Stormzy - Sounds of The Skeng in the Live Lounge

Stormzy performs Sounds of The Skeng in the Live Lounge


  1. Timmy The Nobody

    Timmy The Nobody16 dager siden


  2. Dry English Salim

    Dry English Salim2 måneder siden

    Check out my Freestyle to this song on👇🏽👇🏽 Own it freestyle coming soon

  3. Batallador1957

    Batallador19573 måneder siden

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros BBC radio 1 🤩🤩

  4. Ceastro

    Ceastro4 måneder siden

    Can't believe I commented about the adlib 'sound of the' and then said it at the start of this! Trippy asf

  5. Bocelis TV

    Bocelis TV4 måneder siden

    fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Ceastro

    Ceastro4 måneder siden

    sounds of the killing it

  7. Kasirye Derrick

    Kasirye Derrick4 måneder siden

    Mad uk talent. Man z better

  8. SFL Reaction

    SFL Reaction4 måneder siden

    after 2:30 you can hear him laugh haha

  9. Mushroom Head

    Mushroom Head4 måneder siden

    I'm sure he has blocked sinuses, the man needs some Sudafed.

  10. Mikulas Sirko

    Mikulas Sirko4 måneder siden

    This boy having time of his life 1:41

  11. TripleAipom

    TripleAipom4 måneder siden

    Big ups to the lads on the instruments that's 50% of the act right there

  12. TripleAipom

    TripleAipom4 måneder siden

    Great now I say "Brudda" when I hear the original 😭

  13. Roxanne Webb

    Roxanne Webb5 måneder siden


  14. moody blue

    moody blue5 måneder siden

    Wow wow wow. Nothing but respect for this man. Such a brilliant performer! ❤️❤️

  15. Steve Evangelou

    Steve Evangelou5 måneder siden

    On point! Stormz still setting the bar 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Ghost

    Ghost5 måneder siden

    2:30 tryna swear on ROBLOX be like

  17. random guy

    random guy3 måneder siden

    Not under-atered.. Underated haha

  18. random guy

    random guy3 måneder siden

    Haha under-aterted comment 100%

  19. why so serious

    why so serious5 måneder siden

    Rare the live is better than the original but I prefer this

  20. vancity3030

    vancity30305 måneder siden

    UK rappers are burying the game


    BLANKAR5 måneder siden


  22. Wolf

    Wolf5 måneder siden

    SOUNDS was different without auto tune ;-;

  23. sean newton

    sean newton5 måneder siden

    Big up he killed it

  24. Gemma x

    Gemma x5 måneder siden

    He deserves more success than he does. The fact that rappers like lil pump get a hit song in the US and artists like stormzy only get success in the Uk is actually sad


    NLMB GLIZZY4 måneder siden

    Gemma x and it’s like 5 whole years in the circuit every single year I merk it

  26. Gemma x

    Gemma x4 måneder siden

    Right stop replying to my comment with the quotes 😂 I know the meaning on the lyrics lol. But I still believe he deserves more recognition than just uk success


    NLMB GLIZZY4 måneder siden

    Tim Robson I do the most but it’s never be too much

  28. Tim Robson

    Tim Robson5 måneder siden

    "you man love the Americans too much"

  29. Jan Lafko

    Jan Lafko5 måneder siden

    i want the headphones

  30. Batson

    Batson5 måneder siden

    Mum: you can’t go out until you’ve done the washing up Me: 2:30

  31. random guy

    random guy3 måneder siden


  32. Traczu

    Traczu4 måneder siden

    Hahaha great

  33. Simon T

    Simon T4 måneder siden

    Best comment ever lol

  34. B Dubya

    B Dubya5 måneder siden

    Underrated comment looool

  35. David Blackman

    David Blackman5 måneder siden



    DJ JIMMER5 måneder siden

    Stormz always kills it and even better live

  37. TheRealLondage

    TheRealLondage5 måneder siden

    The brass killed it 😐

  38. erin

    erin5 måneder siden

    stormzy does the best live lounge performances

  39. Bobby Firmino

    Bobby Firmino5 måneder siden

    Ramz has left the chat.

  40. Pep Junia

    Pep Junia5 måneder siden


  41. Christine Webb

    Christine Webb5 måneder siden

    So much BETTER than the original!! Stormy knows how to keep it real. ^o^

  42. C Sellars

    C Sellars5 måneder siden


  43. Sarah Scanlon

    Sarah Scanlon5 måneder siden

    Patiently waiting for him to come Australia..🙏🏼

  44. Lee Hughes

    Lee Hughes5 måneder siden

    The big man stormzy killing it again on radio 1 live lounge wit "Sounds of the Skeng" 👌 . Sounds of the , sounds of the Skeng high ! Props goes out to u wit last 3 tracks been doing bare bits belive ! . Stay blessed my brudda I'm out peace . ✌🎧🇬🇧☠✔

  45. The Bloodless

    The Bloodless5 måneder siden

    sexy beast

  46. Lynda Martin

    Lynda Martin5 måneder siden


  47. Sebastiaan den Broeder

    Sebastiaan den Broeder5 måneder siden

    2:30 Stormzy.exe has stopped working

  48. random guy

    random guy3 måneder siden

    He almost laughs at the end of that bit tho

  49. Nox

    Nox5 måneder siden

    Man done a spinner twizzy

  50. Jack Ho

    Jack Ho5 måneder siden

    Lol I’ve always been waiting for a swear word to slip on radio 1

  51. /STIXX\

    /STIXX\5 måneder siden


  52. Mikayla

    Mikayla5 måneder siden

    Ahhh should’ve just let him swear bare holding the lyrics in

  53. John Williams

    John Williams5 måneder siden

    It was live on Radio 1 at like 11am lol

  54. Padfoot

    Padfoot5 måneder siden

    Stormzy bruh get yourself a new pair of monitors seems like your ones arent comfortable for you anymore =)

  55. Tommy McDowell

    Tommy McDowell5 måneder siden

    Come to America!

  56. KotsiPrince

    KotsiPrince5 måneder siden

    Love u dude, big UP!

  57. Thomas Lavelle

    Thomas Lavelle5 måneder siden

    1:41 This guy's like one of us if we were there

  58. Conor Bayman

    Conor Bayman5 måneder siden

    Thomas Lavelle he’s just banging the drums and doing the Africa face

  59. Vitamin G

    Vitamin G5 måneder siden

    Hi I'm Stormzy, New Guy enters - Who?? Track finishes..... New Guy (Changed Name To New Fan) New Fan - Yoooo everyone check out Stormzy 🔥💯🙌🙌🙌 Fan from before "Where Do I Know You From" - He has never took his finger off the button 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💪🏾🤙🏾

  60. Niels Vdl

    Niels Vdl5 måneder siden

    Scoring in San Siro and singing at BBC Radio 1 #goals

  61. Mark Longbone

    Mark Longbone5 måneder siden

    Stormy is blinding me by the light 💥💥💥💥👌👌👌

  62. Oli AM

    Oli AM5 måneder siden

    Fuck boris Johnson

  63. Ben Hemmings

    Ben Hemmings5 måneder siden


  64. Sharkeyes 980

    Sharkeyes 9805 måneder siden

    Only a few like him Kano and Ghetts just have that little touch of class

  65. C Sellars

    C Sellars5 måneder siden


  66. Lee Hughes

    Lee Hughes5 måneder siden

    Straight facts right hear !! . Blessed yeah I'm out peace . ✌🎧🇬🇧💯

  67. L D

    L D5 måneder siden

    Big Mike. Stiff Chocolate. #Problem. Mr Skeng.

  68. Den farlige mis

    Den farlige mis5 måneder siden

    Big fault that there is a lack of backup dancers. Every man knows that grime rappers do better with backup dancers. Also, can't wait to go absolutely nuts in the moshpit to this tune.

  69. random guy

    random guy3 måneder siden

    U dum its on radio ur not gonna brong backup dancers !!!

  70. Jamal

    Jamal5 måneder siden

    Bruv it's on the radio

  71. ItzFkn _Rauntz

    ItzFkn _Rauntz5 måneder siden

    king stormz 👑👑💯

  72. Nellabella

    Nellabella5 måneder siden

    i know he says "you love the Americans too much" but stormzy x brockhampton is what i want to see ... need to see

  73. Tim Robson

    Tim Robson5 måneder siden

    I think he just means British artists being more interested in US fame than making it here. Down for that collab

  74. Leo Joseph

    Leo Joseph5 måneder siden

    Didn't realize how much I wanted that till you said it Stormzy > Ameer @me

  75. Fabian Ofori

    Fabian Ofori5 måneder siden

    Stromzy kills it every time he drops a track. 👍👍🔥🔥🔥💯💯🔝🔝

  76. Google User

    Google User3 måneder siden

    Cothan the flow was mental bruv

  77. AJ7 Football4life

    AJ7 Football4life4 måneder siden

    Wiley flow was 🔥

  78. Cothan

    Cothan5 måneder siden

    Silly flow wasn't that good but everything else was good He has been consistent

  79. Sean Edwards

    Sean Edwards5 måneder siden

    Come Onnnnnnnn!

  80. Mr. Sandman

    Mr. Sandman4 måneder siden

    Sean Edwards What?

  81. Boxing Empire

    Boxing Empire5 måneder siden

    how does Bugzy think he’s anywhere near the level of stormzy. I’m from manny as well.

  82. Matt J

    Matt J4 måneder siden

    They’re both sick man - grimes in a good place

  83. Alexander Powell

    Alexander Powell5 måneder siden

    Here before 1k views

  84. Colin Crossan

    Colin Crossan5 måneder siden

    Fernandinho is pretty consistent.

  85. Henry Bamber

    Henry Bamber5 måneder siden

    Ahaha yes bro

  86. yaowadeez snm

    yaowadeez snm5 måneder siden


  87. Simon Karterud

    Simon Karterud5 måneder siden

    this is sooo good

  88. Farabi arif

    Farabi arif5 måneder siden


  89. Daniela Martínez

    Daniela Martínez5 måneder siden

    Love this guy.