Rod Wave - Popular Loner (Official Music Video)

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  1. Emiya Cabbil

    Emiya Cabbil15 timer siden

    did anybody think he was get that lil girl hand in the beginning ?

  2. Youngboy Snippets

    Youngboy Snippets17 timer siden

    2020 ?😂

  3. Iván Guale

    Iván Guale17 timer siden

    Será que algún día lo conozco 😪

  4. Jeff Drane

    Jeff Drane23 timer siden

    This saved my life

  5. Tone Bell

    Tone BellDag siden

    5.9k people is already to take this dude out already and counting.because his music is real 💯💯💯💯

  6. Brandon Dixon

    Brandon DixonDag siden

    If you not a fan of this man music you not really from the streets

  7. Andre Baptiste

    Andre BaptisteDag siden

    Getting strong nbayoungboy vibes with this song

  8. Leroy Blaine

    Leroy BlaineDag siden

    Fam be speaking on cats over most fears. He speak for the voiceless for real. Cant understand all the ones who can't feel it and thumbs down the junt. Keep kicking facts homeboy. You literally the truth w this music (mursic) #Memphis love

  9. TTV- Sausage510

    TTV- Sausage5102 dager siden


  10. 2 dager siden

    Fuck you in everybody else

  11. 2 dager siden

    Hardest shit he done period

  12. Olette Joseph

    Olette Joseph2 dager siden


  13. Amani Green

    Amani Green3 dager siden

    he need to come to SC he got us down here into all his songs!!

  14. Z SLEEP

    Z SLEEP3 dager siden

    Everybody else

  15. Z SLEEP

    Z SLEEP3 dager siden


  16. Z SLEEP

    Z SLEEP3 dager siden

    Sooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Ymg Tao

    Ymg Tao3 dager siden

  18. Man Mula

    Man Mula3 dager siden

    Follow Me On IG I Write For Rod Wave 🌊 @MoneyAintNone

  19. Uu Kittler

    Uu Kittler4 dager siden

    I love you music so much that it makes me cry who always keep text you my name is you you are be on NO-gos too but I'm a big fan of you and I hope you text that because I love you music I'm a big fan and it's it's I like it like that

  20. Nate Everson

    Nate Everson4 dager siden

    You already no 813 Tampa shii

  21. Nate Everson

    Nate Everson4 dager siden

    Rod wave you still live in da bird

  22. aj funny moments

    aj funny moments4 dager siden

    Hold on never let go k 😁

  23. Michelle Lowe

    Michelle Lowe4 dager siden


  24. TheOfficialK4

    TheOfficialK45 dager siden

    Rod wave is a therapist like if you agree

  25. Ardrik Charod

    Ardrik Charod5 dager siden

    Definitely digging this one

  26. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant6 dager siden

    I rather stand alone which is not my weakness Michael Bryant Kansas city Missouri

  27. Living Like Jaida

    Living Like Jaida6 dager siden


  28. Louu 2x

    Louu 2x6 dager siden

    I’m going through some shit and this song gives me chills bro u a real one ❤️

  29. Savage Haney

    Savage Haney6 dager siden

    Love this 1 bro

  30. Tadros Deng

    Tadros Deng7 dager siden

    This song is life 🔥

  31. Master Tommo

    Master Tommo7 dager siden

    Escaping Slavery is very simple.

  32. Master Tommo

    Master Tommo7 dager siden

    Timothy Jerome Sanders always knows that he does not have to battle himself and he does not let anybody convince him to do anything that he knows is wrong and he is always very discrete about it.

  33. Perwwioddditss. Danielle

    Perwwioddditss. Danielle7 dager siden

    Who here from tiktok🤣🤣

  34. Malcom Shaw

    Malcom Shaw8 dager siden


  35. Johnny Brutus

    Johnny Brutus8 dager siden


  36. Leee Val

    Leee Val9 dager siden

    He needs to go platinum like he’s so talented dude man I love his music it’s such a vibe and real

  37. alex_lovekitten pj

    alex_lovekitten pj9 dager siden

    Go subscribe to ayy zay new NO-gos he is super funny

  38. Cece Gang

    Cece Gang9 dager siden

    This is my shit

  39. April green

    April green9 dager siden


  40. shauntelms

    shauntelms9 dager siden

    Make a remix of gambling

  41. Tyler Smeenk

    Tyler Smeenk10 dager siden

    Yuhh i felt that one wave!!! Gawddd keep them bangers comin!!!

  42. Revenant DC

    Revenant DC10 dager siden

    He looks like a happy person, and the only rapper id want to meet IRL

  43. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant10 dager siden

    You can't please everybody solo

  44. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant10 dager siden

    Favorite part finally got the meaning about fighting demons

  45. Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant10 dager siden


  46. Vanillagorilla6969420 Jboogie

    Vanillagorilla6969420 Jboogie10 dager siden

    Ion get along with my peers at war with myself so fuck you and everybody else !

  47. gg Vital

    gg Vital10 dager siden

    Me too can't 😃😀😄

  48. Girls Girls

    Girls Girls11 dager siden

    You got my nigga

  49. Girls Girls

    Girls Girls11 dager siden

    You cold bro

  50. DeSean Rice

    DeSean Rice11 dager siden

    0:28 is that Dub? Ddg brother

  51. Stacy Brock

    Stacy Brock11 dager siden

    It's about time! Finally some real. He's going to make it move, wake em up and love Jesus

  52. Angeleah Sanders

    Angeleah Sanders12 dager siden

    this is a really good song💛

  53. Paris World

    Paris World12 dager siden

    Bruh I cannot stop listening to this song an I like the beat inside my headphones!

  54. Steven Prieto

    Steven Prieto12 dager siden

    Hey how about we all help each other what are some other depressing rap songs like this

  55. cherry red

    cherry red12 dager siden


  56. Alean Blount

    Alean Blount13 dager siden

    I like this because he speak the truth 💯💯💯💯

  57. Rey Ramirez

    Rey Ramirez13 dager siden like an subscribe 💯🔥🔥

  58. Mell Dat DreadHead

    Mell Dat DreadHead13 dager siden

    Don't Cry Off This "Sitting In The Dark"

  59. Amazing Amy

    Amazing Amy13 dager siden

    Yep, I'm better and can't be caught dead with your kind nowadays.

  60. Queen myrahcle

    Queen myrahcle13 dager siden

    I lovee you