Rose GOES OFF on Big Ed | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Rose feels betrayed that Ed kept his planned vasectomy a secret from her since day one.
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  1. Jerryme Ditching

    Jerryme Ditching7 timer siden

    Hope that people won't think of Filipinas as gold diggers because they aren't. Hope that these stereotypes wil vanish everyone's mind. Haiss skl

  2. Jerryme Ditching

    Jerryme Ditching8 timer siden

    My gass

  3. Deborah Smith

    Deborah Smith8 timer siden

    he was speechless good job rose

  4. Taeggi

    Taeggi8 timer siden


  5. Valerie Lartey

    Valerie Lartey9 timer siden

    Rose has finally said what needed to be said and heard.

  6. Blurryink

    Blurryink11 timer siden

    I came here after seeing the miku and Len vocaloid version 🥴🥴🥴

  7. SoftDay

    SoftDay11 timer siden

    This is why dont online dater.

  8. M B

    M B11 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a>

  9. splderwebs

    splderwebs11 timer siden

    why he dating a young women and ruining her life.

  10. tofoud jeuven

    tofoud jeuven15 timer siden

    YOU ALWAYS IMBRESED ME ed in his mind:dont laugh, don't laugh,dont laugh

  11. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    tofoud jeuven why would he laugh? look at his face. his mind short circuited. he always has that baffled look when he is confronted or out of his element.

  12. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo16 timer siden

    it’s disgusting that ed decided to tell her he didn’t want kids AFTER he slept with her. it really makes me sick that she went through all of this

  13. McNuttterButtter

    McNuttterButtter17 timer siden

    At the end she looked like a devilish little girl look at her dad after he told he she couldn’t get a Barbie doll from Walmart

  14. Aiden Loftice

    Aiden Loftice21 time siden

    I want baby

  15. ChicaVirginiana

    ChicaVirginiana21 time siden

    He doesn’t treat her right!!

  16. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo16 timer siden

    only wanted to have kids.

  17. Gage On 60 FPS

    Gage On 60 FPS22 timer siden

    I like the view

  18. pro gamers 13

    pro gamers 1322 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> that face don't want to get on her wrong side

  19. pro gamers 13

    pro gamers 1322 timer siden

    She looks hot but her English needs some work not that it's a problem .

  20. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    english is her 3rd language but yeah it would be great if she could polish it.

  21. neena chouhan

    neena chouhan23 timer siden

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this moment

  22. Marcella Williams

    Marcella Williams23 timer siden

    Idk why but the fact that he doesn’t have a neck bothers me sm hahaha😂

  23. Find Your Dream Girl in The Philippines

    Find Your Dream Girl in The Philippines23 timer siden

    This is too funny

  24. Zaerukiss

    ZaerukissDag siden

    This is irrelevant but i love her hair 😍

  25. noreen akhatar

    noreen akhatarDag siden

    Sorry if I offend you but rose has no right to dump ed just because he only wants one kid yeah I know that it's her dream to have more kids but like he didn't want more soo uh cant you adopt or somthing like that Yes I'm still on Rose's side because Ed lies to much but I still like his tiktok lol

  26. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    you are wrong there. she specifically stated when they were still chatting that she wanted family (1-2kids more) with ed. he knew all of these before he arrived philippines. he was the one who contacted and pursued rose. if he didn’t want kids then he should have never wasted her time. she is very young. ed has no right denying her dreams of forming her own family just because he is alreaddy done with that phase of his life. he needs to gtfo and look for women closer to his age.

  27. SacrificeTheTrumpets_69

    SacrificeTheTrumpets_69Dag siden

    She popped off ✋😎

  28. Dominique

    DominiqueDag siden

    She's doing the right thing. We wouldn't want it to get to the point where she could actually convince him to have kids and they end up not having necks either

  29. SooHyun Jang

    SooHyun JangDag siden

    I love her stares lol

  30. Korina Capital

    Korina CapitalDag siden

    You know damn well that title should have been Rose GOES OFF on *SMALL* Ed

  31. Abigail Pedraza

    Abigail PedrazaDag siden

    eds an asshole period but led her on this entire time💀

  32. Illusion

    IllusionDag siden

    bruh shrek looks even better than him

  33. RJ MrBrightside

    RJ MrBrightsideDag siden

    I thought Ed used to have a neck but shrinked tremendously when Rose "rose-ted" him. Pardon my terms but he looked like a scared dick who encountered a strong vagina that only wanted to have kids.

  34. palli12345

    palli12345Dag siden

    Such a mismatch

  35. koriethegiraffe

    koriethegiraffeDag siden

    shes so young but sooo mature. lol look at her face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> shes like "you disgust me. tf outta here."

  36. afutla qian

    afutla qianDag siden

    you really just can't since he treated rose as if she was below him.

  37. Abraham S.

    Abraham S.Dag siden

    She sounded like Tony Montana for a second there

  38. Amber Snelders

    Amber SneldersDag siden

    What season is this ?

  39. Lee Jong Suk

    Lee Jong SukDag siden

    Ed is full of neckativities in life.

  40. Elsa Elsa

    Elsa ElsaDag siden

    Did she really want a baby with him ? Really Rose ? Wuttt

  41. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    his daughter is good looking though. ed when he was young wasn’t that bad looking.

  42. afutla qian

    afutla qianDag siden

    He looks like a toad.

  43. Joy Tra

    Joy TraDag siden


  44. Tomo boi

    Tomo boiDag siden

    She doesn’t diserve him he’s too powerful for her

  45. 0o0 _

    0o0 _Dag siden

    Her sneer reminds me of my mother ....scared me there for a second 😂

  46. Lauryn jade Tv

    Lauryn jade TvDag siden

    He is so rude to her , his no neck ass .

  47. Birdman Ali

    Birdman AliDag siden

    what did she say about ulcer?

  48. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    what about her ulcer? ed never apologized when he embarassed her about her breath. ed didn’t even bother taking her to a doctor.

  49. YO steeven

    YO steevenDag siden

    Were is his neck?

  50. Tandi Holcomb

    Tandi HolcombDag siden

    He lied about his size , he kept the surgery from her. But he don't trust her and has doubts

  51. Daniela Lawrence

    Daniela LawrenceDag siden

    The way he passes through girlfriends - thank u necks

  52. OrcaSkies

    OrcaSkiesDag siden

    Rose is amazing, she is totally no-nonsense. I also love her poker face, it shows him that she won't stand for his bullshit.

  53. Cam James

    Cam JamesDag siden

    Why Ed? 😂😂😂😂

  54. Cam James

    Cam JamesDag siden

    Lmfao. Hes so gurting.

  55. happy accident

    happy accidentDag siden

    rose is literally so beautiful

  56. RockyAllPurpose

    RockyAllPurposeDag siden

    Roses facial expressions have me weak 💀😂😂

  57. ☁︎ ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ☁︎

    ☁︎ ᴘɪʟʟᴏᴡᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ☁︎Dag siden

    He looks like a toad.

  58. Carleigh Rose

    Carleigh RoseDag siden

    Even though she wants kids she shouldn’t have them with him. He’s rude and belittles her, and only does what he wants plus the kids will come out with no necks.

  59. Jasmine Coombe

    Jasmine CoombeDag siden

    she is so drained bless her

  60. Roberto Paz

    Roberto Paz2 dager siden

    F. Ukck I thought I had no neck but this piece of 💩(Big Ed) is worst 😅😅🤣 now I feel better 😊🙂🙂🙃😎

  61. Keyaan Miah

    Keyaan Miah2 dager siden


  62. Zerina Udvincic

    Zerina Udvincic2 dager siden

    If you get me a rich sucker ill be on the show hahaha

  63. jon stein

    jon stein2 dager siden

    He sucks

  64. oh no zadie

    oh no zadie2 dager siden

    she’s such a queen. i STAN her

  65. Denise Santos

    Denise Santos2 dager siden

    it shows that ed only wants rose's body.

  66. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    Denise Santos bonus lang yung pakikipag sex nya kay rose. yung main motive nya talaga maging celebrity. tskaa ma expose yung brand nya. may mga merch nga sya sa bags and passport nya. sa mga interviews nga nya sinabi nya dati na mag launch daw sya ng clothing line nya 🤮. ginamit lang taaga nya si rose kasi twice na yan nag file ng bankruptcy si ed.

  67. Caroline Williams

    Caroline Williams2 dager siden

    I can tell Rose is pissed off that she can’t strangle she literally can’t.

  68. Mase

    Mase2 dager siden

    Ed treats her so badly rose deserves better

  69. raquel placido

    raquel placido2 dager siden

    Her face expressions is a whole mood 🤣 I love her sm lol

  70. Boob Boob

    Boob Boob2 dager siden

    she sounds like yoshi when she talks

  71. Boob Boob

    Boob Boob2 dager siden


  72. Shannon Davis

    Shannon Davis2 dager siden

    imagine she gets pregnant before the vasectomy

  73. Rael

    Rael2 dager siden

    Take note she was using her 3rd language, imagine her using her native language, she could have destroyed him haha!

  74. Leo Ornstein

    Leo Ornstein2 dager siden

    What a mess

  75. iPhone Seven

    iPhone Seven2 dager siden

    Best scene yet

  76. Mechelle Kim

    Mechelle Kim2 dager siden

    Please check her YT channel because she didnt get any penny

  77. Mechelle Kim

    Mechelle Kim2 dager siden


  78. RIOT-6

    RIOT-62 dager siden

    She wants an anchor to his money, smart woman.

  79. 문선moonandsunrise

    문선moonandsunrise2 dager siden

    First time watching her, she's fierce wow! And i liked how she looked at the guy disgustingly when he's talking.

  80. Hannia Mabel López Montaño

    Hannia Mabel López Montaño2 dager siden

    For Ed the relationship is what he wants and for him and him only For Rose it’s what they both want and what her son needs

  81. TheBigkrunch

    TheBigkrunch2 dager siden

    I think when Ed looks in the mirror he doesn’t see a short, fat, no neck 54 year old man, he sees Brad Pitt. He’s got way more confidence than a Hobbit should

  82. Ava Brown

    Ava Brown2 dager siden

    Remember the times we had? The times that YOU AND ME HAD

  83. Arcad1010

    Arcad101014 timer siden

    qopoy dnon ed contacted her. she said ed was respectful to her when they were chatting. she probably chose an older guy because she thought he was mature and that he could provide her stability in life.

  84. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon2 dager siden

    How did a young, beautiful girl like her get paired with this old buffoon?

  85. Hello Dear Elise

    Hello Dear Elise2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> oh my god that face she does! It says everything 😂😂! (she's naturally so pretty though and I love how expressive her face is)

  86. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon2 dager siden

    Rose to pretty for no neck Ed.

  87. Jay Lav

    Jay Lav2 dager siden

    TLC, Please pay Rose...

  88. Luis Angel Romero

    Luis Angel Romero2 dager siden

    If head and shoulders shampoo was a person😭😭😭

  89. B33 San

    B33 San2 dager siden

    where is his neck?

  90. Birlis Leong

    Birlis Leong2 dager siden

    Rose deserves someone with a neck

  91. Turiano .J

    Turiano .J2 dager siden