So Are They Just Gonna Ruin Every Show We Used to Like?

No hate to the girl who plays Kim, it's not her fault she was so horribly miscast.
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  1. CareBearDraws !

    CareBearDraws !14 timer siden

    Drew please make a whole season of Kim possible

  2. Gacha Qween

    Gacha Qween22 timer siden

    My favorite shows were red monster and purple dinosaur. Ahh the memories 💖😌

  3. hahaha_kimi

    hahaha_kimiDag siden

    I gotta go **scoot scoot**

  4. egg on toast

    egg on toastDag siden

    I'm surprised he didn't point out her hair colour changes to brunette while she's running

  5. Quirktart

    Quirktart2 dager siden


  6. Coolio Star Stache

    Coolio Star Stache3 dager siden

    They did Adam Goldberg dirty

  7. Mia

    Mia3 dager siden

    My bus driver once closed the door on me and drove off

  8. ANiallater 33

    ANiallater 334 dager siden

    Bro what? Will Smith started acting at 18, he’s not just a famous you tuber they got in Aladdin.

  9. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men Productions5 dager siden

    Guy + Greg = ????

  10. Dank Runes

    Dank Runes5 dager siden

    8:35 *bUs*

  11. Daniel Harp

    Daniel Harp6 dager siden

    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains. 1 Timothy 6:10 HCSB

  12. Sofia Heggem

    Sofia Heggem7 dager siden

    The live action Cinderella is overlooked and amazing.

  13. Mistle Official

    Mistle Official8 dager siden

    hey fuck you, idiot

  14. bts stan

    bts stan8 dager siden

    unpopular opinion: the new genie is actually really good. im not saying its better than the old one, but i love the depth they put into the storyline and how they included more. i also love the songs

  15. Bryden Blan

    Bryden Blan9 dager siden

    Unpopular opinion The live action Aladdin was good

  16. mariam al said

    mariam al said9 dager siden

    6:24 ur arms must really hurt after that 😬😬

  17. G-piste Etana

    G-piste Etana10 dager siden


  18. Lexxie Annie

    Lexxie Annie10 dager siden

    *B O O Y E A H*

  19. Joosh Stoyn

    Joosh Stoyn10 dager siden

    Yours or battle

  20. smalls9852

    smalls985210 dager siden

    Lol the look on the one mom's face who was facing the stroller when Kim Possible gives the baby back to them. Priceless

  21. rio fata

    rio fata10 dager siden

    *boi got fish*

  22. sarah someone

    sarah someone11 dager siden

    Your version literally made me laugh out loud for the entire time

  23. Senpai Notice me

    Senpai Notice me11 dager siden


  24. r bear bear we bear bear

    r bear bear we bear bear11 dager siden

    *boy got fish* is my favorite show

  25. RWQFSFASXC Does Things

    RWQFSFASXC Does Things11 dager siden

    I’m honestly so glad that invader zim didn’t get a live action reboot. Still pissed about everything else though.

  26. Juliett A

    Juliett A11 dager siden

    Drakken is self foiling now. Spankin!

  27. Corn Bread

    Corn Bread12 dager siden

    Kim possible started literally the day I was born

  28. Adam Heckman

    Adam Heckman12 dager siden

    And he says nothing about the unrealistic sound of the footsteps

  29. Shandie Schubauer

    Shandie Schubauer12 dager siden

    They also made a real life version of Dora the Explorer

  30. Eggman2583

    Eggman258313 dager siden

    We want drew gooden not Danny Gonzalez

  31. Gracie G

    Gracie G13 dager siden

    Ok I sorry but the girl who plays Kim is gorgeous

  32. Ronika Sassy

    Ronika Sassy14 dager siden

    Rolls the other way the arrow is pointing because *she doesn’t follow the rules*

  33. dogs4life _

    dogs4life _14 dager siden

    Every person that was born eighteen years ago had all these programmes from when they were in their childhood and all we've got is horrible histories and mabye one other thing

  34. piink wiine

    piink wiine15 dager siden

    aNd tHeRe wAs a RaT

  35. Circular

    Circular15 dager siden

    Jacksepticye really out did him self this time!

  36. Bridget

    Bridget16 dager siden

    ‘Dog an’ cat’ Ah-

  37. Amber K

    Amber K16 dager siden

    I watched kim possible live.....HORRIBLE. same with death note, dragon ball,avatar,,,,everylive action..also with the whole white washing thing

  38. Josephine K.

    Josephine K.16 dager siden

    adam GOLDBERG? and no one's gonna help him? wow...some world we live in...

  39. Mahendran K

    Mahendran K16 dager siden

    Is that patton oswalt, i've never even heard of this movie, how did they rope patton oswalt into this

  40. FannyPackDork

    FannyPackDork17 dager siden

    I googled stop sign guy... I wasn’t disappointed with what I found. Although, One thing I did not find was YOU! You are a lier and a scoundrel!

  41. Julia Gillis

    Julia Gillis17 dager siden

    drew, I think that everybody had the dream of being in a disney channel movie

  42. Marc Shin

    Marc Shin17 dager siden

    Hi, I came from the distant future of january 2020 And the Alladin live-action was actually pretty damn good!

  43. nadia lee

    nadia lee18 dager siden

    the kim possible animated movies were already amazing and everything I needed in an extended form of the show

  44. Ethan Wessels

    Ethan Wessels19 dager siden

    Can we make remakes illegal

  45. Zolo Nightcore

    Zolo Nightcore19 dager siden

    I honestly would love the Drew version of Kim Possible!! I would watch it all the time!

  46. Nathaniel Stafford

    Nathaniel Stafford19 dager siden

    Disney should hire Drew for writing, acting, and making screen plays

  47. John Pickering

    John Pickering19 dager siden

    I went to a production company and pitched an original idea once. The producers faces melted off and the building burned to the ground.

  48. Rich Garcia

    Rich Garcia20 dager siden

    As a 30-something I am lucky to have grown up in a time when everything I saw on film and television in prime time was new, original, and groundbreaking. But it's like the younger generations aren't afforded that same luxury. They have to settle with watching the things we enjoyed growing up, but of a lesser quality, instead of having forms of entertainment that define them as a generation.

  49. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike20 dager siden

    so good lmao

  50. TheRussian Bagel

    TheRussian Bagel20 dager siden

    Dragonball Evolution was just garbage

  51. Brayven Johnston

    Brayven Johnston20 dager siden

    Drew:rolling on the ground in a car park Cop : wtf is that kid doing

  52. Em Chappell

    Em Chappell20 dager siden

    I'm LIVING for the closed captions (the commentary kills me lmao)

  53. Addi's Version!

    Addi's Version!20 dager siden


  54. drunken mother

    drunken mother21 dag siden

    the funny thing is that there’s a live action death note that’s been out for ages that’s 10x better than the netflix version

  55. patrickimo1

    patrickimo121 dag siden

    They could have done MUCH better with the KP live action. This version was clearly made for Pre-K through 2nd grade and did no justice to the source material. I predict that Disney will soon re-do the Avengers saga and will ruin that too.

  56. Mickaela Hendrickson

    Mickaela Hendrickson21 dag siden

    that girl isn’t thick enough to be KP

  57. Desert Dog

    Desert Dog21 dag siden

    I remember excitedly waiting for that one episode of rugrats that basically started AGU. Sometimes one offs and originals should stay just that, no reboots unless it was made for that.

  58. The Man With No Name

    The Man With No Name21 dag siden

    Jim why is a transvestite doing a barrel roll torwards a baby on a skateboard

  59. ByP4ss

    ByP4ss21 dag siden

    They should have called it 'face punchable'

  60. Jeremy U.

    Jeremy U.21 dag siden

    I think the Inspector Gadget and Rocky And Bullwinkle movies were good. IG was a live action cartoon that inproved the characters of both Gadget and Claw, and Rocky and Bullwinkle was incredibly funny and self aware, with a lot of jokes poking fun at bad live action cartoon movies.