Reacting to THE HELIUM SONG Reactions with Miniminter! (KSI, Crypt & More!)

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  1. Rock girl

    Rock girl9 timer siden

    You know Randolph is over the top when he bops his head to the beat on a song he made, why you still bopping your head, you've heard so many times lmao

  2. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty2 dager siden

    Crypt: I just wish it wasn’t on helium becau... Randolph: WHY!!!

  3. mr Camilio

    mr Camilio2 dager siden

    Like to see and song where they use xenon Nostradamus of helium

  4. Rock girl

    Rock girl9 timer siden

    simon and randolph be like we are on helium Me: so helium is a new sort of drugs

  5. priyanshu dhawan

    priyanshu dhawan2 dager siden

    Simon rap > ksi rap Vibe is different

  6. Raku

    Raku2 dager siden

    Make a Minecraft parody lol

  7. Faceless

    Faceless3 dager siden

    Honestly just give Simon more lines, also sulphur hexafluoride song?????

  8. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou3 dager siden

    Simon is too underrated His part was sick af

  9. Sam Dilworth

    Sam Dilworth3 dager siden

    Randolphs voice is for sure a Broadcasters voice for Formula 1 or Club Radio.

  10. musty's world

    musty's world3 dager siden

    yess this wasn’t click bait they did react to ksiii

  11. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou3 dager siden

    To funny

  12. George Clarke

    George Clarke3 dager siden


  13. ben dover

    ben dover3 dager siden

    Surprised they didn't watch talias one



    You should do a sulfur hexaflouride video

  15. davisis davisis

    davisis davisis3 dager siden

    randolph boosts himself way too much he is good but buzzes to much like he’s like the best

  16. Luke Trukki

    Luke Trukki4 dager siden

    The reason y we say mini minter wrong sometimes is because the English language there is different ways to say different words lik red and read

  17. 3z

    3z4 dager siden

    Why couldn’t they put talia’s reaction to it

  18. Jaimi Mack

    Jaimi Mack4 dager siden

    Fortnite lol

  19. MatchdayFootball

    MatchdayFootball4 dager siden

    Miniminter the new eminen

  20. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon4 dager siden

    Simon: "I get so gassed I see him (JJ) get gassed" 🥺🥺🥺

  21. Nixs Army

    Nixs Army4 dager siden

    simon and randolph be like we are on helium Me: so helium is a new sort of drugs

  22. ツ2Trix

    ツ2Trix4 dager siden

    Uploaded on my birthday

  23. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon4 dager siden

    37:28 who is behind simon?

  24. Paul Sidhu

    Paul Sidhu4 dager siden

    No one can change my opinion. Both these guys can’t rap at all

  25. Zezo 2007

    Zezo 20074 dager siden

    Do a Pokémon song

  26. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 dager siden

    that might hate on him trying to hard might like that style. Maybe.

  27. Ayaan Saddique

    Ayaan Saddique5 dager siden

    jj: why’s their balloons Simon and Randolph: because it’s a helium song Simons bar: balloons everywhere and I don’t know why

  28. Amaan Syed

    Amaan Syed5 dager siden

    To funny

  29. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo5 dager siden

    Randolph is sick and cool

  30. Nexhati Sylejmani

    Nexhati Sylejmani5 dager siden

    Dooo plsss a remix with some one pls

  31. courtney laprade

    courtney laprade5 dager siden

    simen low key got bars

  32. Rafael Tawfik

    Rafael Tawfik5 dager siden

    track on fifa

  33. Joshua Van Deren

    Joshua Van Deren5 dager siden

    I don't know why, but I feel like Simon or Randolph will beef with KSI in the future 🤔

  34. Gabriel Guthua

    Gabriel Guthua5 dager siden

    Make track about making fun of KSI

  35. youz boner

    youz boner5 dager siden

    Boxing and rapping is the youtube trend

  36. Connor Simons

    Connor Simons5 dager siden

    Why is it that whenever an American does something in a video that they watch they just assume that every American is like that

  37. Erik Huisman

    Erik Huisman5 dager siden

    We need a return of the FIFA tracks

  38. Andrej Bojarinov

    Andrej Bojarinov5 dager siden

    Why is Randolph’s head a square/rectangle in the thumbnail? 😂🤣😂

  39. Rajib Ahmed

    Rajib Ahmed5 dager siden

    lol he always pauses it

  40. Loy4L Fan

    Loy4L Fan5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2248">37:28</a> who is behind simon?

  41. Eddie Dove

    Eddie Dove5 dager siden

    Ask harry on what you should get on for next song I’m sure he can hook you up

  42. Aidan Brennan

    Aidan Brennan5 dager siden

    Rap like scooby doo

  43. joshua hickman

    joshua hickman5 dager siden

    A minecraft track that’s obvious

  44. Sami Achouche

    Sami Achouche5 dager siden

    They got so frustrated when Crypt didn't get the helium part of the song but its called the helium song😂😂😂

  45. Z Bus

    Z Bus6 dager siden

    Randolph is sick and cool

  46. Frederik Eriksen

    Frederik Eriksen6 dager siden

    Miniminter really underrate himself as a Singer/rapper. He’s really good. And ofcause Randolph is amazing as well

  47. Reliz

    Reliz6 dager siden

    honestly I feel like simon should care less about what the people think.. He's creative af and can make whatever he wants and he can start making serious songs if he wants!! there might be people who hate on in but there's also gonna be people who love it!

  48. Thomas

    Thomas6 dager siden

    Imagine someone reacting to the reaction of the reactions of the song

  49. Gloobur

    Gloobur6 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="753">12:33</a> what is that behind simon

  50. Musa Abiade

    Musa Abiade6 dager siden

    Everything is on hella lockdown

  51. Marko Philly

    Marko Philly6 dager siden

    Sulfur Hexafluoride Song ?? Deeper voice next ?

  52. ManLikeEmz

    ManLikeEmz6 dager siden

    I feel like Randolph is the fattest KSI bumlick

  53. Mohammed Rafiq

    Mohammed Rafiq6 dager siden

    Make a warzone song

  54. Oli Inch

    Oli Inch6 dager siden

    Can you realise the same song but without the helium

  55. Evan Howells

    Evan Howells6 dager siden

    Anyone else notice the advert on jj's video was for hair regrowth😂

  56. Mzungumfupi yt

    Mzungumfupi yt6 dager siden

    Maybe you guys can do a song in the future on sulfur hexafluoride, it's the opposite of helium. I think it would sound sick!

  57. Waste Disposal Unit

    Waste Disposal Unit6 dager siden

    Simon ft lil dicky

  58. Codi Leigh

    Codi Leigh6 dager siden

    It does sound good high

  59. Waste Disposal Unit

    Waste Disposal Unit6 dager siden

    Usually people are joined by, not joined with randy

  60. Amelie Stopps

    Amelie Stopps6 dager siden

    You should feature jj on your next song

  61. itsEevee

    itsEevee6 dager siden

    omg i wonder why they did the helium song on helium... weird

  62. Olé Hancock

    Olé Hancock6 dager siden

    Sound like d block

  63. sameer Sheikh

    sameer Sheikh6 dager siden

    Simon shouldnt care about their opinion if he raps Let him do his thing if hes good at it and he'll probably go somehwere

  64. -Winder-

    -Winder-6 dager siden

    I can’t listen to the song normally now because I watched it on x2 now it just doesn’t sound right

  65. LK32

    LK326 dager siden

    It’s not a good concept if you have to explain it constantly, and just adding helium isn’t a concept it’s a gimmick. Either just rap or don’t bother man

  66. jed loveday

    jed loveday6 dager siden

    I think it a shit song my view each to there own

  67. Alfie HD

    Alfie HD6 dager siden

    Better than all of jj’s songs. 😂😂

  68. Littlest Hobo

    Littlest Hobo6 dager siden

    Its class watching Simon's face when they get to his part.. he is so gassed, like a kid at Christmas lol. I really liked the song btw.. i assumed it was going to be a bit jokier and cringier than it was... but nope! it actually bangs and i LOVE the hook. Similar to luxs Christmas song, that surprised me too, but this is more a proper song though ... i see a comment below about doing a theme for your podcast.. you should both definitely do that and clip a bit of it for your intro and outro

  69. 0xAlfiex0

    0xAlfiex06 dager siden

    Everybody like this comment to see Simon to do it seriously !!!!

  70. Kanashi Senpaii

    Kanashi Senpaii6 dager siden

    Randolph talking alone would probably make it a 30 minute vid

  71. THB NeckBeard

    THB NeckBeard6 dager siden

    Instead of helium you need to do the gas that lowers your voice. Its the only thing that would compliment this lol

  72. OJBABY

    OJBABY6 dager siden

    So is nobody going to talk about Simon being dressed as Naruto?

  73. Max Evans

    Max Evans6 dager siden

    Why are crypt and Randolph the same person

  74. Sam Brant

    Sam Brant6 dager siden

    They use KSI instead of other youtubers for click bait lol

  75. Adam Field

    Adam Field6 dager siden

    Jokes how their first song together is better than any of KSI’s songs 😂😂😂😂

  76. a b y s s

    a b y s s6 dager siden

    When JJ's reaction has more views then the actual song. Cmon guys go stream the song!!!

  77. Filbertnut

    Filbertnut6 dager siden

    Gulag song

  78. Thicc_Drey

    Thicc_Drey6 dager siden

    I though Randolph is Crypt

  79. Monika Heller

    Monika Heller6 dager siden

    Atleast give the links to everyones channel in the description ._. Feel like your giving no credit

  80. Paul Schmeltz

    Paul Schmeltz6 dager siden

    get a warzone song and make vik spit

  81. tyler morgan

    tyler morgan6 dager siden

    Make a song to the war zone beat

  82. Josh Pollock

    Josh Pollock6 dager siden

    Just do a song based on poo 😁👍

  83. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue6 dager siden

    that must of felt so good for Simon when his best mate whose a top ten artist rates his flow

  84. TooPro47

    TooPro476 dager siden

    I fuck with you guys but this song ain’t it