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  1. Jas & Kai

    Jas & Kai11 dager siden

    who's out here waiting for the your mother merch to drop?

  2. naywashere

    naywashere18 timer siden

    No morgzs mother

  3. Jas & Kai

    Jas & Kai2 dager siden

    @Noah Kennard your mum's a legend

  4. Noah Kennard

    Noah Kennard2 dager siden

    WillNE is beastttttt my mother actually likes him

  5. Niamh O'Connor

    Niamh O'Connor5 timer siden

    Will mate this is brill

  6. Louise Richardson

    Louise Richardson10 timer siden

    What's the really whiney one called? The one with the fragile masculinity?

  7. Buttstank McGoo

    Buttstank McGoo10 timer siden

    Just should have gone to an ABC store. You fucking howlies

  8. Sophie

    Sophie12 timer siden

    still absolutely love this video

  9. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj17 timer siden

    Everyone saying they'd rather be KSI's mom wasn't factoring being boned by KSI's dad...

  10. XxxpoisonouspandaxxX

    XxxpoisonouspandaxxX17 timer siden

    Was totally expecting wills stunt to be ramping (falling) straight of the twisting roads

  11. Merlijn van de Pol

    Merlijn van de Pol17 timer siden

    i am class to enter

  12. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maaj17 timer siden


  13. Pure Genius

    Pure Genius18 timer siden

    Hi guys check out my NO-gos channel

  14. MaGiC_GoAtY

    MaGiC_GoAtY19 timer siden

    Rip Yung chip

  15. Mikey Stevens

    Mikey StevensDag siden

    “There’s a place called Long’s Drugs” “Harry’s gone the wrong way” Lmao I was dying

  16. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerDag siden

    I’d honestly catch terminal illness rather than marrying Simon any day of the week

  17. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyDag siden

    At the beginning you sounded like JackSucksAtLife

  18. Alexis Witt

    Alexis WittDag siden

    why isn't anyone talking about how cute it was when will was meowing back to the cat

  19. Sean Mcmahon

    Sean McmahonDag siden

    Will lad fancy giving me shoutout mate

  20. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihyDag siden

    Where is this year on the internet 2019

  21. Matt Pipe

    Matt PipeDag siden

    That ending was a great touch 😂

  22. Edgex

    EdgexDag siden

    Oh Yeah Im going to hawaii today mate

  23. Koshu Msp

    Koshu MspDag siden

    *brits go to visit the americans*

  24. Hettie Challinor

    Hettie ChallinorDag siden

    Will, your now a fucking celebrity at my school 👍

  25. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddyDag siden

    At the beginning you sounded like JackSucksAtLife

  26. Ali Al-Shameri

    Ali Al-ShameriDag siden

    Hi Will I was looking at your morgz mum videos and checked her channel she has over took you in subs

  27. Mckenzie Kirtley

    Mckenzie KirtleyDag siden

    In me english homework i added big jill to my work and i told my wnglish teacher that she spits on kids hahha

  28. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddyDag siden

    Pause at 3:37

  29. Abby Lewis

    Abby LewisDag siden

    "some fancy blue chicken" is a peacock

  30. Noah Kennard

    Noah KennardDag siden


  31. Fortnite Weekly

    Fortnite WeeklyDag siden

    Will doesn’t care about the others slap w2s in the title stonks

  32. realkamau27

    realkamau272 dager siden

    The VAR edit was sick

  33. Fezza HDD

    Fezza HDD2 dager siden

    2:32 lol fuckin meown

  34. Andron Coote

    Andron Coote2 dager siden

    19:13 Sees a peacock nobody: WillNE: "A fancy chicken's ass"

  35. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy2 dager siden


  36. Christian Olim

    Christian Olim2 dager siden

    Love that outro, best ever hands down 😂

  37. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddy2 dager siden

    They have the same sponsorship, talia i might say. Lol. Miniminter is fuming 😂

  38. Vane Cryptic

    Vane Cryptic2 dager siden

    Any youtuber: puts there design on merch Willne: puts your mother on a tracksuit

  39. Vane Cryptic

    Vane Cryptic2 dager siden

    Where is this year on the internet 2019

  40. Ryan O'Hara

    Ryan O'Hara2 dager siden

    U forgot the shitty blue and red lines on the var

  41. Oscar Webb

    Oscar Webb2 dager siden

    So what is i put in code Will5000

  42. Jack Picton

    Jack Picton2 dager siden

    Legit a beast of vid

  43. VapoR _HUM4N

    VapoR _HUM4N2 dager siden

    Great vid man

  44. VapoR _HUM4N

    VapoR _HUM4N2 dager siden

    Pause at 3:37

  45. SEN Exalted

    SEN Exalted2 dager siden

    At the beginning you sounded like JackSucksAtLife

  46. Armaan Farooq

    Armaan Farooq2 dager siden


  47. Crusher Bro

    Crusher Bro2 dager siden


  48. Fionnan Brady

    Fionnan Brady2 dager siden

    Best video u have ever made pls make more

  49. Fionnan Brady

    Fionnan Brady2 dager siden

    This like top gear 😂🤣