Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Impressions: 108 Megapixels!

Galaxy S20 Ultra is the "pro" of Samsung's lineup.
Galaxy S20 and S20+:
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  1. Mario Montúfar

    Mario Montúfar20 timer siden

    "S20 Ultra starting at $1399" Apple: Wait, that's illegal

  2. Kyle Andrew

    Kyle Andrew20 timer siden

    I'll stick with the S10 + for another 3 or 4 years. Epic phone. No new innovation here

  3. XpLiciT

    XpLiciT20 timer siden

    So I still have the note 9, I decided not to upgrade to the Note 10 plus primarily because I felt that it wasnt that much of a upgrade. But I just preordered the s20 and I love every feature of it. The s-pen is the only thing I'm losing but I never used it anyway. My question to you is do you think that the s20 will be a good choice? Since the note 9 is still such a great phone

  4. as d

    as d21 time siden

    Camera is crazy... and ugly

  5. M C

    M C21 time siden

    My galaxy s10 plus is absolutely still amazing for me.

  6. Bites Giga

    Bites Giga22 timer siden

    No matter how bigger space it will be difinetly shortage of space in future I mean when you taking lot of picture and video coz it has 108 mp resolution. Samsung never make a new unique mobile phone. It similar like Google pixel 4 or iPhone pro or something. They just copy other's idea and they try to make new phone. Sorry to say that.

  7. John Young

    John Young23 timer siden

    I am a die hard Samsung customer but they are getting crazy with these prices.

  8. Bayu Rhegiana

    Bayu Rhegiana23 timer siden

    Iphone " bbbut we have emoji"

  9. Darkaiso

    DarkaisoDag siden

    Most interested in the ultra, but probably going to upgrade to the s20 plus model from the s8+

  10. Ryan Edwards

    Ryan EdwardsDag siden

    This phone is insane.

  11. Daniel Hertzberg

    Daniel HertzbergDag siden

    "Subscibed" 🧐 7:31

  12. Emmanuel Marshall

    Emmanuel MarshallDag siden

    It doesn't convince me to upgrade my S10+

  13. Edgar Renje

    Edgar RenjeDag siden

    Instead of making "smaller" versions of their flagship devices (e, s or c), the normal ones are now the cut down.

  14. Fastrada

    FastradaDag siden

    Do you guys think they will make a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

  15. Fastrada

    FastradaDag siden

    Its crazy how galaxy just said fuck it lets make the best phone in history

  16. Fixyourowncredit.dontbescammed

    Fixyourowncredit.dontbescammedDag siden

    My favorite was the S5. I have the S10 now. Let me check out this video.

  17. LLOYD G

    LLOYD GDag siden

    Flossy Carter" S20 is a Certified Beast".

  18. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuDag siden

    The dislikes on this video are from people without souls.

  19. FunFactory

    FunFactoryDag siden

    Can we see Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

  20. Maseeha Ayub

    Maseeha AyubDag siden

    Do you all know it's not exactly a 108 MP AND NOT EVEN AN ACTUAL 10x zoom??

  21. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuDag siden

    Me: thinks my 16 megapixel camera is good Marques: 108 megapixels

  22. Monty P

    Monty PDag siden

    imagine spending over $1399 for a phone running android 🥴

  23. Monty P

    Monty PDag siden

    @Anxhela Selfo because android still lags even on the highest flagship phones, much easier to hack, much easier to get viruses, they don't have native RCS support that's even close to iMessage..too many reasons

  24. Anxhela Selfo

    Anxhela SelfoDag siden

    Why not?

  25. Julien Dodokal

    Julien DodokalDag siden

    7:30 I'm *SUBSCIBED* ! 😅

  26. Lasha Kurdadze

    Lasha KurdadzeDag siden

    ძმაკაცის მამას უნდოდა მარა ძაან ძვირი ჯდება ჯიგარო

  27. Hatori Ibuki

    Hatori IbukiDag siden


  28. GodsOfSeve/V

    GodsOfSeve/VDag siden

    The phone is ugly

  29. Adi Bilco

    Adi BilcoDag siden

    Always check comment section....

  30. WES

    WESDag siden

    0:22 I'm pretty sure the succession is: S10e = S20 S10 = S20+ S10+ = S20 Ultra

  31. Nish Dilhara

    Nish DilharaDag siden

    Whi spotted the neomorphism logo intro?

  32. Vell Sino

    Vell SinoDag siden

    I was gonna get the note 10 + but I think I just changed my mind

  33. Muhammad Harris

    Muhammad HarrisDag siden

    This phone has 16gb RAM and 512 gb ROM, while my laptop has 4 gb RAM and 320 gb Hardisk. 😉 😁

  34. Mustafa Al-baghdady

    Mustafa Al-baghdadyDag siden

    I'm happy with my galaxy s4

  35. Sam sar

    Sam sarDag siden

    I think 100x optical zoom story is a hoax. There are various parameters like white balance, saturation level,colour gamut, sharpness and above all size of image processing sensors which has to be very carefully looked at before designing a mega optical zoom.

  36. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyDag siden

    Can it run Crysis?

  37. Leezer

    LeezerDag siden

    Me: thinks my 16 megapixel camera is good Marques: 108 megapixels

  38. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyDag siden

    S20: 100x Zoom S30: Electron Microscope with Telescope

  39. Opeoluwa Olujimi JP

    Opeoluwa Olujimi JPDag siden

    The dislikes on this video are from people without souls.



    Missing the side curves on s20

  41. IamKane

    IamKaneDag siden

    Aye marques I saw you swiping from the edge to go back at 1:33 like it's a pixel 4 boi

  42. Freek Buddy

    Freek BuddyDag siden

    I want that 😭😭😭

  43. Fitness With Food

    Fitness With FoodDag siden

    Really we need 100 pixel camera in phone? An ugly looking camera bump up..I don't see any AI features in this mobile...why people spending huge money on mobile? Just for camera and 5g features spending $$$$$?

  44. Cannibal Ronny

    Cannibal RonnyDag siden

    because they have the money you idiot

  45. DE EU

    DE EUDag siden

    It's ok I guess.

  46. Диннер - Майнкрафт

    Диннер - МайнкрафтDag siden

    its so fat phone

  47. BAVER

    BAVERDag siden

    MB always hatin on Samsung, headed back to Lou peace

  48. Neil McGuy

    Neil McGuyDag siden

    haha i didnt go watch the other video

  49. Inspecktor F

    Inspecktor FDag siden

    My computer only has 8 GB of ram..

  50. Jamil

    JamilDag siden

    10 Years from now we're all going to be looking back at how ugly that huge camera is.

  51. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuDag siden

    Watching this on an A71. I feel poor.

  52. LT

    LTDag siden

    Are there any true innovators anymore? Samsung and iPhone looking more and more alike and stealing each other features and ideas. Although, i still like Samsung better.

  53. Dédé

    DédéDag siden

    108 megapixels but shitty photos just like the iphone 11. You CAN'T HAVE GREAT PHOTOS WITH A SENSOR THE SIZE OF A CONFETTI. Just don't listen to this commercial shit, and buy a Ricoh GR if you want a real quality camera in your pocket.

  54. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuDag siden

    Se tive brasileiro da um like

  55. Muh Uma

    Muh UmaDag siden

    S20: 100x Zoom S30: Electron Microscope with Telescope

  56. Fajar Ponco

    Fajar PoncoDag siden

    Can it run Crysis?

  57. Jaswinder Bansal

    Jaswinder BansalDag siden

    This phone is definitely for the perverts and peeping toms lol

  58. darkprince56

    darkprince562 dager siden

    I just want my headphone jack

  59. darkprince56

    darkprince562 dager siden

    I still have my S8 and while I really like it, I was over the curved screen reeeal quick 🙄 and I also don't want to upgrade because of the missing headphone jack, ever increasing prices, ugly notches or cameras directly on the screen (instead of being hidden in the bezel) and the removal of expandable memory to force me to buy a higher gb phone.

  60. Sheishi Games

    Sheishi Games2 dager siden

    I just got the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G then they release this jesus.

  61. Danish Ahmed

    Danish Ahmed2 dager siden

    Did he really think that we skip this vid to watch s10 vid!

  62. Sky Band

    Sky Band2 dager siden

    Still not a fan of a front-facing camera cutout.

  63. bak j

    bak j2 dager siden

    Galaxy S20 = NO-gosr's must have item

  64. Mayyhem Martin

    Mayyhem Martin2 dager siden

    I'm still enjoying my note 8

  65. REASON℠

    REASON℠2 dager siden

    When your phone has twice the RAM of your PC lol

  66. aritra 05

    aritra 052 dager siden

    It can Kamehameha the iPhones..... For now.... And it will continue.... This is the circle of life

  67. Emanuel Alves

    Emanuel Alves2 dager siden

    Se tive brasileiro da um like

  68. Ongo Gablogian

    Ongo Gablogian2 dager siden

    Watching this on an A71. I feel poor.

  69. KTA Motoc

    KTA Motoc2 dager siden

    Beautiful on the front... one of the ugliest on the rear... 🎛