StarTalk x The Film Theorists: Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Science of Rick and Morty

Wubba lubba dub dub! On this very special video of StarTalk Radio we’re teaming up with @The Film Theorists to explore the science of Rick and Morty! Neil deGrasse Tyson is joined by comic co-host Chuck Nice and MatPat of The Film Theorists to dive into some iconic science portrayed on one of the most popular animated shows in recent years.
Discover more about dark matter. Rick uses dark matter to power his spaceship but MatPat wants to know if that’s actually scientifically possible. Neil tells us why the show might say dark matter but actually mean dark energy. You’ll learn more about the differences between the two and why dark energy would be more capable of being used over dark matter.
We also dive into antimatter. On Season 2, Episode 2, Rick and Morty of have to destroy a gaseous being named Fart and they do so by using an antimatter gun. So, what exactly is antimatter? Neil explains why antimatter is the “favorite fuel of science fiction” and just how antimatter works in real life.
All that, plus, we explore the multiverse of Rick and Morty with The Film Theorists right here:
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  1. Gersont

    Gersont10 timer siden

    Neil laughing is the best thing ever

  2. Terry Sutherland

    Terry Sutherland10 timer siden

    Could dark matter be our three-dimensional view of a hyperdimensional object? Maybe dark energy is the force, and it's mad at EVERYTHING!

  3. Cody C

    Cody C11 timer siden

    I get all my science from Cartoons.

  4. NotAGoat

    NotAGoat11 timer siden

    So, if I'm understanding this correctly, there is a different type of antimatter for each type of matter, and each type of antimatter can only destroy its corresponding type of matter. Which is different from what most science fiction seems to say, which is that any antimatter will destroy any matter.

  5. Heath Sims

    Heath Sims11 timer siden

    But Rick's car battery runs on energy produced by a trapped microverse, not by concentrated dark matter. Why didn't you address this?

  6. Brian Hartman

    Brian Hartman12 timer siden

    My understanding is we can't produce enough antimatter to actually use it as a fuel. Is that not true?

  7. Dark Side

    Dark Side12 timer siden

    Febreze is antimatter for farts

  8. Sofia Santamaria

    Sofia Santamaria13 timer siden

    When he said all Tysons are coordinated across the multiverse, it reminded me of that episode where Rick was the only one acting the same while Morty and Summer where not. The one with the cats

  9. Deep hug

    Deep hug14 timer siden

    Let's have MatPat record some questions and dialogue and pretend we're talking to him live!

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    Wow. Congrats on 1 Million!!!!

  11. Tye Wells

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    YOU DID IT (currently 1.11 million) love you Neil! You're one of my biggest influences in my quest for scientific knowledge! I've got a copy of "Accessory To War" By: You and Avis Lang and I'm reading it along via audiobook

  12. Slamurai Matt

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    This video made me unsubscribe to "MattPatt"

  13. Deep hug

    Deep hug14 timer siden

    that there is a brief moment when you appear to hover before you fall when running off an elevated surface, not as long as Wile E. Coyote would, but enough that you can figur

  14. Amelia Bayha

    Amelia Bayha16 timer siden

    I can't watch this smart man be mean to my Rick

  15. Super_Fox28

    Super_Fox2816 timer siden

    Can your spirit or mind travel through the multi-verse or even time travel to different places?

  16. Wyatt Sudbrink

    Wyatt Sudbrink18 timer siden

    if dark matter is on a plane that we can't see or interact with does that mean it's the 4th dimension?

  17. qdllc

    qdllc19 timer siden

    RE: “Many Worlds” and “Infinite Universes,” why can’t it be both? If you see all of existence as a 3-dimension construct with the moment of origin at the very center, all possibilities stream out in all directions. So, in the very early universes, fundamental differences occur, and that subset of existence would effectively be cut off from other non-compatible universes. So long as the fundamental rules of physics are consistent, you could visit another version of our own world or an entirely different universe where we never existed.

  18. Dio Joestar

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    Is it just me or does it seem really condescending

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    nice combo of host and topic... love it

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    Tyson C-137 .... not C-138 ...... you Jerry

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    Neil “We don’t know much about it but I’m gonna tell you all about it” Tyson

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  29. madestmadhatter

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    Interesting note, when I was like five I was curious about whether or not you would hover before a fall, so I thought I'd test it out, luckily I figured it didn't mater how high up off the ground you were so I just ran off of a chair I often jumped off of for fun at the time, and while I only did it like 10 times and haven't tested it again since, five year old me confirmed that there is a brief moment when you appear to hover before you fall when running off an elevated surface, not as long as Wile E. Coyote would, but enough that you can figure that's where the cartoon artist or possible original slapstick comedians got the idea, it's probably more like a slight arc than an actual hover, as you lose your forward momentum and gravity takes over, but it was enough for five year old me.

  30. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuyDag siden

    Never watch rick and morty but I had to watch to see these intellectuals have a conversation.

  31. level of stress 99%

    level of stress 99%Dag siden

    Antimatter is actually super hard to come by in large amounts. It might not be exact but I think it would take like a billion years to make a gram of antimatter with today’s technology.

  32. Ryan Asbridge

    Ryan AsbridgeDag siden

    ive never noticed Neil's hand tremor before... i hope he's healthy and that its not new

  33. Hora Drakehart

    Hora DrakehartDag siden

    “Don’t get your science from cartoons” Really... really... Maybe Neil doesn’t know what MatPat actually does... He takes shows or games... Highlights something in them And does EXTENSIVE research to see if that something can be scientifically possible. He doesn’t get his “Science” from cartoons but from the research he does to see if an idea from that could possibly be fact. Neil is a very smart guy who understands and knows quite a bit about this kind of stuff but still, him saying that surprised me...

  34. ISAFMobius18

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    This is classic NdGT, and I love it. Great to see his spirits up and his brain a-churning.

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    He knows so much, yet he doesn't know not to talk over others.

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    Please give some suggestions for a game called "No Man's Sky" to make it more scientifically accurate. I mean it's the only game where you can explore 18 quintillion planets!

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    I haven't seen this show before, but does anyone know why Lionel Richie's nephew is on here? Is he a scientist too?

  42. Armand Ciocoiu

    Armand CiocoiuDag siden

    So, what if dark matter is just the 4th dimension form of gravity? It would make sense why we can't feel, touch or comprehend it, it's like a 2d triangle drawn on a paper trying to experience gravity. The triangle won't even notice it. And why does dark matter only make up 80% of the universe? What if black holes absorb black matter, that means 20% of our universe is made out of black holes. ( I don't know if that is true, I am just talking shiet,it probably makes no sense) BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY, A RANDOM THEORY!

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    ☯️♾TORUS FIELD'S or MAGNETIC FIELDS or DIPOLE FIELDS or CONVECTION or CORIOLIS EFFECTS or ALTERNATING CURRENT or 3,6,9 are all super neat to read about. Think of it as also being life force energy that support, sustain, connect the system together with masculine and feminine energy periods. Another cool term search a article by Nasa called X POINTS or SOLAR CYCLE'S. 🔘🌍☀️🌙🌌➖➕⚛️✡️🔯➿ I am very spiritual I just use notions that are already out their. They seem to describe the forces that be, just fine. ♾☯️.🤤🔀🔀🔀🔀🤤

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    Wait, I read somewhere that a collision of matter and antimatter left a 1% (or something of the like) of matter left, and that was why our reality is made up of matter, Because everything we have is what's left over from the annihilation that occurred at the beginning of the universe.

  80. DPSFSU

    DPSFSU2 dager siden

    This was hard to watch. First off, NDT should have watched the episodes in question before talking about them. Basic research while preparing for a planned out conversation (Especially when your guest was pre-recorded). 2nd is the fact that it took 17 min and 7 sec to, kind of, answer 2.. TWO!.. questions from Matpat. Instead of answering another question or showing images or even cutting the video shorter, they vamp, talk about "cartoon physics" and church basements. 3rd is that NDT acts like he is better than these silly questions and all Tysons in the multiverse would answer the same way. That is so narcissistic. Last but definitely not least was Chuck's impression of Rick and NDT giving it a B+?!?!? Watch the friggin show first!!! C- at the very most. Hard. To. Watch.

  81. Kailah Birchler

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    Yeah it made me sad that he didn't seem to be taking him seriously. He didn't even remember the channel's name. Matpat really loves this guy and he seems to think he's a joke.

  82. rainynight02

    rainynight022 dager siden

    You're talking about dimensions as though they're no different from different universes. That's not what a dimension is! You have a universe, and in that universe there are different dimensions. Different "levels" so to speak, but they are all part of that universe. Traveling dimensions is like going to different floors in a building, where as going to a different universe is you going to a different building all together. But people constantly conflated the two!

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  84. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

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    The problem with an antimatter gun in my opinion is that air exist, so unless you have a way for it to not come into contact with/react to the air then you can’t use it as a ranged weapon

  85. Alan Tennant

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    "We are prediction machines, and our predictions include ourselves, then that's what we do." Children's animated shows typically have really strong narrative causality. Strongly weighted towards each characters expectations/(inner narrative) regarding events that effect them. Even more so for the character the camera is watching. This causes a vicious cycle reinforcing the prediction machines as they keep being proved right.

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