Rick Lax: The Biggest Con Artist On Facebook

I think I accidentally made two videos in a row complaining about math. Oopsies. Anyway this guy sucks lol.

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Rick Lax:


  1. TheReddaredevil223

    TheReddaredevil22333 minutter siden

    Call him Rick Laxative, because his content is a stream of shit.

  2. Bruhster

    Bruhster2 timer siden

    Fuck you idiot.

  3. Hunter Hall

    Hunter Hall2 timer siden

    Conman? A magic trick isn't a scam. Just in: no magician knows actual magic 😉

  4. Arlene Kenny

    Arlene Kenny5 timer siden

    7:02 I think I did it wrong I got -45

  5. ashir chaudry

    ashir chaudry6 timer siden

    Honestly u make me laugh every video plz never stop cause ur hilarious

  6. Janni

    Janni8 timer siden

    ((2x +10)/2 -x) OR (x+5) -x = 5

  7. Špela Orel

    Špela Orel10 timer siden

    Ayyyyyy October gang

  8. Wendy Lu

    Wendy Lu14 timer siden

    This guy is just exposing natural selection

  9. Kieran Shepherd

    Kieran Shepherd14 timer siden

    I can't believe it magics not real holy shit this guys been conning us all...... Fucking tool bag

  10. Start A Movement

    Start A Movement15 timer siden

    Fuck u idiot.... 😂

  11. Mekeishakayla

    Mekeishakayla18 timer siden

    He scammed the world with math.

  12. Thotslayer Johnson

    Thotslayer Johnson18 timer siden

    Got ya fam fuck you ideot

  13. Thotslayer Johnson

    Thotslayer Johnson18 timer siden

    After the one with ms.bibboobs I got the number 10 so he’s wrong

  14. Master of Disguise

    Master of Disguise19 timer siden

    Little does he know, I didn’t choose the dog. I chose Drew’s face! Haha!

  15. judy

    judy19 timer siden

    please do a follow up video on his energy drink magic tricks....... the portable redbull bread haunts me

  16. Cringe Sauce

    Cringe Sauce19 timer siden

    Why was everyone born in August that just means your dad's a Normie cause they failed no nut November

  17. Cato solo gaming

    Cato solo gaming20 timer siden

    Ha didn't get me Rick lax. You asked me to pick from one of these images but you didn't foresee me picking the tool in the background did you.

  18. M Loving

    M Loving21 time siden

    you got it

  19. idk, anything

    idk, anything23 timer siden

    he has tiktok

  20. Stu Markos

    Stu MarkosDag siden

    I was more amazed at the comments he was getting more then anything else of his content. Haha shows you how stupid some people are I would never share those videos I don’t even give them views 😂.



    Fuck you idiot

  22. bluemonkey223

    bluemonkey223Dag siden

    But rick was great in sargasm

  23. awooga

    awoogaDag siden

    fuck you idiot

  24. Pentti Hilkuri

    Pentti HilkuriDag siden

    FU idiot, liked...

  25. Mariah PokéDawg

    Mariah PokéDawgDag siden

    I cannot stand Rich Lax. I don't think I've never intentionally watched his videos.

  26. Paul W

    Paul WDag siden

    He's a mathemagician!

  27. ScottishNoob

    ScottishNoobDag siden

    The reason the comments on his videos are all positive is because he blocks anyone who comments negatively :( #blocked

  28. i_c__hearts fuk 3m

    i_c__hearts fuk 3mDag siden

    So he didnt do anything wrong and videos like this are actually killing magicians trying new tricks. Hes not a fraud hes just someone who got maths better than someone else and made some jokes. Bit dickish tbh to wreck on him

  29. Starry_ Who

    Starry_ WhoDag siden

    The worst part is I’d probably fall for this

  30. somekind ofBox

    somekind ofBoxDag siden

    this is the trick my sneaky uncle pulled on me when i was like 7. it blew my mind when he told me how it worked. that adults fall for it still is just sad.

  31. cuckling

    cucklingDag siden

    but i used a calculator for this and my ending result was 53

  32. casual crisis

    casual crisisDag siden

    rick: 👀 👄

  33. Noah Pop

    Noah PopDag siden


  34. aaron golema

    aaron golemaDag siden

    Drew hes back on snapchat. Its horrible please help. Please make a video hes a real nasty guy real not good no good hes a man wow this guy hes just sliney you know the hacks and stuff now with the videos like bro

  35. Christian Alexander

    Christian AlexanderDag siden


  36. Miranda Terra

    Miranda TerraDag siden

    I’m like 99% sure he has a snapchat show now and it’s so much worse

  37. Matt Smith

    Matt SmithDag siden

    10:17 Fuck you, idiot. A well earned Like.

  38. Random Topics

    Random TopicsDag siden

    Um for some reason I got cat

  39. Morpice

    MorpiceDag siden

    Let the number of your month be X, or any number really (2x+10)/2 - x = x + 5 - x = 5 Therefore, you are *CONSIDERATE*

  40. Holy Ravioli

    Holy RavioliDag siden

    The way he stares at the camera is both infuriating and creepy.

  41. Simon Unger

    Simon UngerDag siden

    Drew your magic trick was too complicated for me and I ended up thinking about giraffes, it’s ok though your trick was still cool

  42. Isaiah Wilson

    Isaiah Wilson2 dager siden

    no way he's gonna guess dog

  43. Isaiah Wilson

    Isaiah Wilson2 dager siden

    wait wtfudge he got it right..... 😐

  44. Cow Egg

    Cow Egg2 dager siden

    Fuck you idiot

  45. spindletea

    spindletea2 dager siden

    I got 6 ”Normal” I have fucking aspergers

  46. Elizabeth Hillman

    Elizabeth Hillman2 dager siden

    One time, I left a comment on his page. When I went back to the page, HE HAD DELETED IT. THE REASON WHY HE DIDNT HAVE ANY BAD COMMENTS IS BECAUSE HE DELETES THEM ALL.

  47. Ryan Dear

    Ryan Dear2 dager siden

    Frick you idiot

  48. Matt

    Matt2 dager siden

    I love this. Rick's videos are so cringe

  49. MusicNguyens

    MusicNguyens2 dager siden

    That intro lmao, nothing has changed

  50. Nyanna Ross

    Nyanna Ross2 dager siden

    Isn't magic just using science to seem supernatural. He used math. Math is a science THEREFORE he's not a con artist, he's a mathemagician. Logic.

  51. Ember Ash

    Ember Ash2 dager siden

    Woman: has boobs Drew: The temptress is there to distract you from your quest warrior! Look away lest you be led astray!

  52. oxi tocin

    oxi tocin2 dager siden

    I started with 1000,000 cause I'm an alien our years are longer we have a million months. it's amazing I got 5 too his magic even works on aliens.

  53. GameGarrison S

    GameGarrison S2 dager siden

    You should look at his bs life hacks or experiments. I can't tell if he is bullshiting or is just trolling.

  54. Anonymous Critique

    Anonymous Critique2 dager siden

    I mean I did get zero but my word was two :/ did I do it wrong?

  55. James Walker

    James Walker2 dager siden

    I got 5

  56. Rickster

    Rickster2 dager siden

    0:10 everyone in 2020

  57. Laboratory X

    Laboratory X2 dager siden

    This guys eyes make him look like one of those tik tok boys who's trying to be sexy but miserable failing.

  58. CHMBoss

    CHMBoss2 dager siden

    Hey My random number was 5 too

  59. Noah Mitchell

    Noah Mitchell2 dager siden

    I swear I’m not gay mom

  60. RebelHype

    RebelHype3 dager siden

    I got 20.2 lmao

  61. Allen

    Allen3 dager siden

    Or just having a great Thursday 🥳