Shelvey STUNS Man City to clinch draw | Newcastle 2-2 Manchester City | Premier League Highlights

Jonjo Shelvey's second half equaliser clinches a vital point for Newcastle in an action packed match at Newcastle's home arena.
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  1. CSL TV

    CSL TV20 dager siden

    1:48 that was sensational.

  2. Jayjaygaming_06_NUFC

    Jayjaygaming_06_NUFC22 dager siden


  3. Perfectly Sliced Egg

    Perfectly Sliced EggMåned siden

    I've watched that KDB goal 10 times. Its so frickin amazing.

  4. Thomas Brown

    Thomas BrownMåned siden

    anyone see when de buryne scored he celebrated by calling nufc fans wankas with his wrist

  5. Salma Shaheen

    Salma ShaheenMåned siden

    Fair play

  6. David  Morris

    David MorrisMåned siden

    Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by!

  7. Alfie 2007

    Alfie 2007Måned siden

    It’s coming home its coming home its coming home To Anfield

  8. No comment

    No commentMåned siden

    So many draws

  9. nigel castle

    nigel castleMåned siden


  10. Agyena Osei

    Agyena OseiMåned siden

    Debruyne goal of the season

  11. Larry Moorehouse

    Larry MoorehouseMåned siden

    I am a liverpool fan but I think de bruyne at 1:47 has goal of the year

  12. Boys who Review the toys

    Boys who Review the toysMåned siden

    Not at 1:56 it’s at 1:49

  13. Boys who Review the toys

    Boys who Review the toysMåned siden

    At 1:56 Kevin debroiner gives a sign to the Newcastle fans

  14. leeleelee00

    leeleelee00Måned siden

    De bruyne and shelvey great goals

  15. Paulv_04

    Paulv_04Måned siden

    Dubravka is underrated. He nearly stopped kdbs finish just too powerful. He tipped it onto the bar but still went in.

  16. TheSm1thers

    TheSm1thersMåned siden

    Congratulations agent Shelvey on a job well done. Report back to the LiVARpool HQ at Stockley Park for your £5m reward.

  17. hedleyvii

    hedleyviiMåned siden

    3 cracking goals there. Class result for the toon

  18. L R

    L RMåned siden

    De Bruyne is world class

  19. Allsorts Of Everything

    Allsorts Of EverythingMåned siden

    Jesus has to be one of, if not the worst forward player to come from brazil.

  20. Stale Tinapay

    Stale TinapayMåned siden

    Unpopular opinion, Skips are the worst crisp there is

  21. MadLad Oye

    MadLad OyeMåned siden

    Newcastle's equaliser way better than city's first goal, did the commentator mention it - No. My point? well its this - there always pulling flowers out of the city's players arses, always have.

  22. Metal 1

    Metal 1Måned siden

    I still enjoy telling Liverpool fans that Newcastle cost them the title last season 😂

  23. steverfc7

    steverfc7Måned siden

    Man city will finish 2nd in league for 10 years in a row

  24. Francisc Ferenczi

    Francisc FerencziMåned siden

    them 2 goals tho...masteclass...

  25. Jerry Rawlings

    Jerry RawlingsMåned siden

    Commentator 1:01 Speared that in yeah you taking the piss mate your deep down subconscious is showing.

  26. Its Jordan

    Its JordanMåned siden

    Shelvey hold my beer

  27. Curt

    CurtMåned siden

    Yes they got really STUNNED

  28. Jayden kenn

    Jayden kennMåned siden

    I don’t get it😟 we beat united, spurs and drew against city but can’t beat Aston Villa. Like cmon boys

  29. Big lad 200

    Big lad 200Måned siden

    Jonjo shelvey is another level off talent when it comes to shooting that man is special

  30. JamieG321

    JamieG321Måned siden

    Unpopular opinion: the de Brune goal was luck

  31. DKG 1

    DKG 1Måned siden

    De bruyne’s volley was way better, the timing, power and precision he had to do perfectly and he was being closed down as well

  32. Pistol Pete

    Pistol PeteMåned siden

    We are the GEORDIES

  33. ray dixon

    ray dixonMåned siden

    Blimey debryne

  34. gaz gaffa

    gaz gaffaMåned siden

    Jonjo still a red

  35. Toxic Tfyik

    Toxic TfyikMåned siden

    Up the Jonjo (Newcastle is my 2nd team btw)

  36. Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun GuardMåned siden

    Gabriel Jesus should leave City

  37. Tahem Ahmed

    Tahem AhmedMåned siden

    Man raheem is sick

  38. Shultz Ey

    Shultz EyMåned siden

    Is that stone cold Steve Austin? Did he score 3 in 16 minutes

  39. Zaid Rahma

    Zaid RahmaMåned siden

    Man city needs a new goalie

  40. Ryan Neill

    Ryan NeillMåned siden

    No doubt Pep will be spending £500mil in January LOOOOOL

  41. Jason j

    Jason jMåned siden

    City are a joke of a club.

  42. lfc lll lll

    lfc lll lllMåned siden

    Newcastle are man citys weekness

  43. Matt James

    Matt JamesMåned siden

    Hate this commentator. So OtT.

  44. Gloria Kongolo

    Gloria KongoloMåned siden

    Flat. 17. Sheridan. Court. Ridgewood. Avenue. Manchester. Gangster. Saheed. Soleye. Cause. Problems. Harassment. Bullying. , discrimination. Abuse. People

  45. Arlo Brooks

    Arlo BrooksMåned siden

    SHELVEYY ⚪⚫⚪⚫

  46. Davey Hal

    Davey HalMåned siden

    Goal of the season from De Bruyne. Superb strike!

  47. Jordan Hurren

    Jordan HurrenMåned siden

    Shelvey looks like a polish prison guard

  48. Ronan McHugh

    Ronan McHughMåned siden

    Jajajajajajajajah man shity

  49. Samuel Southall

    Samuel SouthallMåned siden

    2:11 it was like the wolves Aston villa neves goal

  50. Nk Ndebele

    Nk NdebeleMåned siden

    De bruyne’s volley is similar to Rodriguez’s World Cup volley

  51. Steven Hickman

    Steven HickmanMåned siden

    Shelvey worst player in the prem embarrassing result for City While Liverpool get outplayed alot and still win Brighton battered them for long periods! Liverpool have won the league somehow

  52. Stephen Rice

    Stephen RiceMåned siden

    Premier trophy look really good with red ribbons on it ,,, ha ha ha

  53. Stephen Rice

    Stephen RiceMåned siden

    @Young Jazz young Manc are you from Manchester or are you another city new fan,,,, and tell me , are the 11 Points hurting you

  54. Stephen Rice

    Stephen RiceMåned siden

    @Young Jazz mate I'll be celebrating may ,,, when the title is sitting in anfield trophy cabinet right next to champions league,,,, yous will be back to mind table team soon ,,,, no pedigree Jesus yous were in the third division a few yrs ago,,,, when yous were a real club ,,,, ps I also have it on good authority from a Scouse academy player at city ,, that sooner or later deybrune will be at liverpool

  55. Stephen Rice

    Stephen RiceMåned siden

    @Young Jazz Not older than me I'm 54,,, Ive attended 4 European cup finals something you'll never do ,,,, your club is a plastic flash in the pan ,,, pep losing the dressing room and will be at psg soon ,,, he always goes where the money is cos it guarantees success,,,, plastic man plastic clubs ,,,, city will never be the culture and class liverpool are ,,, we are massive,,, only man u come close,,,, no one else

  56. Stephen Rice

    Stephen RiceMåned siden

    @Young Jazz the gap will be 13 Points on Wednesday when we beat Everton 1,0 with a 97th minute penalty,,, after Everton having 2 goals chalked off by v a r

  57. Stephen Rice

    Stephen RiceMåned siden

    @Young Jazz one thing for certain Manc,,, what ever happens city won't win it ,,, must be doin your head in all our narrow wins ,,, city won't get 85points fact xxx

  58. Kushma Khatun

    Kushma KhatunMåned siden

    De Bruyne: Me win Puscas Shelvey: Hold my Jonjos

  59. hd31

    hd31Måned siden

    I don’t know why Liverpool got rid of shelvey was a bit of a hot head but a great bench player better than llalana.

  60. Mr. Wig.

    Mr. Wig.Måned siden

    Awesome highlights

  61. Sami Bashir

    Sami BashirMåned siden

    Feels like I’m playing pes

  62. Andy Gibson

    Andy GibsonMåned siden

    Was at the match that mendy is one hell of a player for them

  63. Sac

    SacMåned siden

    Guardiola out ... From a life long City fan

  64. Point Blank

    Point BlankMåned siden

    Man city 😂😂😂😝😝😝

  65. Kino

    KinoMåned siden

    That goal by DeBruyne and that last save by Newcastle goalkeeper. Just wow!