Stephen A.'s list: Top 5 most annoying people in sports | First Take

Stephen A. Smith counts down the top 5 people that annoy him the most in sports.
5. New York Knicks
4. Baker Mayfield
3. Antonio Brown
2. Dallas Cowboys fans
1. Stephen A. Smith

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  1. WhoAmI

    WhoAmI43 minutter siden

    Number 1 on Stephen A’s list is Stephen A (Edit) should’ve watched to the end. Props to you Stephen.

  2. Connor Nixon

    Connor Nixon11 timer siden

    i was waiting for him to say lavar ball the whole time

  3. Harry Epstein

    Harry Epstein14 timer siden

    Who’s here after AB got arrested

  4. Reynaldo Giles

    Reynaldo Giles15 timer siden


  5. Joe :

    Joe :16 timer siden

    Is he no. 1?

  6. Dominick Service

    Dominick ServiceDag siden

    He said he's not stupind at the end but he said the cowboys haven't won a championship game in 1995 but he said 1985 he's 10 years off he is stupind

  7. Big Boy

    Big BoyDag siden

    #1 should have been patriots fans

  8. Matt Parker

    Matt Parker2 dager siden

    To be far, I think progressive is based out of Cleveland. Baker is still annoying, but he’s their hometown guy lol

  9. pokerworld

    pokerworld2 dager siden

    Stephen A is the most annoying analyst. He thinks shouting makes him right

  10. Keyser Soze

    Keyser Soze2 dager siden

    Stephen A Smith is the most annoying person on ESPN.

  11. jeff ouellette

    jeff ouellette2 dager siden

    Enjoy the last Superbowl brothers and sisters

  12. Stephanie Chen

    Stephanie Chen3 dager siden

    Younger Pats fans, Cowboys fans, Skip sometimes

  13. Stingingbog 2971 Stingingbog2971

    Stingingbog 2971 Stingingbog29713 dager siden

    The first one should be ppl who think lebron is better than mj

  14. Prim3MavericK

    Prim3MavericK3 dager siden

    No matter what, Stephen A, number 1

  15. Brutus Brutus

    Brutus Brutus3 dager siden

    There is no way Antonio Brown isn't #1! N fact he should b 1-5!

  16. Anthony Tyler Kesterson

    Anthony Tyler Kesterson3 dager siden

    Mu first thought was Stephen A smith but he is the one making the list so he wouldnt be on it.. I was wrong.

  17. caca yang

    caca yang3 dager siden

    Ryan Hollins has an argument to make this list despite his short time on tv

  18. B Ob Bob

    B Ob Bob3 dager siden

    Stephen A should be at the top of the list

  19. Justin Hall

    Justin Hall3 dager siden

    Stephen A. Smith SHOULD be number 1.

  20. Snipegang Douglas

    Snipegang Douglas4 dager siden

    ANTONIO clown

  21. Tyler Fox

    Tyler Fox4 dager siden

    Yankees fans

  22. Attica '71

    Attica '715 dager siden

    Somebody get Skip Bayless on there😂

  23. Ryan Morrison

    Ryan Morrison5 dager siden

    He forgot Stephen A. Smith

  24. sarah kelly

    sarah kelly5 dager siden

    He is more Annoying than All of them together.

  25. David Christ

    David Christ5 dager siden

    No Molly? Hm.

  26. Ryan Hurley

    Ryan Hurley6 dager siden

    The A in A-list stands for American

  27. Brian Coffey

    Brian Coffey7 dager siden

    Because if anyone knows annoying, it's Stephen A. Smith. At least he has the self-awareness to put himself #1.

  28. Kyle Sekenski

    Kyle Sekenski8 dager siden

    This list puts the 10 Commandments to shame 🤣

  29. merion '50

    merion '508 dager siden

    No offence but was Stephen number one

  30. Jasmine McIntosh

    Jasmine McIntosh11 dager siden

    Conspiracy theory...Stephen A. is the T.D. Jakes of sports. I mean, what is in this guy's coffee?

  31. culė72 cat

    culė72 cat11 dager siden

    He should top the list

  32. HotShotGuy 01

    HotShotGuy 0111 dager siden

    I expected the first one to be us, Patriots fans.

  33. Andrew land

    Andrew land12 dager siden

    Stephen b Smith should be on this list

  34. Just Some Teddy Bear With Internet Acess

    Just Some Teddy Bear With Internet Acess13 dager siden

    1. Stephen A lol I can’t believe he admitted it

  35. Hayden

    Hayden13 dager siden

    #1 New Orleans saints refs

  36. GDBogardre

    GDBogardre13 dager siden

    yo hes so fucking loud all the time

  37. luis braga

    luis braga14 dager siden


  38. ViolentLee

    ViolentLee14 dager siden

    I finally agree with Stephen A. Though honestly, Skip Bayless would top him on my list.

  39. Narwhal Man

    Narwhal Man15 dager siden

    Top five most annoying sports casters 1 him 2 him 3 him 4 him 5 him

  40. Fertig Further

    Fertig Further15 dager siden

    1. Lebron Fans 2. Cowboy Fans 3. Lakers Fans

  41. Cowboysfan9934

    Cowboysfan993415 dager siden

    Just gonna point out #2 is technically Skip Bayless 😂

  42. Drew Freeman

    Drew Freeman15 dager siden

    Number one... Stephen A. Smith!

  43. Yoboy Ballerz

    Yoboy Ballerz15 dager siden


  44. Jake Nance

    Jake Nance15 dager siden

    Nothing more Stephan A then putting himself at the top of his list. Could never hate this man he’s too passionate

  45. Basketball Jones

    Basketball Jones15 dager siden

    Espn most annoying Molly, Ryan hollins

  46. Michael Adams

    Michael Adams16 dager siden

    Major props for his top spot!

  47. RD S

    RD S16 dager siden

    The Ball family ; Colin Kaepernick; Sean Payton

  48. GrammarPolice

    GrammarPolice16 dager siden

    Booger McFarland is a pretty close second for me.

  49. xBROx Sub Zero

    xBROx Sub Zero17 dager siden

    #1. Stephen A Smith Most annoying person in sports.

  50. Juice Wrld Fan

    Juice Wrld Fan17 dager siden

    1:40 the bears won the super bowl in 1985

  51. realdealaneil

    realdealaneil17 dager siden

    Glad he knew he was number 1

  52. Matthew Wierdsma

    Matthew Wierdsma17 dager siden

    Where is Skip Bayless?

  53. Joshua Norden

    Joshua Norden17 dager siden

    Skip Bayless

  54. Foolie Wayne the 3rd

    Foolie Wayne the 3rd17 dager siden

    Look at fat Joe with that big pink poncho look like he finna go dance a musical video with Disney in the rain

  55. Will Simpson

    Will Simpson17 dager siden

    Lavar Ball?

  56. Adam Mole

    Adam Mole17 dager siden

    This is the first time that I’ve agreed with Stephen A. Smith on anything. I can’t stand anyone in that list.

  57. P- REZ

    P- REZ18 dager siden

    At the end SAS shouldve taken the Conner McGregor approach and said and I wanna take this moment to absolutely nobody! Wouldve been perfect!

  58. Brandon Bouchez

    Brandon Bouchez18 dager siden

    Patriots fans need to be on here instead of the Knicks, and skyuuuuuup instead of Stephen

  59. nigel gorman

    nigel gorman18 dager siden

    #1- Stephen A

  60. thenightsshadow

    thenightsshadow20 dager siden

    I'm surprised Skip Bayless isn't on here.