Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  1. Carmen Giuliani Breton

    Carmen Giuliani Breton5 minutter siden


  2. Nick DeLalla

    Nick DeLalla17 minutter siden

    I watched it about 11 times so far..The reputation tour over 67 times and i'm not done yet...

  3. Bryann Joshua Francisco

    Bryann Joshua Francisco22 minutter siden

    I love Billies clapping to Love Story

  4. omid sh

    omid sh28 minutter siden

    تیلور عاااااااشقتم....دوستت دارم

  5. omid sh

    omid sh29 minutter siden

    Ilove you

  6. BJ Jardin

    BJ Jardin33 minutter siden


  7. Terry McWilliams

    Terry McWilliams39 minutter siden

    Love her!!!!

  8. Røses

    Røses45 minutter siden

    this made me cry, childhood memories love it!

  9. Дантеs Prod

    Дантеs ProdTime siden

    Вот это уровень ебать

  10. Beautiful Life with family and loving Dogs

    Beautiful Life with family and loving Dogs2 timer siden

    Her parents there

  11. honeyedits

    honeyedits3 timer siden

    i lowkey forgot about taylor for a min but watching this really proves how talented she is. also who else knew all the lyrics to the songs :D

  12. honeyedits

    honeyeditsTime siden

    @dueeh nyyu AMAS

  13. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuTime siden

    is this AMAS or TAYLOR SWIFT Concert ?

  14. güzay svglk

    güzay svglk3 timer siden

    5:47 you stole me away❤️

  15. Risel Amanda

    Risel Amanda3 timer siden


  16. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuTime siden

    Love taylor so much

  17. nzabonimana simeon

    nzabonimana simeon3 timer siden

    nice one

  18. Youssef Bachir

    Youssef Bachir3 timer siden

    What name first Music

  19. Izuaan Abdul salaam

    Izuaan Abdul salaam4 timer siden

    This medley is everything ❤️

  20. Honey Sweety

    Honey Sweety5 timer siden

    Love you Taytay

  21. Vaiebhav Patil

    Vaiebhav Patil5 timer siden

    Hey you Yes you reading the comments and watching the video, maximize it and enjoy the video and then read comments

  22. LIBRIAN Sana

    LIBRIAN Sana5 timer siden

    Little did she know she created the perfect Mashup of her hits...

  23. Christopher Lingberg

    Christopher Lingberg5 timer siden

    Who is she 5:17 ?

  24. Jabez De Jesus

    Jabez De Jesus5 timer siden

    more awards to come

  25. vantrieu nguyen

    vantrieu nguyen6 timer siden

    5:23 :)))))))

  26. Isabella Roberts

    Isabella Roberts6 timer siden

    Has anyone noticed that the piano has all of her album names on it?!

  27. syeda 17388

    syeda 173886 timer siden

    danm i think a million of the views are from me cuz i cant stop watching this.

  28. Raspberry kid

    Raspberry kid7 timer siden

    I'm not crying My eyes are just sweating

  29. Roopesh Kumar

    Roopesh Kumar7 timer siden

    Artist of the decade 2010-2019 :- Taylor alison swift.

  30. reza maretha

    reza maretha7 timer siden

    Love taylor so much

  31. Kim Net

    Kim Net7 timer siden

    is this AMAS or TAYLOR SWIFT Concert ?

  32. Dom Dom

    Dom Dom9 timer siden

    So much plastic surgery in the audience 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Aqilah Firdiani

    Aqilah Firdiani9 timer siden

    she must be rlly tired after this.Bcz u probably need tons of energy to perform this long

  34. Sarah Burkett

    Sarah Burkett9 timer siden

    I’m glad to see all u Taylor fans are paying her bills. 😂 😂 😂

  35. Agnaldo Neto

    Agnaldo Neto9 timer siden

    that "Blank Space" intro tho... AMAZING!

  36. Kristi 29

    Kristi 29Time siden


  37. Cold Air

    Cold Air8 timer siden

    Maybe its her re record plan tune

  38. reeya vk

    reeya vk10 timer siden

    i'm like super obssesd with tay just fukin love her somuch

  39. F dL

    F dL10 timer siden

    The evolution of Taylor Swift, next time we know she's an alien...

  40. Geck Ly

    Geck Ly10 timer siden

    The best performance in 2019

  41. crystaltownaz

    crystaltownaz10 timer siden

    Taylor's so boss, she's not afraid to share the stage with other divas!

  42. Aya

    Aya10 timer siden

    She sign of HOPE for people

  43. Danielle

    Danielle10 timer siden

    The ballet number while she sings lover is just magical

  44. Tasmiyah H

    Tasmiyah H11 timer siden

    ahhhhhh all three amazing artists

  45. Devi Ramcharran

    Devi Ramcharran11 timer siden

    Tswift😍 love this performance