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Sonic The Hedgehog is speeding to theatres for a big screen adventure for the whole family! Watch the new #SonicMovie trailer now, and #CatchSonic in theatres February 14!
Based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination. The family-friendly film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.

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  1. Gustavo Animz '-'

    Gustavo Animz '-'Time siden

  2. Gustavo Animz '-'

    Gustavo Animz '-'Time siden

  3. Milton

    MiltonTime siden

    Thanks nice artists that made the changes to Sonic

  4. Livid_Gunslinger

    Livid_Gunslinger2 timer siden

    These comments make me glad mass shootings are a regular thing.

  5. Alan Baker

    Alan Baker4 timer siden

    2019: RAW & Smackdown 2020: AEW & NXT

  6. Pulkit Agrawal

    Pulkit Agrawal4 timer siden

    Wtf 25 million views & just 923k likes..that's weird af But who gives a shit, this is Super-exciting, absolutely awesome, can't wait to watch, definitely going for it🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍💖❣️💓

  7. Jatony Gomez

    Jatony Gomez4 timer siden

    Better than retarded version

  8. Jack Gunn

    Jack Gunn5 timer siden

    2019: Don't waste your money 2020: Shut and take my money

  9. Gnome de Plume

    Gnome de Plume5 timer siden

    So hey guys MPC Vancouver, the studio that did a lot of the work in the redesign for this just got shut down, putting 800 people out of work after being put to the grindstone to get this done So I hope y'all are very fucking happy/

  10. ARatWithASombrero

    ARatWithASombrero6 timer siden

    Randy Cunningham sounds great as Sonic👌🏻😂

  11. Ash-GreninjaGaming

    Ash-GreninjaGaming6 timer siden

    Paramount: **Listens to their fans** Disney: Wait. That's illegal

  12. Dave Warden

    Dave Warden7 timer siden

    Is no one gonna mention a Ramones song was in this trailer?

  13. Chacha Perez

    Chacha Perez8 timer siden

    A 🐕

  14. Chacha Perez

    Chacha Perez8 timer siden

    Sonic is my best friend

  15. Angus Beckwith

    Angus Beckwith8 timer siden

    Thank you for fixing sonic

  16. Stefan van der Sandt

    Stefan van der Sandt8 timer siden

    BREAKING NEWS! It was just announced that the studio that had to redesign the character and redo the shots has been shut down. Spread the news please people.

  17. Briana Boyd

    Briana Boyd8 timer siden

    I like the old Sonic better call me crazy if you must. That would be a more creature look in real life judgmental people. Now it just look like the cartoon in a movie. 🙄 😩

  18. Sergio's World / VisaBreeze USA

    Sergio's World / VisaBreeze USA8 timer siden

    2019: look at how they massacred my boy. 2020: look at how they remastered my boy.

  19. Rey Naldo

    Rey Naldo8 timer siden

    Idiots: sonic is too fast for me Me a speed-fiend: *Sets video at 0.25X playback speed*

  20. Francisco David Hernández Espinosa

    Francisco David Hernández Espinosa9 timer siden

    Tampoco vuelvan al SONIC gordo de los 90's ubiquense en los actuales les conviene más 👍

  21. Vamsi Vamsi

    Vamsi Vamsi9 timer siden

    I cant wait anymore plz release the movie

  22. Francisco David Hernández Espinosa

    Francisco David Hernández Espinosa9 timer siden

    De todo lo demás van muy bien eh! Me encanta Jim Carrey en el papel de Eggman, Ahí hechenle ganas para más secuelas 👍

  23. Good Lightning

    Good Lightning9 timer siden

    Sonic the Hedgehog: I have no idea! Doctor Eggman: GIVE ME A BIG, FAT, BREAK!!

  24. Francisco David Hernández Espinosa

    Francisco David Hernández Espinosa9 timer siden

    Ay la llevan ya casi lo logran, hechenle más ganas Sí se puede!! Pero esté SONIC todavía se feon 👎

  25. Brandon Sowells

    Brandon Sowells10 timer siden

    To think that it took thousands of people to make them change what Sonic should look like, who knows what else we can change to make it right?

  26. シュガー

    シュガー10 timer siden

    Actually happy that they listented to their fans, and went through the work to animate it all twice.

  27. Daniel Trejo

    Daniel Trejo10 timer siden

    Eggman dancing Sonic shorts:that's legal?

  28. Vince Vids

    Vince Vids10 timer siden

    2019:this cant be happening to me 2020:aww this one is cute lets keep him

  29. EvAn Ze Geek VA

    EvAn Ze Geek VA11 timer siden

    Perfect design. Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey. Sonic being Sonic. Meme potential. Yeah, I'm gonna see this movie.

  30. Jacen Naranjo

    Jacen Naranjo11 timer siden


  31. Kevin Sanchez

    Kevin Sanchez11 timer siden


  32. Kevin Sanchez

    Kevin Sanchez11 timer siden


  33. Skeepan

    Skeepan11 timer siden

    Sonic? Looks better, voice actor isn't too hot, but is overall decent/good. Side man character mcblandy? No comment. Robotni- I mean Jim Carrey? Mixed bag. On one hand, he has some decently funny lines and clear personality. On the other, he's nothing like any adaptation of Robotnik we've ever seen, his personality is a like a scrapped Ace Ventura prototype, and his gadgets, while cool and admittedly well designed, have almost none of the personality that his mechs did at any point. Like the worst parts of Sonic Forces machines. Carrey as "Robotnik" might be worse than pre redesign Sonic.

  34. Good Man

    Good Man11 timer siden

    The trailer give hope to paramount that this is Another 1 billion club movie Or atleast 700 million dollars😊

  35. Jacki Pepper

    Jacki Pepper12 timer siden

    That trailer was so long, I felt like I just watched the Movie!

  36. Bernadette McIntosh

    Bernadette McIntosh13 timer siden

    Didn't you realize that sonic was holding another thing in his right hand 0:41

  37. Acendentwrarh999 9

    Acendentwrarh999 913 timer siden


  38. Simon Peter

    Simon Peter13 timer siden

    Yes yes yes yes I hope they add Tails or knuckles the Sonic movie will be so awesome

  39. Justin Irby

    Justin Irby14 timer siden

    America: Why does sonic look like a human? Who made this?! This movie will be awfu- Paramount: Hold my rings

  40. grace L

    grace L14 timer siden

    this is my version: 2019: satan the nightmarish human dog 2020: sonic the hedgehog