Welcome to the Sidemen choosing my workout challenge, I hate my friends. Remember to click the link below for up to 70% off in the Gymshark Blackout Event.
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  1. Formout

    FormoutDag siden

    AFC sidemates ?

  2. Dylan Widner

    Dylan Widner2 dager siden

    He looks like the dude from CarThrottle now😂😂😂

  3. Special Ed-kid

    Special Ed-kid3 dager siden

    Nice tattoo bud

  4. AirFlux

    AirFlux3 dager siden

    I love you’re videos, you inspired me to do NO-gos, just want to say Thankyou.

  5. S emir Omega

    S emir Omega4 dager siden

    Try not to laugh?

  6. Michelle

    Michelle5 dager siden

    No one fucking cares about ur workout video’s

  7. milan-hoi

    milan-hoi5 dager siden

    I would have picked a nice challenge like this: Do 100 push ups in a row. You're only allowed to take a break if you can't continue, and the break can only be a maximum of 30 seconds.

  8. Mokal Momo

    Mokal Momo7 dager siden

    let's go champ

  9. Aqua

    Aqua8 dager siden

    Says these joggers will get you a girlfriend Wheres ethans?

  10. Bhuvan Saraswat

    Bhuvan Saraswat10 dager siden

    I havent watched alot of ethans videos but i got madd respect for him for his transformation

  11. Stuart James Anderson

    Stuart James Anderson10 dager siden

    ,do more football videos with the sidemen

  12. Stimpy

    Stimpy10 dager siden

    West Ham vlogs ???

  13. James Cronin

    James Cronin11 dager siden

    Looks at watch* November *

  14. Daniel Piggott

    Daniel Piggott11 dager siden

    Music far too loud compared to the talking

  15. Joe Owen

    Joe Owen11 dager siden

    How long the sidemen be a thinga

  16. wec

    wec12 dager siden

    I honestly love ur vids I watch them all

  17. Jassim

    Jassim12 dager siden

    music is too loud

  18. RobotBlastGaming

    RobotBlastGaming12 dager siden

    Please do more WORKOUT videos, your work gives motivation on new exercises to do when I get back to the gym. I also currently workout at home with my weights and pull-ups and much more abs, tricep/bicep & endurance training (until the new gym opens where I will mostly attend to do each of my workouts in a active environment

  19. El Baron

    El Baron13 dager siden

    I like this Content 🙌 Big up Champ

  20. 1000 subscribers no video challange

    1000 subscribers no video challange13 dager siden

    u got all my respect my man

  21. Sammy Farbrother

    Sammy Farbrother13 dager siden

    Looked at his watch to say "it is now..... november" 🤣🤣

  22. Sean Likes food

    Sean Likes food13 dager siden

    Omg that is where we did our sports day! In dartford

  23. Ssj Bardock

    Ssj Bardock13 dager siden

    6:00 let's go champ

  24. Kingsley Lewis

    Kingsley Lewis13 dager siden

    In a dark world, you're light! Loving the workout vids mate

  25. B Puddy

    B Puddy13 dager siden

    U are a tosser now

  26. Minhazul Karim

    Minhazul Karim13 dager siden

    what is this dogshit editor. the voices are so low and then blasts music on full volume all of a sudden.

  27. Toby Jones

    Toby Jones13 dager siden

    Hey can u give me a shoutout pls torpedo smash utube thx

  28. B B

    B B13 dager siden

    Here before 1m views gang

  29. Imad Rahman

    Imad Rahman13 dager siden

    'Jide's stupid, spent half a mil on pokemon' Behzinga 2019

  30. BuBBle Giant

    BuBBle Giant13 dager siden

    Not being funny but you don’t have a girl friend so should people really take your jogger advise ???

  31. Senay Kahsay

    Senay Kahsay13 dager siden

    1 2 ....... 50!!!!

  32. delano131100

    delano13110013 dager siden

    Is it just me or is that time lapse music WAAAAAAAAay too loud

  33. Gabriella Dines

    Gabriella Dines14 dager siden

    Who's going to do the deed and comment what the work out was so I can screenshot it and do it myself some day BC I'm too lazy to find it on the video myself

  34. Anthony Caudron

    Anthony Caudron14 dager siden

    What the hell was that first scene

  35. Gavin Van Wyk

    Gavin Van Wyk14 dager siden

    Why have you not done your promises from the one chip challenge video It's sitting on 44 000 likes

  36. Fire _Raine

    Fire _Raine14 dager siden

    Quite doing that fucking ugly dance pls

  37. Cj and the guys

    Cj and the guys14 dager siden

    Does anyone know the song at 7:26 please

  38. Cj and the guys

    Cj and the guys14 dager siden

    What’s the song at 7:26?

  39. ZAIN Mohammad

    ZAIN Mohammad14 dager siden

    Bring back rocket league videos

  40. ZAIN Mohammad

    ZAIN Mohammad14 dager siden

    He is back