See New Year's Eve celebrations around the world

For one night the world comes together and celebrates new beginnings. Here's how different countries are celebrating 2020. #CNN #News


  1. Lamarco Player

    Lamarco Player2 dager siden

    2019 The Decade We Lost Michael as part of the Death Comes In Threes human connection on Saturday, November 23, 2013 6 Years Ago

  2. Hudson Bell

    Hudson Bell6 dager siden

    I live in USA

  3. Dennis Miller

    Dennis Miller27 dager siden


  4. Uzair Arshad

    Uzair Arshad28 dager siden

    Me: 2020 can’t be that bad 2020: ww3, Australia burning, Australia flooding, corona virus, Kobe Bryant’s death and it’s only January

  5. Bharath Ravi

    Bharath RaviMåned siden

    India's fireworks is great

  6. Dunyanin 1 Ucunda

    Dunyanin 1 UcundaMåned siden

    Waste of money and bad for the environment. Need to do something else. What do you think?

  7. nabas kanal!

    nabas kanal!Måned siden

    Happy New Year😊

  8. Who likes beans

    Who likes beansMåned siden

    Hey, how does Don StinkyFinger Lemon like my racist rainbow of diversity? 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌👌🏾👌🏿 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌👌🏾👌🏿 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌👌🏾👌🏿 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌👌🏾👌🏿 👌🏻👌🏼👌🏽👌👌🏾👌🏿

  9. Lety G

    Lety GMåned siden

    New York had the wimpiest fireworks haha

  10. Past the boundaries of awesome

    Past the boundaries of awesomeMåned siden


  11. R C

    R CMåned siden

    Happy New year CNN. Another horrible year of ratings on the way.

  12. Old Gamer

    Old GamerMåned siden


  13. jonathan bourdajaud

    jonathan bourdajaudMåned siden

    Happy News Year From France ♥♥

  14. augustino munika

    augustino munikaMåned siden

    Why cant they show Africa?!!!!

  15. John K

    John KMåned siden

    If Trump wasn’t the President, we supposed to have flying cars by now

  16. Artisma Graphics

    Artisma GraphicsMåned siden

    The actual title: See New Year's Eve celebrations around the world *except Africa*

  17. Trinidad Dacanay

    Trinidad DacanayMåned siden

    Happy new year from philippines

  18. Gabriel Guerro

    Gabriel GuerroMåned siden

    The start of a new decade may god bless us ( the human race) , give us peace love and freedom

  19. mimiislam05

    mimiislam05Måned siden


  20. Valik J.

    Valik J.Måned siden

    I was at the gym lmao

  21. Aymen

    AymenMåned siden

    They celebrate the new year on N.Korea . I taught they have only the juche callendar .

  22. Gary

    GaryMåned siden

    At least CNN had the decency not to show Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen going down on each other !

  23. Lysol

    LysolMåned siden

    Happy New Year from Pyongyang, Nor-- *** BANG ***

  24. Plutot Crever

    Plutot CreverMåned siden

    Happy New Year, CNN. Thanks for the laughs. You lost 30% of your audience in 2018 then 32% in 2019 and you're now in 22nd place (latest numbers) on Neilsen. CNN was on 15th place in 2018. You clearly are a propaganda outlet financed by people who don't care about profitability.

  25. Selena Galindo

    Selena GalindoMåned siden

    2019: Ight Ima head out 2020: Ight Ima head in

  26. Coco Taveras

    Coco TaverasMåned siden

    Selena Galindo YEP

  27. Joshua K

    Joshua KMåned siden

    Newpy year happ

  28. Brad Rich

    Brad RichMåned siden

    Maybe everything on cnn isn’t fake.

  29. Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

    Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and MoreMåned siden

    Music and fireworks do not go well together.

  30. Olivia Belrose

    Olivia BelroseMåned siden

    I got chills so bad when I watched this video

  31. Gods Klanof

    Gods KlanofMåned siden

    You won't believe your eyes, check here:

  32. CMo

    CMoMåned siden

    What's the carbon footprint for fireworks?

  33. Fatih

    FatihMåned siden


  34. Emerio Manzano

    Emerio ManzanoMåned siden

    Happy New Year!!

  35. Marcel Fernandes

    Marcel FernandesMåned siden

    happy new year from Brazil, here the fireworks throughout the country on the new year's eve celebrations are such a blast.i waas so glad to see new year's eve celebration from brazil here on this channel .

  36. Hooper Gaming

    Hooper GamingMåned siden

    I remember 2019 like it was yesterday...

  37. Aiman Ghazi

    Aiman GhaziMåned siden


  38. james west

    james westMåned siden

    Well, lets get back to impeaching!!! LMFAO!!! You are all a bunch of god damn losers!!! Cant wait for your next new year video!! Trump will be President and you will be crying!!! See you next year!!! LMFAO!!! God Damn Losers!!

  39. d11zy

    d11zyMåned siden

    boi this comment is from 2020

  40. J

    JMåned siden

    Each country Git huge fire work and here in New York we drop a ball ? 😂 😂 😂

  41. Plutot Crever

    Plutot CreverMåned siden

    Happy New Year, CNN. Thanks for the laughs. You lost 30% of your audience in 2018 then 32% in 2019 and you're now in 22nd place (latest numbers) on Neilsen. CNN was on 15th place in 2018. You clearly are a propaganda outlet financed by people who don't care about profitability.

  42. PatŽan

    PatŽanMåned siden

  43. Ruben Espinoza

    Ruben EspinozaMåned siden

    A CNN that's has less dislikes it usually has!

  44. The Commenter Version

    The Commenter VersionMåned siden

    Rip decade. Full of good memes and ok music

  45. Al Shabob

    Al ShabobMåned siden

    The pissed off communists stayed home on new years last night.

  46. fanobennemsi

    fanobennemsiMåned siden

    CNN = Colossal Narcissistic Nonsense. Lowest ratings ever.

  47. Saurabh Shah

    Saurabh ShahMåned siden

    It's funny how all the technology you see is from the last decade, so after midnight it automatically became old.

  48. Major Steve Austin

    Major Steve AustinMåned siden

    Killary Klinton Killed Epstein

  49. Kumutha Pillay

    Kumutha PillayMåned siden

    Happy New year from South Africa 🎉❤️🤗

  50. Dr painkiller

    Dr painkillerMåned siden

    So Africa is not part of the world??? @cnn

  51. John Zoidberg

    John ZoidbergMåned siden

    Song name? Common fake news where are you credits. Edit: It's called "Auld Lang Syne". Thanks Google!

  52. Dirt Ball

    Dirt BallMåned siden

    In america, 50 percent of americans who are socialist losers celebrate by watching the state sanctioned, sanitized, ball dropping and cracking unfunny jokes. It's so pathetic and sad.

  53. CQCumberZ

    CQCumberZMåned siden

    These niggas in New York really out here wearin planet fitness hats

  54. Flora Kagan

    Flora KaganMåned siden

    New Yorks Celebration ball drop was LAME, really LAME.

  55. Steve

    SteveMåned siden

    That's just the solar-based New Year celebration, I'm still on the hook for the lunar new year celebrations.

  56. CJ Pascua

    CJ PascuaMåned siden

    France had the best firework show tbh

  57. qwaqe

    qwaqeMåned siden

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  58. danny whitney

    danny whitneyMåned siden

    you're such a corrupt fake news bunch of garbage you're a disgrace to America and the world in a communist socialist network of fake garbage with reporters that aren't even real reporters they don't report news just communist socialist propaganda you're a corrupt little scumbag network of liars and you will be removed from America you're a disgrace to this country

  59. Kelly McShane

    Kelly McShaneMåned siden

    New Years? Focus on 24hr Trump. Ease don't deviate from Trump.

  60. spiderman

    spidermanMåned siden

    Over here where I am, fireworks are illegal.

  61. xtopher alan foster

    xtopher alan fosterMåned siden

    It's not a new decade until 12:01am 2021 Like the new millennium 12:01am 2001

  62. foreigner fan

    foreigner fanMåned siden

    Great to see the USA doing great again. Happy new year from Toronto