Richard Hammond goes on a road trip in a Tesla Model X

After buying a Morgan Plus 6 not too long ago, Hammond has decided to have a go at the electric side of motoring. He has borrowed a Model X from Tesla to head to the Lake District with his wife, Mindy, and it doesn't quite go to plan. Let the range anxiety commence!
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  1. panteg

    panteg21 minutt siden

    I always enjoyed Dork and Mindy....

  2. Dusty Rains

    Dusty RainsTime siden

    the seats look great. very comfy looking.

  3. Dusty Rains

    Dusty RainsTime siden

    It's funny to watch him back up to the supercharger. He looks in all the mirrors, completely forgetting he has a back up camera.

  4. Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson2 timer siden

    Those white seats look f*cking awful. Cool car though, I love how you’re still old school and totally disregard the reversing camera!

  5. Johnny Cliche

    Johnny Cliche2 timer siden

    I love how much Richard loves this car...and it makes me realize how much I've missed watching Top Gear...

  6. Sir Jaye

    Sir Jaye7 timer siden

    The thumbnail makes Hammond look like Scotty Kilmer!

  7. Patrick Miller

    Patrick Miller9 timer siden

    mindy is hot lol- she called him hammond

  8. Hendrik Plümer

    Hendrik Plümer11 timer siden

    Well, at least he didn't crash it.

  9. Theory Mate

    Theory Mate12 timer siden

    Nice one Hammond. Great bit of ambassadorship for staying at home and not undertaking unnecessary journeys

  10. ian forde

    ian forde12 timer siden

    Wonder how long it will be until he gets a massive fine for not adhering to the lockdown.?.

  11. Doc Julien

    Doc Julien14 timer siden

    Didn't watch his hands after touching several Tesla charge handles. * * ponders while putting fingers in mouth * * I'm worried about the world situation at the moment

  12. widt width

    widt width15 timer siden

    gosh right side wheel is so wrong

  13. Wayne Hobbs

    Wayne Hobbs16 timer siden

    He is punching above his class.

  14. Wayne Hobbs

    Wayne Hobbs16 timer siden

    You probably didn't have to personally pay for the fuel . . . Yes electricity is fuel how much per km did cost on fuel. Or metric system 101 how many kwh per 100km.

  15. Weareallbeingwatched

    Weareallbeingwatched16 timer siden


  16. Silvio Fusiello

    Silvio Fusiello19 timer siden

    Absolutely hilarious video! You should have your wife on here more often Rich.

  17. Pee Kay

    Pee Kay19 timer siden

    No thanks the sheer anguish when worried they might be stranded was too much for me, bad memories of my younger days

  18. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith20 timer siden

    I’ve got a Tesla 3, even when it goes to 1% of battery 🔋, you normally have enough to get home or to a garage with a supercharger. It will limit your speed and throttle and limit your power useage by working out how far you still have to travel. I’ve never yet been stuck on the moors so it must work.

  19. The Marked Man

    The Marked ManDag siden

    You think thats funny? Oh, my god! Sigh.........

  20. The Marked Man

    The Marked ManDag siden

    This video needs serious editing. Pretty much every single thing his wife says can be removed. Oh, my god! Sigh........

  21. The Marked Man

    The Marked ManDag siden

    Both look like they need to see a hair stylist.

  22. rob the elder

    rob the elderDag siden

    Typical Tesla experience. Battery anxiety. You paid for the mechanism that opens and closes the door and now you get to drag that crap around with you. What a load of crap. It is NOT the car of the future. Its a toy for rich people. over priced, under performing. 77 on the way up and 55 on the way back. What a joke

  23. S Hopkins

    S HopkinsDag siden

    How has Mindy not slapped him yet???!!

  24. Marcus Behar

    Marcus BeharDag siden

    Haha love how you physically turn all the way round in reverse whilst parking, you do realise you have a big screen reverse camera?? 🤣

  25. Harry Harrison

    Harry HarrisonDag siden

    I quite like Hammond, but I think I love his wife, especially when she calls him, "Pillock from the past". 🤣

  26. Paul Mansfield

    Paul MansfieldDag siden

    I'm surprised he didn't try and drive off with the charger cable still attached.

  27. James Worsnop

    James WorsnopDag siden

    I love how they blur the speed limit when he goes over 70

  28. mistreku

    mistrekuDag siden

    plenty noisy for an electric car, isn't it? but it's all right, it's only inside, so no pedestrians will be annoyed.

  29. vip_supercars

    vip_supercarsDag siden

    This is a substitute for the Grand Tour Season 4 episode we've been waiting for now for three months 😂😂

  30. rickhalas

    rickhalasDag siden

    Wife's pissy, condescending attitude kind of ruins a good road trip.

  31. Grant Collins

    Grant CollinsDag siden

    Congrats on the LEAST informative car review video ever.

  32. Happy Dog

    Happy DogDag siden

    Only a complete idiot would film himself speeding then miss enough of the evidence to prove it before he blurs it 77 tsk tsk.

  33. Shaykh Anonymous

    Shaykh AnonymousDag siden

    Is that Jeremy Kyle @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="783">13:03</a>

  34. Mustafa Moayad

    Mustafa MoayadDag siden

    Love youuuuuu guys

  35. Martin Hepworth

    Martin HepworthDag siden

    slipstreaming lorries is a thing...

  36. giancola123

    giancola123Dag siden

    Old man Richard looking over his shoulder while reversing, instead of the massive centre screen with a reversing camera view and guiding lines, epic.


    BILAL M'BARKIDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="507">8:27</a> 77

  38. Kevin Verdegem

    Kevin VerdegemDag siden

    You muppet!

  39. DJ RichyLaurence

    DJ RichyLaurenceDag siden

    Not exactly ergonomic for a car of that price but I guess in ten years time we'll be laughing about cars like this.

  40. Tony Kosgei

    Tony KosgeiDag siden

    Lord bless this woman's soul and all the close calls she has had to endure bc of Hammond's crashes🙏

  41. Cancel-That-Bitch

    Cancel-That-BitchDag siden

    Suppose the future is ok if you are a multi millionaire and you can find one of the 9 chargers in the country...

  42. david bass

    david bassDag siden

    Great fun entertaining video, your wife is a gem . She could write lines for Clarkson lol. And for those critics who don't seem to realize it was filmed before the current social distancing thing for the @#$&*( Gits lol. best of luck .

  43. Joseph Romano

    Joseph RomanoDag siden

    Sure. You can get there with 1% left. As you pass about 20 gas stations.

  44. Chris Fowler

    Chris FowlerDag siden

    Mindy should be one of the presenters on their show!!😀

  45. Owen Mayes

    Owen MayesDag siden

    Brilliant. "Oh for the love of God...!" Please can we have more with Mindy's pithy observations?

  46. Robbae

    RobbaeDag siden


  47. YanzoDaDon

    YanzoDaDonDag siden

    Can you charge while it rains?

  48. Jeff Ash

    Jeff AshDag siden

    Mindy I agree he is a pilick in America we'd call him a turdburgerlar

  49. aa aa

    aa aaDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="724">12:04</a> - Is Hammond having constipation?

  50. Sir Tinderloin

    Sir TinderloinDag siden

    They should do together something with horses

  51. Bellend

    BellendDag siden

    He's bloody unbearable without his pals. Annoying little bore.

  52. MaxS9000

    MaxS9000Dag siden

    Richard does what I do, completely ignore the massive screen when reversing, using mirrors and eventually turning round to look. excellent.

  53. Tor Bruheim

    Tor BruheimDag siden

    I liked his wife's comment: "Oh for the love of God". I think that described her enthusiasm for electric cars.

  54. ThomasSFH

    ThomasSFHDag siden

    Hot wife ;-)

  55. SEspider

    SEspider2 dager siden

    When Drivetribe tries to hide Richard going over the speed limit, and fails miserably.

  56. NCB

    NCB2 dager siden

    God.... imagine living with either of them....

  57. Jean Greenfield

    Jean Greenfield2 dager siden

    His wife's comments would drive me nuts 🌰

  58. Geronimo553

    Geronimo5532 dager siden

    As a woman I feel Mendy's pain throughout this entire video. lol

  59. Ron Black

    Ron Black2 dager siden

    Richard, My wife and I have a rule and that is no put downs or sarcasm. We are a team and it's worked great for 33 years. You might want to have that conversation with Mindy. Life is too short to live with a shrew!

  60. Ron Black

    Ron Black2 dager siden

    Gee Hammond, I think you will enjoy your next EV trip...or any trip a lot more if you forgo the camera person and set up the GoPros.

  61. Joe Hennessy

    Joe Hennessy2 dager siden

    my favorite part is the blurred out speedometer

  62. Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson2 dager siden

    Your wife is so funny. Even she calls you Hammond. Why did you have parking difficulties? Isn't the point of this car that it parks itself?

  63. Neil Jones

    Neil Jones2 dager siden

    Can we swap Hammond for Mindy?

  64. Joven Carandang

    Joven Carandang2 dager siden

    You know what electric car doesn’t give range anxiety? The Eagle I Hammer Thrust. #geoff

  65. allyc85

    allyc852 dager siden

    Now it is clear why he has taken so much stick from his colleagues over the years!!

  66. Daniel Marshall

    Daniel Marshall2 dager siden

    Good vid take Mr & Mrs Hammond.

  67. 415 s30

    415 s302 dager siden

    I like you but fuck Tesla, I'm in the Bay Area. They are a non union factory who does not give a shit about the workers.

  68. Jim R

    Jim R2 dager siden

    You need a new wife, I think.

  69. Crib Filler

    Crib Filler2 dager siden

    Hammond's seat looks as if he is being hugged by the Michelin Man

  70. Martyn Roland Horton

    Martyn Roland Horton2 dager siden

    He calls an electric cable a hose.....lost all Free use of the charger but cost 20 quid for two coffees.. And we can catch sight of the blurred out speedo saying 77....)) And when it gets to Zero range you can still do another 20 or so.....

  71. Graham Cuddy

    Graham Cuddy2 dager siden

    Say if all the charging points were getting used ?

  72. Smashmambo

    Smashmambo2 dager siden

    Stay safe and be excellent to each other.

  73. Outlaw

    Outlaw2 dager siden

    Lol, she doesn't take him seriousely, every wife is the same. Jeez

  74. kennyfrancis1968

    kennyfrancis19682 dager siden

    Richard Mindy should definitely do more of these she is hilarious and super cute

  75. GermanCoaster Fan

    GermanCoaster Fan2 dager siden

    Noticed how massive these seats look with Hammond in them?😂

  76. exactinmidget92

    exactinmidget922 dager siden

    If only there was some liquid or something that you can put in your car that is quick, cheap, and available everywhere and gave you 5 times the range.

  77. Paul Richardson

    Paul Richardson2 dager siden

    After watching this, I'm not surprised he keeps crashing cars!

  78. T2 F

    T2 F2 dager siden

    Got a Top Gear ad on this 😂

  79. Steeleye 2112

    Steeleye 21122 dager siden

    Never ceases to amaze me that no matter how famous and beloved someone is, to their family they are held in just as much contempt and mockery as the rest of us nobodies.

  80. leg01

    leg012 dager siden

    NOW 89'.... omg

  81. vcolinc

    vcolinc2 dager siden

    I could not tolerate this kind of relationship, even if it is exaggerated for the camera. Whether it's supposed to be put on for the camera or not, I cannot stand to see a man constantly belittled by his wife and constantly apologizing to his wife and cowering and cringing from her.