Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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  1. Fahad Muhammed

    Fahad Muhammed11 timer siden

    Color profile wise and portrait mode its apple

  2. Lisa Yvette

    Lisa Yvette12 timer siden

    Giveaway must 🙌🏼👍🏼


    MIXING ADDA12 timer siden

    My mind:s20/s10/iphons10 My wallet:samsang j1 My hand:samsang j1

  4. Extra Chasm

    Extra Chasm12 timer siden

    The 6 grams extra weight makes the IPhone feel more premium xD

  5. D Mer

    D Mer13 timer siden

    Iphone is for queers

  6. Julliana Rodriguez

    Julliana Rodriguez13 timer siden

    I love Samsung cell phones 💙💙💙

  7. kingsman castil

    kingsman castil13 timer siden

    Battery drain test of galaxy s20 series plsss.

  8. Nathan Yost

    Nathan Yost16 timer siden

    That wart looks ridiculous...

  9. fotochips

    fotochips16 timer siden

    Check the comments for the verdict!


    CAP GAMING ZONE16 timer siden

    Waiting for review of xperia 1 II 🤭

  11. Pedro Quinones

    Pedro Quinones17 timer siden

    if you are going to objectively compare 2 different phone, you may not want to show your bias and give away one of the phones x5.. i clicked on this video looking for great, unbiased, and factual information... closed the tab within 3 minutes due to the blatantly obvious bias.. hope you take this comment as constructive criticism rather than some random hatefull comment tho.

  12. Patricia Gates

    Patricia Gates17 timer siden

    Are You British !!!! you look like Pakistani

  13. Daniel Idriz

    Daniel Idriz18 timer siden

    I like the presentation of urs after MKBHD. 😉

  14. shogun 45

    shogun 4518 timer siden

    Apple is all bullshit

  15. Kabour Lahcene

    Kabour Lahcene18 timer siden

    Your trying Too hard the Sun, S20 and Iphone 11pro max are Incomparable !!!!!!!

  16. Gb Khan

    Gb Khan19 timer siden


  17. shrimp

    shrimp20 timer siden

    i think the galaxy s20 and s20 ultras look wack asf

  18. HostailKiller

    HostailKiller21 time siden

    Im thinking of upgrading..... From an iphone SE

  19. Mohammad Ahmad

    Mohammad Ahmad21 time siden

    Love your videos but wanted to ask what a CONLUSION is😂😂 lmao minor your vids are amazing I never miss any

  20. Bear Wiggins

    Bear Wiggins21 time siden

    Does anybody realize that when he said Conclusion in the bottom left corner it said “Conlusion” sorry it’s not that bad I just wanted to say

  21. the one and only

    the one and only22 timer siden

    In a press conference Julian Assange said "who has an iPhone? (he raised his hand) Who has a blackberry? (also raised his hand) Who has a Gmail account? (he didn't)." He said "we are fucked" ......... Two kinds of people don't have an IPhone.. The people who have awareness, and the people who don't have the money! Rumors are that Samsung forming an army in barcelona... There is a difference between, making videos about phones an gadgets, and being victimize your self and others. Face scanner? Don't you know what CGI can do? If you think that your life belongs to you and that you are free, you are fooling your self!

  22. Mohammad Azri

    Mohammad Azri22 timer siden

    Can you give some money from you YT Channel

  23. Grayson Willard

    Grayson Willard22 timer siden

    Now I want to see a comparison between the Samsung S20 vs the ASUS ROG 2

  24. Frank Mattey

    Frank Mattey23 timer siden

    RIP iPhone.

  25. Gracious Talanki

    Gracious TalankiDag siden

    I would really love to have the s20 ultra

  26. brunoh wizz

    brunoh wizzDag siden

    Good work on the comparison. I have always had a thing for Samsung phones and now I think I have an opportunity to get one through the giveaway. I hope your automated selection considers people in Africa also. Anyways, great work on your videos, thumbs up and cheers to many more. @ Mrwhosetheboss

  27. Achyut Gautam Official

    Achyut Gautam OfficialDag siden

    2010 ;- 16 GB RAM 2020 ;- 16 GB RAM #Time_challenge

  28. imserious2187

    imserious2187Dag siden

    It always made sense to switch from apple to samsung

  29. Somek Saha Joy

    Somek Saha JoyDag siden

    Gift me s20 ultra

  30. Stylo Onii Chan

    Stylo Onii ChanDag siden

    I watch every single your video and i like it I hope i can get one phone from you Mrwhosetheboss

  31. Stylo Onii Chan

    Stylo Onii ChanDag siden

    I watch every single your video and i like it I hope i can get one phone from you Mrwhosetheboss

  32. Stylo Onii Chan

    Stylo Onii ChanDag siden

    I watch every single your video and i like it I hope i can get one phone from you Mrwhosetheboss

  33. Rob K.

    Rob K.Dag siden

    You are so biased, stop reviewing phones!

  34. ramakrishnan RK

    ramakrishnan RKDag siden


  35. Jeffrey Mortera

    Jeffrey MorteraDag siden

    I think these is the best phone ever😁

  36. Valdas Netavo

    Valdas NetavoDag siden

    C'mon it's not legal to compare Samsung s20 ultra vs Irubbish...

  37. the mlg guy

    the mlg guyDag siden

    15:14 Conlusion XD

  38. Barmelo Xanthony

    Barmelo XanthonyDag siden

    Samsung is clearly better Apple is simple trying to hold us on hype alone. When Steve Jobs died the innovation died with him. R.I.P iPhone

  39. ポジポジベイスターズ

    ポジポジベイスターズDag siden

    I do not like samsung!!!!

  40. Bite Hunter

    Bite HunterDag siden

    Uh Loo Min Um

  41. vijay kumar

    vijay kumarDag siden

    Will u give it to me bro 🙊

  42. Family Fun R.C.

    Family Fun R.C.Dag siden

    I only buy Samsung. Hate I phone. And the apple company. Have note 10+. With that fast charger. My note10+ came with it. Is the super fast charger. Charge my phone in 1hour.

  43. Mohammad elofi

    Mohammad elofiDag siden

    please make a video about battery test between iphone 11 pro max vs samsung s20 ultra

  44. ESD HyouHaku

    ESD HyouHakuDag siden

    Its fucking 6 grams how can u even feel the difference??

  45. no name

    no nameDag siden

    8k is X2 the resolution of 4k tho

  46. Marco Del Dotto

    Marco Del DottoDag siden

    very cool

  47. Fahad Ibrahim

    Fahad IbrahimDag siden

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 ❤. You are the best in this industry. #mrwhosetheboss.

  48. Aarti Katte

    Aarti KatteDag siden


  49. Sag Nicht

    Sag NichtDag siden

    15:13 Conlusion --> typo

  50. Willem Cilcy

    Willem CilcyDag siden

    s20 Ultra all the way. Typed from galaxy A20 LOL :P

  51. Lorenzo -81

    Lorenzo -81Dag siden

    People pleaser dont take this Apple Super fanboy talking points seriously! That's the only reaon I I can think on why he made some of those insanely ridiculous ass statements in this video! I just came from my local Best buy and have spent hours playing with some of the upcoming Beastly ass smartphones and also some of Apple's underwhelming stuff. This guy in the video is clearly biased and it's sad how he claims Apples major phone from LAST YEAR has The S20 ultra beat in so many categories! First off that camera setup on the 20 Ultra smoked the iphone easily in pic and video quality. The iphone does good pics but seeing it against the S20 ultra in person wasn't even close! He just likes the iPhone camera personally better, but it's not factually better. Also he clearly blindly believes the overly recycled Apple talking points about their A13 chips being so amazing and is faster than the one in the s20 ultra is straight up bullshit! My sons iphone lost every time we tested opened up apps and games on the S20. Not to mention even in all other areas like switching between programs, running, booting up websites, videos, social medial S20 Ultra was just easily faster. Oblivious fanboys always repeat the claim how the iphone doesn't need as much ram as competitors due to iOS and it's still faster is STRAIGHTUP A DAMN LIE against the 20 ultra. None of these phones feel anywhere near cheap at all. That elitist ass uppity comment about the S20 U feeling cheaper for any reason compared to the iPhone is a lame attempt to pass personal preference on how a premium phone feels as a straight up fact. Apple fanboys are still believing that their phones have the best, overall design and look. Those same old recycled to death Apple iOS talking points are so damn weak and full of shit! Every update All of these bullshit claims come from Apple and you fanboys just blindly believe it! Dumb shit like being 20% faster than the last iOS update and its improved battery life. Its The same shit every time with iOS you hardly get new useful features you notice or use. But you have the nerve to claim that standard ass weak shit is better than the feature heavy android 10 running on that S20 ultra? Man GTFOH with that shit! Did you even use that phone? I only have android 10 on my Note 10+ and this shit is amazing. But your biased ass opinions dont equal facts. You claim the S20 Ultra feels cheap because its a little lighter is straight up dumb. None of these majorpremium phones feel anywhere near cheap. I just spent several hours playing with all of thes phones at my local best buy. Apple fanboys always claim the iOS updates are so amazing and revolutionary and you said that's an advantage over the S20 Ultra running Android 10. Man GTFOH with that shit! You actually get new features that are incredibly useful with android updates especially 10 which I have on my Note 10+. That ios shit is always shit that's not even noticeable but you fanboys always eat up the shit. Bottom line it's so pathetic how much your cheerleading for a easily outmatched old device that couldn't beat some of the elite older flagships from Samsung, but to you the old 11 pro has the S20 Ultra beat in so many areas already. Jesus, I already know fanboys as diehard as you are going to orgasm all over yourselves when the iphone 12 comes out.

  52. Ace Kent

    Ace KentDag siden

    Apple is a better technology brand PERIOD. The specs don’t matter

  53. Arie

    ArieDag siden

    Really good review. I have a Note 9 and the upgrade bug is biting pretty hard but I've recently found a seed of interest in switching to Apple after being a solid Android user since the Galaxy S2 debuted. Now I'm all sorts of undecided on S20+, S20 ultra, 11pro, or wait until Note 20 and 5g capable iphone hit to decide. What a wonderful delimna though.

  54. Arie

    ArieDag siden

    I find Samsung not including a charger to match the capability of the device to be a really cheap move. It's the flagship of their flagships for crying out loud and the most expensive phone they've released.

  55. Deej Sub-zero

    Deej Sub-zeroDag siden

    Best review Eva!!

  56. taking down keyboard warriors

    taking down keyboard warriorsDag siden

    Apple has not released a 2020 iPhone yet and everything else is still trying to compete.

  57. Tuvalu Quality

    Tuvalu QualityDag siden

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  58. Pallabi Mandal

    Pallabi MandalDag siden

    S20 ultra is best

  59. dan jam

    dan jamDag siden

    Imma wait five years till I can afford it 🙃

  60. Somewhat Knowledgeable Geek

    Somewhat Knowledgeable GeekDag siden

    I have a PC with an RTX 2080 with an I7 and 16GB RAM. And that's enough to run most high end games at max settings on high resolution. It's laughable that a phone would even need this much. Definitely stick with the base with 12GB RAMif you get this. But even 12GB is ridiculous.