SIDEMEN DISS TRACKS IN 2020 (Sidemen Gaming)

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  1. SmoothNazi

    SmoothNazi24 minutter siden

    What’s the name of the game?

  2. Aston Lewis

    Aston Lewis16 timer siden

    Do this with Stephen Tries 😂

  3. Ajay TM

    Ajay TM2 dager siden

    They always forget that Gene can vote too lmaooo

  4. Eyosias Getachew

    Eyosias Getachew2 dager siden

    Honestly how can you make fat jokes at someone who isn’t fat

  5. Hazza13

    Hazza133 dager siden

    Josh “To sidemen filming Harry is always late”. 1 month later he’s sprinting to the place there recording

  6. Kevin Rodas

    Kevin Rodas3 dager siden

    simon blames JJ all the time.

  7. Henry Rattray

    Henry Rattray4 dager siden

    Best thing on more sidemen

  8. ARD YT

    ARD YT4 dager siden

    What game is this

  9. Max Bartlett

    Max Bartlett4 dager siden

    I know that it’s late but a rhyme to vikks peta one it could be you’re so fake you’re like Rita skeeta

  10. John Baumgartner

    John Baumgartner5 dager siden

    What is the outro song? This slaps

  11. DGAMEZ .

    DGAMEZ .5 dager siden

    Didn’t even know coronavirus was out in February

  12. CarsonXD Howell

    CarsonXD Howell6 dager siden

    Me: sees title Also me: Aww shit here we go again... When video starts: YESSSSSSSSS

  13. ChessNoob

    ChessNoob6 dager siden

    Simon: couldn’t vote for Harry after lean is. JJ: HITLER

  14. AK rules

    AK rules6 dager siden

  15. Avbrill Medina

    Avbrill Medina6 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="845">14:05</a> This part killed me 🤣

  16. Antoine Gaming

    Antoine Gaming7 dager siden

    this is exactly why JJ has a ghost writer

  17. Future Gamer

    Future Gamer7 dager siden

    I think Kirsty is tobi’s ex or His current gf

  18. endmy suffering

    endmy suffering9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="292">4:52</a>

  19. Adam Štefan

    Adam Štefan9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="881">14:41</a> if there is 7 members of the sidemen and the 2 who had a rap battle cant vote why is there 6 votes

  20. Conishen

    Conishen9 dager siden

    I really hope there'll be more episodes!

  21. Innocence Gauge

    Innocence Gauge9 dager siden

    What’s the end song?

  22. Abdulnaser Hussein

    Abdulnaser Hussein10 dager siden

    Outro song?

  23. Sophie Elizabeth

    Sophie Elizabeth10 dager siden

    What game is this??

  24. Ruchi Kedia

    Ruchi Kedia10 dager siden

    Play more quiplash

  25. Super Soniccc

    Super Soniccc11 dager siden

    “I like the neigh part” That translates to: “I bully Vik”

  26. Leah Arbon

    Leah Arbon12 dager siden

    what game is this??

  27. Emma King

    Emma King12 dager siden

    What’s this game called ?

  28. HyperExtremeYT

    HyperExtremeYT13 dager siden

    Vik could have rhymed something else with peta “you had a girlfriend but why’d ya beat her”

  29. beciura

    beciura14 dager siden

    Who is who

  30. Het game kanaal

    Het game kanaal15 dager siden


  31. Oobaammaa

    Oobaammaa15 dager siden

    I feel like tobi is trying too hard in this video 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. Evan Mello

    Evan Mello15 dager siden

    More of these pleaseee

  33. Lochlann Monien

    Lochlann Monien16 dager siden

    Anybody remember when Vik said he was a successful rapper in the sidemen tinder video?

  34. IGZ28

    IGZ2817 dager siden

    Who was harry

  35. Mohammad Jafar

    Mohammad Jafar17 dager siden

    who is who

  36. Mark I

    Mark I17 dager siden

    Notice how Ethan doesn’t say jj he says KSI I think it’s cos he’s scared

  37. Emil Marenk

    Emil Marenk17 dager siden


  38. Edgy_Greg

    Edgy_Greg18 dager siden

    “Martahon time” - Harry 2020

  39. Simon Chauvet

    Simon Chauvet19 dager siden

    I’m coming after you so watch your coronavirus

  40. Thomas Pedersen

    Thomas Pedersen20 dager siden

    We need more of these

  41. TheSavage Curry

    TheSavage Curry22 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="510">8:30</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="515">8:35</a> the funniest part 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  42. Goatedontheyeets -Gaming Videos

    Goatedontheyeets -Gaming Videos23 dager siden

    what game is this btw?

  43. Fynlay Foreman yes I’m from poetry monsters

    Fynlay Foreman yes I’m from poetry monsters23 dager siden

    What is this game I want to know

  44. Lucifer_50K

    Lucifer_50K23 dager siden

    the ''face it you're boring noncey josh'' kills me everytime lmao

  45. King AT 17

    King AT 1723 dager siden


  46. Haadiya Usman

    Haadiya Usman23 dager siden

    Commenting till the sidemen notice vid: 10 I love the sidemen KSI: makes me laugh W2S: makes messed up jokes that I love Miniminter: my fav cause I can relate to him ( private school, likes to clean, HATES FISH) Bezinga: the weight loss I have been through too Vik: slightly similar culture Zerkaa: loyal and confident Tobi: cool and underrated I love them all and they deserve more attention, you can tell when NO-gosrs are passionate and they are Story time: In December of 2018, my younger brother got seriously ill, he had a rare, deadly brain infection causing him to forget everything and have a swollen brain. He spent weeks in hospitals. We were in Pakistan to meet family. So we were stuck there and o was sad, worried and miserable waiting for him to come home. I was lucky I was in my rich grandmas house or I would have been worse. She has lots of good distractions but, the sidemen helped a lot. I was worried when I was not distracted and they really helped with that. Thank you sidemen

  47. Abu Khan

    Abu Khan14 dager siden

    Just be quiet u attention seeker

  48. SirTerry

    SirTerry25 dager siden

    you guys should stream this on Twitch so that your fans can join you in-game!!! :D TGF DO IT!

  49. Ebrahim Dreadknight

    Ebrahim Dreadknight26 dager siden

    If ksi is top 10 artist and he is last so rest of sidemen are top 9 artist ?

  50. farrah sienna

    farrah sienna26 dager siden

    i dont get whos gene, well i dont get whos whoooo

  51. Callum

    Callum27 dager siden

    harry got me dead

  52. Jah

    Jah28 dager siden

    Lol what was the point of vik greenscreening himself if theres a border around the camera window

  53. It's Kai

    It's Kai28 dager siden

    Tobi thinks he’s sick

  54. Peri Seey

    Peri Seey29 dager siden

    The crew did it first

  55. Zoey G

    Zoey G29 dager siden

    Who is gene

  56. Ansh Kotwal

    Ansh Kotwal29 dager siden


  57. Ethan Vanderlee

    Ethan Vanderlee29 dager siden

    Why did they do Vik dirty like that? His robot and him have matching eyebrows!

  58. Harrison Cooke

    Harrison Cooke29 dager siden

    whats that game called????

  59. AkaMclean

    AkaMclean29 dager siden

    Missed the opportunity to say “v squirt”

  60. Danny Mastar

    Danny MastarMåned siden

    Man said "I'll steal your girl and make her squirt" Robot said 😩 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="518">8:38</a>

  61. Benjamin FC

    Benjamin FCMåned siden


  62. Fifa kalo

    Fifa kaloMåned siden

    what is the game called

  63. The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-sama

    The Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi-samaMåned siden

    Can someone explain the Hoe E part.. ?

  64. Crane cane

    Crane caneMåned siden

    This is fucking amazing please more

  65. Christopher "Chanak" Tan

    Christopher "Chanak" TanMåned siden

    Hey, you guys should play Trivia Murder Party, like so they can see :D

  66. video playz

    video playzMåned siden

    Not naming this chanel Side sidemen or sidemen on the side was a mistake

  67. Hero Plays!!!

    Hero Plays!!!Måned siden

    They are all sucking the mic in the thumbnail 😂😂

  68. ShockzY

    ShockzYMåned siden

    What Is This Game?

  69. Darcie-Louise B

    Darcie-Louise BMåned siden

    What the game called xx

  70. tanjil ferdous

    tanjil ferdousMåned siden

    That was not appropriate to say that president of Iraq have to bow down to him

  71. Jahzay

    JahzayMåned siden

    Need more

  72. Advey Rastogi

    Advey RastogiMåned siden

    what song is in the outro?

  73. A Tiny Horse

    A Tiny HorseMåned siden

    Can't wait for the day where Gene fnally drops the N Bomb.

  74. Jesper Härdstedt

    Jesper HärdstedtMåned siden

    Can I become famous from writing comments on Sidemen videos? Subscribe and see for yourself!

  75. Frankie Yee

    Frankie YeeMåned siden

    Would've been better if it said when vikk sees his COUSIN he masterbates

  76. Gavin McCarthy

    Gavin McCarthyMåned siden

    Who was gene

  77. MrJatind3r29

    MrJatind3r29Måned siden

    what is the song in the outro called from Viddal?

  78. Mikaeel Suhail Mian

    Mikaeel Suhail MianMåned siden

    fuck josh full blown wanker

  79. C11

    C11Måned siden


  80. gue88

    gue88Måned siden

    oh wow, not every fucking comment begins with "no one:"


    FOXBODY_SSPMåned siden

    I'm actually from the future and I'm here to tell you that the sun rises tomorrow

  82. kristan gittens

    kristan gittensMåned siden

    I'm sorry that I'm saying this but that last bar that vik put didn't make sense . He's the weakest out of the group and he can't play any sports right. Let's see if he can do at least 5 clean push ups.🤐