Russell Westbrook cooks up 34 points in Rockets vs. Kings | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

Russell Westbrook leads the Houston Rockets with 34 points and eight assists in a strong effort against the Kings. In the end, Houston falls to Sacramento at the hands of Nemanja Bjelica's buzzer-beater in a 119-118 loss.
#RussellWestbrook #NBA
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  1. Jugo Jugo

    Jugo JugoMåned siden

    He has his old hairline back and play very good again ☻🔥

  2. corinth202

    corinth202Måned siden

    Deshaun Watson looks at Russell Westbrook and says, “how does it feel to be me.”

  3. MMA Fan

    MMA FanMåned siden

    best player on the Rockets

  4. Ricky Rodriguez

    Ricky RodriguezMåned siden

    Proud of my guy

  5. david villa

    david villaMåned siden

    I See that video Three times

  6. gc

    gcMåned siden

    That was a pure luck shot by dude on the kings, if he shot in that same situation again no way he makes it

  7. Dead Ringer

    Dead RingerMåned siden

    It's not over till it's over. Get the memo Russ!!

  8. Jp Trece

    Jp TreceMåned siden

    Dead Ringer stfu

  9. Mike Lawry

    Mike LawryMåned siden

    This what we need from him!!! Attack that basket Brodie!

  10. BBell 0416

    BBell 0416Måned siden

    Imagine if they actually played defense..

  11. Immortal Kombat

    Immortal KombatMåned siden

    Notice you didn’t show the winning shot. LOL!!

  12. PeezyDaBeatMonster

    PeezyDaBeatMonsterMåned siden

    Lol exactly 😂😂😂


    PG 13PACERNATIONMåned siden

    Rocket's defense really hard to watch

  14. Omega Barron

    Omega BarronMåned siden

    Cold as ice ESPN. Show the game winner! 👑🏀

  15. Sid Noveno

    Sid NovenoMåned siden

    That a BS headline. Rockets lost bro gtfoh!

  16. wrightterence680

    wrightterence680Måned siden

    Russell played a great game in a Loss

  17. Ebonix33

    Ebonix33Måned siden

    If russ would have gave the ball to harden for a 3, instead of doing a stupid lay up....smh

  18. Emmanuel Russ

    Emmanuel RussMåned siden

    Ebonix33 lol ur stupid

  19. Tyrone Tyler

    Tyrone TylerMåned siden

    Russell Westbrook and James Harden is like a Charles Barkley, gonna always be good, but never gonna win a championship. Because both players is not a leader.

  20. Marvin Brown

    Marvin BrownMåned siden

    I like how these highlights dont mention that the rockets took that L.

  21. Holden

    HoldenMåned siden

    You see if on Russ' face at the end.

  22. jreid100

    jreid100Måned siden

    Thank god someone reintroduced James Harden to his teammate Russell Westbrook

  23. The real Mvp

    The real MvpMåned siden

    It’s not their fault they loss think about that game winning shot wouldn’t even matter if refs didn’t take 7 points away from harden

  24. Hero Ball

    Hero BallMåned siden

    As an OKC fan I can say I’ve seen it over and over if u let Russ get sum easy baskets he get as hot as anyone in the nba and then there’s nothing you can do

  25. ssnnpp

    ssnnppMåned siden

    I'll watch this guy play like this over Harden dribbling the air outta the ball any day


    JDOGFTWMåned siden

    Suprise a wild Benajai appears

  27. 600Breezy Fan

    600Breezy FanMåned siden

    His locking in🤕🤫

  28. boss melo

    boss meloMåned siden

    But they took a L show buddy Hield cooking up

  29. Kendal Tomlin

    Kendal TomlinMåned siden

    Russel said game over. But the Kings said its not over til the final buzzer🤣😂😉

  30. Mason Wynne

    Mason WynneMåned siden

    He was sayin they shuttin Harden down but really he was just passin to Russ so Russ can beast!

  31. Ben Simmons

    Ben SimmonsMåned siden

    Still lost tho

  32. KamiSon

    KamiSonMåned siden

    Just play better defense and let Russ do his 90mph layups instead of slow iso! They’ll win for sure.👍🏻🤔

  33. Thotty DaGod

    Thotty DaGodMåned siden

    But when James Hardens shot is falling...the slow iso is disgustingly impossible to guard

  34. Jeremiah sweeney

    Jeremiah sweeneyMåned siden

    And still lost..

  35. Mark Simmons

    Mark SimmonsMåned siden

    ESPNScooks up star phucking title even though the Rockets lost.

  36. A D

    A DMåned siden


  37. Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010

    Russell Westbrook Fan since 2010Måned siden

    James Harden should be traded

  38. Bruno Fawks

    Bruno FawksMåned siden


  39. ToysofArkham

    ToysofArkhamMåned siden

    Huge effort for a big L

  40. Eddie C.

    Eddie C.Måned siden

    Run the offense thru Russ smh

  41. Holden

    HoldenMåned siden

    Actually what they're doing is working. Let Harden get doubled and free up a lane for Russ. Once Gordon comes back, teams will stop running the double on him though.

  42. Jnorri Twenty-Eight

    Jnorri Twenty-EightMåned siden

    His speed is unreal no matter how many times you see it

  43. Kibantes 12

    Kibantes 1216 dager siden


  44. Amarion Ross

    Amarion RossMåned siden


  45. Xavier Morales

    Xavier MoralesMåned siden

    They lost 😂👏

  46. Emery Bryan

    Emery BryanMåned siden

    @Selfish Stockton yeah it is messed up lol

  47. Selfish Stockton

    Selfish StocktonMåned siden

    Emery Bryan Kings beat both these teams and ESPN won’t show love

  48. Emery Bryan

    Emery BryanMåned siden

    But Lakers got highlight when getting blown out by the mavs... Gtfoh

  49. Jo Makaveli

    Jo MakaveliMåned siden

    What a Beast

  50. Glaze4K

    Glaze4KMåned siden

    34 points in a hot L

  51. Turhan Henderson

    Turhan HendersonMåned siden

    So, Giannis but without rebounds? Cool.

  52. Rohan N

    Rohan NMåned siden

    He still gets boards

  53. Damian Vega

    Damian VegaMåned siden

    Still lost though 😂

  54. Bruno Fawks

    Bruno FawksMåned siden


  55. Turhan Henderson

    Turhan HendersonMåned siden

    🤷🏾‍♂️ Laker's get highlights when they lose too. It's just the retards of the NBA and ESPN lol. They push stars over winning teams for stuff like this.

  56. Adam Juarez

    Adam JuarezMåned siden

    Westbrook is A Beast.

  57. Vine Wood

    Vine WoodMåned siden

    They make Russ look like Stripe from the Gremlins on NBA 2k20

  58. MCFoultier

    MCFoultierMåned siden

    Good game but he stinks royally this year

  59. MCFoultier

    MCFoultierMåned siden

    @kc kc do you want to bet whether he wins an mvp this year? I give you good odds!

  60. Emery Bryan

    Emery BryanMåned siden

    He's been playing with dislocated fingers and a torn ligament until the past few games.

  61. kc kc

    kc kcMåned siden

    He stinks only from the 3pt line, he's been up and down but can still take over a game at any given moment, and he's been playing good lately, also sidenote the season still early, he keeps this up he'll be in the MVP conversation within no time

  62. Matthew Pale

    Matthew PaleMåned siden

    Man what great way to cap off a win.............. oh right. LETS GOOO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Chris Hemsworth

    Chris HemsworthMåned siden

    Matthew Pale only thing that makes me happy about this loss is the fact that the kings won’t make the playoffs. Let’s go baby. I’m going to start calling them the queens tbh

  64. kc kc

    kc kcMåned siden

    Fun fact: Russ is shooting 80% from ft last 2 weeks, his last game he had 24/14/11 on 56%fg, if MVP Russ is back it's over for the league

  65. teiko

    teikoMåned siden

    And he is still getting used to his new knees. Russ definitely don't use his injuries as an excuse and that one of the reasons I love that niggab

  66. Kirbystare1992

    Kirbystare1992Måned siden

    Jimmy Killem you ain’t lie

  67. Jimmy Killem

    Jimmy KillemMåned siden

    fun fact, unless the rockets learn to play defense, that team is always going to lose games they should win

  68. A D

    A DMåned siden

    On god

  69. Eric Huffman

    Eric HuffmanMåned siden

    It's because the last 2 games are the only two games he hasn't played with dislocated fingers...

  70. David R

    David RMåned siden

    ROCKETS 🚀 👍

  71. Icyy

    IcyyMåned siden

    It was the same play every time lol. Capela screen to harden, harden pass to westbrook and he zooms it to the basket. I like it.

  72. Holden

    HoldenMåned siden

    @Thotty DaGod Thankfully Harden doesn't force it and instead passes it to Russ so he can take advantage of the hole.

  73. Thotty DaGod

    Thotty DaGodMåned siden

    The Harden double teams isnt working..but teams keep trying it. The Rockets have other capable scorers and a whole 'nother elite playmaker on the team.

  74. mike reed

    mike reedMåned siden

    Go king's!!! We hang with everyone and our main guys are hurt

  75. Broken Glass

    Broken GlassMåned siden

    Only fox is your main that's hurt LOL buddy Hield the MAIN guy

  76. Jamel Macon

    Jamel MaconMåned siden

    Imagine how good the Rockets would be if they played defense.

  77. 600Breezy Fan

    600Breezy FanMåned siden


  78. Fried Doge

    Fried DogeMåned siden

    @RealBlessed Double the offense :)

  79. RealBlessed

    RealBlessedMåned siden

    Jamel Macon DEFENSEEEE! Whats that? (Mike d’antoni voice)

  80. Lesley Taylor

    Lesley TaylorMåned siden

    Russell Beastbrook 💨⭐♥️

  81. FAB

    FABMåned siden

    The only thing he cooked up was a loss Go Kings!

  82. 28 17

    28 17Måned siden

    With that 🔥 L

  83. Jesus Martinez

    Jesus MartinezMåned siden

    He needed 36 though. Lol

  84. goku713

    goku713Måned siden

    Is this the guy they traded for Chris paul?

  85. goku713

    goku713Måned siden

    And I thank you for harden and westbrook

  86. goku713

    goku713Måned siden

    Not me bruh, okc is!


    BRAVO WOLFMåned siden

    goku713 are ya u stupid?

  88. kc kc

    kc kcMåned siden

    13-17 FG 34 points, 4-4 FG in the last 3 mins, u act like he ain't ball out or something

  89. Lil Wooo

    Lil WoooMåned siden

    goku713 yeah

  90. Dj Zephyr

    Dj ZephyrMåned siden

    Brodie should to this every game instead of shooting blanks from 3pts..

  91. SodybosKarys

    SodybosKarysMåned siden

    Ikr he's a driver

  92. Robert Hardy III

    Robert Hardy IIIMåned siden

    Throw Congress Overboard so what🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

  93. Throw Congress Overboard

    Throw Congress OverboardMåned siden

    But he was 2/4 from 3 tonight

  94. midrangejumpr

    midrangejumprMåned siden


  95. Hoopers Alley

    Hoopers AlleyMåned siden

    Westbrook proving his doubters wrong!! This man averaged a triple double for 2 seasons and y'all still doubting him

  96. King Markbarry

    King MarkbarryMåned siden

    Josh s stfu and stop hating

  97. Kirbystare1992

    Kirbystare1992Måned siden

    Young Cal I hope this is a joke cause Luka just lost to the kings so his season is over to huh? Lol

  98. Dominique Robinson

    Dominique RobinsonMåned siden

    @w w The warriors without KD and curry beat him in the playoffs back to back years. The spurs beat him. And they couldn't even get a game with KD injured

  99. Scott Lawrence

    Scott LawrenceMåned siden

    @Young Cal he's got harden now

  100. Scott Lawrence

    Scott LawrenceMåned siden

    @Sosa 007 AGREED

  101. U L T R A. I N S T I N C T.

    U L T R A. I N S T I N C T.Måned siden

    Well done mah man!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  102. KingMickD

    KingMickDMåned siden

    Efficent! I like that keep ballin Russ!

  103. DEVIL DUDE!

    DEVIL DUDE!Måned siden

    Still lost cause the rockets got no defense