Rod Wave - Thug Motivation (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave - Thug Motivation (Official Music Video)
First new release of 2020.
#RodWave #ThugMotivation



    LILDION THEBRAND13 timer siden

    "stand back watch it lock jit"

  2. Cornelius Pointer

    Cornelius Pointer14 timer siden

    Is this on Apple Music?

  3. Keanu1k

    Keanu1k14 timer siden

    How can 1.6 thousand people actually click the dislike button like how you hating on someone doing sum positive for their life 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Sonship To Loyal Friendship

    Sonship To Loyal Friendship14 timer siden

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  5. J Zilla

    J Zilla14 timer siden

    St Pete central all day get it how we live yah dig bro toys!!!!!! St Pete Florida stand up this one for us yoooos

  6. BossGang BeBe

    BossGang BeBe14 timer siden

  7. ray50723

    ray5072314 timer siden

    Drop this on all platforms bruh!!! This dope af!!! Keep grinding!! #biloxi "Nobody told me, the road would be easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

  8. Lamont Gary

    Lamont Gary14 timer siden

    Man I said go👀🕺🏿🕺🏿

  9. Lamont Gary

    Lamont Gary14 timer siden

    Go go go

  10. SummyGaming Shawn

    SummyGaming Shawn15 timer siden


  11. Kaleb Tucker

    Kaleb Tucker15 timer siden

    My guy does ad libs on turning on the lights for a solid min.

  12. Boakye Wenger

    Boakye Wenger15 timer siden

    I Be In My Feelings Every Time I Listen To Rod Wave.

  13. Hadil Akram

    Hadil Akram18 timer siden

  14. Erix Blade

    Erix Blade18 timer siden

    Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾

  15. Young French

    Young French18 timer siden

    speak from da soul bro 🤲🏾⭐💯👏

  16. Legacy Ug Official

    Legacy Ug Official19 timer siden

    The world needs to discover such talent:

  17. Chizok 21

    Chizok 2120 timer siden

    “Oh shit, they don let me in the door” *Didn’t think he’d fit through*

  18. Bmoney

    Bmoney20 timer siden

    This dude gets me through my day

  19. Jerry Harris

    Jerry Harris22 timer siden

    We all struggling hooping for better days ❤️

  20. MONEEB An Artist

    MONEEB An Artist22 timer siden

    NO-gos keep trending these industry plants

  21. Raymomd Holley

    Raymomd Holley22 timer siden

    Feeling the video realness

  22. landlord zaza

    landlord zaza22 timer siden

    Go Get Mines (Freestyle)

  23. MONEEB An Artist

    MONEEB An Artist22 timer siden

    T R A S H 😠 This trending tab is a promotional spam for crappy tracks.

  24. KyDidThat

    KyDidThat22 timer siden

    His music is every thing 😩😩😩‼️

  25. United Executive

    United Executive22 timer siden

    Nice 💯💯💯💯💯

  26. United Executive

    United Executive22 timer siden

    Nice 💯💯💯💯💯

  27. doliio volay

    doliio volay22 timer siden

    Like if y’all want this on Apple Music

  28. Prince Reemo

    Prince Reemo23 timer siden

    Gotta make sure I make a comment before I miss my chance😭😭😭😭

  29. Sacc chasin TV

    Sacc chasin TV23 timer siden


  30. Tenacity Production

    Tenacity Production23 timer siden


  31. doliio volay

    doliio volay22 timer siden

    knew that I had a twin but never told me either. Dang death gotta be easy cause life is hard am I wrong?

  32. lamishia Blue

    lamishia Blue23 timer siden

    I love you so much i live for your music

  33. Criticali

    CriticaliDag siden

    Who Needs beats like this??

  34. 5ive8nel

    5ive8nelDag siden

    Dude 2 raw

  35. kj Wade

    kj WadeDag siden

    This slaps like always

  36. ronbenjamins

    ronbenjaminsDag siden

    It ain’t a good song if u don’t hear that “nah fr “ in intro 😭💯

  37. Google J9neworleans

    Google J9neworleansDag siden

    Free Kodak black

  38. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie GriffinDag siden


  39. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie GriffinDag siden


  40. Bezz_o

    Bezz_oDag siden

    They don gave yo boy a chance nie a youngin finna blow✍🏽

  41. 357Kev

    357KevDag siden

    straight garbage

  42. Micah Young

    Micah YoungDag siden

    in my opinion they still sleep on rod wave, he speaks through his music and explains what he goes through rather than just talking about guns and drugs

  43. ImMarcc •

    ImMarcc •Dag siden

    Another banger ⚡️🔥

  44. Josue Predelus

    Josue PredelusDag siden


  45. Long Live Liliyan

    Long Live LiliyanDag siden

    Rod's lyrics have content 💪

  46. Aj-Star Gumbs

    Aj-Star GumbsDag siden

    Your a blessed man Rod, my twin brother died when he was a baby from mound nutrition I'm 12 years old but it hurts me to never have seen him when I'm up there I hope I'll see him. The thing is my mom never told me about this I learned this at 11 yrs old my grandma told me and I was heartbroken that my mom didnt tell me but my grandma did she told me what actually happend I said to my mom ever since I was little I wondered what it would be like to have a twin.... I have a brother that was born way before me and he knew that I had a twin but never told me either. Dang death gotta be easy cause life is hard am I wrong?

  47. Time-A-Tell Ent.

    Time-A-Tell Ent.Dag siden

    Rod Check out My Music - *Thriller*

  48. Branden Pressley

    Branden PressleyDag siden

    I love everybody

  49. Spice Sisters

    Spice SistersDag siden


  50. Janiyah Simmons

    Janiyah SimmonsDag siden

    Drop your freestyle

  51. Opp Lofy

    Opp LofyDag siden

    "TOOK SO MANY LOSSES CANT BELIEVE I FINALLY GET TO WIN" This line hit me a whole different way than any other rapper could Rod Wave the best ⚡⚡⚡

  52. NoKap Itachi

    NoKap ItachiDag siden

    Rod wave azz yall some real dickriders no kap

  53. Neal Neal

    Neal NealDag siden

    Man shit hard

  54. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyDag siden

    “Nobody told me the road would be easy”💯🙏🏾

  55. Nasahra Loud

    Nasahra LoudDag siden

    Sand trap‼️ like if u from the 229

  56. Meenz

    MeenzDag siden

    if guys have time check out my newest tune! id appreciate it!

  57. Oda Goat

    Oda GoatDag siden

    Dez days I live the life of a superstar

  58. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyDag siden

    dis nigga help me get through alot of shit I'm going through rn

  59. KingVC 200

    KingVC 200Dag siden

    This Beat Fye Asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Missy Ms.

    Missy Ms.Dag siden

    He got twins fr?! Awww 👏

  61. Spydads 23

    Spydads 23Dag siden

  62. Tyrondia Freeman

    Tyrondia FreemanDag siden

    It shouldn’t be that many dislikes

  63. Jada Marie

    Jada MarieDag siden

    Rod wave and Mo3 should make a song like if u agree