1. 89Omega 2

    89Omega 216 dager siden

    I like the jacket Stephen A!!!

  2. Willie Beamen

    Willie Beamen29 dager siden

    I love how espn allows the sound of the people laughing behind the scene ... makes it great tv 👌🏾 👍🏾

  3. Tre Frank

    Tre FrankMåned siden

    😳😲 The ending with the 5th year though

  4. charles williams

    charles williamsMåned siden


  5. Alex Isaac

    Alex IsaacMåned siden

    More lying rumors

  6. Big Daddy C

    Big Daddy CMåned siden

    Bad management u can't run away from it. U can see it clearly. Knicks can't hire a good coach, draft these players that are one dimensional like Knox, and panic in free agency ex Tim hardaway jr contract. Mills won't get fired by Dolan but needs to be reassigned. Get a real GM in here. Someone with a track record that wants to put in that hard work to turn this franchise around.

  7. Jamal Vines

    Jamal VinesMåned siden


  8. Trap Evolution

    Trap EvolutionMåned siden

    Patrick Ewing is gonna be the head coach y’all all wrong

  9. Detroit Stretch

    Detroit StretchMåned siden

    I’d rather see Mark Jackson

  10. Pllush crush

    Pllush crushMåned siden

    Can't put my finger on it, I really hate this guy, but I really don't. Stephen A has a way of farting on people while swearing its only a 'love puff'. Stone control freak, but the Boy is quick on the draw in the brain department. I hate to Love him and Love to hate him.

  11. Dexter Crisostomo

    Dexter CrisostomoMåned siden

    SAS why don't you coach the knicks..

  12. G Stack

    G StackMåned siden

    Why will the Knicks not take Mark Jackson or let Jeff Van Gundy return?

  13. Reggie Turner

    Reggie TurnerMåned siden

    Kidd not gonna do jack!

  14. Indie Vince Inglese

    Indie Vince IngleseMåned siden

    Who's this clown interrupting stephen a?

  15. Mario Gutierrez

    Mario GutierrezMåned siden

    Fizdale was awful -- period. His offensive system, his rotations, his defensive scheme -- all of it was terrible, but the offense was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Switching on every screen made this the league's worst 3P defense. Mills need to go next. Really he should've gone first. Leave Miller where he is for a while. Most of the names being mentioned would be disastrous. Jason Kidd? F no. Jackson? Lord help us -- a homophobe/Christian fundamentalist coaching in NYC?!? And SAS thinks NYers will relate to him just because he came from NY? SMFH. There is a reason he can't get another head coaching job. The best options are Stackhouse, Hammon and Joerger and I'm not sure any of them are ready to deal with this mess. Let Miller ride it out for the rest of the season while playing the kids as much as possible. Ntilikina, Knox, Barrett and Robinson are the only future this team has.

  16. Nino Brown Boxing

    Nino Brown BoxingMåned siden

    Best fit SAS has ever had on the air 🔥 I see you SAS... I see you 🙌🏾

  17. Mister Old Skool Ryder

    Mister Old Skool RyderMåned siden

    Lebron going to ask for a trade and destroyed the Lakers when Kidd leaves.

  18. Pinoy Trader

    Pinoy TraderMåned siden

    Jay Williams really have to put color in their.. STFU.

  19. Gerardo V.

    Gerardo V.Måned siden

    Jason Kidd is not senile.

  20. ticktockyo2

    ticktockyo2Måned siden

    Sthu jay williams

  21. Et3rna7 37

    Et3rna7 37Måned siden

    SAS is the hardest working man on tv

  22. Rod S

    Rod SMåned siden

    Hire Mark Jackson so we can watch him fail for SAS

  23. Jarmall White

    Jarmall WhiteMåned siden

    Who is the lady she fine asf

  24. Em B

    Em BMåned siden

    Fizdale was garbage 🗑

  25. Dan Customer

    Dan CustomerMåned siden

    Does Steven A. have a massive penthouse right above the the ESPN studios ? Cuz my brother never goes home.

  26. Joshua Turner

    Joshua TurnerMåned siden

    I need that coat bruh. 🔥🔥

  27. Boowt Bwj

    Boowt BwjMåned siden


  28. SoloBi N

    SoloBi NMåned siden

    Fiz is a big fraud, never a coach. Good riddance

  29. Eddie Duran

    Eddie DuranMåned siden

    Stephen a lookin like a solid 6'2

  30. James Park

    James ParkMåned siden

    Stephen a got that 12 mil a year contract which by my calculation means my boi still makin $1300 an hour

  31. D.R Izzy

    D.R IzzyMåned siden

    I dont watch espn anymore and every time i do i someone clowning my time like thats the only to sound interesting. I will check in on espn in another 6 months

  32. Round Robin

    Round RobinMåned siden

    All these comments about SAS' workload....so many grown men on here sounding like housewives......get a life.....losers......

  33. Zouk•Kompa •Zouk

    Zouk•Kompa •ZoukMåned siden

    Mr. M. Taylor is kind of tall compared to Stephen A.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. KOG Acquisitions

    KOG AcquisitionsMåned siden

    Black on black crime? What a horrible analogy !!

  35. Barrio TV

    Barrio TVMåned siden

    ESPN really stands for Everything Stephen Ponders Now

  36. zg pm

    zg pmMåned siden

    Stephen A deserves to stay in the big house on the ESPN plantation after this shift.

  37. Azmon Rougier

    Azmon RougierMåned siden

    Nobody: SAS: let me start a rumor based on my wishful thinking and fake sources.

  38. Mont Henderson

    Mont HendersonMåned siden

    Coaches don’t make the teams the right players do. We’ve seen time and time how star players can make a team better

  39. Ay Guy

    Ay GuyMåned siden

    God no. No jason kid please

  40. Bonker 212

    Bonker 212Måned siden

    I know jason kidd would take the job but i want him to remain with the lakers as the assistant coach, we are on fire 🔥, just waiting on the Christmas game against the clips

  41. B T

    B TMåned siden

    Jay Williams always has the most incorrect points. Idiot

  42. Giffond Hall

    Giffond HallMåned siden

    the Knicks and cowboys sucked

  43. Slim Slamma

    Slim SlammaMåned siden

    Release me from my misery 💍 Let's Go Knicks 🧶

  44. Daniel P

    Daniel PMåned siden

    Classic footage.

  45. Chad Miyamoto

    Chad MiyamotoMåned siden

    I like that jacket

  46. M2-da-izzo Brown

    M2-da-izzo BrownMåned siden

    I want Kenny the Jet Smith to be coach.

  47. Steven Ramirez

    Steven RamirezMåned siden

    But Stephen A I thought you said kidd was plotting for the lakers head coach...

  48. Venkatasai Prakhya

    Venkatasai PrakhyaMåned siden

    Remember when everyone thought Jason Kidd was going to take over as the Lakers head coach... all hype for nothing

  49. Stephen Bridge

    Stephen BridgeMåned siden

    Unless management changes....I'd treat the knicks like a pariah for now

  50. AL ROCK

    AL ROCKMåned siden

    ESPN loves to blame Dolan but tries to pretend like Phil Jackson didn’t cause this disaster. They are always trying to cover for him.

  51. Monte Batts

    Monte BattsMåned siden

    I came here to read the comments about Maria's painted on pants but instead these clowns are talking about Stephen's fit...gtfoh

  52. Eli

    EliMåned siden

    Always gotta bring up Race somehow. Good job black people.

  53. DEE Brown

    DEE BrownMåned siden

    Fix had to go. Get mark Jackson or Tom Tibb’s 😐

  54. Trey Diddy

    Trey DiddyMåned siden

    ❤️ Maria

  55. Ant Edwards

    Ant EdwardsMåned siden

    I think a bunch of rich dummies are running the Knicks🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  56. Nikhil Kadian

    Nikhil KadianMåned siden

    Stephen a Smith needs looaaad management. Man does it all for espn.

  57. dearshomy

    dearshomyMåned siden

    totally unrelated but I love what Stephen A is wearing.

  58. AK Sour God

    AK Sour GodMåned siden

    Hilarious Stephen A’s Caribbean self finally had a slight piece of drip with that Red Jacket. But still 😂😂😂

  59. Powerlifterusa

    PowerlifterusaMåned siden

    Who let the crackhead on stage with SAS?

  60. Johnny Doey

    Johnny DoeyMåned siden

    Business has never been better! $4B in value Wins are only relevant to us, the fans We barely matter