Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Trick shots all day everyday!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectÅr siden

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  2. Nathan Warrington

    Nathan Warrington4 dager siden

    The one were Coby throws the paper in the shredder

  3. AleDolphy

    AleDolphy4 dager siden

    How many tries do u guys make to do that!! Amazing🤩

  4. Callee McAdory

    Callee McAdory23 dager siden

    paper shreder

  5. Your daily fan

    Your daily fan24 dager siden


  6. MEZGIN Brimo

    MEZGIN Brimo2 timer siden


  7. MEZGIN Brimo

    MEZGIN Brimo2 timer siden

    Guys seriously. How many times? did they did these shots until they did it. This video is fake and everyone can do the same by practicing many times.

  8. rodrigo ceballos

    rodrigo ceballos3 timer siden


  9. Dias Gurovich

    Dias Gurovich3 timer siden

    dude perfect, your my favorite youtubers! i have been watching since pickup bastkeball stareotyps

  10. Abdulaziz Abdujabborov

    Abdulaziz Abdujabborov4 timer siden

    I think that it is photoshop

  11. Big Uzzi

    Big Uzzi5 timer siden

    I like that dirk jersey

  12. Pro Gaming

    Pro Gaming5 timer siden

    This is the first dude perfect I ever watched

  13. Pro Gaming

    Pro Gaming5 timer siden

    This is the first dude perfect I ever watched

  14. mrSquirrel

    mrSquirrel6 timer siden

    Rip anxiety

  15. cayden clark

    cayden clark6 timer siden


  16. Loleyman45

    Loleyman457 timer siden

    I think they have telekinesis and they reverse the video

  17. sreyneath van

    sreyneath van7 timer siden


  18. DIL3MMA B

    DIL3MMA B7 timer siden

    help me grow, leave a like! thanks look my profile

  19. Cpr1234

    Cpr12348 timer siden

    "Spoon please" Spoon: well yes but actually no

  20. Aditya Pareek

    Aditya Pareek8 timer siden

    Who is your favourite ???????? Mine cody

  21. Lapazidi

    Lapazidi9 timer siden

    Hotdog is too yummy!!!!

  22. Haisamu Kun

    Haisamu Kun9 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> that happened to me before and i jumped like that 😂

  23. shrey jha

    shrey jha13 timer siden

    Dude perfect the type of guys who put straw in the water bottle But love your trickshots

  24. Gabriel Paul

    Gabriel Paul14 timer siden

    Ohhh someone got a liftmaster garage door opener

  25. Michael nogkz

    Michael nogkz15 timer siden

    Stop editing

  26. rayhan pratama

    rayhan pratama16 timer siden

    Nice iam from indonesia

  27. Ben Conkel

    Ben Conkel17 timer siden

    Looks how high to jumped t t tt

  28. Evan Lawrence

    Evan Lawrence20 timer siden

    Just a normal day for dude perfect

  29. Oof Yeet

    Oof Yeet22 timer siden

    Wha how

  30. Sergi Komladze

    Sergi KomladzeDag siden

    this real??😂❤️

  31. David Tebele

    David TebeleDag siden

    Come for fun, stay for the music

  32. Thomas Kirkegaard

    Thomas KirkegaardDag siden

    do a Number 4

  33. Lee Jasper

    Lee JasperDag siden


  34. Lisette Zamora

    Lisette ZamoraDag siden

    The cheese balls shot

  35. ParisAne

    ParisAneDag siden

    Dis vid has 31k dislikes i mean its ok maybe there just jealous cuz they can do that while us having a hard time doing it too especially on quarantine u have nothing to do u can practice that

  36. Divya Harish

    Divya HarishDag siden

    Do a face reveal of the panda

  37. my channel

    my channelDag siden

    I miss the let's goooooooes

  38. Connor Phillips

    Connor PhillipsDag siden

    Dam they got 50 MIL they are number 3 in the world

  39. Rhian Borden

    Rhian BordenDag siden

    I wish i had that much subs a money

  40. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerDag siden

    1 question *HOW*

  41. Fli Up

    Fli UpDag siden

    Day 1 of trying to get famous off comments. Please subscribe to me.

  42. Electro Projects

    Electro ProjectsDag siden

    Nobody: Sponserd by Sams Club

  43. Shannon Sanderson

    Shannon SandersonDag siden


  44. Bax ix

    Bax ixDag siden

    Legendary videos is subcribe

  45. Хелло Пубг

    Хелло ПубгDag siden

    Кто смотрит в 2020 ?

  46. Cami Gustilo

    Cami GustiloDag siden


  47. ePlays

    ePlaysDag siden

    Did anyone else ever notice how they do the keys in every episode?

  48. Mangle Baud

    Mangle BaudDag siden

    Them: making those sick trick shots Me: I can get a successful bottle flip...out of every 20 I perform.


    HIZLI PANDADag siden

    1000 try

  50. Sqexdy

    Sqexdy2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> when your mom says put the gift card back but you don’t want to be embarrassed so you “put it back” In style...

  51. Reaprrt

    Reaprrt2 dager siden

    the reference to real life trick shot 2 with the trash full

  52. Petar Kralev

    Petar Kralev2 dager siden

    Da be Da

  53. Petar Kralev

    Petar Kralev2 dager siden

    No Vqrno

  54. mahmoud messouter

    mahmoud messouter2 dager siden

    Be careful bro's

  55. Albert Tundia

    Albert Tundia2 dager siden


  56. Albert Tundia

    Albert Tundia2 dager siden


  57. Noelia Alejandra Valenzuela

    Noelia Alejandra Valenzuela2 dager siden

    Son unos genios

  58. Cyrus Friesen

    Cyrus Friesen2 dager siden


  59. Cyrus Friesen

    Cyrus Friesen2 dager siden

    You guys are the beast’s

  60. Crosby Myers

    Crosby Myers2 dager siden


  61. Guacamole With The Cheese

    Guacamole With The Cheese2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> I can do that one

  62. MAFIA Ari

    MAFIA Ari2 dager siden

    1.56 That’s what everybody wants in 2020

  63. infinity_M ninja

    infinity_M ninja2 dager siden


  64. Golden Bro 3

    Golden Bro 32 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> If this isn't the first try, they wasted some pizzas

  65. Thefireking Theantman

    Thefireking Theantman2 dager siden

    Me:**Does bubblegum in mouth** Me:**watchs** Me:**doesnt even eat is speechless**

  66. Jax_ 808

    Jax_ 8082 dager siden

    The pizza dough honestly looked the hardest

  67. lukyman Kuchar

    lukyman Kuchar2 dager siden


  68. Oliver Krizmanic

    Oliver Krizmanic2 dager siden

    Karlo you know that we 8mnk get to

  69. HunterGoodrich TV

    HunterGoodrich TV2 dager siden

    Show me trick shots: Just basketball stuff I mean real trick shots: More basketball stuff Dude Perfect: Perfection 👌

  70. Devin Kent Leslie

    Devin Kent Leslie2 dager siden

    Do trick shots part 4

  71. Nicole Ying

    Nicole Ying2 dager siden

    Let’s all take a sec to appreciate the paper one, they spent a really long time on it

  72. Julian Mateo

    Julian Mateo2 dager siden

    lazy but pro people be like:

  73. The Cringiest Channel In The Universal History

    The Cringiest Channel In The Universal History2 dager siden

    So basically just normal trick shots but without the cheering

  74. Haven Barker

    Haven Barker2 dager siden

    How about some more bloopers?!?

  75. luke staffen

    luke staffen2 dager siden

    See ya Cody

  76. Haziq Playz

    Haziq Playz2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> is that lamb lamb from boss baby??

  77. Elyvin Ahmedov

    Elyvin Ahmedov2 dager siden

    Я один русский

  78. Jones Kids

    Jones Kids2 dager siden

    i am a huge fan of y'all's channel

  79. Noah Rothschild

    Noah Rothschild2 dager siden

    The hardest part of this video is to not celebrate

  80. maxRTX 09

    maxRTX 093 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a>😂😂😂😂

  81. BenskuOMG

    BenskuOMG3 dager siden

    Hey guys these videos arent real, they clearly used reverse.


    MASTER FOX3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> Rip Panda

  83. CatAndLlama

    CatAndLlama3 dager siden

    I might be the only one watching this right now but I think DP should make a real life trick shots QUARANTINE addition

  84. Oliver Krizmanic

    Oliver Krizmanic3 dager siden