Rose Ditches Ed! | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Rose packs up her things and heads to the airport while Ed contemplates his future.
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  1. Ligma Balls

    Ligma BallsTime siden

    Freak Ed

  2. MMX

    MMXTime siden


  3. Des Torres

    Des Torres2 timer siden

    Ed I'm here waiting also the right guy

  4. Hannah

    Hannah4 timer siden

    Rose has taken his crap from day 1, from lying about his height to embarrassing her on tv for her breath and she’s kept her cool the entire time. The one time Rose brings up 1 issue which he should have told her about he goes offit like a teenager acting like they’re not in the wrong and blaming it on everyone else.

  5. Amynah Saliling

    Amynah Saliling6 timer siden

    If ed he very like rose why rose son alone to her father why ed he don't like rose son together ed is very unfair and no since

  6. Ky Garter

    Ky Garter7 timer siden

    She’s a queen for knowing what she wants, I genuinely hope she does well.

  7. Elizha Chelz

    Elizha Chelz8 timer siden

    the fact that he walks out on her. ✌️🙄

  8. Ataprumah Atap

    Ataprumah Atap8 timer siden

    She just need a vacation.. Green card n money.. She live in a slum..that obvious

  9. Grace Miller

    Grace Miller9 timer siden

    He souls trust her

  10. Grace Miller

    Grace Miller9 timer siden

    I mean should

  11. U Harsika

    U Harsika12 timer siden

    Rose is a real one.she just stating facts

  12. Charmaine Fuimaono

    Charmaine Fuimaono13 timer siden

    Not once have I heard Rose say “where’s your neck?” “Why you so short?” “Why is your hairline worse than my past?” And this mf be out here pointing out every flaws that she doesn’t have. Sigh sometimes it’s surprising that this ugly mf got a chance with someone beautiful inside and out.

  13. Chloe Booker

    Chloe Booker14 timer siden

    Poor rose🥺 she truly is amazing and it’s so sad that he hurt her like he’s just a dick and I don’t understand how he doesn’t see we’re he went wrong

  14. africanmoose

    africanmoose14 timer siden

    ed: *gaslighting* so you think i'm a bad person rose: *without missing a beat* yuh

  15. Pink Soda

    Pink Soda14 timer siden

    This show just let this guy took advantage to this girl and after this break up,they just vanished not atleast giving simple reward to rose this episode took millions of views on social media,

  16. laraib khan

    laraib khan15 timer siden

    He’s shocked because he’s an American with a bit of cash and he thought that’s all he needed to get a poor girl from the Philippines. She’s a queen and he’s a rat xx

  17. Elpheus Thokozani Nkosi

    Elpheus Thokozani Nkosi15 timer siden

    I have never seen a boy like Ed before

  18. rebl vln

    rebl vln15 timer siden

    So what did he do that was wrong? Bought her gifts gave her money tf did I miss

  19. Sharlaine Chatterjee

    Sharlaine Chatterjee16 timer siden


  20. CJ animates

    CJ animates17 timer siden

    Good for her

  21. Lona

    Lona17 timer siden

    Rose: I meet my true king in the future Me: yas honey!

  22. A LD

    A LD18 timer siden

    Rose is such a mature, strong and beautiful woman, we stan

  23. Sabrina Gravelis

    Sabrina Gravelis18 timer siden


  24. Maii

    Maii19 timer siden

    Thats why you don't sleep with turtles till you get MARRIED.

  25. Isha Amir

    Isha Amir20 timer siden

    What embrrased that's not english

  26. joe smalls

    joe smalls21 time siden

    Its crazy..lots of these ( Philippines) ppl often goes after white guys..guess what. .they're after the sex tourism trade..they'll never fully respect you and your ppl...I've been there and see how they're .. treated..when they realize that you can't buy is another thing..keep chasing that dream ms vega..ur lucky that he didn't leave you full of you drunk and screwed you...a guy who hasn't had a relationship before you were even born..I would walk away from the first time at the airport..he made himself feel entitled and do you feel? ..poverty makes some blind while the other takes advantage.

  27. White

    White23 timer siden

    I've waited 28 years to find love again well nobody told you to cheat on your wife in the first place then maybe you wouldn't be where you are right now....

  28. oayto

    oayto23 timer siden

    who came here from pewdiepie lol?

  29. Sandra Beninato

    Sandra BeninatoDag siden

    I’m sooo proud of you rose u deserve so much than that no neck loser I hope & pray that you find yourself a wonderful amazing loving guy that will love you and your beautiful son God bless you always wishing you sooo much love and good luck with new love

  30. Adrian Elsewhere

    Adrian ElsewhereDag siden

    She's really pretty as well as being astute and brave. She deserves a real man.

  31. Dracø Malføy

    Dracø MalføyDag siden

    Is it bad that I fell bad for him.

  32. Shireen Makda

    Shireen MakdaDag siden

    I take bak wat i commented bout rose not being a good person, now i c she is, her speech was actually very wise and i truly understand her pov

  33. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyDag siden

    Can I just say that Rose is amazing! The guts to walk away like that I’m so freaking proud!!! Good job 👏🏾

  34. Rui desu

    Rui desuDag siden

    Omg!! He treated her soo bad, honestly I'm really shocked she didn't leave him earlier, he so shocked because he was able to push her around before!! But she didn't let this bad relationship go any further! I'm so proud of her!! plus she had a son and I'm pretty sure when he got older he would hate his new step dad, rose, you made the best choice possible nice job your strong, YOU GO GIRL 💪🤝

  35. Rui desu

    Rui desu23 timer siden

    @seeni gzty I can seriously agree

  36. seeni gzty

    seeni gztyDag siden

    ed had some issues tbh

  37. ectaseok

    ectaseokDag siden

    wann push in the water so bad and let him drown

  38. Renee Diaz

    Renee DiazDag siden

    But can we talk about how much roses English progressed through the episodes, YAS GIRL

  39. fart tute

    fart tuteDag siden

    I feel bad for rose

  40. Halvard Langhelle

    Halvard LanghelleDag siden

    I watch this daily

  41. Jack Jack Tena

    Jack Jack TenaDag siden

    this dude really thinks his Brad Pit or something. hahaha! She needs to be paid by TLC cause damn.

  42. nja hjb

    nja hjbDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="15">0:15</a> you are a bad person, don’t you hear what you say. You have no respect for wemen. You embaressed her on tv. Now you hear you the truth, and you walk away... Get a life please Ed.

  43. 26 Chale

    26 ChaleDag siden

    He is evil

  44. 26 Chale

    26 ChaleDag siden

    I like the view your do your best view you do nah

  45. Superboy 2743

    Superboy 2743Dag siden

    Episode name?Please

  46. amazinggirl12

    amazinggirl12Dag siden

    We all know he ain’t sad . He got his cut from the show and simply used and took advantage of a 3rd world country naive person wanting to have a better life for her and her family . Bye 👋🏼

  47. Willow

    WillowDag siden

    He acts like the victim here he lied about his height lied about not wanting kids he continued to insult her sayi g she need to shave her legs and get and STD test he judged her and her country and where she lived said she had bad breath he tried to change her and who she was hes ridiculous and then he says he doesn't believe in love then says he waited 28 years to gind love again im Cannot with this man

  48. riixvq

    riixvqDag siden

    He sure is picky and rude

  49. Alyssa

    AlyssaDag siden

    there is nothing more powerful than a strong, intelligent & independent WOMAN who knows her WORTH 👏👏👏

  50. Chloenhawj 1

    Chloenhawj 1Dag siden

    But was she lying ?! I mean she was only telling the truth...

  51. 브루노BRUNO

    브루노BRUNODag siden

    ed had some issues tbh

  52. Makenna Adamson

    Makenna AdamsonDag siden

    Can I just say that Rose is amazing! The guts to walk away like that I’m so freaking proud!!! Good job 👏🏾

  53. Aidee Tetazaguic Aguilar

    Aidee Tetazaguic AguilarDag siden

    To be honest big Ed looks like a big pink balloon in that shirt.

  54. Moo Moo

    Moo MooDag siden

    What did he do that hurt her so much?

  55. ryebread105

    ryebread105Dag siden

    I really felt bad when she said that she left her son to meet Ed. But, I’m glad she wasted no time going back to what’s really important...her son.

  56. Olli And Da Gang

    Olli And Da GangDag siden

    Ed: Trys to get her to say he isn't a bad person: I'm a bad person, ok. Rose : Yeah. Legit made me laugh so hard

  57. Nyx P

    Nyx PDag siden

    He walks away , again making it about him

  58. Alejandro Padilla

    Alejandro PadillaDag siden

    Rose is my spirit animal for the rest of 2020

  59. MaskedMageYT

    MaskedMageYTDag siden

    Rose is such a goddamn gold digger

  60. Schizo

    SchizoDag siden

    this guy is not a real man

  61. Xavier Allen loves Alice Fearn Labelle

    Xavier Allen loves Alice Fearn LabelleDag siden

    *Ed should be in prison for life* if anyone agrees with me or not Edit: Ed= *COVID-19 the lying cheating 🦠*

  62. Yahaira Elizabeth

    Yahaira ElizabethDag siden

    Rose: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a> My heartbroken single ass: PERIODDDD BBG!!!🤧

  63. VilkasPilkas

    VilkasPilkasDag siden

    Sad ;(

  64. Laurence Padilla

    Laurence PadillaDag siden

    No neck ed:"I'm the bad guy" 🌹✨Rose: "DUH!!"

  65. bollyqueen18

    bollyqueen18Dag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> Her face when he wobbles away - GOLD!

  66. Riley Anderson

    Riley AndersonDag siden

    Ed: *being a dick* Rose: Aight imma head out.

  67. FireFury

    FireFuryDag siden

    His timing on talking is horrible

  68. well well well

    well well wellDag siden

    Is he a Scorpio

  69. Tyler Askins

    Tyler Askins2 dager siden

    The shot of him just staring at the pool is killing me 😂

  70. Butterfly Charlotte

    Butterfly Charlotte2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> roses face XD

  71. 「ᴍʏɴɴɴᴜᴛᴢ ʟᴏʟ」

    「ᴍʏɴɴɴᴜᴛᴢ ʟᴏʟ」2 dager siden

    this dude sounds and looks so spoiled bruh. he really needs to rethink everything that he's done to rose so much and apologise

  72. Miss Cali

    Miss Cali2 dager siden

    why does she want more kids??? maybe she should make sure her son has a good home and education before she gets more?

  73. Arcad1010

    Arcad10102 dager siden

    of course she wont get additional kids if she is single... she is looking for a life partner though and someone who will love her son Prince.

  74. ttimo123456

    ttimo1234562 dager siden

    Literally the only thing I've seen from this is the super cringey scene of ed asking if he can halik her.

  75. ScottOSaurus

    ScottOSaurus2 dager siden

    Rose deserves a king, I hope she finds her king soon. She's such a wonderful girl.

  76. ScottOSaurus

    ScottOSaurus2 dager siden

    Rose deserves a king. I hope she finds her king one day soon. She's such a wonderful girl.

  77. mina

    mina2 dager siden

    Why does he have no neck like tf

  78. Brandon Caleb

    Brandon Caleb2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> look at Rose’s face in the corner 😂 slow it down to 0.25x speed

  79. Star Galaxy

    Star Galaxy2 dager siden

    Lmao thats exactly what happens when you call a bad person, bad they be getting all toxic over it lulll

  80. Random life of Shattered Dreams

    Random life of Shattered Dreams2 dager siden

    She's very beautiful...

  81. Leys V.

    Leys V.2 dager siden


  82. Point Perfect

    Point Perfect2 dager siden

    Can he get a gym membership

  83. Kristine Dela Pena

    Kristine Dela Pena2 dager siden

    Youre 54 ed! Grow up....

  84. Top Aj

    Top Aj2 dager siden

    Fastest I’ve seen ED walk

  85. R Michelle Cooke

    R Michelle Cooke2 dager siden

    He seems like a Class A Narcissist to me.