Remember When McDonald's Tried to Make a Movie?

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  1. Ari Akravi

    Ari Akravi8 måneder siden

    In the original cut (which was only released in Japan), Eric was shot by the police instead of being injured by the explosion, and the dad alien literally rips the bullet out of him. In the international release, they rerecorded the audio of Michael saying "He's gone?" but he's clearly saying the original line of "He's dead?" (and they did such a poor job of it, you can still hear the original line under the rerecorded version), and "He's dead, mom, he's dead" became "They can't help him". I wish I were joking.

  2. mike silva

    mike silva14 timer siden



    ALEXANDER SWEETMAN11 dager siden

    Oh cool- never knew that. Interesting.

  4. Emily Pawlowski

    Emily Pawlowski11 dager siden

    It’s sad that u know this

  5. Moist Tony

    Moist TonyMåned siden

    Thanks for the info, you're doing god's work sir.

  6. Sydney Gorman

    Sydney Gorman4 timer siden

    can someone please tell me why i got a midroll add that was a trailer for a movie in spanish about a teenage boy who has his cousin (that he didn't know of the existence of) move in with him for a while and in the process of sharing a room, they become gay for each other? i shit you not I actually got this ad but idk what the movie was called because i was so uncomfortable i skipped it as soon as i could. the fact that all this information about the movie was established in a little over five seconds also scares me... i 110% support the LGBTQ+ community, dont get me wrong, but incest is just taking the movie to a level of uncomfortable i didnt know existed... i must say the people who made this movie must have been on something when they did

  7. Jai K •18 years ago

    Jai K •18 years ago7 timer siden

    4:34 A.D.Y. = Alien Driving Yunder the influence

  8. Jiggerjaw

    Jiggerjaw10 timer siden

    You pronounce the K in Knudson bro.

  9. mike silva

    mike silva14 timer siden

    This movie will go down in history as the worst movie ever made 🤬

  10. CartoonBeast

    CartoonBeast19 timer siden

    So I found some info on Buzz Knudson. His nickname is Buzz I think but his real name is Robert and funny enough he actually worked on E.T. aswell. He is a pretty well-known sound re-recording mixer and died in 2006. Here are some links: His last name is real lol

  11. joveokazaki

    joveokazaki23 timer siden

    This movie traumatized me as a kid

  12. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsDag siden

    Wearing pepsi

  13. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsDag siden

    Paul Rudd Conan!

  14. Angeline Clayson

    Angeline ClaysonDag siden

    I clicked on this so fast because of mystery science theater 3000 😂 One of my favorite episodes.

  15. mike silva

    mike silva14 timer siden

    Haven't seen that episode of mst3k don't have Netflix but I have seen the awful mac and me film when I was 7 in 1991 on VHS though😊

  16. Raimbowmeat

    RaimbowmeatDag siden

    Buzz Knudson is a real guy and has won three Academy Awards for sound design

  17. Lee Mullen

    Lee MullenDag siden

    MST3K did this movie in their last season and whoooo boyo.

  18. mike silva

    mike silva14 timer siden

    Mac and me is the worst movie ever made glad mst3k made fun of it manos hands of fate was way more worse than that film huge mst3k fan 🙃

  19. MattG30

    MattG302 dager siden

    I looked it up Skeet Simpson Buzz Knudson and Buck Flower are all real people. Buck and Buzz are just nicknames. Skeet is his real name

  20. Ray Jay

    Ray Jay2 dager siden

    I remember watching this as a kid. Pray for me.

  21. Anasyub

    Anasyub2 dager siden

    i have seen this coz paul rudd keeps bringing this clip to show on conan and is been their running joke for yrs but omg thanku for making a whole video on dis drew coz wow this looks like a masterpiece to me

  22. Dominick Payne-Brown

    Dominick Payne-Brown3 dager siden

    It’s funny that coke is a major sponsor of the movie but there’s also a Gatorade product placement which is owned by pepsi

  23. RaiderOcelot

    RaiderOcelot3 dager siden

    Ngl the "reverse-abduction" concept is groundbreaking... shame it was wasted on this.

  24. RavenclAwesome

    RavenclAwesome3 dager siden

    Fun fact, the woman playing the mom is the voice actress for White Diamond from Steven Universe.

  25. heiko drak

    heiko drak4 dager siden

    Yo i literally had this movie on vhs and it was my sisters fav movie when she was little

  26. bewust wurde iepen dyn eagen

    bewust wurde iepen dyn eagen4 dager siden

    Yo drew, is that a legit Les Paul in the background of ur videos? (0:22)

  27. A Person That Exists

    A Person That Exists5 dager siden

    At 8:17 Eric expresses his telekinetic powers by floating on water

  28. Ashleigh Clary

    Ashleigh Clary5 dager siden

    Isn’t this the movie that some actor (Paul Rudd, my bad)keeps playing as a “clip” of his “new movie” no matter what movie he’s plugging? 😂 yup. It’s Paul Rudd and it’s the kid falling off the clip scene.

  29. Rafia Khan

    Rafia Khan5 dager siden

    Danny why are you promoting Drew's brand deal?

  30. Brit Ann

    Brit Ann8 dager siden

    "McDonald's where the 80s is happening" ahhh haha, why was that so funny?

  31. basicallybenns

    basicallybenns8 dager siden

    how did i not notice the pepsi shirt until i was 17 minutes into the video

  32. Rachel Koepke

    Rachel Koepke8 dager siden

    Am I crazy or did the alien flip off the girl after stealing her soda at 15:20?

  33. Jude Slater

    Jude Slater9 dager siden

    Nice Shirt Drew, clever 😏

  34. Ethan Gause

    Ethan Gause9 dager siden

    And he just *pauses* rolls outside


    ALEXANDER SWEETMAN11 dager siden

    Sub to Drew Gooden guys!!! 1.99 mil subs!!!

  36. Dal Vargas

    Dal Vargas11 dager siden

    how did it manage to be so bad istg

  37. Nick Manley

    Nick Manley12 dager siden

    If you liked this video there’s a web series called Welcome to the Basement that also did a review of this film and others!

  38. Mavis13

    Mavis1312 dager siden

    This is the first video I’ve ever seen of yours and I’ve seen it too many times I’ve been with you ever since

  39. Tayy

    Tayy13 dager siden

    This is one of those movies you see Saturday morning on SyFy 😂😂😂

  40. bel is a beaner

    bel is a beaner13 dager siden

    mac looks like my neice

  41. Brooke Dolan

    Brooke Dolan13 dager siden

    Honestlyyyyyyy......probably would've loved this movie when I was like 6

  42. William Pickarski

    William Pickarski14 dager siden

    This gave me nightmares

  43. bh5496

    bh549614 dager siden

    Mom: "Surely there's a ratoinal explanation for this." also Mom: *blames wheelchair bound son for bringing in a bunch of plants and sculptures from the outside

  44. Wolflover122

    Wolflover12214 dager siden

    I will forever love his t-shirt choices

  45. Kim Day

    Kim Day15 dager siden

    I'm the only one who finds the baby alien adorable?

  46. Angel The boss 124

    Angel The boss 12415 dager siden

    I just notice he’s watching a McDonald’s and coke movie in a Pepsi shirt

  47. Sophie Bumblebee

    Sophie Bumblebee12 dager siden

    official mad lad

  48. vixievonlyn

    vixievonlyn15 dager siden

    they use to have McDonalds with areas for birthday party's and this made me remember that and now i feel old

  49. Casey Huff

    Casey Huff16 dager siden

    The commenter on Drew’s video at 0:20 : *i’m reviewing my legal options*

  50. leasiacherise

    leasiacherise16 dager siden

    I love the fact that you wore a Pepsi shirt this whole video

  51. Arco Games

    Arco Games16 dager siden

    big mak

  52. Ashley Gordon

    Ashley Gordon17 dager siden

    advertises with Pepsi shirt

  53. Ashley Gordon

    Ashley Gordon17 dager siden

    my mom thinks you're cute

  54. Paige H

    Paige H18 dager siden

    The aliens really belong in "pans labyrinth".

  55. Michael Jo

    Michael Jo18 dager siden

    Uhh, McDonald's didn't make that movie... Orion did

  56. MysticalDuck

    MysticalDuck18 dager siden

    wait WHAT

  57. Am Bz

    Am Bz18 dager siden

    Oi dipshit mac has feeling too. Just look into them eyes and tell him he's ugly he will attack :3

  58. babie uwu

    babie uwu19 dager siden

    *Why are they all kissing?!* When I entered highschool

  59. Nathaniel Stafford

    Nathaniel Stafford19 dager siden

    I would prefer a family of xenomorphs with a baby chest burster

  60. JayPeeAy

    JayPeeAy19 dager siden

    I used to love this movie,I recently made my wife and kids watch it and they thought it was terrible lol

  61. Just Us

    Just Us20 dager siden


  62. Just Us

    Just Us20 dager siden


  63. Chris Cueva

    Chris Cueva20 dager siden

    Paul Rudds favorite movie

  64. High Priestess

    High Priestess20 dager siden

    Hey no body is questioning where the alien got the straw in the scene where he drinks water from the ground? Also the aliens look like Teletubbies before they were coloured

  65. bjdenil

    bjdenil20 dager siden

    The Pepsi shirt is hilarious.

  66. Jessica Lapin

    Jessica Lapin20 dager siden


  67. Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker21 dag siden

    "My neighbor's kids have been screaming all day." "Meow!"