"Rashford's evolution is frightening!" | Ashley Young previews the Manchester derby

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Ashley Young previews the Manchester derby where he discusses Marcus Rashford's frightening evolution and Solskjaer's steely side.
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  1. Mathias

    Mathias16 dager siden

    Who’s here after the links to inter Milan?

  2. davio

    davio16 dager siden

    Damn it inter Milan..

  3. Theodor Voss

    Theodor VossMåned siden

    United also had a tactical advantage in the derby. Manchester City, because of their defensive injuries, have been consistently conceding big chances (fewer chances but of higher percentage value relative to last season) on the break, which is pretty much the only thing the current United squad is equipped to do; to hurt teams 'on the break'. This was also evident after the game versus Wolves, where City lost to a team solely made for counter-attacking plays (e.g. Adama Traoré).

  4. S11001 1001

    S11001 1001Måned siden

    Young guaranteed a 15 to 20 goal return each season. Gives the fans stability at the end of the day.

  5. Robi Black

    Robi BlackMåned siden

    I want see ashley play as winger again.

  6. Mad Ting

    Mad TingMåned siden

    Why can't the highlights be in 50fps, but this can?

  7. Gang Way

    Gang WayMåned siden

    Interviewer: young you just ran over a kid Young: It’s a Manchester derby

  8. The Communist

    The CommunistMåned siden

    Why is everyone obssessed with Rashford? I mean, There are better players in the premier league but they often underrated why? Take Jamie Vardy for example, the guy is a goal machine but...no media talks about him. You even hear some comparing Rashford with Messi ! Pathetic overratings!

  9. A JP

    A JPMåned siden


  10. King James

    King JamesMåned siden

    Rashford is overated not talent wise but performance the man was a meme 3 weeks ago

  11. Žiga Berce

    Žiga BerceMåned siden

    Legend! Ash!

  12. Yeana Yeana

    Yeana YeanaMåned siden

    They win two in a row and start talking like this ahahaha

  13. Mark Williams

    Mark WilliamsMåned siden

    And we won ! Well done lads , who's next !

  14. flawless093

    flawless093Måned siden

    I don't mind Youngy yes he's a limited football but at least he's very hard working and always play with passion and absolutely loved united he deserves more respect

  15. Henna Ali

    Henna AliMåned siden

    He looks like he’s mid 20s young still young😍



    Is this the man u captain? 😂😂😂😂 holy crap! This guy a lost soul! No offence

  17. vipul netam

    vipul netamMåned siden

    he should have been played in winger only......could have been more effective.....

  18. Abdul Mannan Bashir

    Abdul Mannan BashirMåned siden

    We are UNITED 🙌🏾

  19. kyaw kyaw

    kyaw kyawMåned siden

    No one wants to pay for the club

  20. Jim 83

    Jim 83Måned siden

    All those so call United “supporters” who slated Rashford for months have suddenly changed their tunes 😂

  21. Uncle Doobius

    Uncle DoobiusMåned siden

    I've heard everyone in United say 'consistency'. I haven't heard them admit they need better passing in midfield to unlock low blocks.

  22. Jonathan Thompson

    Jonathan ThompsonMåned siden

    I just can't like the guy 😔

  23. I.P. Knightley

    I.P. KnightleyMåned siden

    are they playing Derby tomorrow?

  24. Mark Laurie

    Mark LaurieMåned siden

    What an eloquent man.

  25. Umar Chowdhury

    Umar ChowdhuryMåned siden

    the interviewer speaks at a *_rapid_* pace

  26. Michael Palfreman

    Michael PalfremanMåned siden

    Stop knocking rashford

  27. Tommy D

    Tommy DMåned siden

    Ashley "ahhm" Young

  28. Jimmy white

    Jimmy whiteMåned siden

    What a scumbag c**t he is

  29. Pragyan Karkee

    Pragyan KarkeeMåned siden

    8:46 they are coming back 😊

  30. Delano Dilivio

    Delano DilivioMåned siden

    Ashley I don't age Young

  31. Lj G*

    Lj G*Måned siden

    People hating on Rashford are the same people who celebrate when he scores for England 😤 smh

  32. khabib mcgregor

    khabib mcgregorMåned siden

    damn, blacks don't crack is real

  33. ChimeraGaming

    ChimeraGamingMåned siden

    Love how he never mentioned rashfords evolution

  34. i Galaxy

    i GalaxyMåned siden

    Mugger: Give me all your money young or you dead Young: But it's a Manchester derby

  35. i Galaxy

    i GalaxyMåned siden

    Police: Young you've just been caught mugging an old woman Youngy: It's a Manchester derby

  36. Hi im k2

    Hi im k2Måned siden

    its Manchester Derby , i have spoken

  37. Mali Marehan

    Mali MarehanMåned siden

    whats Nick cannon doing! playing the derby aha

  38. Murphy moe

    Murphy moeMåned siden

    Rash evo. is frightening but I never saw a team that wakes up all together with coach and all..Wish we can keep this up although we have 7 injured. The key is to make sure we sign players we never replaced at least like Lukaku Herrera and see what we are going to do with Sanchez

  39. TheAbsoGuy

    TheAbsoGuyMåned siden

    Manchester is red

  40. Point Blank

    Point BlankMåned siden


  41. Kasonde Mubanga

    Kasonde MubangaMåned siden


  42. Keanu Marco

    Keanu MarcoMåned siden

    Ashley.... uuuhhhmmmm.....Young

  43. stomper 99

    stomper 99Måned siden

    Who come here after we beat ‘shitty’?😅

  44. Shaun Cross

    Shaun CrossMåned siden

    At taking penalties maybe yes, but so would any other premier league footballer. 8 penalties already this season🤦‍♂️ big nose, waste of space nobody!

  45. Isleofskye

    IsleofskyeMåned siden

    " Young himself, like his older brother, favoured Arsenal. His hero and "role model on and off the pitch" was Ian Wright. I totally understand Ian being a Role Model on the pitch but OFF the pitch ? EIGHT KIDS BY 5 DIFFERENT WOMEN ??? Ashley MUST have a Jamaican background. OK Ian didn't match Bob Marley with 13 kids or Gregory Isaacs with 12 ( none of those 12 kids with his wife) but still give Ian time....

  46. Muizz Khan

    Muizz KhanMåned siden

    Who else wants young out of the club

  47. Jim Danger

    Jim DangerMåned siden

    Please retire

  48. Luul Abdullahi

    Luul AbdullahiMåned siden

    Who is here after we won the derby

  49. Kenawak Bayisa

    Kenawak BayisaMåned siden

    Ashley deserves a testimonial when he leaves.

  50. chinnychinchin89

    chinnychinchin89Måned siden

    Young was quite good when we first got him from Villa. He has served the club well. Beyond goals and assists he has played a number of positions and filled in and worn the armband. He has been overplayed at times given his age so sometimes he has had stinkers but he's been a brilliant professional and advocate for the club. He's not a legend but he will be known as a great club servant.

  51. Jim 83

    Jim 83Måned siden

    He would have to sign another contract first

  52. Mr BIG

    Mr BIGMåned siden

    Bart Allen you havent been watching football long huh

  53. John smith

    John smithMåned siden

    100% f**k the haters

  54. zharchandra

    zharchandraMåned siden

    @Bart Allen plastic fans

  55. Prasanna Royyuru

    Prasanna RoyyuruMåned siden

    Geez, let the 'Manchester Derby' phrase go. First time he said it was around 1.45 in a 10 minute video. It's not really all that bad as you guys make it to be

  56. Thrust Master

    Thrust MasterMåned siden

    People are going crazy over rashford and united now 😂😂😂 give it a few weeks...

  57. Barry Alomgir

    Barry AlomgirMåned siden

    Umm count 😂😂

  58. Andrew Wright

    Andrew WrightMåned siden

    I hope Leeds get promoted. That’s a fixture I’ve missed!

  59. Chris Varley

    Chris VarleyMåned siden

    Andrew Wright yeh me two mate can wait mate

  60. MC DANE • 4 years ago and

    MC DANE • 4 years ago andMåned siden

    Best left back I premiour leauge

  61. wharsmetoothpicson

    wharsmetoothpicsonMåned siden

    Young might get a lot of abuse for his ability but no one can ever question his commitment. He's played as a right winger, a left winger then converted to play left back and right back. He's been willing to do whatever has been asked of him and has never complained. I think he deserves a lot of credit for the way he's gone about his Utd career.

  62. Jonathan Thompson

    Jonathan ThompsonMåned siden

    Committed to do anything for a paycheck 🙄

  63. saad ghafoor

    saad ghafoorMåned siden

    What a great servant young has been over the years FairPlay

  64. Harvster Flex

    Harvster FlexMåned siden

    Rashford has been playing In the premier league for a long time, I don’t see how he can progress much more

  65. TheDevilWearsPrada

    TheDevilWearsPradaMåned siden

    Are you off your head pal? 😮 this isnt Fifa SMH! Kids gonna get better n better game by game well thats usually the natural order of football and the progression of young players. GGMU 😈

  66. tawanda mwase

    tawanda mwaseMåned siden

    grow & get older maybe?

  67. Brian Whitehead

    Brian WhiteheadMåned siden

    Yeah I’m back like I said the best young player in premier by a mile what yo all saying now muppets

  68. Alex Mulugeta

    Alex MulugetaMåned siden

    Everyone knows english media overhype english players. When was the last time England won something yeah 1966 let that sink in.

  69. Lien Parry

    Lien ParryMåned siden

    Young "Ummmmm"

  70. Isak Cuskic

    Isak CuskicMåned siden

    my left back, big game player Ashley young