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  1. Luke Steiner

    Luke Steiner2 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a>:47 STRAYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dhruv Tiwari

    Dhruv Tiwari2 timer siden

    I feel a little bad for Ethan cause both Vikk and Simon have had an awesome time and he is just shagged

  3. Chloe Fisk

    Chloe Fisk2 timer siden

    purple team looked more fun tbhhhh

  4. L10N3L M355I

    L10N3L M355I2 timer siden

    Yoga comes from India

  5. Super Lwandle Tekkers

    Super Lwandle Tekkers3 timer siden

    This really helping me during the lock down

  6. Super Lwandle Tekkers

    Super Lwandle Tekkers3 timer siden

    This a real movie man! Josh should get an award for the best film director


    THE GAMER NATION3 timer siden


  8. Oscar Sherratt

    Oscar Sherratt3 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3226">53:46</a> vik sounds like morgz 😂

  9. Purple Ops01

    Purple Ops013 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> why do I find Vikk so funny lol

  10. Bilsev Basaranoglu

    Bilsev Basaranoglu3 timer siden

    do one for asia and go to turkey

  11. Teh_AquaKnight

    Teh_AquaKnight3 timer siden

    Wow, um... 2 hours?

  12. Haddock And Chips

    Haddock And Chips3 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2215">36:55</a> Me in my Spanish gcse speaking exam

  13. Mr. Buffalo

    Mr. Buffalo4 timer siden

    Guiris like Spain jajajajaja

  14. Mr. Buffalo

    Mr. Buffalo4 timer siden

    NO CAP I live in alicante llike 2 km away from Benidorm. Kinda cool they came here


    HBNPXYT S4 timer siden

    I am in quarantine and am watching this because the sidemen never bore me

  16. Neal Ridenour

    Neal Ridenour4 timer siden

    ksi/jj take me with u plz

  17. Garrett Knott

    Garrett Knott4 timer siden

    why am I just now seeing this

  18. Laura Fawcett

    Laura Fawcett4 timer siden

    The grass

  19. yung.ugly.duclin

    yung.ugly.duclin4 timer siden

    thus us how many people feel bad for ethan

  20. Mason Vallejo

    Mason Vallejo5 timer siden

    I was vibing when jj started singing the halo theme song

  21. MrFasteddy2010

    MrFasteddy20106 timer siden

    😙hi zone

  22. Spidey Galaxy

    Spidey Galaxy6 timer siden

    Honestly i wanna be on the purple team I mean they had loads of fun

  23. Brian Acuna

    Brian Acuna6 timer siden

    Does anyone know the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:40

  24. Mia Valenzuela

    Mia Valenzuela7 timer siden

    While the orange team is having fun the purple the is still hoping for the 20000 one hahahah

  25. Humanhurricane 67

    Humanhurricane 677 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1134">18:54</a> morg’s mom checking out JJ

  26. 3LewisFN

    3LewisFN7 timer siden

    Is it me or is ethans team security guard trying to get In the shot all the time

  27. Tik tok addictions

    Tik tok addictions9 timer siden

    @vikstar123 bro u mad

  28. Leonardo Sirkia

    Leonardo Sirkia10 timer siden

    i have been to malaga and its great

  29. Bellaandahalf YT

    Bellaandahalf YT11 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="483">8:03</a> that transition confused me

  30. l l b r x d l l

    l l b r x d l l11 timer siden

    Anyone else re-watching this in their quarantine?

  31. Baltazar Krilic

    Baltazar Krilic13 timer siden

    Who else is sorry for the black guy on the purple team

  32. Isha Tamae

    Isha Tamae13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a>:15 I have the same playsuit as her 😂 it's from primark

  33. alexandra carreon

    alexandra carreon13 timer siden

    can we have more episodes

  34. Harrybo Games

    Harrybo Games13 timer siden


  35. Kyra Bartram

    Kyra Bartram14 timer siden

    i have an isue, it is 11.30 at night and i wanna watch the whole video BUT i dont plan going to bed at 1.30 :(

  36. Michael Ball

    Michael Ball14 timer siden

    OMG so good But 2 hours of my time really.

  37. Kyron H

    Kyron H14 timer siden

    20 mil views but not only 7.62 mil subs. How does that work🧐

  38. Ethan J Brown

    Ethan J Brown14 timer siden

    I’m from Newcastle unfortunately I can’t tell the difference between Benidorm nighttime and Newcastle nighttime

  39. Ethan J Brown

    Ethan J Brown14 timer siden

    Geordie boys

  40. Allexx2474

    Allexx247415 timer siden

    No one Literally No one All the Sidemen: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="399">6:39</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a> oOoH

  41. Lindo IG

    Lindo IG15 timer siden

    Liverpool the best man

  42. Meme lord Grave

    Meme lord Grave16 timer siden

    Do this in America but 1,000 vs 1,000,000

  43. SpokeR

    SpokeR16 timer siden

    What song is it at the end? (In the outro)

  44. Dhruv Moolani

    Dhruv Moolani16 timer siden

    Guys this is the video that should hit a million likes.

  45. AbsoluteUnitt Boi

    AbsoluteUnitt Boi16 timer siden

    $100 quarantine vs $10,000 quarantine next?

  46. Spidey Galaxy

    Spidey Galaxy17 timer siden

    I hv no friends :(

  47. Matteo Jaeger

    Matteo Jaeger17 timer siden


  48. The Fabulous Feedback Band

    The Fabulous Feedback Band18 timer siden

    Ethan’s still got the scar on his head from the road trip video

  49. Mattie Suleman

    Mattie Suleman18 timer siden

    Ethan called everything but what team they were on

  50. bobthebullde1239

    bobthebullde123919 timer siden

    Toby has been on the good side every time he deserves it

  51. Craig Jamieson

    Craig Jamieson19 timer siden

    When Harry said “ have a sniff it’s lovely” we all thought the same thing 😂😂

  52. Rahul D’Souza

    Rahul D’Souza19 timer siden

    Josh even made it worse by putting a crying baby on their flight home

  53. SWIFT Smash

    SWIFT Smash20 timer siden

    JJ: THERE’S TWO POOLS! Josh: There’s three, actually

  54. TheRealHilmiYT

    TheRealHilmiYT20 timer siden

    Why is this *2 HOURS LONG*

  55. 49erfaithful

    49erfaithful20 timer siden

    they should've brought the orange team on the yacht

  56. 4life4win

    4life4win21 time siden

    KSI can sing Halo! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a>:30

  57. Darcey Mallon

    Darcey Mallon21 time siden

    Hi 👋

  58. Phantom Ninja

    Phantom Ninja21 time siden

    Who heard josh say owinj <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a>

  59. 31 We're

    31 We're22 timer siden

    When wonderwall came on 😎😎😎

  60. Elite s Vlogs

    Elite s Vlogs22 timer siden

    Do one in America after corona

  61. Jazmine Corkill

    Jazmine Corkill22 timer siden

    harry hugging josh at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2725">45:25</a> is the most wholesome thing ever omg

  62. Janus Kjølbro

    Janus Kjølbro23 timer siden

    Remake this video same teams

  63. brody maeda

    brody maeda23 timer siden

    love the logan paul colorblind music

  64. Ruby Annett

    Ruby Annett23 timer siden

    Just me who thinks that Harry would be the funnest to go on holiday or just a day out with. Like he’s literally up for anything

  65. gwenneth matizanhau

    gwenneth matizanhauDag siden

    Guys be careful Corona virus I wish that was me on holiday oh wait the virus

  66. Oli Daccus

    Oli DaccusDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="605">10:05</a> viks face 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Daisy Cameron

    Daisy CameronDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3175">52:55</a> good harmonies fr tho

  68. Ruby Annett

    Ruby AnnettDag siden

    Brooo I just looked up the luxury villa and it said it’s 14 mil 😳

  69. Uf fe

    Uf feDag siden

    Tobi has a nice singing voice

  70. Ren Hakeem

    Ren HakeemDag siden

    How is the $200 have a yacht???

  71. Matthew Harley

    Matthew HarleyDag siden

    Bet JJ goes home and there’s a massive chunk of his money missing

  72. Vetle Kjerstison

    Vetle KjerstisonDag siden

    Imagine a holiday video, where they pair up two and two, and spread around different continents

  73. Samantha Wearne

    Samantha WearneDag siden


  74. DietSprunk

    DietSprunkDag siden

    Puta madre does not mean nice

  75. Lucia Pivarciova

    Lucia PivarciovaDag siden

    Do another

  76. Blur- Fernsy

    Blur- FernsyDag siden

    I actually hate vick

  77. Alexis Muñoz

    Alexis MuñozDag siden

    Sum dude:JJ como estas? JJ: SI!!!

  78. Jacob Brandmeier

    Jacob BrandmeierDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="569">9:29</a> jake Paul humor

  79. YoRgYsHmOrGy

    YoRgYsHmOrGyDag siden

    I don't think they know what "Puta madre" really means

  80. Jamison

    JamisonDag siden

    i’ve literally watched this 4 times