Rod Wave - Poison (Official Audio)

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Rod Wave - Poison (Official Audio)
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  1. Nashae Ann

    Nashae Ann6 timer siden


  2. ColorMeee Dreyahhh Dree

    ColorMeee Dreyahhh Dree9 timer siden

    He hitting home with this one 💯😔

  3. Dennis Mason

    Dennis Mason10 timer siden



    LIFE WITH RAZIYAH14 timer siden

    I love rod wave he talks about real stuff if you listen he dont talk about killing people for the fam


    DARIUS SIMS19 timer siden

    Good song

  6. GVXNG

    GVXNG20 timer siden

    It feels like my life is falling apart. Can't get a job cus of bad grades, Our money's getting cut off next month, I just want to end it all I hate this life.

  7. Dae'Jah Bridges

    Dae'Jah BridgesDag siden


  8. Lydia Marie

    Lydia MarieDag siden

    I can listen to this on repeat 💪🏻💪🏻

  9. Shawhitney Harris

    Shawhitney HarrisDag siden

    My boy ctfu....i felt that bihh deep......#SoulTribe♥♥♥

  10. Chris P.

    Chris P.Dag siden

    "Late at night i cant sleep cuz i hear voices" 👽

  11. smol gingerbread girl

    smol gingerbread girlDag siden

    And I dont want no more love bc I feel the poison . was my fav part

  12. Kawmejr Harnett

    Kawmejr HarnettDag siden

    rob wave have some of the best song like cuban link

  13. Timmy on

    Timmy onDag siden

    First the 3.8👎 shut up and rod wave is the bom .com fam

  14. Brittany Johnson

    Brittany JohnsonDag siden

    I fell his pain 😖💔

  15. Qnique Christian

    Qnique ChristianDag siden


  16. Akyra Delbridge

    Akyra DelbridgeDag siden

    his songs are soo soul touching!#rodwave#ghettogospel

  17. Sha'Keyla Williams

    Sha'Keyla WilliamsDag siden

    Im sooo in love with his realness the whole album be on repeat. His music get me through my hardest moment of my life right now. Thank god for your mental. 🙏💙💯💯💯💯

  18. Shawn Comston

    Shawn Comston2 dager siden

    this song is me all over again

  19. Deshaun Banks

    Deshaun Banks2 dager siden

    "Late at night i cant sleep cuz ihear voices"

  20. Kaasey Baldwin

    Kaasey Baldwin2 dager siden

    That yeaaaaaaaaaaa gives me chills 🔥🔥🔥

  21. 2 dager siden

    2nd best song by him

  22. ChaneL TypE

    ChaneL TypE2 dager siden

    Still on repeat on the way too work

  23. Sevana Goodlow

    Sevana Goodlow3 dager siden

    Rod wave all of your songs is poping but my favorites is the abandit song but I like all of them

  24. Theresa Bumper

    Theresa Bumper3 dager siden

    Ran t to the hospital for a while to

  25. Theresa Bumper

    Theresa Bumper3 dager siden

    Baby I’m not feeling well and I just got to see how I feel and ya know how I feel when you get to

  26. Shenica Shockley

    Shenica Shockley3 dager siden

    Like it

  27. Nati Brandt

    Nati Brandt3 dager siden

    Ive been feeling like my hearts cold as December for awhile now. No-one knows or undertands how broken i really am. I try talk about what lives inside of me but no one can comprehend the damage that has been done. "Dont want no more love, i feel its poison "

  28. Tyrus Martin

    Tyrus Martin3 dager siden

    i love your songs

  29. Martell Satterwhite

    Martell Satterwhite3 dager siden

    I told my girl to kick rocks

  30. Reina Louitus

    Reina Louitus3 dager siden

    Really youtube 1m subscribers when is getting 15m viewers

  31. Kimberly Hooper

    Kimberly Hooper4 dager siden



    SPORTS BROS4 dager siden


  33. nakita gang lit people

    nakita gang lit people4 dager siden

    Yey yey yey dawg

  34. jazz menina

    jazz menina4 dager siden

    The truth

  35. Monica Mizell

    Monica Mizell4 dager siden


  36. Jake McCoy

    Jake McCoy4 dager siden

    I hope you all make it. I'm just tired of being lied to. I'm ready to end this shit. I gave it all of me.

  37. Alexis Washington

    Alexis Washington4 dager siden

    Going through something this getting me through

  38. Mildred Williams

    Mildred Williams4 dager siden

    Don't listen to this song if u single 💔

  39. lil ty ty

    lil ty ty4 dager siden

    New favorite rapper no cap

  40. Akilah Stewart

    Akilah Stewart4 dager siden

    Rod wave🤞✌️

  41. Vanessa Bryson

    Vanessa Bryson4 dager siden

    Bruh, where you been all my life. 🙏🏽😩✨

  42. Monti Whitlow

    Monti Whitlow5 dager siden

    All his song sound the same he gotta change it up

  43. Jay Crossley

    Jay Crossley5 dager siden

    "got to much stacked on my chest cant get it off of me" really hit bru

  44. Bernard Allen

    Bernard Allen5 dager siden

    Hi. Rodwave


    VIDUAL INC. VEREFIED5 dager siden

    Fuck love

  46. Fortnight Boy Boy

    Fortnight Boy Boy6 dager siden

    I love thes songs

  47. moneybagyoungboy b

    moneybagyoungboy b6 dager siden

    This song Is good

  48. Nakeyah Nixon

    Nakeyah Nixon6 dager siden

    Yessir ‼️🔐

  49. Monique Cox

    Monique Cox6 dager siden


  50. Destin

    Destin6 dager siden

    I'm feeling all Rod Wave music

  51. Michelle Lowe

    Michelle Lowe6 dager siden

    The hottest right now 💯💯💯💯🤩941

  52. trebor allen

    trebor allen7 dager siden

    It's hard to stay focus when pain running deep

  53. Rodeline BelFanm

    Rodeline BelFanm7 dager siden


  54. Starhannah Hart

    Starhannah Hart8 dager siden

    This is how I be feeling 24/7 365 in a day😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  55. one five

    one five8 dager siden

    If you never been trew sht u not going to feel this this for the real Nigga 💪💪Da Boy Killed This Bit 4r 4r 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Javion Johnson

    Javion Johnson8 dager siden

    Like if Rod Wave started a wave

  57. Shawhitney Harris

    Shawhitney Harris8 dager siden

    Been alone all my life, but u help me forget but u made me rememeber, my heart cold as december

  58. nadiyah powell

    nadiyah powell8 dager siden


  59. Joshua Perdue-Gallardo

    Joshua Perdue-Gallardo8 dager siden

    " I put my demons to rest Lord knows I tried my best"

  60. Latasa Smalls

    Latasa Smalls9 dager siden

    This song is🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶