Video By Kaylum - @kaylumdennis
Co-Directed by Kalvadour - @klvdr
DOP Stefan Yap - @stefanyapdop
Assisted by Zebie - @_zebie
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  1. thi braund

    thi braund11 timer siden

    I find it funny all the wannabe gs we’re all never be a real g like stormzy

  2. Mykinc Adult-Store

    Mykinc Adult-Store16 timer siden

    Stormzy hit Wiley so hard, I'm listening to this in 2017. ⌚👊

  3. SAlexW Wam27

    SAlexW Wam2718 timer siden


  4. rudeboysw9

    rudeboysw922 timer siden

    This as a diss track reminds me of No Vaseline!! old skool diss flow with a modern twist!!

  5. Elijah B

    Elijah BDag siden

    Nobody: English Teachers: He’s holding a spliff because he put Wiley in a spliff

  6. Pablo Myers

    Pablo MyersDag siden


  7. Ricky's Review&Unboxing.

    Ricky's Review&Unboxing.Dag siden

    English teachers : stormzy wearing a hat clearly connotes to gang violence

  8. Souvlakis In cyprus

    Souvlakis In cyprusDag siden


  9. Tina Lay

    Tina LayDag siden

    Who is wiley tho?

  10. OUT-NOOB

    OUT-NOOBDag siden

    Allowwwwwwwwwwwwww it @stormzy hahahahhahahah wily dead....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Sajid Hasan

    Sajid HasanDag siden

    This is the ruthless disstrack ever made

  12. Gee The Stylist

    Gee The StylistDag siden

    The Gentleman Stormzy. 🙏🏾✨

  13. Rob Trew

    Rob TrewDag siden

    What has this world come to in every sense! Like if u are a grime fan born between 1986-1994 where are u all?

  14. Rob Trew

    Rob Trew2 dager siden

    I liked stormz until he went against Wiley even if Wiley is a twat u don’t go against him! Pathetic! Does he actually think he’s gonna win 🤣🤣

  15. VàñQuiśha - ŠàÑ

    VàñQuiśha - ŠàÑ2 dager siden

    This guy sounds like farting balloon

  16. Kelvin Quartey

    Kelvin Quartey2 dager siden

    I am still disappointed

  17. Specter VeXx

    Specter VeXx2 dager siden

    good stomzy say you prick


    LISA JANE2 dager siden

    King of grime

  19. MYSchamp _i

    MYSchamp _i2 dager siden

    One of the best rappers out there rn.

  20. Borhan Zadeh

    Borhan Zadeh2 dager siden

    Wiley: Eediyat Skengman 9 Stormzy: Thus, I have entered unfathomable regions of disappointment

  21. Psalm Paul

    Psalm Paul2 dager siden

    imagine if u lot actually put in this much creativity in your english essays

  22. Emerald Xy

    Emerald Xy2 dager siden

    im gay

  23. Sean Sean

    Sean Sean2 dager siden

    Listen to me blud u aint got nothing on me yeh i cud get u murked just like that bruv 🔫🔪🔫🔪 ~ people that listen to stormzy

  24. Daisy Flower

    Daisy Flower3 dager siden

    Best UK rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Prem Broad

    Prem Broad3 dager siden

    Nothing more British than drinking a cup of tea while dissing someone.

  26. RN-01

    RN-013 dager siden

    Nobody: English teachers: Stormzy is smoking a joint to indicate that Wiley has cancer

  27. Oliver Baird

    Oliver Baird3 dager siden

    Eddie Hearn wya??

  28. deejay Peekay

    deejay Peekay3 dager siden

    Wiley started grime what u talking about

  29. Yakub Ilyas

    Yakub Ilyas3 dager siden

    Lol I agree

  30. Benjamin Haverly

    Benjamin Haverly3 dager siden

    Nobody: Me: why's my English teacher listening to this

  31. Алексей Фадеев

    Алексей Фадеев3 dager siden

    Best grime

  32. Shahi Khl

    Shahi Khl3 dager siden

    Your English Teacher's Would Be Proud of You All

  33. Jim Bo

    Jim Bo3 dager siden

    Nobody: This Comment Section: English Teachers: Stormzy is _______ to convey that _______

  34. Tia Stacy

    Tia Stacy4 dager siden

    Bad tune he killed it

  35. D K

    D K4 dager siden

    poor wiley

  36. Paul Mills

    Paul Mills4 dager siden

    king of grime :') mans got jokes , hes the upper class peoples pop star rapper ahha! hes got nothing on real grime artists ahaha!

  37. Vitalis Nathaniel

    Vitalis Nathaniel4 dager siden

    He went in on his mommy💀

  38. Simon Bateson

    Simon Bateson4 dager siden

    Wiley still better

  39. 22-0 In Cook County

    22-0 In Cook County4 dager siden

    Aye folk I'm from Chicago put me in the loop who his opps he dissing in this track

  40. Godly Child

    Godly Child4 dager siden


  41. Rebecca Davies

    Rebecca Davies4 dager siden

    Yessssss sonnnnnn you wooooonnn the brits

  42. TechMantra

    TechMantra4 dager siden

    King of grime.

  43. FATMAN2FITMAN 1982

    FATMAN2FITMAN 19824 dager siden

    Sampling Kano mic check 1-2, old school grime.

  44. Sxnkz

    Sxnkz5 dager siden

    bmt mad boy

  45. Bernadette Conlon

    Bernadette Conlon5 dager siden

    I love his sway dance 😘

  46. Omarie Dovinson

    Omarie Dovinson5 dager siden

    He's going round try hard

  47. Daisy Frost

    Daisy Frost5 dager siden

    My family when they get me GSCE results

  48. Xane Graphics

    Xane Graphics5 dager siden

    Nobody: English teachers: Stormzy is destroying Wiley, Wileys also having some tea



    In Sheffield and you are travelling on a no.11 bus going up EAST BANK ROAD there is a house on a corner NEAR the traffic lights on the right hand side of the road and inside that house there is a young woman beater, he is a monster and you can see the factual photographic evidence cos I've been on this planet 🌍 for many a decade and you just saw me say it with typed words... that classes as loads of evidence... somebody must stop that man 👨 in a house who is a woman 👩 beater...

  50. Floch Flunchy

    Floch Flunchy5 dager siden

    Top le son man

  51. spitfire976

    spitfire9766 dager siden

    So Since Wiley’s mum is in London this is all a fake

  52. Jason Moran

    Jason Moran6 dager siden

    I was born and bred in London. I grew up in sh&7ty Cricklewood (we, it was sh&t at the time), but I'm white, middle aged, not particularly 'street' or 'cool'. However, I do love my country (not perfect, but better than, for example Russia/China/all that crap). I got love for Stormzy. He's a part of UK culture. And the man has always had courage to stand up for what he believes in. Doesn't matter if it's cool - f&*k the haters. People should respect their mothers! Think your friends are cool? They usually drop you at some point. Your mum? She has a unique connection to you. Be a decent human - love your mum, and stand up for yourself - don't let anyone disrespect her. You only got one Queen on the chess board. See how the other pieces are crap by comparison? Nice one Stormzy. Representin in the best way possible. Makes me proud to be a Londoner.

  53. kelly Anderson

    kelly Anderson6 dager siden

    Yaaas! How you wanna die 24 hours to reply Pff

  54. Keelan Sharples

    Keelan Sharples6 dager siden

    Hot chocolate and a spliff

  55. Keelan Sharples

    Keelan Sharples6 dager siden

    Wiley trying to fuck with ed.... Stormzy stepped up.....much respect

  56. Keelan Sharples

    Keelan Sharples6 dager siden

    Yessss Stormzy

  57. Ali Amin

    Ali Amin6 dager siden

    Extinction level event

  58. The Lartey Family

    The Lartey Family6 dager siden

    Stormzy has two missions 1. Diss Wiley 2. Finish his cup of tea

  59. Borhan Zadeh

    Borhan Zadeh6 dager siden

    Nobody: English teachers: Stormzy is still drinking, signifying that he still hasn't finished spilling the tea!

  60. Samantha Tomlinson

    Samantha Tomlinson6 dager siden

    Who's wiley anyway 🙄

  61. Matt man

    Matt man6 dager siden

    Violent childish n bomb stab music! This shit should be banned!