Samurai & Shogun (Rick and Morty) | adult swim

Drunken life, dreamy death. #RickandMortyAnime
Rick and Morty returns May 3 to Adult Swim.
Director/Script: Kaichi Sato
Cast: Yohei Tadano (Rick WTM72)
Keisuke Chiba (Shogun Morty)
Executive Producer: Maki Terashima-Furuta MakiTerashima
Producer: Koji Iijima (Studio DEEN)
Production: Studio DEEN
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  1. khight puny

    khight punyTime siden


  2. Sean Andrew

    Sean Andrew2 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="22">0:22</a> anybody else recognize that whispery-type sound?😉

  3. Poseidoon

    Poseidoon3 timer siden

    That some good stuff right there 😂

  4. Assozial Nətwork

    Assozial Nətwork3 timer siden

    I don´t get it. It also bores me too much to really watch it through. I do it more like watching 3 seconds....boring (click)...uhu 2 minutes still boring (click)....3 minutes boring btw. when comes the shotgun? (click) 4 and 5 minutes boring boring (click click). Writing a comment starting with:" I don´t get it".

  5. Keel Umbra

    Keel Umbra4 timer siden

    me seeing them in space: they could of made a Moonmen joke here *The Moonmen show up*: ah shit.

  6. Haytham Alexander

    Haytham Alexander7 timer siden

    It is the Universe where everybody is a samurai, obviously!

  7. Chalunton .4

    Chalunton .47 timer siden

    Why i think to batman samurai?

  8. T Misa

    T Misa7 timer siden

    The director's interview on Arab news!

  9. TheÖmerOsman

    TheÖmerOsman8 timer siden

    hey Pls Relesae the ending song

  10. TheÖmerOsman

    TheÖmerOsman8 timer siden

    ending song realy cool

  11. I commented

    I commented9 timer siden

    Isn't this canon


    CRYZEN RAVEN10 timer siden

    This scene reminds me of the game called "TENCHU" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> "RIKIMARU ABILITY"

  13. Rody Willems

    Rody Willems11 timer siden

    How tf is this monetized

  14. sorry I'm different

    sorry I'm different14 timer siden

    They should really make a Rick and Morty anime like this

  15. Starseed .the. Gaian

    Starseed .the. Gaian14 timer siden

    Hey Justin R. Please take a break on Solar opposites and focus all your genius on Rick and Morty please

  16. Eshan Divecha

    Eshan Divecha17 timer siden

    yo studio deen made this holy shit this was amazing

  17. Sry_banana

    Sry_banana17 timer siden

    Rick And Morty: The samurai quest

  18. Great Jävän

    Great Jävän20 timer siden

    Is this that Naruto that everybody loves?

  19. Mano Paulo

    Mano Paulo21 time siden


  20. Mabio Barroso

    Mabio Barroso21 time siden

    Lobo solitário

  21. Sandy Maok

    Sandy Maok22 timer siden

    This would make a great anime

  22. tmoney98

    tmoney98Dag siden

    OG this got Sekiro written all over it <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> Chained Ogre DEATHBLOW!!!

  23. Andres Flores

    Andres FloresDag siden

    Theey really need to makee a Rick andd Morty game soon, this would be an insanely amazing masterpiece of a game

  24. Jiahao Li

    Jiahao LiDag siden

    Ehm I don't like 3d rick

  25. Egg Morp

    Egg MorpDag siden

    who the fuck's idea was this

  26. Drubty

    DrubtyDag siden

    no one absolutly no one Adult Swim : rick shippuden

  27. TheStrongVirus

    TheStrongVirusDag siden

    After completing Sekiro, I watched this. Then I saw a trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, I rewatched this. It’s a sign!

  28. Polmarck Acenas

    Polmarck AcenasDag siden


  29. BossManJugg

    BossManJuggDag siden

    I think we need a Rick & Morty Movie

  30. Lowell Sandy

    Lowell SandyDag siden

    Production:The blood cost we didn’t care

  31. Kerim

    KerimDag siden

    Rick had to do a flying cut that would of been so cool!

  32. Rafael Suprayogi

    Rafael SuprayogiDag siden

    Imagine instead of ninja Rick, it was Citadel rick

  33. fabian 278

    fabian 278Dag siden

    rick and morty are reminding me of zoro from one piece

  34. turtle senpai

    turtle senpaiDag siden

    Oh shit it's anime rick and morty

  35. Cameron Bremner

    Cameron Bremner2 dager siden

    Has anyone actually noticed this is also a Spoof of Lone Wolf and Cub?

  36. Zawias !

    Zawias !2 dager siden

    why did i read "samurai and shotgun"

  37. game vibe

    game vibe2 dager siden

    Liv life live

  38. game vibe

    game vibe2 dager siden

    Reasoning a lo wiji ki

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    game vibe2 dager siden

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  48. Mladen YT

    Mladen YT2 dager siden

    C 1 37 comes out of nowhere and blasts them all in the head

  49. game vibe

    game vibe2 dager siden

    Bye in stat a lo maximum safety and immunity a a li stat on a

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    game vibe2 dager siden

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  52. david vincent

    david vincent2 dager siden

    Nice orchestral and dramatic version of the R&M theme !

  53. Nabi Khan

    Nabi Khan2 dager siden

    Since when the fuck did rick and morty look 3D

  54. Darren Hugo

    Darren Hugo2 dager siden

    Nobody is talking about how greatly animates this is

  55. Arison santana

    Arison santana2 dager siden


  56. Leider Manjarres

    Leider Manjarres2 dager siden

    Estos son cortos o en verdad son partes de la serie, no entiendo

  57. Mardyn Kazlyatnik

    Mardyn Kazlyatnik2 dager siden


  58. HYEON's

    HYEON's2 dager siden

    Moonman is that you?

  59. Why Not

    Why Not2 dager siden

    hey guys,Those are awesome for rick and morty fans,you view those certainly if there are things like those,can you suggest me?pls

  60. Dakim A. Stockton

    Dakim A. Stockton2 dager siden

    Lone Rick and Morty!

  61. Seth Queen

    Seth Queen2 dager siden

    What in the actual hell

  62. someasiankid

    someasiankid2 dager siden

    this looks like it was made in dreams

  63. Sway

    Sway3 dager siden

    Hold up I dont remember any of this in season 4. Where is this from?

  64. Jason Romero

    Jason Romero3 dager siden

    Getting Sao vibes

  65. Nathaniel Lord

    Nathaniel Lord3 dager siden

    Bahahahaha LOVE THE RETURN

  66. Craig Dennis

    Craig Dennis3 dager siden

    Rick Dandy Demon Slayer

  67. Ken K

    Ken K3 dager siden


  68. Maple syrup

    Maple syrup3 dager siden

    Morty looked like he's on South Park

  69. Ethan Duko

    Ethan Duko3 dager siden

    best anime 2020

  70. Nikolaos Velissarakos

    Nikolaos Velissarakos3 dager siden

    this looks identical to ninja scroll...

  71. 納豆仮面

    納豆仮面3 dager siden


  72. Zyren Wolf

    Zyren Wolf4 dager siden

    technically rick is a ronin, as a samurai is a japanese warrior with a master. I doubt rick would have a master so he is a ronin, a samurai without his master

  73. KOB Entertainment

    KOB Entertainment4 dager siden

    I like rick an morty but this some real weabu shit

  74. Enrico Cvik

    Enrico Cvik4 dager siden

    Fart bombs

  75. Payton Alesna

    Payton Alesna4 dager siden

    He’s just Isshin from Sekiro

  76. Ink Knave102

    Ink Knave1024 dager siden


  77. Elesa Knowles

    Elesa Knowles5 dager siden

    Lone wolf and cub manga reference !!!

  78. Dom Williams

    Dom Williams5 dager siden

    This Reminds me of The duel from halo legends cartoon

  79. That Lonely meatball

    That Lonely meatball5 dager siden

    Nobody: North: uhhhhhhhhh

  80. Craze

    Craze5 dager siden

    And he turned himself into a samurai, it was the funniest shit ever