Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 12

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Niko and Clint sit down with Amy Johnston to break down some of the craziest action sequences in your favorite films!
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  1. Braden Kavalauskas

    Braden Kavalauskas9 timer siden

    Altered carbon. Hotel scene

  2. Evan Taylor

    Evan Taylor9 timer siden

    Knife scene John wick 3

  3. Allysha Zaelani

    Allysha Zaelani9 timer siden

    Clint LITERALLY asks an age old question everyone lowkey thinks about

  4. bluecoldchocolatesalt

    bluecoldchocolatesalt9 timer siden

    The oil fight from transporter!! In the bus depot It's a burner fight scene

  5. xyoxus

    xyoxus10 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="631">10:31</a> That's not *THE RAID 2*

  6. Mike Hatfield

    Mike Hatfield10 timer siden

    You guys should check out The Forbidden Kingdom, Jackie Chan vs Jet Li scene and the rest of the movie is pretty cool too

  7. deus_ex KB

    deus_ex KB11 timer siden

    Please react to one of the many kill bill fights

  8. Kenneth Bee

    Kenneth Bee12 timer siden

    Michelle yeoh, Cynthia luster and kara hui does most of their stunts. You can't be called an action star if you don't do your own stunts. Similar to singing if you can't sing live youre not singer

  9. karun

    karun12 timer siden

    Do Chappie

  10. videomissionary

    videomissionary14 timer siden

    Have these guys reacted to Ong Bak or Tom Yum Goong? Some crazy fighting there, and the hits look really painful

  11. William Phelps

    William Phelps15 timer siden

    You guys could do another marvel r rated when captain America flys into the bus and when the guy gets flung infront of the other vehicle

  12. Reece Butler

    Reece Butler15 timer siden

    Hot Fuzz - Final Shootout in village

  13. Flame Striker

    Flame Striker15 timer siden

    react to shivaay movie has awesome stunts

  14. Zenil Chaudhari

    Zenil Chaudhari15 timer siden

    You should do arrow 6×10

  15. Cobbsquad

    Cobbsquad16 timer siden

    Bring in Drew Taylor and review 6 Underground, some awesome stunt scenes in that film that he did for real

  16. Aram Zahwa

    Aram Zahwa16 timer siden

    Is this the girl from ' accident man' Either way, maybe do a video about ' accident man' , it has great fight scenes

  17. NakulD

    NakulD16 timer siden

    VFX React to south indian movie trailer 'Saaho' Chinese movie 'wandering earth'

  18. Kishan Jinde

    Kishan Jinde18 timer siden

    Street Fighter Assassin's First (2014) movie. It has some pretty brutal hand-to-hand combat

  19. The Firesword Dragon

    The Firesword Dragon18 timer siden

    If the actor is scared, it's the actual actor. Only the stunt guys look brave in stunts. Especially if it is Chris Evans. Guy's a scaredy cat in a good number of things. He's no Robert Downey Jr.

  20. Bilal Khan

    Bilal Khan19 timer siden

    please do stunts from Deadpool 1 & 2, thank you and already subscribed

  21. Mark DiSalle

    Mark DiSalle19 timer siden

    The Walking contradiction music video by Green Day please react to it everything had to be timed just right.

  22. grugparty

    grugparty21 time siden

    I love how legitimately pissed she is about the stupid outfits and shoes

  23. The GratefulGamer

    The GratefulGamer23 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> Wow. I understand being busy. But how how tf do you sit in a room with someone who was apart of a Marvel Movie. That is still considered one of the Best. And then go. "Nah. I'm not gonna watch your/that movie later." <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="315">5:15</a> No sympathies from me.

  24. Caitlin

    CaitlinDag siden

    You guys should react to the Atomic Blonde stairwell oner Also more women!! She brought such a different perspective with how hollywood is so biased with female costumes & padding concerns. This series is soo entertaining, thanks for making!

  25. TeamWake-N-Bake

    TeamWake-N-BakeDag siden

    Oh no, girls are sexy in movies. How dare girls look sexy in movies. I want all women in burkas and hijabs for now on in movies 🤦‍♂️ She is a big whiney baby for being a dope ass stunt woman 😂

  26. Longbaugh

    LongbaughDag siden

    The Villainess!! I may be late to the party, but it's a 2017 (with a very oddly similar motorcycle scene to John Wick 3 (2019)) Korean flick that I just discovered. Pretty damn great cinematography, fight choreography, and it might just as easily fit into VFX artists react with all of it's visual trickery.

  27. Back View

    Back ViewDag siden

    That woman is such an awful person. Couldn't finish the video because of her.

  28. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel RodriguezDag siden

    Id love to see a fight scene breakdown from a stunt person and or a cinematographer of the bathroom fight scene in the worlds end

  29. dpq22

    dpq22Dag siden

    Amy was amazing please have her back. But, if she ends up being too busy please please please bring more stunt women on. I would love to hear from a female director as well.

  30. Matthew Rzepecki

    Matthew RzepeckiDag siden

    omg that guy was just... killed.

  31. DRM

    DRMDag siden

    Wait, were there any BAD stunts here? Never noticed.

  32. Erik Chun

    Erik ChunDag siden

    Jackie Chan stunts

  33. Fen

    FenDag siden

    I mean, the floaty wire martial arts is because chinese martial arts are connected to qi, and they used to believe that if you practiced martial arts really well you would be able to use your qi to fly and perform all sorts of martial arts above a normal human's abilities and that kind of just stuck in films and books etc. So like there is a point to it, just takes a little to get used to though.

  34. Kristin Knepp

    Kristin KneppDag siden

    Would love to see you comment on Atomic Blonde.

  35. kashmir102

    kashmir102Dag siden

    please talk about the naked sword fighting scene between ortega and rei in altered carbon.

  36. Daniel Caldwell

    Daniel CaldwellDag siden

    Could y’all look at the king-fu fight scene in the scrubs episode “My day at the Races” ? Thanks guys

  37. Void Unity

    Void UnityDag siden

    The bus depot fight scene from the transporter

  38. Demonic Kiwi

    Demonic KiwiDag siden

    Stuntmen react to RackaRacka?

  39. rubendrakkar

    rubendrakkarDag siden

    Mrs Michelle Yeoh is a hardcore stuntactress

  40. Venom DNA

    Venom DNADag siden

    Someone please tell me if they have already reacted to this but i think for the next stuntmen react you should react to one of the John Wick fight scenes.

  41. Hylighter

    HylighterDag siden

    Also, for future stunt videos, even though they might not classify as "stunts" maybe include some clips from Nitro Circus performances, or some action spots films like "The fourth phase", "art of flight" or "North of nightfall". So gnarly crashes in all of them, would be cool to see a stunt mans reaction to them

  42. Lesley

    LesleyDag siden

    Yeah man that scene in Avengers 1 when the Black Widow stunt double had to do the backflip on concrete without any padding and catch herself was super dangerous.

  43. MakebetterVideos Plz

    MakebetterVideos PlzDag siden


  44. Robyn Quillin

    Robyn QuillinDag siden

    You should do a stunt react to the princess bride. In the first sores fight scene that is all the actors doing the tricks.

  45. Matthew Cotsman

    Matthew CotsmanDag siden u guys should do this epic scene I havent seen it on here

  46. MartialArts.Stunts321

    MartialArts.Stunts321Dag siden

    She should play a character in the new mortal kombat movie

  47. PopUlaR UndErgRoUnd

    PopUlaR UndErgRoUndDag siden

    Police Story 3 ending is the best action sequence ever!!

  48. Paulo Tannus Damazo

    Paulo Tannus DamazoDag siden

    React to Atomic Blonde stunts please!

  49. Paulo Tannus Damazo

    Paulo Tannus DamazoDag siden

    React to Fight Club fight scenes, please!!

  50. Dakota Esp

    Dakota EspDag siden

    In crouching tiger, the characters are cultivators. Its not something we assume in the west but its kind of like the original super hero. Cultivation is like channeling earths heavenly power

  51. Dakota Esp

    Dakota EspDag siden

    I fall asleep alot when i snort oxy too. Lmao

  52. LongdownConker

    LongdownConkerDag siden

    When she said she can't usually pad up as much as men coz of the skimpy outfits and that she has to do it in heels, in my head I heard Alexandra Burkes song Broken Heels "Anything you can do, we can do even better in broken heels" lol

  53. Samuel Keller

    Samuel KellerDag siden

    I would love to see you look at the The Raid, particularly when one of the apartment residents falls several floors onto a ledge on his back.

  54. Never Know

    Never KnowDag siden

    Break down the reason my underwear has streaks in it.. I suspect gnomes

  55. ksiislegend

    ksiislegendDag siden

    Watch accident man fight scene and bring Scott Adkins

  56. Ekalavya Singhania

    Ekalavya SinghaniaDag siden

    Hi Corridor Crew, love what you do please my include this short film kalpana (Indian astronaut) in the next bollywood episode. Keep it up! Stay safe!

  57. Carl Tadeo

    Carl TadeoDag siden

    can you react to Kingdom, especially the zombie outbreak scene, in particular, I think there's a lot to react to. Or just watch it, it's a nice watch.

  58. John8Jon_

    John8Jon_Dag siden

    Omaha Beach saving Private

  59. Hannah Smith

    Hannah SmithDag siden

    do a fight scene from pacific rim

  60. Randomzebra123

    Randomzebra123Dag siden

    Think winter soldier is my favourite marvel film lol

  61. Mr. Anus

    Mr. AnusDag siden

    The long fight scene from Luke Cage, where he's moving through the Gangsters holdout. Love this series btw.

  62. Xander Lynn

    Xander LynnDag siden

    Stuntmen react to Rackaracka!

  63. Zalcry

    ZalcryDag siden

    Jeez take a shot every time she brings up men vs women issues in stunts. You'd be dead very quickly.

  64. Lesley

    LesleyDag siden

    As if you gave any thought to how little protection female stunt doubles could wear until she brought it up.

  65. Greekmon

    GreekmonDag siden


  66. ramon eugen

    ramon eugenDag siden

    Whats her instagram? Its for a school project

  67. Eduardo Hilário

    Eduardo HilárioDag siden

    Please, comment 1923 Buster’s accident on Three Ages when jumping between buildings.

  68. கிருஷ்ணசுகு ராமமூர்த்தி

    கிருஷ்ணசுகு ராமமூர்த்திDag siden

    You guys should totally do stunt-man react for only Jackie Chan Movies, especially his older ones.

  69. AdrianFox2000

    AdrianFox2000Dag siden

    The supercop 3 was take place in Malaysian and as a Malaysian I can tell you that Jackie and Michelle has no use any stunt double and wire during the shot, they did all by themselves. That's why Tarantino said the film was the greatest stunts even filmed in all movies.

  70. captain gengar

    captain gengarDag siden

    Kamen rider

  71. Kinzo Gaming

    Kinzo GamingDag siden Bollywood stunts

  72. Jeremy McManigal

    Jeremy McManigalDag siden

    Have you guys done Judge Dredd yet when the main antagonist falls past all the floors? Cause I'd love to see someone break down Dredd 😂

  73. Hr

    HrDag siden


  74. Сергей Герасимов

    Сергей ГерасимовDag siden

    Guyver dark hero final battle.

  75. bbOp

    bbOpDag siden

    She used to be on the channel 1000 pound crew or something right?

  76. Efrain Nunez

    Efrain NunezDag siden

    How about The Punisher s2 x ep1&5 with that fight in the bathroom and gym or Daredevil s2 x ep9 in the prison hall

  77. Buddy Peret

    Buddy PeretDag siden

    Have you guys done Man of Steel?

  78. Phvan S

    Phvan SDag siden

    Breakdown the witcher fight the Market one!!

  79. Zandanz

    ZandanzDag siden

    I'm so turned on right now

  80. mahdoka

    mahdokaDag siden

    make a react to birds of prey stunts pleaaaase

  81. Pothien

    PothienDag siden

    Why is nobody reviewing the matrix?