Rafa Benitez reveals the instant fixes needed at Arsenal | Monday Night Football

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Jamie Carragher gives his thoughts on Arsenal's disappointing season, before Rafa Benitez reveals the steps he'd taken to change the club's fortunes if he were to hypothetically become the new Gunners manager.
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  1. ash unknown

    ash unknownMåned siden

    Rafa,ynwa,legend I never forget 2005 Rafa started LFC wining UCL n now kloop . thanks to Rafa he put LFC in map

  2. Derek Cliffe

    Derek CliffeMåned siden

    Board want to annoy the aftv crowd, so they hire arteta

  3. Thomas11eleven TM

    Thomas11eleven TMMåned siden

    Rafa benitez : Defending masterclass

  4. Tottenham Fan

    Tottenham FanMåned siden

    I always thought Rafa was a good egg

  5. DeBow Investments

    DeBow InvestmentsMåned siden

    I just don't get why Luiz hasn't been played in midfield more often. It's obvious going up the pitch is his stronger point

  6. ham and cheese

    ham and cheeseMåned siden

    Someone bought Luiz about 7 months ago hahahaha. Enjoy the EVERTON legend Arteta... COYS

  7. The Multi Hobby Man

    The Multi Hobby ManMåned siden

    Rafa was the man that I wanted for the job

  8. Odhran Cleary

    Odhran ClearyMåned siden


  9. Maxim Krämer

    Maxim KrämerMåned siden

    The squad of arsenal did not look much better than the 10th place in EPL. So without finding right talented players you can't go any further. It's not going to be solved with a new trainer. The Management of arsenal is much more in charge of the actual misery.

  10. Tunggul Aditya

    Tunggul AdityaMåned siden

    Welcome Arteta😖

  11. Captain Macbeth

    Captain MacbethMåned siden

    Arsenal had the best transfer market apparently 🤔

  12. K B87

    K B87Måned siden

    David Luiz would be excellent in midfield for arsenal as a holding centre with a runner to his left / right. He can intercept and pass. He isn't a centre back.

  13. Tee Eazy 10

    Tee Eazy 10Måned siden

    Was Jamie Carragher that good?

  14. RedManBird Gaming

    RedManBird GamingMåned siden

    Whos watching after arteta is manager

  15. Oliver Gomez

    Oliver GomezMåned siden

    Klopp, Mourinho, Guardiola, and Rafa, all in the same league. That would be amazing. As a Liverpool fan, it'd break my heart, but a man of Rafa's quality MUST be managing a big club. Arsenal is a big club that's fallen on hard times. Rafa is the man to turn their fortunes around. YNWA

  16. gary oconnor

    gary oconnorMåned siden

    Rafa is a quality manager. He would have improved arsenal without doubt.

  17. Levi Athan

    Levi AthanMåned siden

    Guys. You guys at arsenal should buy szoboszlai dominik. Hes young but a true hungarian star right now.

  18. EunByuL

    EunByuLMåned siden

    1:36 Not the last Arsenal game!

  19. Gunner Boy

    Gunner BoyMåned siden

    With the exception of selling Alonso & signing one or two absolute turkeys (Josemi & Kromkamp, remember them.....me neither!), you have to say Benitez is a fantastic manager & a brilliant tactician. His analysis of football is second to none. I’d welcome him at Arsenal all day long! That Newcastle team, on paper, had absolutely no right to stay up in the Premiership last season. I was saying they were a goner (and so were many others) before the season started. However, they were comfortably away from the relegation zone & it was all down to Benitez. All that talk of Guardiola & Klopp being the best managers last season, Benitez’s achievement definitely outweighed theirs. Imagine what he could have done had Ashley supported him? Benitez spent virtually nothing there!

  20. zhimbo limbo18.

    zhimbo limbo18.Måned siden

    I jst dropped by to write off. Thank you Rafa for 2005 Istanbul when we won it 5 times 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. The Kop remembers! YNWA

  21. Rmmm

    RmmmMåned siden

    rafa looks like kashoggi

  22. Amirul Hamzah

    Amirul HamzahMåned siden

    why do people think Kolasinac was worth 25m and all that kind of stuff when they don't realise he came on a free 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  23. Amirul Hamzah

    Amirul HamzahMåned siden

    @anakkucings they're freebies 😂

  24. anakkucings

    anakkucingsMåned siden

    yeah like lichsteiner and andres santos. how dare these people criticize our transfers.

  25. John Jones

    John JonesMåned siden

    Dont need to be a manager to know what arsenal need, everyone has said what they need for years now

  26. International Dj BigDaddy

    International Dj BigDaddyMåned siden

    I prefer Benitez than any other person

  27. 11 11

    11 11Måned siden

    relegate the whole club lol

  28. Remixed

    RemixedMåned siden

    Turned of the moment Jamie Carragher came up, annoying face and voice.

  29. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel GutierrezMåned siden

    Assenal needs pep

  30. Written Mirror

    Written MirrorMåned siden

    Rafa said Lord I see what you have done for others and now I want the same 😂🤣😂 Sign him up!!!

  31. John P.

    John P.Måned siden

    Lol, says the same guy who bombed as a Real Madrid manager with some of the best players in the world.

  32. Houdifa Taboun

    Houdifa TabounMåned siden

    was given like 3 months at real! and real is all about the players, if the hierachy like you they play, if you challenge any of them they turn the whole team against you! rafa is a legend! 2 time champion with valencia, won the champs league with players like baros and traorer and biscan against maldini, nesta and kaka! won the europa league with chelsea when they hated him and he came in late! community shield, FA cup, super cups, club world cups etc etc! how can you even hate on the man

  33. Gaitan

    GaitanMåned siden

    Yeah, give him the Job.

  34. Halcyon UK

    Halcyon UKMåned siden

    Rafa is my number 1 choice. He'll sort the defense out. Priority # 1. He did wonders at Newcastle

  35. Michael Farojoye

    Michael FarojoyeMåned siden

    Benitez is best man for the job: -Speaks fluent English. -Has conquered europe and local leagues -He is an excellent tactician and player manager. -Has a reputable knowledge of English style of football. -He sets up his team to press press and attack with massive defensive capabilities. -He wont cost a fortune. SIGN HIM NOW ARSENAL BOARD!!

  36. array s

    array sMåned siden

    Hed fit in with Boring Boring Arsenal chant.

  37. kgpgotenks

    kgpgotenksMåned siden

    He has a 20m buyout clause from what I've heard.

  38. Mandeep Panesar

    Mandeep PanesarMåned siden

    The man is a sage

  39. LHS views

    LHS viewsMåned siden

    Kolasinac is a good player he isn't a bad player

  40. Radim Tichý

    Radim TichýMåned siden

    yeah well, Luiz is trash and yesterday vs City: Kolasinac was horrible, at least he could have tried to put his head into the first goal shot by De Bruyne, while you can see he reacted otherwise, like he was afraid, he instinctively dodged the ball, just like an amateur standing in the goal facing a shot a bit too hard. Then again, 2nd goal, he could have anticipated and intercepted the pass from De Bruyne to Sterling, but he was like drunk. Pepe was better. But even during Emery times, no-one questioned Arsenal's ability to attack, but rather not to concede. From a Liverpool fan.

  41. Orhun20

    Orhun20Måned siden

    Buy MERIH DEMIRAL (Juventus) & CAGLAR SOYUNCU (Leicester city) and never worry about defence ever again. Those two guys can be the back bone of Arsenal defence.

  42. Jay Jay

    Jay JayMåned siden

    Wenger out

  43. Artist Myuzik

    Artist MyuzikMåned siden

    he will be The next Arsenal coach, no doubt

  44. jas c

    jas cMåned siden

    Rafa stfu u tool

  45. Chevon Keller

    Chevon KellerMåned siden

    Rafa been looking this age since 2004

  46. nazeem zaakie

    nazeem zaakieMåned siden

    No better man to safe arsenal the Mr Rafael Benitez

  47. homerussimpson25

    homerussimpson25Måned siden

    Says Jamie Carragher, who never won a single thing in his life. Why are so many pundits ex crap players?

  48. Justin Doherty

    Justin DohertyMåned siden

    it’s so sad and stupid how nobody realizes that we just need to change the formation we did much better last season with the 5-3-2 then we switched to 4-2-3-1 and it’s not working for us

  49. Reduney Conceição

    Reduney ConceiçãoMåned siden

    laurent blanc or Patrick Vieira are the coachs for arsenal rafa is a loser and doesnt know how to play good football

  50. TilZen

    TilZenMåned siden

    This idiot could not win the league with Liverpool with Torres and Gerrard and Xavi. He is a good manager not a great manager. The champions league and Fa Cup flatter his reputation but the only reason Liverpool Won those 2 trophies was Gerrard. If he is that good then what the hell is he doing in China. He got fired from Real Madrid in 6 months. And then this moron goes on tv and says, “it was too much pressure “ what a bitch.

  51. Josh Bennett

    Josh BennettMåned siden

    You just wanna sign a contract and show your philosophy in person aswell???

  52. DrHankVenture

    DrHankVentureMåned siden

    So a week on, Kolasinac is looking pretty good. Pepe has looked great too. Luiz can get sold for a new washer/dryer combo and some yerba mate for Torreira.

  53. taamy z

    taamy zMåned siden

    Yeah arsenal stay short! 😂😂😂🎊

  54. 84n70

    84n70Måned siden

    Noobs. They dont get it at all. Problem is that Ozil and Xhaka in the centre of team. Both useless, lazy, not able to pass propertly, not able to win 1on1, not sprinting ever, they make team slow and lazy, thats the problem. Arsenal have just lack of movement. Other players are ok, not great, but ok.

  55. Juha Nieminen

    Juha NieminenMåned siden

    RAFAEL BENITEZ Valencia 🦇 (2001/2004) Season 2001/02 In his first season at Valencia CF he won La Liga conceding fewest goals (10 less than Barcelona who conceded 2nd fewest). They lost in the first round in Copa Del Rey. In the UEFA cup they reached quartel finals before losing to Inter. Season 2002/03 Valencia finished 5th in La Liga conceding 35 goals (least) Season 2003/04 In his 3rd season at Valencia he won La Liga conceding easily the fewest goals( 2nd place Barcelona conceded 12 more) and scoring 2nd most. They also won the UEFA cup. Quarter finals in CDR but lost to Real Madrid (who reached the final) Season 2004/05 Valencia won the Super cup but finished 7th (due to 16 draws) conceding 39 goals 3rd least. In the Champions league they got early exit in the group stage after 3 losses. And in the UEFA cup they lost to Steua in the round of 32 despite winning 2-0 in the first leg. After that season Benitez went to Liverpool FC. Liverpool (2004/2010)🔴🔴 Season 2004/05 In his first season Rafa Benitez finished 5th with Liverpool. They lost to Burnley in FA cup and to Chelsea in League cup final after extra time. In the Champions league they finished 2nd in their group and went on to win the tournament. Season 2005/06 In the PL Liverpool finished 3rd conceding 2nd least. In the Champions league they were unbeaten and won their group but lost to Benfica in the round of 16. In the League cup they lost to Crystal Palace in the third round. They won the FA cup and UEFA cup but lost the club world cup final to Sao Paulo. Season 2006/07 Liverpool finished 3rd conceding 2nd least. In the CL they won their group and went to the final but lost to Milan 2-1. In the FA cup they lost to Arsenal in the third round and in League cup 3-6 to Arsenal in the fifth round. Season 2007/08 Liverpool finished 4th in PL conceding 2nd least. In the CL they lost to Chelsea in semi-finals. In the Champions league they won 8-0 which was the biggest ever win in the competition. Season 2008/09 Liverpool finished 2nd scoring the most and conceding 2nd least and losing the least games in PL. In League cup they lost to Tottenham in fourth round. In the CL they finished first and were unbeaten in their group. In the quarter finals they lost to Chelsea (Finalists that season). Season 2009/10 Liverpool finished 7th conceding 35 goals 2009/10 they conceded 3rd least. In the Champions league they finishef 3rd and got to Europa League were in the Semifinal they won against Atletico De Madrid( winners that season) but due to away goals went out. Inter ⚫🔵2010/2011 season After a difficult start to the season Benitez got sacked in december 2010 losing 7 games and drawing 6 in 25 games. He still managed to win Supercoppa Italiana and Fifa Club world cup. Chelsea 🔵2012/13 He became Manager until the end of the season in 21st of november 2012 and managed Chelsea to 3rd in PL and won the Europa league. Napoli 🔵2013/2015 In his first season at SSC Napoli (2013/14) he finished 3rd in Serie A scoring 2nd most goals. In CL his Napoli side finished 3rd after 2 losses (there were Dortmund and Arsenal in the same group and the 2 losses came against these teams). In the Europa league the lost 2-3 on aggregate to Porto in round of 16. He won coppa Italia. Season 2014/15 In his second (and last) season at Napoli he finished 5th in Serie A scoring 2nd most. In Coppa Italia he lost to Lazio in semifinals 2-1 on aggregate. Napoli also lost to Athletic Bilbao in champions league playoffs and after that they got to Ruropa league where they won their group. They got all the eay to semifinals but lost to Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 2-1 on aggregate. He won the Supercoppa. Real Madrid CF⚪⚪ 2015 to 2016 At Real Madrid CF Benitez won 17 games out of 25 but after 2-2 draw vs Valencia CF he got sacked. Real Madrid went on to win the first of 3 concecutive Champions leagues that season. Newcastle United FC ⚫⚪ 2015 to 2019 He replaced Steve McClaren 11 march 2016 but with only 9 games remaining couldn't save them for relegation. Season 2016/17 In his first full season he won the Championship scoring most and conceding fewest and got Newcastle United back to Premier league. He's team scored 100 goals in 53 games overrall in that season. Season 2017/18 First season after getting promoted Newcastle finished respectable 10th position. Notable results: 1-1 draw vs Liverpool 3-0 win vs Chelsea and 2-1 win vs Arsenal. Season 2018/19 Newcastle finished 13th. Notable result:2-1 win against Champions Manchester City FC . Rafael Benitez left Newcastle to Dalian Yifan in 2019 after bad relationship with owner Mike Ashley.

  56. Lloyd Gittens

    Lloyd GittensMåned siden

    Benitez always took over already successful sides. He never built anything from scratch. Even at liverpool the team was not his.

  57. Christy Dolan

    Christy DolanMåned siden

    No thanks

  58. Greko- grb0204

    Greko- grb0204Måned siden

    Yes Mr Benitez, please give us your phone number at the Arsenal secretary desk and we will call you back regarding the job!

  59. heyhey heyhey

    heyhey heyheyMåned siden

    I think he would be good at Arsenal

  60. Odus Aiguobs

    Odus AiguobsMåned siden

    Is Rafa Benitez wanting to be Arsenal new Coach ??? 🤔🤔🤔

  61. Dany Osuna

    Dany OsunaMåned siden

    I do not want Rafa at Arsenal, he is too pragmatic for my own taste His spell at newcastle was some of the most boring football I have ever seen

  62. Edward Farolan

    Edward FarolanMåned siden

    Guus Hiddink for Arsenal !!!

  63. Ali Edebali

    Ali EdebaliMåned siden

    They need two solid central defenders along with a left back and a couple solid midfielders

  64. Atthapon Danamornchai

    Atthapon DanamornchaiMåned siden

    Carragher is using the word "Compact" now.

  65. nungiceman

    nungicemanMåned siden

    Benitez wouldn't be a bad signing for Arsenal but I still wish Freddie would get our team back on track and keep the job.

  66. Falkaawe Ismail

    Falkaawe IsmailMåned siden

    Jamie carragher saying David Luiz is bad defender. Capital cup, FA cup, Europe league, premier league and champions league winner. This guy was left footed both legs. And today he's sitting there with massive mouth.