Soccer Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Time for some soccer (football) trick shots with the reigning champions, Chelsea FC! Special thanks to Yokohama Tire for sponsoring this video! Click here for a chance to win a signed jersey and see behind the scenes footage:
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  1. Jared Bro

    Jared Bro7 timer siden

    Thibult courtois Chelsea I thought he suppose to play for real Madrid CF

  2. Lucky Ducky

    Lucky Ducky17 timer siden

    they should film with barcalona

  3. Spartan 22

    Spartan 2217 timer siden

    Still remains as my favorite DP video, and I don’t even play soccer

  4. Jared Bro

    Jared Bro22 timer siden

    Film with Juventus 2020

  5. Felipe Cordero

    Felipe CorderoDag siden


  6. visharad rawat

    visharad rawat2 dager siden

    Bleed Blue Baybeee 💙⚽️🙌

  7. Life of Rainbow

    Life of Rainbow4 dager siden

    I go for Chelsea

  8. Mr_Whirlzz

    Mr_Whirlzz4 dager siden

    Cory didn't even nut meg ty

  9. Maggeren Laggeren

    Maggeren Laggeren4 dager siden

    When the covid 19 is over can you film with bvb

  10. Joe Pacifici

    Joe Pacifici5 dager siden

    I think you should do Baseball Trick Shots with the Brady Fiegls

  11. ArcticWolf

    ArcticWolf6 dager siden

    The one time Morata gets a shot on target 👇 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a>

  12. Barthez Bartholomew

    Barthez Bartholomew6 dager siden

    You guys have great editors, they even edited Chelsea players in your videos!!

  13. insane

    insane7 dager siden

    I love soccer

  14. Fin Jones

    Fin Jones7 dager siden

    Rooney at Derby County FC



    Film with PSG Paris Saint Germain

  16. Sohail Mohammed

    Sohail Mohammed9 dager siden

    PSG or in the premier league liverpool


    NEXT LEVEL PRODUCTION9 dager siden


  18. Ahmed Amour

    Ahmed Amour9 dager siden

    Who else is waching dude parfect because the are awesome

  19. Pankaj Baruah

    Pankaj Baruah10 dager siden

    Who is watching when courtoise is in real Madrid

  20. EGC MMiller

    EGC MMiller11 dager siden

    Morata hahaha

  21. AQ16 MAKES

    AQ16 MAKES11 dager siden

    Brings basketball in football

  22. german tr

    german tr12 dager siden


  23. german tr

    german tr12 dager siden


  24. Brandon Chau

    Brandon Chau12 dager siden

    where is coby

  25. Domi Xoos

    Domi Xoos12 dager siden

    Dzięki za mój język :D

  26. _MihaiBold_

    _MihaiBold_12 dager siden

    Its FootBall not soccer You play with your foot and with the ball

  27. Crew Chilton Sports and Outdoors

    Crew Chilton Sports and Outdoors12 dager siden

    Dude perfect I know you probably will never read this but you basically just did what me and my dad would love to do!! SO LUCKY

  28. Shahlan Abdul Rasheeq

    Shahlan Abdul Rasheeq13 dager siden

    Waiting for soccer trick shots 3 with Real Madrid FC, Juventus FC, and Barcelona FC. ft, Hazard, cr7 and Lionel Messi

  29. Abhi Verma

    Abhi Verma13 dager siden

    If you are trying likr courtris then you need Brownie's gf lol😋

  30. Abhi Verma

    Abhi Verma13 dager siden

    I think you should play for fifa.

  31. storgezz

    storgezz13 dager siden

    U know ur bad at soccer, when Corey can get more nut megs than you.

  32. Aasim Ibn fazil

    Aasim Ibn fazil14 dager siden

    Plzzz now make same video with jeventus especially Ronaldo

  33. Tamzid Kazim

    Tamzid Kazim14 dager siden

    With juventus

  34. saksham batra

    saksham batra14 dager siden

    who all have had the same thing TT had in this video

  35. El Gringo

    El Gringo16 dager siden

    This is how many Europeans are watching👇

  36. Stephanie Babour

    Stephanie Babour16 dager siden

    Who is watching in 2020 me just oh

  37. Mr football pro

    Mr football pro17 dager siden

    Film with Liverpool FC

  38. Rishab Bora

    Rishab Bora18 dager siden

    why doesnt coby do any trick shots?

  39. Nadia Ana

    Nadia Ana18 dager siden

    Who else is watching this when morata is at Atletico Madrid

  40. drdip77

    drdip7718 dager siden

    Film with juventus and with ronoldo

  41. trick shoters

    trick shoters19 dager siden

    Film with neymar messi abd ronaldo

  42. Palmtree

    Palmtree19 dager siden

    man city

  43. -CriticaL LegenD-

    -CriticaL LegenD-20 dager siden

    Finally a video I haven't watched after being a subscriber for 2 years.. in 2020

  44. Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan

    Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhumhan20 dager siden

    Film w\liverpool next like if u agree

  45. Pitabasa Sahu

    Pitabasa Sahu20 dager siden

    Real Madrid

  46. MZ kh

    MZ kh20 dager siden

    Cristiano ronaldo

  47. Raifan official

    Raifan official20 dager siden


  48. Erdi Zymberi

    Erdi Zymberi20 dager siden

    Nah this is not a real video they said soccer the whole time

  49. Biju Aliyar

    Biju Aliyar21 dag siden


  50. Tre Simons

    Tre Simons22 dager siden

    You should do part 3 with Cahill at crystal palace

  51. Getachew Demissie

    Getachew Demissie23 dager siden

    Do it yourself

  52. Muhammad Bin Mujahid

    Muhammad Bin Mujahid23 dager siden

    Try Man United

  53. Spider Man

    Spider Man24 dager siden


  54. Shivraj Thakre

    Shivraj Thakre24 dager siden

    Try with fc Barcelona

  55. Jacob DC

    Jacob DC25 dager siden

    How long did it take for Alvaro Morata to make his shot cause he is rubbish

  56. Alex

    Alex25 dager siden

    Imagine flying to London for a video that is 5 minutes long

  57. Au Yeung Henry

    Au Yeung Henry25 dager siden


  58. Lancekendrick

    Lancekendrick25 dager siden

    Gary Cahill seems cool

  59. Amazing Bros

    Amazing Bros27 dager siden

    Soccer trick shot 3

  60. Louise Mosey

    Louise MoseyMåned siden

    you filmed this on my sons birthday

  61. suja kalaivanan

    suja kalaivananMåned siden

    Guys y dont u try with fc Barcelona next video

  62. Premier Moose

    Premier MooseMåned siden

    ITS FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!

  63. Ethan Soo

    Ethan SooMåned siden

    dart trick shots, bike trick shots

  64. Fletcher Simpson

    Fletcher SimpsonMåned siden

    You should film with Liverpool FC

  65. Anonymous Gamer

    Anonymous GamerMåned siden

    AFC Bournemouth next

  66. Dylan Kaputa

    Dylan KaputaMåned siden

    So cool dude perfect for life


    HARSHA WARDHANMåned siden

    Where is Eden Hazard

  68. Ian Ross

    Ian RossMåned siden

    Garetts first shot didn’t hit

  69. Wow That’s Fire

    Wow That’s FireMåned siden

    Man city

  70. Patres xD

    Patres xDMåned siden


  71. Vishvesh Prabhakar

    Vishvesh PrabhakarMåned siden

    Play With Barca

  72. Aiden Crites

    Aiden CritesMåned siden

    Coronavirus anyone?

  73. Shooting Star

    Shooting StarMåned siden

    *we all know some of these are edited-*

  74. Rafa Kommu

    Rafa KommuMåned siden

    Film with Manchester City!

  75. Fathimath Soodha

    Fathimath SoodhaMåned siden


  76. Jeffrey W

    Jeffrey WMåned siden

    Garretts ball didn't hit the cross bar

  77. Jayden Odai

    Jayden OdaiMåned siden

    brah we need some more basket vids man

  78. Vikas Jain

    Vikas JainMåned siden

    Film with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

  79. Nl Lyrics

    Nl LyricsMåned siden

    Wow 😮

  80. Imran Faraj

    Imran FarajMåned siden

    But who won the Meg challenge