Stuff Nobody Says

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Not a commentary video this time; this is a remake of one of my personal favorite NO-gos videos from 2012, that I felt subverted a popular genre at the time. Is this still relevant now? Probably not. But did that stop me from making this? No!
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also sorry the camera is out of focus so much lol, I just got this camera and apparently I still don't know how to use it.


  1. dropkick_00 mmm

    dropkick_00 mmmDag siden

    i hope i get sued

  2. anu ii

    anu iiDag siden

    i have said and will continue to say can i sit in the trunk because i wan go roly poly,....,,,

  3. NJH Productions

    NJH ProductionsDag siden

    I have a friend who is determined to be a piece of luggage and prefers to ride in the trunk, so "can I sit in the trunk?" is something I hear people say frequently

  4. CurlyGerl

    CurlyGerl3 dager siden

    It's shit that nobody says without the shit


    SHINRATENSEI4 dager siden

    I wish my hair was curlier I want to watch some cable The iphones are too cheap My front camera is awsome I wish i had bed bugs

  6. Hannah Auletti

    Hannah Auletti5 dager siden

    “I can be scrawny and still use tool” Also 2020 gang where you at

  7. Grace Weiler

    Grace Weiler6 dager siden

    Oh my god Pat Rick. Did anybody notice that? From one of Drew’s older videos... don’t remember which movie it was. Maybe it was Ratatoing

  8. Der Carrot

    Der Carrot6 dager siden

    2:24 come on, you know like all the smelly kids say this

  9. Der Carrot

    Der Carrot6 dager siden

    1:48 my mom has defiantly said that one

  10. packrat gaming

    packrat gaming7 dager siden

    I like being told about other people dreams :(

  11. sarah

    sarah8 dager siden

    shit anakin never says: 2:01

  12. Chakisa Momin

    Chakisa Momin8 dager siden

    Noo, it's my turn to take out the trash 😂

  13. jocelyn ellis

    jocelyn ellis8 dager siden

    i cant wait to do the laundry!!!

  14. Diamondjoy love

    Diamondjoy love8 dager siden


  15. Lauren Luster

    Lauren Luster10 dager siden

    I finally figured out who you look like the most to me, Joe Sugg

  16. lilhyped_fan_boi

    lilhyped_fan_boi10 dager siden

    0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 0:06 0:07 0:08 0:09 0:10

  17. Cat Mat

    Cat Mat11 dager siden

    1:40 being german is like

  18. MyLifeBox

    MyLifeBox12 dager siden

    His storage: 0

  19. Pink Pineapple

    Pink Pineapple14 dager siden

    man this video is too long something a little stinker has never said before

  20. Maura N

    Maura N14 dager siden

    “My favorite part is the stick.”

  21. afloat

    afloat15 dager siden

    Something no one ever says: “Tall Girl is a good movie”

  22. TheEmbessyNetwork

    TheEmbessyNetwork15 dager siden

    "Does anybody need to borrow any money?" Line made me laugh way harder than I think anybody should laugh...

  23. Lemon Moon

    Lemon Moon16 dager siden

    I like this concept but I think it could be enhanced through more absurdist comedy

  24. Michael

    Michael16 dager siden

    1:24 our upstairs neighbors brings us cookies so.. checkmate atheist

  25. Ashiimichu

    Ashiimichu16 dager siden


  26. CHMBoss

    CHMBoss18 dager siden

    Wait. You’ve watched my vids

  27. Joyous Crafts

    Joyous Crafts19 dager siden

    1:27 i’m not kidding my friend says that all the time and they actually eat the entire stick 😂

  28. łily daigle

    łily daigle19 dager siden

    i hope this doesn’t get top comment

  29. julie tuft

    julie tuft19 dager siden

    Mmmmm my favorite producer: *p a t r i c k*

  30. Isaiah

    Isaiah20 dager siden


  31. John Sosa

    John Sosa20 dager siden

    Boy oh boy, do I love being late to comment! It's so nice and quiet in here. I can just say what I want and I won't be destroyed by the entirety of the internet.

  32. 1Perspective

    1Perspective20 dager siden

    "Candy Corn is my favorite type of candy." "I miss wearing diapers." "Why yes officer, I know exactly why you pulled me over!" "I feel like the Kardashian's really don't get paid enough." "I thought the final season of Game of Thrones was perfect." "You know what this art gallery needs? An authentic Hitler." "Candy Corn is my favorite type of corn." "Ed Wood was a misunderstood genius, just like Uwe Boll!" "I miss the old AOL dial up tone." "I always make sure to tip my landlord." "Say what you will of medieval times, they were much better for the poor." "Darn it, my cancer went into remission!" "The only things better than candy corn are Necco Wafers." "There is no evidence of any corruption in government." "I miss my foreskin." "Help! I can't stop thinking of things that people have never said!

  33. Sheev Talks

    Sheev Talks20 dager siden

    There aren't enough wars

  34. The KeVcHo

    The KeVcHo20 dager siden

    That heart attack felt great

  35. Jacob Potischman

    Jacob Potischman20 dager siden

    1:41 I can’t be the only one that’s apologized for showing up too early, right?

  36. Chris Currey

    Chris Currey21 dag siden

    i always ask if i could sit in the trunk tf

  37. Zachary Smith

    Zachary Smith21 dag siden

    I am glad when my coffee gets cold. I say that

  38. TheIroNerd

    TheIroNerd21 dag siden

    I want my child to be a surprise

  39. your dad who went to the store to buy milk

    your dad who went to the store to buy milk22 dager siden

    "sponsor?! hell yea! i'm gonna buy the hell and hear everything the youtuber says about the sponsor! WOOOOOOO!"

  40. Janani Siva

    Janani Siva22 dager siden

    I’m sorry I am early is something I have said before 😅

  41. MATEWA

    MATEWA23 dager siden

    “I miss jail took me tf out” 😂😂💀

  42. Smile Today

    Smile Today23 dager siden

    Bill gates said all of it

  43. GummyBear556677

    GummyBear55667723 dager siden

    happy to be apart of it

  44. Colin Sway

    Colin Sway23 dager siden

    “Oh you have trail mix? Can I have a Resin”

  45. Tntmod54321

    Tntmod5432124 dager siden


  46. Phantomartist !!!

    Phantomartist !!!24 dager siden

    You forgot “Danny and drew are totally the same person”

  47. Teen Anxt

    Teen Anxt21 dag siden

    Different people*

  48. The_Normal_Pisces

    The_Normal_Pisces24 dager siden

    “I LOVE being burned alive!!” - Said no one ever

  49. Reese Hendry

    Reese Hendry24 dager siden

    Sh*t nobody says: Man I love a 2 and a half minute ad

  50. CKing

    CKing25 dager siden

    “I wish Drew would just admit he’s Danny and merge the two channels already.”

  51. ITZ Kittycat

    ITZ Kittycat26 dager siden

    I wish there was more sand

  52. The darkest blue Gamer

    The darkest blue Gamer27 dager siden

    Drew : i wish we had bed bugs.. The bed bugs : 🥰😘😍 Me : AhHhHHhhHHhhhhhhHhHhHHHHHH

  53. Gracelyn Robinson

    Gracelyn Robinson27 dager siden

    “Why is my cat so ugly?” 💪🏻🐱 🦵🏻🦵🏻

  54. raccidoodles

    raccidoodles27 dager siden

    "I just had the most amazing morning! I woke up in the middle of this *lovely* PTSD induced panic attack!"

  55. just me

    just me27 dager siden

    I’ve said a few of these things actually

  56. Abby idk

    Abby idk27 dager siden

    I want to sit in the trunk like for real like for real for real

  57. lerk in the dark

    lerk in the dark27 dager siden

    the way you said i miss jail

  58. Depression Pie

    Depression Pie27 dager siden

    Heyy, my favorite part IS the stick!

  59. AirBearsArrow

    AirBearsArrow28 dager siden

    My socks are better wet.

  60. GGIT

    GGIT29 dager siden

    I love it. You should make more of these :DD

  61. Ivy - the - Demon

    Ivy - the - Demon29 dager siden

    "i miss jail" isn't that literally the plot of that one looney toons episode where bugs and daffy went to jail and later escaped and bugs REALLY wanted to go back so he kept trying to get caught

  62. Ivy - the - Demon

    Ivy - the - Demon26 dager siden

    @CatsAndPokemon oh yeah that too

  63. CatsAndPokemon

    CatsAndPokemon26 dager siden

    Or homeless people who do it for food and shelter..