 timer siden

    "you have a bad vibe" bruh get vibe checked bruh.

  7. Robin Schouten

    Robin Schouten21 time siden

    I dont understand that all these idiots want those redicilous airpods.

  8. BLU Khedekar

    BLU KhedekarDag siden

    Cant you even like this comment for free lol

  9. OctoCoochi 69

    OctoCoochi 69Dag siden

    You should check out r/ IDOworkherelady

  10. Annamarie Riggien

    Annamarie RiggienDag siden

    10:48 That doesn't mean 500 USD. The 'R' is used in south Africa as their currency 'rand'. so the tip would actually be 25 USD due to the rand being worth near nothing compared to the USD

  11. Derp Derp

    Derp DerpDag siden

    when i was in first grade, i had this teacher who was sexist and descriminative towards me, (i was smort, only kid who knew how planets work and are made). she had this system where if you were good for a whole week, you would go upstairs and party on friday, flip the green card to yellow, and you failed, red, phone home. the teacher pretended to be nice to me on orientation when around my mom and was like a vulture watching a dying body, she would watch me color in my pictures, do my math and eat my 10:00 snack, keep in mind she was a middle school math teacher now teaching kindergarden and first grade. this teach once asked my friend (still) to close the door ten seconds before we went to lunch, my finger was in the crack and got crushed. i started crying as any 6 year old would if one of their fingers was turned to pulp (not really) and she told me to shut up and be quiet. he also scolded me when i colored a dolphin grey, instead of blue. she then accepted it saying "well i guess a dolphin is blue when underwater, and grey on land..." ok boomer. (remember i WAS smart). remember that system i explained earlier, well when i finally got to go up stairs and party, (because there was no dirt on me to the subatomic level), i found out it was LIT! so 6 year old me decided to lie the whole year about my behavior, she never sent e-mails about a child's behavior unless the flipped past red which happened to my friend alot, so my mom every friday would ask if i flipped a card and i would say "nope" every time, i feel bad now because my mom gave me $25 for being good a whole month. this teacher also made me flip cards for the dumbest reasons like being in the bathroom for too long (2 minutes), or destroying a lego creation I build without HER permition i aussume parents complained about her because we didn't see her next year see you in hell miss h. you bruh

  12. tenhirankei

    tenhirankeiDag siden

    @17:45 It isn't their fault the payment hasn't shown in your account. It's probably just a technical error. Like they sent $0.00 as payment and it didn't show as processed.

  13. Elanory

    ElanoryDag siden

    This story with the artist sounded awkwardly familiar! I've read the reddit post where the wife messaged the artist and it's even so much worse! Definetely check it out

  14. Elanory

    ElanoryDag siden

    Found the link 😊 www.reddit.com/r/ChoosingBeggars/comments/ep4wht/update_friends_husband_does_not_want_to_pay_me/?

  15. 后辈

    后辈Dag siden

    Tbh there's plenty of audio equipment at the same or lower price than apple products that are just as good and even better quality and that applies to all of their product lines, when it comes to apple, you're paying to lock yourself into their ecosystem and using their newest products as accessories as status symbol then throwing it, selling off or stowing it away when it becomes ''outdated and useless''.

  16. Exo Skeleton

    Exo Skeleton2 dager siden

    08:41 WTH a single mom I am just confusion

  17. DragonballArtz

    DragonballArtz2 dager siden

    This be people I go to school with

  18. Eddy Hawley

    Eddy Hawley2 dager siden

    Quick someone play the Soviet anthem

  19. Rya 31

    Rya 312 dager siden

    I kinda did this to some people on fivver. I wanted something complicated built in 3d form, and quickly realized my $50 wasn't going to cut it. Luckily, one designer brought his like $250 price tag down to $90, probably at reduced quality and extended deadline, but still pretty generous.

  20. J watkins

    J watkins2 dager siden

    Single moms at it again, if you can't feed them, don't breed them ffs

  21. Konoyaro Gaming

    Konoyaro Gaming2 dager siden

    Personally I would send 20x10 pixel pictures to them. Not even of their wedding but someone else's entirely.

  22. Stripedbottom

    Stripedbottom3 dager siden

    I will never for the life of me understand this logic. "I can get it cheaper elsewhere", "Someone I know can do it cheaper and faster than you", "Someone I know can do it better than you" Then WHY THE HELL are you wasting your time, and mine?

  23. TRIPPY

    TRIPPY3 dager siden

    When a man asked me to draw for free Me : Ok, I do it for free and since its free, I am free to draw whatever I like and I will put Zero Efforts since its free. I think I will draw a stickman. The dude : *Blocks me*

  24. Theo Brits

    Theo Brits3 dager siden

    R500 is about $30

  25. Paige Boggs

    Paige Boggs3 dager siden

    Rslash my friend lives with choosing beggars/ entitled people how does she send you her stories?!

  26. Elite#360

    Elite#3603 dager siden

    Dont you normally blur profanity

  27. Not a bizarre Guy

    Not a bizarre Guy3 dager siden

    I have a r/choosing beggars experience So I was playing this Roblox game called project JoJo (people who loves Jojo and plays Roblox probably know this game) This game has abilities and can be trade So the beggar is a dude that wants to trade an ability I want (Rumble) I want to trade with him GER and made in heaven but he said no He want my star Platinum over heaven that I think was too much for Rumble GER and made in heaven is allready too much for Rumble I want Rumble but it was pretty decent ability and GER and Made in heaven is high tier ability When I say I don't wanna trade my SPOH with his Rumble he says "WHY? I JUST WANT SPOH IS IT TOO MUCH?" I say yes and he keeps attacking me He was weak but he is still annoying I was helping my friend finding so it's a problem he keeps killing my friend I was fed up with him and I say I will trade him When he sent me trade I say SIKE then leave I am sure he is very mad And then I buy a VIP server and help my friend there

  28. Butter Boi

    Butter Boi3 dager siden

    3:33 to 3:42 that person is so stupid their making them talk the idiot....

  29. Jared G.

    Jared G.3 dager siden

    The entitlement makes me gag

  30. Autumn Queen Mangle Wild

    Autumn Queen Mangle Wild3 dager siden

    The first CB was so hippy or something, I'm not judging but it sounds like he's either crazy or trying to use OPs religion or something against him. "The universe is punishing you for being greedy" and "You have a bad vibe" sounds strange, considering OP is litterally his wife's best friend apparently

  31. SonOfDad

    SonOfDad3 dager siden

    The voices you do are great. Can you do some voices for my NO-gos channel? It will be great exposure for you, I have almost 5 followers. Please?

  32. abdullah ahmad

    abdullah ahmad4 dager siden


  33. Sammy Lawrence

    Sammy Lawrence4 dager siden

    The text with "You're my wife's best friend you should do it for free.I'm spending close to 5,000 in" the screen gliched there is it rslash's fault or my screen's fault.

  34. somethingsomethingDarkSide

    somethingsomethingDarkSide4 dager siden

    Reusing content? Ugh.

  35. Pikachumbo

    Pikachumbo4 dager siden

    Seller:what are you talking about Buyer:Y E S

  36. Chocolover5652

    Chocolover56524 dager siden

    I’m a pharmacy tech... you won’t believe the amount of choosing beggars in this field.... their plan pays 90 percent of their medication. Yet they still argue with me about why they have to pay 1.50, they never paid before, I never pay. My medicine is fully covered. Every single time.... 🙄

  37. CME Gordy

    CME Gordy4 dager siden

    rSlash I do not have a reddit account or know anything really about it but I have a story you can use. Many years ago my father was the manger of a pizza joint in santa fe texas which people in the area know very well. So onto the story My father was just working and they got a phone call as they do and he picks up the phone to a karen whom had earlier ordered a double cheese and double pepperoni pizza. She says "can I speak to the manager?" he goes "I am the manager how can I help you?" (karen) "Yes I ordered this pizza and it's really greasy; like their is a puddle of grease on it." (manager) "yeah what about it?" (karen) "That's not healthy now is it?" (manager) " No it's pizza." (karen rage mode) (yelling jibberish) (manger) (hangs up). Not the best story but still kinda funny to see the idiocy in these people because she was going to try to get a free pizza by claiming it was unhealthy seriously how dumb can a person be is what I would say but I have listened too a bunch of your videos and have heard worse.

  38. TheBarrelracer00

    TheBarrelracer004 dager siden

    Have y’all seen this?? It works! ref.surveyjunkies.co/lilygirl00

  39. Franoshka Telemaque

    Franoshka Telemaque4 dager siden

    Watch the kids ??? 🤣

  40. Autumn

    Autumn5 dager siden

    Artist exposure = gallery spots. Not some crap-pastes’ living room where no one will see it.

  41. Cinnamon Sun

    Cinnamon Sun5 dager siden

    8:08 you’ll never take me Alive Coppers!

  42. Michael Mcdowell

    Michael Mcdowell5 dager siden

    I would have kept the deposit for labor and deleted that shit

  43. Scott Hurr

    Scott Hurr5 dager siden

    OMG... I'm an independent artist so I've had so many of those messages. Usually on Facebook. The Laptop story reminded me of something. I have some Fantastic friends who hand down their electronic equipment whenever they upgrade. Really sweet people but they get some Serious choosing beggars. People getting upset and whining because they're not Actually getting given the latest tech, demanding they upgrade sooner, or literal begging. They Get Nothing. But my laptop died recently and I cannot afford to replace it. 3 of them offered me their old ones And tech support. Greatest People Ever. Unless you're a choosing beggar. ;)

  44. Rey Draco

    Rey Draco5 dager siden

    Wow, that mom with the tattoo cover-up. Uh, if you are a single mom, that's the last thing you should be worried about spending money on. Sounds like my sister with cigarettes, shopping, and getting her nails done. Plus, you always want to be nice to a person who is putting something permanent on your body. One wrong move and you could go from having a really nice tattoo, to having a terrible tattoo or worse. An offensive one.

  45. charles farber

    charles farber5 dager siden

    Hey just to let you know lol stands for laugh out loud

  46. Jane Berghaus

    Jane Berghaus5 dager siden

    Stop using that immature voice. It detracts from the content, which is already entertaining.

  47. FettMan Gaming

    FettMan Gaming5 dager siden

    just make your vids age restricted, that way you can just swear my dude lol

  48. Crossuu San

    Crossuu San5 dager siden

    1st one is kinda like r/entitledparents

  49. Jammy The demon

    Jammy The demon5 dager siden

    i’m beginning to sense a pattern here

  50. GRBTutorials

    GRBTutorials5 dager siden

    Whenever someone says“but my *insert friend or relative* can do it cheaper” after asking you, you instantly can dismiss them as a beggar. If your relative/friend is so good, why don’t you ask him before me?

  51. Core Dream Studios

    Core Dream Studios5 dager siden

    Beggers need to be slapped upside the damn head. Nothing is FREE 9/10 ths of the time.

  52. KingCobrai

    KingCobrai5 dager siden

    Yeah I told my sister I wanted to see her in bed, but she wanted 20 dollars?! What happened to family discounts?

  53. Critter Whisperer

    Critter Whisperer5 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣I saw the MacBook Pro thumbnail. I had to click it. Getting the new one myself. Expensive though ooof

  54. Jessi Williams

    Jessi Williams5 dager siden

    Just wanted to say there is a girl on TikTok begging David Dobrik for a new car. Her name is ellaboyett. In her videos she sounds just like a choosingbegger. vm.tiktok.com/XEf7WL/

  55. J K

    J K6 dager siden

    Omg the way you kept saying Helloooo was cracking me up

  56. Bighappy

    Bighappy6 dager siden

    I hate it when people say, but you're rich you can afford it!!! No i budget my money for the things i need and save for the things i want. That's all part of my budget. I also take very good care of the things i currently have to keep them looking as new for as long as possible. But i am in no way rich. You want rich? Go talk to bill gates..

  57. M H

    M H6 dager siden

    This is one of the better posts. I really appreciate these because it not only shows me that I'm not the only one dealing with absurd people, but that it could always be worse.

  58. darkPegasista

    darkPegasista6 dager siden

    Kinda disappointed that you didn't read the groom in a heavy German accent

  59. RoséTriedCopyingBom'sVocalsButFailed so bad

    RoséTriedCopyingBom'sVocalsButFailed so bad6 dager siden

    ok but the voiceover is annoying me

  60. devilcorn gaming1234

    devilcorn gaming12346 dager siden

    One time I encountered a choosing beggar when I was selling something that costed 150$ only pickup Choosing beggars: can you do 100$ with delivery included Me:no

  61. TammTamz

    TammTamz6 dager siden

    I’m calling BS on the first one. That sounds staged AF