Folabi is back, but this time he’s finding out the truth!
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  1. Mo10 _04

    Mo10 _042 timer siden

    My teacher everyday 1:47

  2. CRich367 YT

    CRich367 YT3 timer siden


  3. CRich367 YT

    CRich367 YT3 timer siden


  4. CRich367 YT

    CRich367 YT3 timer siden


  5. Darth Maul

    Darth Maul3 timer siden

    Wym train the dog tobi

  6. Tatsuma Silver

    Tatsuma Silver4 timer siden

    Why doesn’t JJ have any trousers on through most of the video?

  7. Mo10 _04

    Mo10 _045 timer siden

    I love JJ’s ascent

  8. Mo10 _04

    Mo10 _042 timer siden

    bilisha coli noπŸ˜‚

  9. bilisha coli

    bilisha coli3 timer siden

    ? 1:47 ??? ? ? ??

  10. Shirzad Qado

    Shirzad Qado6 timer siden

    I thin Tobi should be the leader of the sideman because his so nice to everyone accept for Manny

  11. No Videos 100 Subs?

    No Videos 100 Subs?7 timer siden

    Tobi at 14:45 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. bilisha coli

    bilisha coli3 timer siden

    Who is vik's girlfriend?

  13. SteppedTg Jay

    SteppedTg Jay8 timer siden

    mega lols

  14. ItzMeStxrmzy

    ItzMeStxrmzy8 timer siden

    Folabi: *”Tobi is Josh your best friend”?* Tobi: Yes Ethan: -_-

  15. eve dxvlin

    eve dxvlin11 timer siden

    Simon: "I don't have anything to do with commentary channels" *Three months earlier:* Is with ImAllexx making videos with him

  16. Snow Estheim

    Snow Estheim11 timer siden

    14:31 🀣

  17. ProFound

    ProFound11 timer siden


  18. Francisco Gonzalez

    Francisco Gonzalez13 timer siden

    Ksi should do these types of things more often

  19. NX MXNEY

    NX MXNEY14 timer siden

    20:30 had me dying

  20. Leonator

    Leonator15 timer siden

    Folabi - β€œwe have a hanger” Me - *petrified cause I thought he said handgun*

  21. Cool Josh

    Cool Josh15 timer siden

    The sidemen should play mafia

  22. Santi.

    Santi.16 timer siden


  23. Hunter A

    Hunter A18 timer siden


  24. Certified Dumbass

    Certified Dumbass18 timer siden

    32:02 JJ got cake tho πŸ‘€

  25. Irina-Sophie Vacariuc

    Irina-Sophie Vacariuc20 timer siden

    Who is vik's girlfriend?

  26. chding zuure

    chding zuure16 timer siden

    8:55 and 20:29 when your girlfriend cheats on u


    Π₯Π₯Π₯ AMATΠ•UR SΠ•Π₯ VIDΠ•O - Π‘LIБК НЕRΠ•20 timer siden

    ? 1:47 ??? ? ? ??

  28. chding zuure

    chding zuure16 timer siden

    The dog reference and deji at 14:57 killed me hahahah

  29. Lauren Grgic

    Lauren Grgic21 time siden

    Bullying vik compilation part 2316

  30. All Videos

    All Videos21 time siden


  31. Buttle Boff

    Buttle Boff21 time siden

    that stare 20.22

  32. Night Owl

    Night Owl21 time siden

    I love the fact that jj isnt wearing pantsπŸ˜‚

  33. SxKxRxIxLxAxSx

    SxKxRxIxLxAxSx22 timer siden

    22:10does it sound like jj is saying ditto

  34. Luka Stankovic

    Luka Stankovic22 timer siden

    15:25 I died when he said Toby

  35. Road to 10 Subs With No Vids

    Road to 10 Subs With No Vids23 timer siden

    if Ethan's Dad was on fifa... He'd be a walkout

  36. Tyrone Dobson

    Tyrone Dobson23 timer siden

    17:10 anyone else hearing the N word?

  37. Seby Gandila

    Seby Gandila23 timer siden

    Dax does make better music then KSI :))

  38. Uniquely Weird

    Uniquely Weird23 timer siden

    Dude KSI isn’t wearing trousers

  39. Dani 1122

    Dani 1122Dag siden

    Yur tillin the truth

  40. joe jackson

    joe jacksonDag siden


  41. Grims Reapy

    Grims ReapyDag siden

    32:15 damn, man had to save himself

  42. Kelvin Grei

    Kelvin GreiDag siden

    The dog reference and deji at 14:57 killed me hahahah

  43. Harveybossman Reacting and Gaming and Vlogs

    Harveybossman Reacting and Gaming and VlogsDag siden

    8:55 and 20:29 when your girlfriend cheats on u

  44. Tobias Enevoldsen

    Tobias EnevoldsenDag siden

    Subscribe to Mrbeast


    KYSTRIADag siden

    Vik knew damn well he is the most intelligent sideman

  46. TargetTime

    TargetTimeDag siden

    Why did they edit a giant apple logo on the laptop in the thumbnail but use a razor laptop throughout the whole video?

  47. TeenDillBill

    TeenDillBillDag siden

    Ksi face looks punchable


    MAXOOSHDag siden

    I genuinely fell off my chair watching this

  49. subscribe to ksi

    subscribe to ksiDag siden

    Folabi looks like one of the sidemen ksi

  50. Ian Kolo

    Ian KoloDag siden

    *Hunga hahaha

  51. Originalzombie 1

    Originalzombie 1Dag siden

    Vikk has a gf?

  52. F0X

    F0XDag siden

    Is this video sponsored by gfuel because of all the Gfuel things in the back

  53. Nepoznat Jutuber

    Nepoznat JutuberDag siden

    We want more videos with folabiii

  54. Choko Official

    Choko OfficialDag siden

    14:52 IS EPIC

  55. 703 Jay

    703 JayDag siden

    Ngl tobi ur a disgusting human being if u think the destruction of a dog is grounds for jokes watta nonce

  56. James Dawes

    James DawesDag siden

    15:59 JJ sounds just like Ivar from Vikings

  57. Sean Aboim

    Sean AboimDag siden

    20:18 the rape face is back πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  58. Aiyanna Polk

    Aiyanna PolkDag siden

    17:27 33:13

  59. Thomas Anderson

    Thomas AndersonDag siden

    20:22 we have seen the return of the rape face

  60. Casshat

    CasshatDag siden

    god I love harry and ethan

  61. roouit patan

    roouit patanDag siden


  62. Brooke Eder

    Brooke EderDag siden

    19:06 Josh showed more pain than Tobi

  63. _KaKaZar_YT

    _KaKaZar_YTDag siden


  64. roouit patan

    roouit patanDag siden

    U got to do another one

  65. Mika Kirk

    Mika KirkDag siden

    When Ethan turns his head and 12:25 πŸ‘Œ

  66. _KaKaZar_YT

    _KaKaZar_YTDag siden

    Ethan 5:06

  67. _KaKaZar_YT

    _KaKaZar_YTDag siden